SmackDown Results - 4/21/06 - St. Louis, MO (Big Celebration, More)

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On Sunday, April 23, 2006 at 1:13 AM EST

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WWE SmackDown!
Air Date: April 21, 2006
From: St. Louis, MI
Commentators: Michael Cole and Tazz
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The show starts with comments from Booker T and Matt Hardy on winning the King Of The Ring Tournament.

King Of The Ring - First Round Match
Booker T vs. Matt Hardy

They circle and eventually lock up, Matt powers Booker to the corner, a clean break and another lock up, Booker goes behind and takes Matt to the ground Matt up to his feet, and he reverses into an arm wringer, Booker fires back and Matt is knocked down, Matt up and throws Booker into the corner a few rights and lefts, his head knocked off the turnbuckle, running clothesline and a cover, and a kick out, Matt with a headlock take down, Booker with a back suplex out of the headlock, a stiff chop by Book, and he is working over Hardy in the corner now, both men exchanging blows looking for the upper hand.

Hardy hits a clothesline and a swinging neckbreaker, a cover for a 2, Hardy looking to go up top, Booker right behind him knocks Matt off his feet, Booker knocked off the top rope, Matt going for a moonsault, but nobodies home, Booker with a reverse heal kick, side walk slam on Hardy he kicks out of the cover, Booker with a rear chin lock, Hardy fights back and gets tot he second rope he drops an elbow onto the neck of Booker, twist of fate, Booker shoves Matt off, Sharmell pulls the top rope down, Matt crashes to the floor.


We come back and Matt is down and Booker is putting the boots to him, Matt starts to fight back but is stopped by Booker's knee, a suplex by Booker, and another after a release, a cover now but Matt is still going, Sharmell rakes the eyes of Matt while Booker distracts the ref, a kick to the jaw, sends Matt down, a cover but only 2, Booker goes up top, and gets caught, Matt climbing up the inside, superplex, Booker kicks out at the last second, Matt hung up across the top rope, off the ropes and a high elbow by Booker.

Booker with a series of knees to Matt wearing him down, going for a suplex, Matt counters with a reverse DDT, a slugfest ensues, Matt getting the upper hand, until Booker is whipped into the corner, Matt with a clothesline in and a bulldog out of the corner, Matt with Booker in the corner again, Booker puts on the breaks and hits leg lariat, Book End, spinarooni, scissors kick avoided by Matt, side effect, cover only 2, Sharmell in the ring, as Matt goes for a twist of fate, a low blow by Booker.


Booker celebrates towards the entrance way where the thrown is sitting.

Later tonight Benoit and Lashley vs. Finlay and Jordan.


We come back to see a highlight of JBL's Great American Celebration for later tonight, they show JBL winning the title and how it was a great moment in American history.

Burchill walks into the lockeroom to see Regal dressed in drag, they talk about Regal trying to screw Burchill last week, and that Regal has to stay dressed like that until Burchill wins a match, tonight they'll be teaming together, Regal says he is the reason, Burchill is where he is today, and this is how he is treated, Burchill says he'll let him dress differently Burchill holds up a teddy bear costume.

MNM make their entrance to the ring.


Joey Mercury w/ Johnny Nitro and Melina vs. Paul London

They go to lock up Mercury tries to slide a knee in, London catches it but is shoved to the corner, off the ropes ,London ducks under and hits a hurricanranna, and stays on top laying in a few rights, schol boy roll up, and out at 2, a dropkick, Mercury on his knees, in the corner, whipped across it's reversed London hops up top but is shoved right off to the floor, London finally back in the ring where he is met by Mercury, whiplash effect from the top rope, a cover and a 2 count, Mercury grounds London with a bear hug.

London fights out with elbows to the jaw, London switches to the back, Mercury comes up with a Northern Lights Suplex, Melina with a head scissors on London, while Mercury distracts Referee Chris Kay, Kendrick tries o get in to save his partner, only causing damage, as Nitro was in and the double team on London, a series of covers, but London will not stay down, a side headlock know a front face lock, London backs Mercury to the corner, Mercury has a sleeper, London hits a jaw breaker, a elbow on Mercury, London fighting back, with forearms, London with a double stomp to the back of Mercury, spin wheel kick by London, gets him a 2 count, London thrown to the corner avoids the charging Mercury.

London up top, Mercury going for a superplex, Mercury knocked from the top, a cross-body block, London going for cover after cover , London thrown over the top, London skins the cat, a victory roll type maneuver, but to no avail, Nitro grabs the leg of London and gets drop kicked, a plancha over the top, Kendrick in the ring now, Kendrick is slingshot over the top rope he lends on top of London, Nitro sends London back in, Mercury posing, and London, rolls him up.


We go back to Regal and Burchill, Regal is now dressed as a teddy bear, he continues to yell at Burchill while putting on the head of the bear.

The Great Khali debuts in the ring tonight.

Up Next, Finlay and Jordan vs. Benoit and Lashley


A video shown of Angle breaking the ankle of Randy Orton last week.

