(Delayed) Smackdown Results - 6/27/08 - Houston, TX (Draft, more)

Reported by Mike Tedesco of WrestleView.com
On Sunday, June 29, 2008 at 2:32 PM EST

WWE Smackdown
June 27, 2008
Houston, TX
Reported by: Mike Tedesco of WrestleView.com

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…” The WWE video leads us into the show.

We open up Smackdown with a short recap of the draft, highlighting all the exciting picks (Jeff Hardy to Smackdown) and the shocking picks (Jim Ross to Smackdown). This draft was terrific. Smackdown really benefitted from this… finally. I’ll talk a little more about it in the “Mike’s Thoughts” section. All in all “the landscape has changed”… and not a moment too soon!!

We now go to a shot of General Manager Vickie Guerrero backstage in her handy dandy wheelchair. She has a sad look on her face. Something tells me it’s not because she lost Batista and Rey Mysterio to RAW.

Ah, I was right. She says that last Monday night on RAW there was a terrible accident which resulted in the Chairman of WWE Vince McMahon being severely injured. Out of nowhere they show exactly what happened to him. If it was an unexpected accident I doubt very seriously that they would show it all in a sweet little video package.

Vickie says on behalf of her family she would like to extend her well wishes to him and his family. She says she sincerely hopes he’s not confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his days like she is! Vickie says that Mr. McMahon is her champion and she wishes him a speedy recovery on behalf of Smackdown.

She says Vince wouldn’t want anyone to focus on the negatives, only the positives, like the wedding of her and Edge and the draft from Monday, making Smackdown the new superior brand in World Wrestling Entertainment. To prove that she has the best of the best from the draft she welcomes WWE Hall of Famer Good Ol’ JR – Jim Ross!

Jim Ross’ music hits and he makes his way to the ring in the American Airlines Center and shakes hands with some fans. I’m surprised he showed up after seeing his reaction on RAW. Mick Foley says it’s good to have him there and he congratulates him on coming over. Jim Ross mentions that emotions were RAW and he got a good night’s sleep and Smackdown is going to go places it’s never been before and Jim Ross says this may be the main reason when Triple H’s music hits.

12 Time WWE Champion Triple H is making his way to a Smackdown ring for the first time in years. He looks creepy in HD. So does JR. But I’m sure they’re good people. Triple H gets a tremendous reaction from the sold out crowd of 14, 738 people. Foley points out these people bought tickets expecting to see other superstars and can no doubt be happy because of the draft. I for one certainly am.

Triple H says “what a difference a day can make” inadvertently pointing out that Smackdown is recorded on Tuesday. He then says a few days ago Vince McMahon was a crazy guy giving away a million dollars and he was the top dog on RAW. Now, a few days later, Vince McMahon is still crazy and won’t be giving away a million dollars for a while and his whole world came crashing down on top of him. OK, I already have problems here. How can this angle with McMahon get over if someone is already making light of the fact that he could be crippled? Whatever. My girlfriend also pointed out that Triple H is sporting some clear nail polish. Those puppies are sparkling!

He says that for the first time in six years he’s a member of the Smackdown roster. He says that while things have changed they’ve really remained the same and he’s comforted by that. For instance, he sees friendly faces at the announcer’s table like Mick Foley, a man known for his keen sense of style and impeccable hygiene. Then he looks next to him and sees the always smiling face (sarcasm) of the greatest announcer in the history of the business Jim Ross! I agree. Triple H says if he could pick one guy to bring to Smackdown it would be him. Ross, of course, thanks him.

Hunter says that the biggest thing that comforts him is looking around the arena and the fans go crazy. It doesn’t matter if you’re on RAW or Smackdown (ECW wasn’t mentioned) we’re all a part of the WWE Universe and no matter what, as long as all the fans are there, he’s home.

Triple H says enough of the blatant sucking up (Thank God) it’s time for the blatant plugging and he plugs his WWE Championship Match against John Cena at Night of Champions on Sunday! Hah, when he says the words “John Cena” the audience boos. He says he’ll tell the fans what he told Cena and he holds up the title – “Until you take this from me, Cena, you are nothing.” World Heavyweight Champion Edge’s music now hits!!

