Smackdown Results - 3/16/07 - Trenton, NJ (Taker & Booker - more)

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On Saturday, March 17, 2007 at 4:31 AM EST

Anger abound
By Lennie DiFino
March 16, 2007
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With just over two weeks remaining until WrestleMania 23, the tension between World Heavyweight Champion Batista and Undertaker is at a boiling point.

Batista began his night as a guest on Miz TV, and after The Miz insulted Batista by saying, “I don’t think you can stop Undertaker,” the young SmackDown Superstar played an early April Fool’s joke on The Animal, having paid someone to turn out the lights and play Undertaker’s music. The World Heavyweight Champion was not amused, and had the last laugh, delivering an explosive Batista Bomb.

Later in the night, Batista sat ringside on commentary as Undertaker faced King Booker in one-on-one action.

With Undertaker poised to capture a victory, Finlay interfered with the shillelagh, and he and Booker double-teamed the Phenom as Batista looked on. Undertaker fought back and dismantled Finlay and King Booker, and then threw the Irishman into Batista.

After laying King Booker out, Undertaker walked his way up the ramp and turned to see an angry Batista staring from the ring. In 16 days at WrestleMania 23, these two Superstars will square off for the richest prize in sports-entertainment – the World Heavyweight Championship.

MVP will also be seeking a championship on April 1 as he goes up against United States Champion Chris Benoit. Porter defeated El Grande Latte with the Playmaker, and continued to berate Benoit, even labeling him as a coward. General Manager Theodore Long then granted the cocky MVP his WrestleMania wish. Benoit made his way out and brawled with MVP, looking to apply the Crossface. If Benoit is able to get MVP in his clutches at Ford Field, Porter’s wish may become a nightmare.

Mr. Kennedy and Matt Hardy, two of the Money in the Bank Ladder Match participants at WrestleMania, were in action against each other. Kennedy still claims to be “the future of sports-entertainment,” but Hardy is hoping to assert his own legacy.

While Kennedy claimed prior to the match that nobody would stop his ascension up the ladder at WrestleMania, Matt Hardy stopped the loudmouth on this night. Hardy defeated Kennedy with the Twist of Fate, as he continues to build momentum heading into the Money in the Bank Ladder Match.

Kane sent a clear message to The Great Khali, as he destroyed Daivari and then dragged his opponent out of the arena with a hook. Last week, Kane was referred to as demented, twisted, and sick. This week, the Big Red Monster showed WWE fans just how far he will take his battle with Khali, bringing flashbacks to his movie See No Evil.

WWE Tag Team Champions Paul London & Brian Kendrick teamed with Playboy cover girl Ashley to take on MNM in a Six-Person Tag Match. London and Kendrick have become the fourth longest Tag Champions in WWE history, holding the titles for 300 days. Nitro, Mercury and Women’s Champion Melina stole the victory from the high-octane trio after Melina interfered. After the match, Ashley and Melina fought outside the ring until being separated by their teams. As Ashley and Melina head toward a showdown at WrestleMania, this personal and bitter rivalry is becoming as hot as the two Divas.

Hornswoggle, SmackDown’s leprechaun, wished all WWE fans a very happy St. Patrick’s Day, but was met with screams when he requested Queen Sharmell, “Kiss me, I’m Irish.”

Finally, Mr. Fuji was announced as the latest inductee into WWE’s Hall of Fame, joining the Class of 2007.

Just 16 days remain until April 1, when WWE fans will pack Ford Field in Detroit for WrestleMania 23. Be sure to tune into SmackDown each and every Friday as the Road to WrestleMania continues on The CW Network.

Match Results:
* Matt Hardy def. Mr. Kennedy
* MVP def. El Grande Latte
* MNM def. WWE Tag Team Champions Paul London & Brian Kendrick & Ashley
* Kane vs. Daivari (No Contest)
* King Booker vs. Undertaker (No Contest)