Chris Benoit & Lashley vs. Finlay & Orlando Jordan

Lashley and Jordan start it off, and they tie up, Orlando with a few shots, he sends Lashley off the ropes, Lashley with a guerrilla press on Jordan and Benoit is tagged in, Jordan clubbing blows to Benoit's back, Benoit going for the crossface, Finlay breaks it up, and Benoit immediately chops away at Finlay, Finlay tagged in now, and he applies a key lock to Benoit, trying to break the wrist of Benoit, Benoit fights to his feet, and a tag to Jordan, Jordan goes right to work on the arm now, Jordan rams Benoit shoulder first into the steel post, a second time now, Jordan with a Mahestral Cradel, Jordan with another cover, he tags in Finlay and a clothesline by Finlay, a few chops, and Finlay hits a drop toe hold and then tags in Orland.

Orlando jumping onto the shoulder of Benoit, Benoit trying to fight back, but Jordan is keeping in control, Benoit with a German suplex, going for the tag, Jordan grabs a leg, Benoit hits a dropkick, Lashley in, Lashley takes down both men, and hits a back body drop on Jordan, delayed vertical on Jordan, Finlay breaks up the cover, Benoit dives through the ropes at Finlay, Jordan to his feet, he whips Lashley off the ropes, Jordan side steps a spear, but not a second, Dominator.


Another of JBL's great American moments, this time they show JBL stopping Mexicans from crossing the boarder into America, back during the feud with Eddie over the title.


This week in wrestling history, they show a video of Rock throwing Austin into a river and holding a funeral fro Austin, Austin showed up in a monster truck and crushed Rock's car, and then went into the arena with the monster truck.

Teddy Long in his office, with a hug announcement, due to his performance last week against Orton, he is granting Kurt Angle a World Heavyweight Championship rematch next week against Rey Mysterio.

Burchill again, this time Regal walks out from behind a corner in a chicken costume, they agree that this won't work well, and Burchill tells him to change into the next costume.

Krystal Marshall interviewing Funaki, she asks what it is like to have the task of trying to beat the Great Khali, and if he has ever seen anyone that big, before Funaki can get more then two word out, Daivari steps up and the Great Khali follows, you can't even see his head in the shot, and Funaki is only up to his chest, Khali grabs the mic and utters something.


The Great Khali w/ Daivari vs. Funaki

Khali with a big boot, and a choke bomb.


Regal is now dressed as a gorilla, Burchill says he has one more, and that they are up next.


A video for Kane's "See No Evil" movie.

"Pirate" Paul Burchill & William Regal vs. The Gymini w/ Simon Dean

Burchill in their with Jesse Gymini, Burchill taking control in the corner, off the rope with a clothesline, Regal tagged in unwillingly, the Gymini tag as well, Regal being double teamed, a headlock by Gymini, and a suplex, and back to the headlock, Regal goes for a tag and Burchill steps off the apron, Birchill leaves, and Regal is hit with the cross trainer.


A Great American Moment, JBL defeating Chris Benoit for the United States Championship, at Wrestlemania.


We see the outside of the arena and "The Miz" Mike Mizanin is there talking about crashing JBL's victory party, Cannon Palmer cuts him off at the door, and says that he is crass, offensive, and un-cool and has security keep him from the building.

Next Week, Kurt Angle vs. Rey Mysterio for the World Heavyweight Championship and Lashley vs. Mark Henry in the King Of The Ring Tournament.


Jillian Hall leads a marching band to the ring, as the arena is decked out in Red,White, and Blue and their is a large blow up Bald Eagle floating around the entrance way, Jillian announces JBL to the ring.

JBL has the mic, he looks at Jillian and asks if this is it, he says that the party isn't what he is worthy off, he tells the marching band to get away from his ring, and then fires Jillian Hall, because of all her mistakes, like hitting him with the steel door last week, and tells her to go find a pole and lap dance her heart away, JBL says he knows how to treat his property, he tells them they can't live the American dream so they all live it vicariously through him, and that's why the crowd loves him.

He says he isn't the average American, he says he is a true American hero, and with the United States Championship, he has made it the most prestigious title in wrestling today, who asks who /* is there to consider a champ, Rey Mysterio is only excepted by the 12 million illegals out there, he says he is taking the U.S> title to England and defend it against the best in England, and then he will defeat Rey Mysterio and wear the World Heavyweight Championship.

Angle makes his way to the ring, he tells Kurt to take a picture if he wins next week, because he'll only have the belt a week, Angle says he is a 6 time champion and an Olympic champion, he says that compared to Kurt Angle that JBL sucks, Angle sticks up for Rey being an underdog, and says Rey is a better champion they JBL has ever been, but next week in London he'll be taking the belt from Rey.

Rey make his way down to the ring, he says he respects Angle and all but, the championship isn't going anywhere, JBL says they are making him sick with the lovey feely stuff, he tells Rey he is the third amigo, because he's already beaten his friends Benoit and Guerrero for belts, he make s a comment about the belt being bigger then Rey, he gets in Rey's face talking Spanish, Mysterio jumps JBL, he falls into an Angle slam and then a 619 connects.


Match Ratings:

Booker T vs. Matt Hardy **1/2
Mercury vs. London **
Benoit/Lashley vs. Finlay and Jordan **
Birchill/Regal vs. The Gymini *
Khali vs. Funaki squash

Cheers and Jeers


Rey Mysterio
Kurt Angle
Chris Bneoit


Booker T