Wow, this is a pretty cool moment – both champions of the big brands in the ring together. The heat is good. Edge says that this is special and mentions that they are the cream of the crop; the best of the best. Edge says he’s heard the rumblings that he and Triple H can’t coexist. Edge says he begs to differ and knows they can get along fine. Triple H says he can see that but while he appreciates the positive thinking he sees major problems with the theory. Trips points out that he knows the two of them have massive egos and he can see by looking at Edge that his is bigger than his. He says that secondly after Night of Champions he’ll still be the WWE Champion.

Edge says he sees where he’s going – Triple H thinks he’ll be the only one leaving the ring as a champion. Edge says when it all comes down to it Batista has had many opportunities at the World Title with him and he’s beaten him every time but Triple H’s one match with John Cena ended with him tapping out! Edge says that while Triple H talks about being home he needs to realize that this is Edge’s house – his show. He suggests he do what everyone /* does… respect him! Batista’s music then hits and Jim Ross says for the first time on Smackdown that “business is about to pick up”!

Triple H now tosses Edge out of the ring and Edge gets up and Batista SPEARS him on the ground!! Nice bump. Batista now gets in the ring and picks up the World Heavyweight Championship while Edge crawls up the ramp. Jim Ross says “Holy Evolution”! Batista and Triple H raise the two championships and Edge looks on furiously and we’re left wondering if this could be the scene after Night of Champions.

Yes! Tonight it’s Batista vs. Umaga! Also, a Champion vs. Champion Match: Matt Hardy vs. Edge!

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Advertised for tonight is the final appearance of Rey Mysterio.

Kane & Big Show vs. MVP & Mark Henry

Jim Ross mentions there’s going to be a lot of beef and barbeque in the ECW Championship match at One Night Stand. Sounds good to me! As Mark Henry comes out they show a replay from Tuesday night with Mark Henry defeating Kane. This, to my knowledge, is Big Show’s first match since the Singapore Cane Match at One Night Stand.

The bell rings and the first match of Smackdown called by Jim Ross begins. Kane is in the ring with MVP. They circle around and MVP ducks Kane and starts hitting some rights and lefts and some kicks to the leg to knock the big man down to size. MVP then comes off the ropes and into a monster uppercut that knocks him right off his feet. Kane picks him up, hits a snapmare, comes off the ropes and hits a low dropkick. Kane picks him up again and sends him to the corner, wrapping his left arm around the top rope, wrenching the elbow. Kane holds it for the legally allotted time and then kicks his ribs. Kane then wrenches the left arm again, sending MVP to his knees in pain and Kane locks in a nice arm bar submission.

Kane locks in the hammerlock and picks him up and holds it and tags in the Big Show, who comes in and kicks him in the ribs! Big Show takes MVP and gives him a big head-butt, sending him down. Show then picks MVP up and gives him a military press to a flapjack. Hey, the man is strong. As soon as MVP hits the canvas he rolls right to his corner and tags in Mark Henry, who from the looks of it does not want to be in the ring with Show. Henry is hesitant and they stare at each other before locking up. They’re at a stall as they try to push each other off but neither budges. Show goes to lock up again but Henry kicks him in the midsection and hits him with some monstrous right hands. Big Show comes back with some rights and lefts, using his boxing technique. He head-butts the World’s Strongest Man, sending him back to Big Show’s corner. Big Show then hits the painful “Shh” chop to the chest and gives a rough tag in to Kane, who comes in with lots of rights and lefts. Kane moves Henry out of the corner and goes to Irish whip him but the big man doesn’t move and Kane gets drilled into Henry’s corner followed by Henry avalanching Kane. MVP then gets a blind tag in saying he can handle it now.

MVP starts stomping Kane in the corner, drags him out and gets a one count. Kane gets to his face and MVP hits his giant kick, sending Kane down into the ropes. He hits some rights and gets a one count. MVP then mounts Kane and delivers some more punches before finally locking in a front face lock. Kane gets to his knees and starts punching MVP in the ribs, sends him into the ropes and Kane hits a big sidewalk slam. MVP crawls up to the corner and Kane hits a big clothesline in the corner, whips MVP into the other corner and does the exact some thing. Kane with the Irish whip and hits a big boot on MVP. At this point MVP rolls out of the ring and yells to Mark Henry to do something about it but he doesn’t tag him in. MVP starts walking away but Henry gets off the apron and throws MVP back into the ring! MVP turns into a big choke slam from the ECW Champion and Kane makes the pin!

