Smackdown Results - 9/21/07 - Atlanta, GA (Batista & Henry, more)

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On Saturday, September 22, 2007 at 4:31 PM EST

Beyond the matrimony
By Lennie DiFino
September 21, 2007
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ATLANTA – The season premiere of Friday Night SmackDown was expected to be its biggest ever, and in that respect, it did not disappoint. However, by the end of the evening, our fans in the Philips Arena and at home watched as rivalries both recent and past were brutally rekindled, while a couple’s vow to love and cherish each other was doused by tragedy.

619: Flight grounded

Rey Mysterio wasn’t able to recapture the World Title at Unforgiven’s Triple Threat Match with Khali and Batista, but the high-flying former champion granted his first SmackDown interview since returning from injury. However, when JBL felt Michael Cole was being “too soft” with his line of questioning, the SmackDown commentator began berating the Superstar who forced him to retire from the ring last year. Rey challenged JBL to a fight, but the self-proclaimed “wrestling god” introduced the man who loves to fight, Finlay. The Irishman attacked, leaving Rey down and out in the center of the ring.


It looked as if WWE Tag Team Champions MVP & Matt Hardy might finally be on the same page as a team, but the latest chapter in their title reign took a turn for the worse Friday when Deuce & Domino defeated them in non-title action. The Ballin’ Superstar took both tag titles as well as his United States Championship when he walked out Atlanta’s Philips Arena in. These rivals-turned-partners have already been skating on thin ice for weeks; will this loss to the former champions be the thing to break it?

Not-so Noble

Jamie Noble has had no luck since losing a series of matches against Cruiserweight Champion of the World Hornswoggle. In fact, his ring losses have been second only to his personal embarrassments at the hands of Mr. McMahon’s “li’llegitimate” son, and his troubles only grew on SmackDown Friday night. While facing Jimmy Wang Yang, Noble exited the ring when he saw what he believed to be Hornswoggle’s hat. Instead, he found Shannon Moore donning the hat and laughing at Noble. The lapse in judgment soon cost Noble the match, as Yang capitalized to get the victory.

Batista a giant-sized target

The World Heavyweight Champion Batista’s first Friday night since reclaiming the title was certainly not what he had planned. Instead of celebrating his long journey back to the top, Batista was confronted by Mark Henry, leading to a non-title contest between the two. During the match, The Great Khali interfered and aided Henry in decimating The Animal with a violent barrage of power. Batista may have even bigger problems in his future, though, because at No Mercy, he must defend his title against the colossal Khali in a Punjabi Prison Match.

Ceremonial shocker

A night that was supposed to see the hearts of Theodore Long and Kristal united in marriage instead witnessed the chaos that ensued when SmackDown’s General Manager – in the middle of saying “I do” – suddenly collapsed. The distraught screams of Kristal resonated throughout the Philips Arena as SmackDown came to a traumatic end in front of our shocked fans, Superstars and wedding guests. Even prior to this tragedy, the wedding had its share of ceremonial jitters, as Jillian Hall sang, The Godfather pimped, and Hornswoggle and Jonathan Coachman’s antics completely disrupted the happy occasion.

* Jimmy Wang Yang def. Jamie Noble
* Deuce & Domino def. WWE Tag Team Champions Matt Hardy & * United States Champion MVP (Non-title)
* World Heavyweight Champion Batista vs. Mark Henry (Non-title, no contest)