SmackDown Results -1/20 -Florence, South Carolina (Angle/Daivari)

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On Saturday, January 21, 2006 at 12:00 PM EST

WWE SmackDown Results
Air Date: January 20, 2006
From: Florence, South Carolina
Commentators: Michael Cole and Tazz
Reported By: Charlie Benjamin of

We open the show with clips from last week first Batista’s speech before giving up the title, then Teddy Long announcing that it will be decided in a Battle Royal, and clips of Kurt Angle winning the Battle Royal to become the NEW World Heavyweight Championship.

The SmackDown! Opening plays and we’re off.

JBL w/ Jillian Hall vs. Bobby Lashley

JBL comes out and practically has to drag Jillian Hall out of the limo as she is still petrified that the Boogeyman will come after her again after biting the “mole” off her face this past week.

Tie up in the middle of the ring, JBL forced to a corner, and Lashley working the arm, JBL out of no where with a clothesline, JBL keeps Lashley grounded, and forces him to the corner, JBL in command with a series of rights, Lashley with a belly-to-belly suplex, and a clothesline to the corner, JBL slides out for safety.

Lashley right out, using Jillian as a screen he sneaks in a thumb to the eye of Lashley, both men back in the ring, Lashley with another belly-to-belly, and a series of shoulder thrusts in the corner, JBL off the ropes clothesline from hell.

The Boogeyman’s music hits both JBL and Jillian look scared for their lives, the Boogeyman pops up form around the ring apron behind JBL, and grabs the leg of JBL, Lashley grabs JBL and hits the dominator.


Boogeyman with a handful of worms, he has a little snack, before getting in the ring, and JBL abruptly gets out of the ring.

Backstage, Angle is walking he sees London and Kendrick, give a bit of a welcome, Matt Hardy around a corner welcomes him, Rey steps in and congratulates Angle, saying he proved himself and tonight he is going to prove himself against Henry tonight and that leaves Angle and Rey for the Royal Rumble, Kurt says that would be a hell of a match, Animal says Kurt’s a hell of a man, Funaki and Regal shake his hand, Henry congratulates Kurt too, but to know he is the world’s strongest man and that what happened last week will not ever happen again.

Angle wishes him good luck against Rey and secondly to never get in his face again, because he is the champ and he will fight anyone anywhere anytime, he says when the fans chant you suck during his entrance they are referring to all of his opponents.

Booker T and Sharmell come out of Booker’s locker room, bragging about the US championship, and saying that they are on there way to a big party.


Jillian is in teddy Longs office JBL comes storming in, JBL says he is the man that makes this company money, eventually JBL gets worked into saying he isn’t afraid of the Boogeyman and that the Royal Rumble will feature JBL vs. the Boogeyman, JBL asks if I had said I was scared would the match be off, unfortunately for him it wouldn’t be.

Sharmell out with a planned celebration party for her husband the NEW United states Champion, Booker gets to the ring and a bunch of black and white balloons falls well as some extravagant pyro,

Booker thanks the fans that believed in him and he talks about the hard work that went into beating Benoit in the best of seven and he did it all by himself, thus proving he is the greatest US champion ever, Sharmell gets on the mic and stars running down Benoit, and she says that Booker being a winner gets a big kiss form her, Booker says he’s sorry to Benoit, but this is how a winner celebrates.

Orlando Jordan’s music and he doesn’t look happy, OJ says that it should have been him that took his plays, he says Booker embarrassed him and he wants a match right now, Sharmell starts laughing, Booker says he ain’t cleared to wrestle, OJ decks Booker.

Teddy Long out and he announces that Booker T can use his replacement one more time so tonight it will be Randy Orton vs. Orlando Jordan.


Matt Hardy vs. Fit Finlay

Finlay takes Matt down with a front-face lock, Finlay with a sit out splash, on the gut on Hardy, Matt fighting back , Finlay off the rope, atomic drop by Hardy, slingshot Finlay sent over the top rope, Matt with a drop kick between the ropes, Matt over the top cross-body, Matt laying in right hands, sunset flip on Finlay, Finlay counters and knees Hardy in the back of the head, stiff kicks by Finlay, Finlay stomping on the face of Hardy.

Finlay with a nerve hold on Matt grounding him, Hardy battling back, Finlay forced to a corner, Matt with an Irish whip on the Irish man, back body drop, Matt taking the legs out from under Finlay dropping him on his head, forearm by Hardy, Fit with a knee to the gut, side effect on Finlay.

Finlay reverses the Irish whip and Hardy is sent hard into the corner, Matt hopes to the second rope, kicks Finlay down, leg drop to Finlay, Finlay slides out of the ring avoiding a twist of fate, Finlay lifts up the ring skirt and gets Matt caught as he was sliding out, Finlay, in control now, Finlay laying in hard shots to Matt who is tangled up in the bottom rope.


Finlay gets p*ssed at the ref for DQ’ing him over something so simple he tells the ref he is going to show him something to get DQ’ed over, and slams Matt into the steel steps.

Clips of the HBK vs. Angle match from Raw when Daivari accidentally cost Angle the match.

Daivari and Long in Long’s office, Daivari is talking about how it was all Daivari’s ideas that got Angle to where he was, and then he gets fired. Long’s says that’s life, and tries to get Long to make Angle have Daivari as his manager, Long has a solution, Angle vs. Daivari.


Recap of the Batista surgery, he’s doing well and hopefully he will be back in action soon.

