Smackdown Results - 10/19/07 - Birmingham, UK (MVP vs. Mysterio)

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On Friday, October 19, 2007 at 11:19 PM EST

Interactive altercations
By Lennie DiFino
October 19, 2007
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UNITED KINGDOM – After invading the Land of the Extreme earlier in the week, Kane returned to Friday Night SmackDown to face The Great Khali. Wasting little time, The Punjab Giant gave the Big Red Monster a not-so-warm welcome back, getting disqualified for using a cable to try and decimate Kane. As Kane recovered from the attack by Khali, ECW’s Big Daddy V made his way to the ring, looking for retribution against the Big Red Monster for his involvement as CM Punk’s partner on ECW on Sci Fi. The Dominating Force in WWE laid waste to Kane, and made it known that the working partnership between SmackDown’s Acting GM Vickie Guerrero and ECW’s man in charge, Armando Estrada, has opened the gates for his personal path of destruction.

Phenomenal statement
After griping to GM Vickie Guerrero about having to face Khali last week, and stating that if Theodore Long were in charge he would never have had to face the Punjab Giant, Jamie Noble was given another worthy opponent – Undertaker. The young cruiserweight pleaded his case, hoping to avoid a confrontation with The Deadman, but to no avail. As The Phenom heads toward his Cyber Sunday showdown with Batista for the World Heavyweight Championship, he dominated Noble, sending another message to The Animal.

When Undertaker and Batista step into the ring at Cyber Sunday, you have the power to decide who will be the special guest referee. But will JBL, Stone Cold Steve Austin or Mick Foley be able to control the two behemoths when the gold is on the line?

Out of gas
For the first time since returning to SmackDown, Chuck Palumbo tasted defeat. The rivalry between Palumbo and Masters has been building for weeks as their contempt for one another grows. In a controversial match with Chris Masters, Palumbo lost when Victoria distracted the revved-up Superstar by attacking Michelle McCool. Masters took advantage and rolled Chuck up for the win.

Cruising over the tracks
The cruiserweight tandem of Jimmy Wang Yang & Shannon Moore managed to fly high together to defeat Deuce & Domino. Yang enlisted Moore’s help to watch his back after Domino attacked Yang following his victory over Deuce last week. The boys from the Other Side of the Tracks have had their problems lately, unable to find success either together or on their own. While they claim to be “all about cool,” Deuce & Domino have been anything but cool since losing the WWE Tag Team Championship.

One of our own
The pride of Scotland, Drew McIntyre, was in singles action once again on SmackDown, taking on Brian Major. The young Scottish Superstar picked up his second consecutive victory since his debut last week, and he owes both wins to his mentor, Dave Taylor. McIntyre has taken full advantage of Taylor’s helping hand at the expense of the Major Brothers, and the young up-and-comer hopes to continue those winning ways.

Pushing forward
Rey Mysterio, Finlay, Matt Hardy and MVP will all take part in WWE’s interactive pay-per-view, Cyber Sunday, but on SmackDown Rey faced the United States Champion and one-half of the WWE Tag Team Champions, for the first time. MVP’s co-champion Matt Hardy faced the Irishman in a one-on-one contest that saw his “friend” MVP deliver an unlikely assist. As all four push toward their respective Cyber Sunday matches – matches that YOU have the power to decide – who seized the upper hand?

Taking down a deity
SmackDown’s color commentator JBL interviewed World Heavyweight Champion Batista about his upcoming Cyber Sunday match with Undertaker, and the self-proclaimed “Wrestling God” may have bit off more than he could chew when he began berating The Animal.

* Kane def. The Great Khali (Disqualification)
* Chris Masters def. Chuck Palumbo
* WWE Tag Team Champion Matt Hardy def. Finlay
* Drew McIntyre def. Brian Major
* Jimmy Wang Yang & Shannon Moore def. Deuce & Domino
* Undertaker def. Jamie Noble
* United States Champion and WWE Tag Team Champion MVP def. Rey Mysterio (Disqualification, Non-title)