SmackDown Results - 5/5/06 - Cincinnati, OH (Rey Mysterio / Henry)

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On Saturday, May 6, 2006 at 1:03 PM EST

WWE SmackDown!
Live From: Cincinnati, OH
Air Date: May 5, 2006
Commentators: Michael Cole and Tazz
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The show starts with a highlight package form last week's SmackDown from England, with Rey Mysterio defending the World Title against Kurt Angle, to be ended by Mark Henry interfering. The regular SmackDown opening plays and we are off.

Rey Mysterio makes his way to ringside, Rey says that, he realizes that being champion is a gift and he is loving every minute of it, he starts talking about facing Kurt Angle last week when JBL cuts him off, it was announced that JBL would challenge for the World Championship at Judgment day, JBL says Rey won't need Miss Cleo to know when it's over because he will be facing the only wrestling god, and a true American Hero, and calls Rey a masked illegal immigrant.

He talks about his feud with Eddie Guerrero and how he beat him, and how the crowd still chants for Eddie instead of Rey, JBL says he isn't going to take out his own garbage or mow his own lawn, he says that America needs Rey's kind for rich people like him, JBL says that Rey isn't even a dog, he is Mexican, and Mexicans have a problem, and that Rey has been playing the sympathy card, Rey says he'll fight anyone at anytime, so JBL says he has just the opponent for Rey, Mark Henry.

Henry comes down to the ring, JBL slides out of the ring to make room for Henry, as he get sin the face of Rey Mysterio.


Later tonight, Finlay vs. Chris Benoit in the final first round match up of the King of the Ring tournament.

Booker T and Sharmell come to the ring, Booker stops and sits in the thrown for a while at the entrance ramp, then finishes the trip to the ring.

Booker T vs. Gunner Scott

Booker stalling to rile the youngster up, they final tie up and Scott pushes Booker to a corner, a rope break, gives Booker the space to escape they lock up again and Booker applies a headlock, Booker off the ropes and a shoulder block, Scott up and hits a drop toe hold, another tie up sees, Booker with a hammerlock, and Scott reverses, elbow to the temple releases the hold, Booker in control in the corner, Scott battling back though, Scott unloading chops, and is slingshots off the top rope by Booker, Booker moves Scott to the corner again and after a chop takes him down with a headlock.

Scott to his feet, off the ropes and is met with a boot to the gut, Booker caught with a shot to the jaw, Gunner with rights, whips Booker, reversed, Gunner comes off the ropes with a running forearm, and a pair of vertical suplexes, Booker hangs on from an Irish whip and connects with a heel kick, Gunner slides over the top and a roll up and the bridge, Booker kicks out barley, Sharmell grabs the leg of Scott he gets hit with a boot by Booker and scissors kick.


Booker celebrates and grabs the mic he stand on the announce table and says that he advances to the finals because of Kurt's injury, he says it doesn't matter if it's Finlay or Benoit in the finals he'll beat them with one hand tied behind his back, and he tells all his servants to bow down to King Booker.

Up Next MNM defend the tag titles against London and Kendrick.


A clip is shown of the fight between Melina and Jillian Hall is shown.

WWE Tag Team Championship
MNM (c's) vs. Paul London & Brian Kendrick

Melina comes down and waves for MNM to follow they slide in the backdoor and attack London and Kendrick form behind, they beat them down and hit a snapshot on each, they celebrate then come back and hit a second snap shot on Kendrick.


Still to come tonight, Rey Mysterio vs. Mark Henry non-title and Chris Benoit vs. Finlay in the final first round match of the King of the Ring.


A video is shown showing the "re-birth" of Tatanka with the Lakota Tribe, they also mention a next week video to be shown.

Daivari is talking on a cell phone when Teddy Long strolls in and asks where his man is, Daivari says he's around here some where, Khali walks in and Long tells him that the has been challenge for a match at Judgment Day against the Undertaker.

Finlay comes to the ring.