Rey Mysterio vs. Mark Henry Number 1 Contender’s Match

Rey ducks a clothesline form Henry and attacks the leg, he backs off avoiding the reach of Henry, Rey dancing around keeping the big man moving, Rey gets in a few shots but is shoved across the ring, Rey gets Henry to chase him to the outside, Rey slides in, but Henry grabs a leg, he yanks Mysterio out of the ring and into the guard rail, Mysterio with a dropkick, and in the ring and through the ropes Mysterio spearing Henry.

We’re back with Henry on one knee and Rey laying in, Rey goes for a move of the ropes and gets caught by a shoulder block by Henry, Henry with a corner avalanche, crushing Rey, Rey kicking the leg of Henry, Henry bends down and picks rey up by the head and slams him down, Henry steps across the chest of Rey Mysterio, big splash by Henry is no good, Mysterio out in the nick of time.

Dropkick to the head of Henry, Henry up against the ropes, Henry with a huge clothesline, Henry again standing on Rey, Henry suplexed onto the top rope, and dumped t the ground, Rey rolling half way on the entrance way, Henry goes and fetches him and brings him back to the ring, Rey in no mans land avoids the corner avalanche, Rey attacking the legs again, Henry catches Mysterio and a Guerilla Press, Mysterio lands on his feet, chop block, West Coast Pop, Henry catches him, Mysterio hangs Henry over the top rope, dropkick from the top rope, 619, 619 to the stomach, 619 version 3, Rey going up top, a long way away from Henry, frog splash from about three quarters across the ring, Henry gets up while holding Rey, falldown slam.



Mr. Kennedy…………………………………………..Kennedy, on his way to the ring in suit and tie, really playing up the member of the network gimmick that they started two weeks ago.

The mic is lowered and he announce himself and plugs his new t-shirts, he asks who wants a Kennedy t-shirt, and when the fans chant, he tells them to go buy one, Mr. Kennedy………………………………………..Kennedy makes his way to the announce table and gives Tazz a Kennedy t-shirt, and then throws one over Cole’s head.

The Gymini w/ Simon Dean vs. Brian Kendrick and Paul London

London and Kendrick slide in a toss Dean over the top rope, London and Kendrick pull down the top rope and get rid of one of them, and the other Gymini catches London ion slam form Spanky dropkicks London forcing down Gymini 1, London off the top rope with a dropkick, Gymini 2 takes London’s head off with a clothesline, double clothesline on London, Gymini 2 in now, and quick tags 1 back in, Double powerbomb, throwing London into the rafters, Kendrick breaks up the count, Kendrick tagged in, Kendrick off with a forearm, Spanky with rights, taking 2 down to a knee, London cuts off 1, London with a plash in the corner, 2 chokeslams Spanky onto London, Double cross arm clothesline on Spanky.



Randy Orton vs. Orlando Jordan

Drop toe hold by Orton, Orton being a little cocky thinking Jordan is a push over, tie up now, OJ in control, clean break in the corner, Orton whips him across to the other turnbuckle arm drag by OJ, another, Orton sliding out of dodge, headlock by Orton, shoulder block takes down OJ, hiptoss and another arm drag by OJ, Orton back to the outside this time knocked over the top OJ over the top cross body, no body home.


Orton with a rear naked choke applied as we return, OJ fighting to his feet, jaw breaker by OJ, dropkick by Orton out of nowhere, OJ with a foot on the ropes, knee to the gut on a running OJ takes OJ down, Randy driving OJ to the corner, Randy shoulder first into the steel post as OJ avoids the contact, school boy roll up, out at 2, armbar on Orton, overdrive neckbreaker by Orton, OJ with a dropkick, OJ with some jabs an uppercut is ducked and a swinging neck breaker connects on Orton, Sharmell out Booker follows.

Orton superplex attempt, Jordan shove shim down, Booker with a crutch shot to OJ, RKO by Orton capitalizing on Booker’s help.


Benoit out, after both Booker then Orton, Benoit with chops on the injured Booker, Randy from behind and Benoit chops him too, a German suplex and Booker and Randy get out of danger.


Daivari with a backstage interview, in plain as day English, he doesn’t know what to do because he knows Kurt can go crazy in the ring, he says he doesn’t know what will happen but he knows it will be screwed up.


Kurt Angle vs. Daivari

Out comes Henry with Melina, Daivari sneak attack on Angle, belly-to-belly on Daivari and he’s out of the ring he, walks around next to Henry and dives back around the corner, Daivari in Angle grabs the leg of Daivari and dumps him head over heels, Henry climbs the first step, low blow by Daivari, Daivari with forearms, Angle fighting him off, Angle with an uppercut, and a german suplex on Daivari he’s outside, chase around the ring, Angle catches Daivari and whips him towards Henry, Henry catches him and then clothesline them both down, Angleslam, anklelock applied, Melina in on Angle’s back.


Melina flipped form angle’s back, anklelock on Melina, Henry in taking Angle down, falldown powerslam, Henry with the ring steps, driving them in the middle of the ring, he levels Kurt sending Kurt to the floor, Daivari lets Melina out of the ring gracefully and then announces that he is the new manager of Mark Henry.


Cheers and Jeers:

Orlando Jordan


Match Ratings:

Randy Orton vs. Orlando Jordan **1/2
Rey Mysterio vs. Mark Henry *1/2
Gymini vs. London/Kendrick*
Fit Finlay vs. Matt Hardy*
JBL vs. Bobby Lashley*
Kurt Angle vs. Daivari*

Odds and Sods:

Finlay was impressive considering his age
A lot of squash matches this week
OJ vs. Orton was much better than I was expecting
Rey Mysterio IS winning the Royal Rumble, to quote Edge “Bank on it”.