Winners by Pinfall: Kane and Big Show
Match Rating: **

Inside the ring Kane and Big Show are staring at each other and Kane holds up the ECW Championship while Mark Henry goes up the ramp, signaling he’ll be the champion.

Backstage, Vickie Guerrero is talking with her wedding planner Alicia Fox. Vickie says she wants the wedding to be perfect and Alicia assures her it will be. Vickie says that’s why she hired the best of the best. Alicia says they still need to decide on cake (like Vickie needs it…) and dresses for the daughters, who will be here next week. All of a sudden Edge rushes in holding his ribs. He says he was blindsided and his championship was stolen by Batista. She reminds him happily that after Sunday Batista will be gone for good. Edge says he knows but he still has his championship. Vickie says that he’s the man who defeated the Undertaker and he just needs to focus on defeating Matt Hardy because she promises him that he will get his championship back. Edge says that’s why he needs her. Vickie says that for the next two weeks they don’t need any distractions because they’re going to get married, intertwining their lives and all that other nasty ass mushy stuff. This is where it gets gross. She rubs his sore ribs and says she loves him. Just nasty.

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We have our Main Event coming up later on with Batista taking on Umaga in Batista’s last Smackdown match and Umaga’s first! Jim Ross says that Umaga has a strong Samoan heritage and is a nasty animal. Mick Foley puts over Umaga by saying he’s never seen a combination like him. They then show a nice highlight video showcasing all of Umaga’s crushing moves and the people he’s beaten. I love Umaga. I love that he’s a Smackdown guy now.

Finlay & Hornswoggle vs. Hawkins & Ryder

Finlay makes his way to the ring with blow up shillelaghs, handing them out to kids. I just can’t take this. Finlay is a brawler baby not a Muppet.

The bell rings and its Finlay in the ring with Curt Hawkins. They lock up and Hawkins immediately pushes Finlay into his turnbuckle and locks him up. The ref counts and at four Hawkins hits a nasty shoulder to the midsection. Hawkins then punches Finlay in the face and referee Mickie Henson admonishes him. Zach Ryder must’ve said something wrong because he got slapped hard in the chest. Hawkins comes up and asks what Finlay’s doing and he gets a heart stopping slap for his troubles. Finlay hits a rough atomic block and a hard clothesline. Finlay then turns around and gives a straight right hand to Ryder, who gets knocked off the apron! Finlay hits an elbow drop on Hawkins and Ryder tries to charge but Hornswoggle comes in and Finlay gives some assistance throwing him into Ryder’s midsection! Both men are down and father and son hit stereo banzai drops to their midsections! The referee then sends Horny back to his corner and Ryder rolls out of the ring. Finlay goes to send Hawkins into the turnbuckle but he reverses it and bashes Finlay’s head into the top turnbuckle.

Finlay goes to the outside and Hawkins tries to baseball slide him but Finlay gets the apron up! I love that move! Finlay quickly starts laying in the hard clubbing blows to the back and sends him back into the ring. Finlay goes to get in but Ryder holds his leg for a second, distracting Finlay who gets laid out with a baseball slide from Hawkins. If at first you don’t succeed then try again. Hawkins then puts Finlay in the ring and suplexes him then tags in Zach Ryder. Ryder comes in and hits a neck wrench on Finlay. Finlay gets to a knee but Ryder hits a knee to the midsection and holds Finlay in the corner and Hawkins tags himself in. They go to do a double team move where Hawkins would Irish whip Ryder into Finlay but Finlay, the cagey veteran, back body drops Ryder over the top rope! Hawkins tries to stop Finlay but Finlay moves out of the way, whips him into his own corner and hits a hard shoulder to the midsection! Finlay then sets up Hawkins for a Celtic Cross and tags in Hornswoggle, who hits a Tadpole Splash off the top rope and pins Curt Hawkins!

Winners by Pinfall: Finlay & Hornswoggle
Match Rating: * ¼

Finlay and Hornswoggle do the square dance move in the ring while Miz and Morrison come out to the stage pointing and smiling with the WWE Tag Team Championships.

Sweet! Coming up next is Edge vs. Matt Hardy!

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We still have Rey Mysterio’s final Smackdown appearance coming up.

Matt Hardy vs. Edge

This is a non-title Champion vs. Champions match for those of you keeping score. Edge comes to the ring without his World Heavyweight Championship. They show how Edge had his title stolen earlier in the night. This is going to be a great match – I can feel it.