King of the Ring Tournament - First Round Match
Finlay vs. Chris Benoit

They circle and lock up, Finlay takes control until Benoit forces him to a corner, they break apart and tie up again, this time Finlay takes Benoit right to the corner, another clean break and a test of strength, won by Finlay until Benoit kicks the figures and applies a top wrist lock, into a side headlock, Finlay roll shim over for a two count, but Benoit rolls back and hangs on,Finlay, battling to his feet, but Benoit still has the headlock applied, Finlay trips Benoit up, but Benoit is relentless with the headlock, Benoit tries to hyperextend the elbow with a cross arm breaker, Finlay gets to a knee, but Benoit is in control of the arm.

Benoit starts laying in rights to the jaw of Finlay, Finlay gets to the ropes for a break, they star each other down , and Finlay hits a short arm clothesline, a headbutt by Finlay sends Benoit reeling, another lock up cent re of the ring, Benoit quickly dumps Finlay on the ground, a step over toe hold, into a spinning leg drop, Benoit with a wishbone type hold, stretching the legs of Finlay, Benoit with shots to the chest, and Finlay with a thumb to the eye, then he's thrown shoulder first into the post, and Finlay begins attacking the shoulder, and applies a top wrist lock.

Benoit trips Finlay and Finlay scurries to the outside, Benoit comes out right behind him and gets met with a forearm, he's thrown back in and Finlay pulls the apron up over the head of Benoit, after a few shots, he slides in the ring, while Benoit frees himself, Finlay with a key lock, pulling on the arm, Benoit trips Finlay and goes for the sharpshooter, Finlay escapes and jumps on the shoulder of Benoit, a kick to the temple keeps Benoit grounded, a cover gets Finlay a two count, Chris Benoit is busted wide open, Finlay attacking the cut trying to further the damage, Benoit ducks a punch and goes for the cross-face.

Finlay is avoiding it, Benoit struggling to extend the arm of Finlay, Finlay gets tot eh ropes and again attacks the elbow of Benoit, a short arm clothesline is ducked and Benoit hits a German suplex a chop and a pair more, Finlay falls to the floor, he goes to get a chair and throws that into the ring


We come back and Benoit is chopping away at Finlay, a snap suplex, by Benoit and Finlay kicks out, a chop by Benoit, and Finlay scurries out of harms way, Benoit whips Finlay across the ring, it's reversed and Benoit crashes off the turnbuckle pad, a headlock applied by Finlay, the referee checks Benoit's, arms, Benoit fights to his feet and rams Finlay into a corner, but Finlay keeps the headlock applied, Benoit battles back again and hits a jaw breaker, Finlay with a drop toe hold and again back to the headlock, Benoit gets to his feet for a third time, Benoit in a corner, Finlay charges he hits nothing but steel, Benoit hits three Germans, and calls to go up top.

Benoit with a diving headbutt, but nobody home, Finlay grabs the shillelagh, and goes to whack Benoit, but Benoit back body drops him over the top rope, the referee clears the shillelagh out of the ring and Finlay uses the chair that he through in the ring earlier, and hits Benoit in the head, Finlay hits the an inverted Gory special.



The Gymini w/ Simon Dean vs. Scotty 2 Hotty & Funaki

Funaki and Jesse start it off, Jesse sits Funaki on the top rope and walks off, Jake take shim down to the floor from the apron, Jesse out and a suplex into the ring, Jesse with an elbow to the neck, and he throws Funaki into the turnbuckle Funaki ducks a clothesline, but is caught with a right hand, a series of knee lifts, and Jake is tagged in, double shoulder block on Funaki, Funaki in a corner and no where to go, an elbow drop and another on Funaki clubbing forearms and a headlock.

Funaki battling back but is taken down at will, Jake with a double under hook suplex, Funaki gets a kick to the head of Jake, and quickly tags in Scotty, Scotty in and is driven hard into the turnbuckle, suplex on Scotty, Jesse in and they hit the Crash Diet.