The bell rings and they lock up quickly. Edge gets Matt Hardy in the corner and the referee tries to break it up. Edge tries to get the cheap right hand but Matt Hardy ducks it and they just look at each other. They circle around the ring, lock up and Edge wrenches the left arm. Matt Hardy reverses it into a hammerlock. Edge counters out with a drop toe hold into a front face lock. Hardy then reverses it into a hammerlock! Edge gets to a vertical base and backs Hardy into the corner and the referee starts counting for Matt to let go. Edge then hits a nasty back elbow to his face and goes to whip Hardy into the opposite turnbuckle but Hardy reverses it and hits a corner clothesline into a bulldog for a two count! Edge gets up and they have a split second of miscommunication because Hardy was supposed to duck the right hand but didn’t get low enough so it landed. They do it again, Hardy ducks and goes for the Side Effect but Edge elbows out of it and goes for the Spear but Hardy kicks him in the face! Hardy then kicks Edge in the midsection and goes for the Twist of Fate but Edge ducks out of it and we’re at a stand still! Great stuff so far and we go to commercial.

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We’re back and it doesn’t look like we’ve missed much. Edge is still cowering in the same turnbuckle and Hardy is getting pushed away by the referee. Edge charges out of the corner but Matt Hardy hits a deep arm drag with shades of Ricky “The Dragon” and locks in an arm lock. Matt Hardy is pressing down on the shoulder but Edge gets to his feet and hits a couple of rights, breaking the hold. Edge Irish whips Matt Hardy into the ropes but Edge lowers his head and Hardy kicks him in his bum left shoulder. Matt goes for a body slam but Edge slides out and Edge goes for the Edge-O-Matic but Hardy holds the ropes and Edge lands on his rear end. Edge is on his knees and Hardy hits a right and goes for a kick but Edge catches the leg and Hardy hits an enzuigiri! Edge rolls out of the ring.

Matt Hardy on the apron and comes off with a clothesline! The fans like what they’re seeing. Matt Hardy sends Edge into the ring and hits a right in the corner. Hardy then goes for the audience participatory ten punches in the corner but Edge drops him face first on the top turnbuckle at four! Both men are down now and the referee is counting. Edge is the first one up at five and clubs Hardy on the back, sending him to the second rope where Edge starts illegally choking him! What an evil man. Wow! This was unique: Edge comes off the ropes and hits a crossbody block onto Matt Hardy, who is still hung across the second rope. Nice!! Edge only got a one count for that but that was cool. Hardy is up but is met with some right hands in the corner from Edge. Edge then kicks him in the face, sending Hardy to the canvas.

Edge goes outside and brings Hardy halfway off the apron. Edge sizes him up and hits a sick kick to the chest!! Edge is now back in the ring posing and the referee begins counting Matt Hardy out! Hardy fights to his feet and gets back in at six. Edge is stomping Matt Hardy and then locks in a neck vice! Hardy tries fighting a few times but is unsuccessful. Hardy finally gets to his feet and punches and elbows out! He Irish whips Edge into the ropes and hits a back elbow to the face and then an elbow drop for a close two count. Hardy goes for the Side Effect but Edge slowly gets out of it, goes for a neck breaker but Hardy counters and fights for a backslide pin for a close two count!! Matt Hardy then hits a HUGE Side Effect for an EXTREMELY close two count!

Matt Hardy has Edge back in the corner and hits a corner clothesline and goes for the bulldog but Edge throws him into the opposite turnbuckle. Edge charges him but meets a kick to the face! Hardy is up to the second rope, screams and hits an elbow to the back of the neck! Hardy is back up to the turnbuckle and looks to be going for his patented leg drop but Edge rolls out of the way and Hardy lands on his feet and waits for Edge to turn around! Edge is turned and gets a kick to the midsection and Hardy goes for the Twist of Fate but it looks like Edge is going to counter so Hardy drops him with a DDT for the CLOSEST two count of the match!!! This is so great.

Hardy is up to the top rope and comes off for a moonsault but Edge rolls out of the way! Ouch! Now Edge looks to be setting Hardy up for a Spear but Hardy moves out of the way and Edge spears the second turnbuckle and Hardy goes for the Twist of Fate but Edge hits a backslide pin and gets his feet on the bottom rope for a close two count!! Edge can’t believe it and he’s arguing with the referee and Hardy rolls him up for another CLOSE two count!! Wow!! Hardy tries again for the Twist of Fate but Edge throws Hardy toward the referee and Hardy puts the brakes on before hitting the ref and turns around into a GIANT Spear and the World Heavyweight Champion picks up the win over Matt Hardy in a terrific match!!

Winner by Pinfall: Edge
Match Rating: ***

Still coming up: Batista vs. the debuting Umaga!

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Plugged once again is the final appearance of Rey Mysterio.

Jim Ross and Mick Foley are putting over another new addition to the Smackdown roster: Jeff Hardy. They show a great video highlighting the “ultimate thrill seeker” to the tune of “Rooftops” by Lost Prophets. This looks like the video they played when they were building Jeff up for the Royal Rumble. Jeff Hardy will be coming to Smackdown next week!

JR and Foley then run down the terrific card for Night of Champions.

Kelly Kelly’s music hits and it looks like we’ve a Six Diva Tag Match coming up. Lucky me – I have HD. Sorry to rub it in!

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We’re back and Natalya is just finishing her entrance.

Kelly Kelly, Michelle McCool & Cherry vs. Natalya Neidhart, Victoria & Maryse

The bell rings and its Michelle McCool in the ring with Maryse who is just posing for the fans. She turns around into a kick in the midsection and Michelle uses the hair to slam Maryse’s head into the canvas. Michelle wrenches the left arm and Irish whips her into the ropes and goes for a hip toss but Maryse stops it so Michelle converts it into a Russian Leg Sweep for barely a two count. Maryse tags in an unsuspecting Victoria and she’s brought in the hard way over the top rope by Undertaker’s alleged girlfriend. Michelle wrenches the left arm of Victoria, goes up to the second rope, back flips OFF the second rope and lands on her feet and hits an arm drag! Nice move! Victoria gets up into a dropkick for a one count! Front face lock from Michelle and Kelly Kelly is tagged in who jumps over Michelle McCool and hits a nice sunset flip for a two count. Kelly Kelly hits a kick to the midsection and hits a hurricanrana into a pin for a two count! Kelly Kelly is getting much better in the ring. Did I just say that?? Kelly Kelly wrenches the left arm and tags in Cherry who elbows Victoria’s left arm and wrenches it. Her poor arm. Victoria then hits two knees to the midsection and whips her into the corner. Victoria charges but gets a kick in the face and Cherry hits a bulldog for a two count! Another arm wrench but Victoria gets out of it and runs over to Natalya and hugs her. Michelle McCool was also tagged in and charges Victoria but Natalya is the legal man – err, woman – in the ring now. Mick Foley points out that Melina has a fractured heel from RAW. Damn it.

Natalya pushes Michelle and they lock up and Michelle drops Natalya! JR says business is picking up with the Divas! Michelle hits a kick to the midsection, an uppercut and sends Nattie into the ropes but she lowers her head and Natalya goes for a sunset flip but there’s too much momentum and Michelle rolls out and hits a front dropkick to the face for a one count! Michelle goes for an Irish whip but Natalya reverses it, send Michelle into the ropes but goes for what looks like a cruiserweight version of a bulldog (sorry, I forgot the technical name) but Natalya is strong enough to hang Michelle throat first over the top rope! Natalya stomps and then mounts and punches Michelle before drilling her head into Natalya’s corner. They get into a shoving match and Michelle pushes Natalya away. Realizing she’s in a bad corner Michelle elbows Victoria quickly and Natalya hits a forearm and a face plant to the canvas on Michelle McCool. We cut to see that Vickie Guerrero is watching this match intently while her wedding planner is doing what I guess people of that profession do.

Natalya stomps both legs of Michelle and looks to be locking in probably one of the toughest moves in wrestling: the surfboard stretch! Takes great strength to pull this off and Natalya is doing it and keeping one shoulder off the mat to avoid being pinned! No way! Michelle is sitting up while Natalya’s legs are still holding her up! Impressive!! Michelle goes for a Brazilian Heel Hook but Natalya is on the ropes and then clubs Michelle’s back! She then slams her by the hair on the mat and locks in a version of the rear naked choke. Michelle counters out with a sit out jawbreaker. Natalya wasn’t stunned enough though as she kicks her and tags in Victoria. She holds Michelle’s leg and Victoria kicks the other. Victoria hits a rough body slam and hits a standing moonsault for a two count. Victoria has a full nelson on and tags in Maryse who kicks the wide open McCool in the midsection. Maryse hits a body slam for a one count. Michelle is trying to crawl to her corner but Maryse is holding the leg. Oh boy… this was awkward. Michelle looks like she’s getting ready to kick Maryse off but before she goes for the thrust Maryse sells it like she already did it. To make matters worse she’s tripping over her feet and goes to hit Kelly Kelly off the apron who gingerly falls off. Pace killer.