The video package for Kane's "See No Evil" movie.

Lashley walking down a hallway, he storms into Booker's dressing room, he says earlier when Booker was talking about his opponent in the finals he forgot one man, he forgot Lashley, Booker says it doesn't matter because Lashley has never beaten Finlay and never will, Lashley says he'll be in the finals and asks of Booker can dig that.

Up next Kid Kash vs. Super Crazy vs. Nunzio - Number 1 Contenders Match.


#1 Contendership Match for WWE Cruiserweight Title
Kid Kash vs. Super Crazy vs. Nunzio

The match starts with Super Crazy sliding into the ring and Kash and Nunzio jumping him from the start, Crazy ducks a double clothesline hits a dropkick on Nunzio, and gets attacked from behind by Kash, Kash going for a suplex, Crazy lands on his feet Crazy with a dropkick to Kash, Sicilian Slice by Nunzio on Crazy, Kid Kash with a inside cradle, both men beating on Crazy again, both men charge and Crazy back body drops both over the top, Cray with an Asai moonsault taking down both competitors and Big Vito.

The Great Khali's music hits, and he walks down to ringside, he chops Vito in the face and throws Kash through a camera man into the crowd, Crazy goes for a plancha over the top is caught and thrown to the side, Nunzio bags for mercy but gets press slammed to the floor.


Daivari shows up and vasts in the glory of The great Khali.


Raw Rebound.

Judgment Day Run Down:

The Undertaker vs. The Great Khali

King of the Ring Finals
Booker T vs. Finlay/Lashley

Jillian Hall vs. Melina

World Heavyweight Championship
Rey Mysterio vs. JBL

JBL comes to the ring to do commentary for the Mark Henry vs. Rey Mysterio match.


They show clips from last week's SmackDown match between Rey Mysterio and Kurt Angle.

Non-Title Match
World Heavyweight Champion Rey Mysterio vs. Mark Henry

The bell rings and Henry stalks Rey around the ring, before Rey attacks with a kick to the head, he slides to the outside and Henry chases him, Rey slides in but Henry grabs a leg and drags Rey to the outside, Rey manages to get in now, and attacks the mid section of Henry as he tries to get in, Henry forces his way into the ring, whilst Rey still throws rights and lefts, Henry shoves Rey across the ring, then through the ropes to the floor, Rey slides in again, waiting for Henry.

JBL getting close to the ring, he gets a baseball slide dropkick sending him sprawling over the announce table, Rey turns around and runs into Henry, Rey with a springboard, plancha, but Henry swats him out of the air, Henry going for a choke, Rey trying to break the grip, he does and slides between the leg of Henry only to get clobbered with a forearm, Henry dropping an elbow, Rey out of the way Henry traps Rey into a corner and pummels him, Henry going to charge in Rey rolls out of the way, and again in the opposite corner, Rey springboard seated senton, Rey going up top, frog splash.

Henry grabs Rey and roll over, and picks Rey up into a spinning uriangi, Rey up again though, springboard dropkick, 619, sprigboarad, he's caught into a fall forward slam by Henry.


Henry drags the carcase of Rey Mysterio by the leg, all the way to the entrance way and slams him against the SmackDown set, Henry climbs up to the ramp used for Rey's entrance, JBL cut shim off, saying please Mark, don't injure him, he says he promised Henry the first title shot after he wins the title at Judgment day, but it can't happen if Henry destroys Rey, JBL looks down at Rey and says, that even though he says he'd fight anyone anywhere, and he didn't do so good against Henry, maybe he'll do better next week against the Great Khali.


Match Ratings:

Finlay vs. Benoit ***
Gunner Scott vs. Booker T *1/2
Gymini vs. Scotty/Funaki 1/2
Rey Mysterio vs. Mark Henry 1/2
Nunzio/Kash/Crazy 1/2

Cheers and Jeers


Rey Mysterio


Booker T
Mark Henry