Michelle hits a thrust kick to the midsection and tags in Cherry who comes in and clotheslines Maryse and then hits some forearms. She sends Maryse into the ropes, hits a back elbow and then hits a nice swinging neckbreaker for a two count! Cherry sends Maryse into the corner and jumps up to the second rope and is punching her but the referee has his back turned and Natalya comes over and pulls Cherry throat first on the top rope. Damn her! Michelle McCool has had enough and runs in and sliding dropkicks Natalya off the apron! Kelly Kelly comes in and spears Victoria out of the ring! Cherry is watching this and Maryse comes behind and hits a school girl for the pin! Good Diva’s match.

Winners by Pinfall: Natalya Neidhart, Victoria & Maryse
Match Rating: **

The three winners raise each others hands and we’re still left wondering who will face Natalya at Night of Champions.

Plugged once AGAIN is Rey Mysterio’s final Smackdown appearance.

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Mr. Kennedy… Kennedy will be coming to Smackdown next week!

In the ring is Domino, whose former tag partner Deuce is on RAW. Both seem to be on the way to being wished well in their future endeavors or being sent to Florida Championship Wrestling to wait ten years while creative repackages their gimmicks.

Domino vs. Vladimir Kozlov

Somehow I don’t think Domino is going to win this match.

The bell rings and Domino is mouthing off to Kozlov saying he wants to see what he’s got. They lock up and Domino gets pushed off. Another lock up and Domino gets a side headlock on Kozlov but gets sent into the ropes and leveled with a shoulder block. Domino gets up and says again “let’s see what you got Russian!” Hmm didn’t he just see?? Another lock up and Domino goes to wrench the left arm but Kozlov powers out and grabs Domino’s arm and drags him over his shoulder and locks in a wrist lock! Kozlov is just punishing Domino’s arm right now. Domino punches out but Kozlov just hooks both of Domino’s arms and head-butts his sternum twice before hitting a huge belly to belly suplex! Kozlov only gets a one count and he goes right back to the left arm. He pushes Domino against the ropes but that just means the move needs to be broken. Domino hits some forearms to the head and a knee to the gut and goes for the Irish whip but Kozlov doesn’t budge. He sends Domino into the ropes but Domino ducks a clothesline and comes off the ropes with a diving reverse elbow and Kozlov is off his feet for only the third time! Domino only gets a one count and is pressed off. Kozlov then hits a running big boot, knocking Domino down. Domino is on the apron and Kozlov goes to bring him in but Domino hits a shoulder to the midsection, a forearm and goes to the top rope for a move but Kozlov head-butts him out of the air and pins Domino easily.

Winner by Pinfall: Vladimir Kozlov
Match Rating: ½ *

No one puts a man over like Jim Ross – Ross says we may be seeing the development of one of the greatest stars ever. Kozlov is bleeding from the head because of the head-butt.

Backstage, Rey Mysterio is walking around. He runs into Hornswoggle who can’t do anything but laugh, scream, do some kicks and give Rey Mysterio his hat and implores Mysterio to do the jumping feet click. Mysterio does it and is making his way to the ring now. Hornswoggle just keeps laughing as we go to commercial.

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Mick Foley thanks Shinedown for the use of the song “Devour” for Night of Champions. Still don’t know who they are!

Rey Mysterio’s music hits and the fans are happy and he makes his way out to a Smackdown ring for the last time as he’s now a RAW Superstar. I have to say it looks a little creepy when Rey hugs all the little kids wearing his masks. That’s just me though.

Mysterio has a microphone and he asks what it is with Houston or H-Town being that’s how cool people talk. He said that six years ago he came to Smackdown with his head full of dreams and expectations and thanks to everyone’s support he was able to become a Cruiserweight Champion, a Tag Team Champion and a World Heavyweight Champion (I hate thinking about that dark period of wrestling…). He asks if that’s where his journey ends and the audience shouts NO! He says that Smackdown will always have a place in his heart along with the fans. He says he’s heading for competition – he’s heading for RAW. Mysterio invites everyone to accompany him on his journey to take down some of the greatest athletes on RAW. He invites us to help fulfill more of the dreams that he had when he first started on Smackdown. He now speaks Spanish and I failed that in high school so I have no idea what’s going on now. Oh wait… I do understand gracias. Mysterio is just going on and on with the Spanish and then his music hits and he’s done with Smackdown. Oh well.

I thought this was over. Batista’s music hits and he makes his way out smiling and carrying Edge’s World Heavyweight Championship. The two friends in real life shake hands and hug and our Main Event is next!

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They show the part of the Battle Royal from RAW where Edge and Batista cracked head with Batista getting busted open. I have a headache thinking about it!

The Samoan Bulldog (Mike Adamle) Umaga’s music hits and he’s ready to make his debut on Smackdown! He’s the man.

Batista vs. Umaga

The bell rings and these two monsters circle. Batista goes to lock up but Umaga hits a shoulder to the gut and a right hand and these two are already in a slugfest! Batista gets the upper hand and starts pummeling Umaga with rights but Umaga is unfazed and pushes Batista into the ropes and hits a back elbow, knocking Batista down. Umaga stands over Batista and goes to Banzai drop his face but Batista, of course, rolls out of the way and he’s going for a Batista Bomb but Umaga powers out with a back body drop! Batista gets up and gets a throat thrust from Umaga and he’s gagging. Umaga head-butts Batista and hits a big splash for a close two count! Batista is sitting up and gets a stiff kick to the back. He goes to pull himself up on the ropes but Umaga stops that too. Umaga has Batista up now and Batista hits two right hands but it only takes one from Umaga to knock Batista down again! Umaga bounces Batista’s head off the top turnbuckle and hits a hard Irish whip into the opposite corner. Umaga now goes to lock in that boring nerve hold.

Umaga is punishing Batista’s nerve currently and the audience is clapping to keep Batista alive. Batista gets up to his feet but Umaga head-butts the back of Batista’s head and keeps it locked in. Batista finally hits a jawbreaker to get out, punches Umaga, and goes into the ropes and Umaga hits a PICTURE PERFECT dropkick. Wow! He only got a two count though. Umaga is shouting Samoan to the referee. Somehow the referee understands and holds up the two, confirming Umaga’s question I guess. Umaga picks Batista up and head-butts him three times and then hits a GIANT head-butt to Batista, flooring him! It’s been all Umaga so far! I’m a happy guy. Umaga kicks Batista and locks in the nerve hold again! Batista is up to the vertical base and elbows to break the hold and goes for a body slam but is too weak and falls back and Umaga almost gets the dupe! Umaga has Batista up and just pushes him into the corner. Umaga is hitting some forearms to the head and Irish whips Batista into the opposite corner and meets a boot from Batista! Umaga tries again for an avalanche and Batista moves and Umaga smacks his head hard against the turnbuckle post!

Batista now hits two corner clotheslines on Umaga and goes to Irish whip him into the ropes but Umaga doesn’t budge, sends Batista into the ropes, and Batista kicks him in the face when he lowers his head! That just infuriates Umaga and he charges and runs into a HUGE spinebuster from Batista! Batista is shaking the ropes ala the Ultimate Warrior and puts his thumbs down and La Familia ambushes him, stopping the match!

Winner by Disqualification: Batista
Match Rating: **

Edge runs over and gets his World Heavyweight Championship while they beat on Batista in the corner. Batista fights out and Umaga superkicks him down! Everyone is on Batista but Umaga wants him for himself and they back off! Umaga has Batista in the corner and Edge is rooting Umaga on and Umaga hits that sick butt bump to the face in the corner! Edge is directing traffic and La Familia holds Batista down as Umaga goes to the top rope but before he can splash Batista, WWE Champion Triple H crotches the Samoan Bulldozer on the top rope and starts fighting off La Familia! Batista clotheslines Edge over the top rope and Triple H throws Chavo out! All that’s left is Hawkins and Ryder and Triple H and Batista hit their finishers at the same time – Batista Bomb on Hawkins and Pedigree on Ryder! Triple H tears his shirt off and we’ve got a brief Evolution reunion and we end Smackdown with a final shot of Batista.

Quick Match Results

Kane & Big Show defeated MVP & Mark Henry
Finlay & Hornswoggle defeated Hawkins & Ryder
World Champion Edge defeated US Champion Matt Hardy (non-title)
Natalya Neidhart, Victoria & Maryse defeated Kelly Kelly, Michelle McCool & Cherry
Vladimir Kozlov defeated Domino
Batista defeated Umaga by DQ

Bump of the Night: Edge getting speared on the floor by Batista
Match of the Night: Edge vs. Matt Hardy ***

Updated Night of Champions Card

WWE Championship
John Cena vs. Triple H (c)

World Heavyweight Championship
Batista vs. Edge (c)

ECW Championship
Mark Henry vs. Big Show vs. Kane (c)

United States Championship
Chavo Guerrero vs. Matt Hardy (c)

World Tag Team Championship
Ted DiBiase & ??? vs. Hardcore Holly & Cody Rhodes (c)

WWE Tag Team Championship
Finlay & Hornswoggle vs. Miz & Morrison (c)

Women’s Championship
Katie Lea Burchill vs. Mickie James (c)

Diva’s Championship
Natalya Neidhart vs. ???

Mike’s Thoughts

Before I say anything I’d like to apologize for not having the report up yesterday. I live in New Jersey and Smackdown was preempted for the last Subway Series at Shea Stadium ever. I’m not sure why – it’s not like it wasn’t being carried on the YES Network anyway! Seriously, Channel 11 (Smackdown’s Network) presented the game terribly. They had a guy pretty much standing in the stands with a microphone calling the action. YES Network had the better presentation so they got my viewership. The Yanks blew the Mets out anyway so Smackdown should not have been preempted – especially when it looks like it’s going to be the A show for at least a little while!

Great Smackdown tonight! I knew the brand would benefit from the draft this year after getting screwed last year. We lost Benoit and Booker T and got Torrie Wilson and The Great Khali and Michael Cole and JBL put that over like the greatest thing in the world. Come on guys…

We got so much more than we lost. We lost guys that have already done everything on the show and gained guys from RAW who had zero left to do. Seriously, what /* can Triple H do on RAW? What about Umaga? He was done. This draft is going to breathe new life into so many people’s careers and into the brand itself.

The one thing I do worry about though is when I saw Jeff Hardy was traded to Smackdown I was like “Finally, he can actually win the World Title on this show”. My spirits were crushed when I saw that Triple H was drafted later that night. Triple H is going to dominate the scene over here now. Great. I’m not going to complain though. I truly am happy about all the picks we got.

I loved the Matt Hardy vs. Edge match tonight! Matt Hardy was booked so strong – he actually looked like a credible threat to Edge. Just when Hardy’s getting good he goes to ECW. Great… Edge was awesome in this too just showing how good of a champion he truly is!

Random Thought: Anyone besides me hate that Six Flags commercial with the “SIX FLAGS - MORE FUN” guy? Go to hell whoever you are.

Jim Ross called Smackdown like a pro. He is so great and really made Smackdown more enjoyable for me to watch, recap and enjoy. He makes the brand feel like the A show for once!

Where are they going with MVP? He’s looking weak lately with the way he’s been losing matches. Whose toes did he step on??

I’m not digging Vince McMahon gets dead Part Two. I’m hoping at the very least it’ll be more RAW oriented so Hunter Golden can recap that! Sorry Hunter! Maybe I’m wrong – maybe it’ll actually be good but I just don’t know. I just don’t see the need to be putting McMahon over on television like this. If I had my way he’d just step back from the camera and let the show run on its own. McMahon does not equal ratings – wrestling equals ratings and good storylines culminating to a WRESTLING MATCH create good ratings and – who knows – maybe even a good buy rate!

Every match on Smackdown was great and everyone was on their A game tonight. A great go home show for Night of Champions and a great taste of the many great things to come in the future for Smackdown! Thank you God!!

Final Smackdown Rating: ***

As always I’d love to get some feedback from fans of the review and even those who hated it. Thank you to all who wrote to me last week with all the kind words on the review. I read everything and I write back to everyone.

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For one last time the column won’t be up next week as I’ll be away in Atlantic City for Independence Day! :-( I hope everyone enjoys the holiday and I’ll see you all on July 11th for the Edge and Vickie Guerrero wedding.

Thanks for reading!