(Delayed) Smackdown Results - 7/11/08 - in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Reported by Mike Tedesco of WrestleView.com
On Sunday, July 13, 2008 at 4:20 PM EST

WWE Smackdown
July 11, 2008
Baton Rouge, LA
Report by: Mike Tedesco of WrestleView.com

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…” The WWE video leads us into the show.

We start the show with a recap of last week’s events, including watching Edge get beat for the World Heavyweight Championship by CM Punk. We then witness the destruction of the Edge and Vickie Guerrero relationship. I knew she was a screamer! I think it’s important to note that in every backstage segment the wedding planner Alicia Fox is right in the middle in the background. Foreshadow?

Jim Ross and Mick Foley welcome us to Smackdown as Edge’s music hits and the former World Heavyweight Champion and the Number One Contender for the WWE Championship makes his way to the ring. The audience is booing and Edge’s face shows signs of stress. It’s been a tough week for the poor guy…

Edge says that last week at the end of Smackdown he called off his marriage to Vickie Guerrero. He says that he’s had a week to mull over his feelings and contemplate his thoughts and the wedding is still OFF! He says when he proposed to Vickie it was because he loved her. He cherished her and looked at them as a couple as equals. The turn came when she tried to give him orders and that doesn’t work because he’s the Rated R Superstar! He says he’s been out here as his own man and he then says that Vickie Guerrero isn’t good enough for him!

Edge says he has the opportunity to prove all his critics wrong at the Great American Bash. All those people who thought he was only World Heavyweight Champion because he had Vickie in his corner are all WRONG and he drove home the fact by jumping in circles around the ring screaming WRONG at all the fans. He reminds us that he’s won more championships than anyone currently in the industry. That’s probably true but it should be confirmed. Edge says he’s going to prove it again at the GAB when he defeats Triple H and once again becomes our WWE Champion.

At this point we hear “Excuse me” and the audience boos which can only signal one thing – Vickie Guerrero. She starts trying to speak but the great crowd in Baton Rouge cuts her off. Vickie says that if he wants to come out and say that it’s her loss that they aren’t getting married then he’s got another thing coming! She says that last week he said that he’s the real General Manager of Smackdown so let’s see how he deals with this: she’s putting him in a match to help prepare him for his WWE Championship. She flubbed her lines a bit but I got what she was saying. Tonight in a no disqualification match Edge will be taking on the World’s Largest Athlete the Big Show! She then stares at him vindictively and Edge looks like he’s had enough.

Edge says that she thinks she’s getting one over on him but she’s not because he’s not afraid of the Big Show. Edge says that by the end of Smackdown the Big Show will end up just like Vickie Guerrero – a LOSER! Owned. Vickie tells him to shut up and tells the audio people to turn his microphone off and we go to commercial.

:::Commercial Break:::

A video plays and we’ve got Maria coming to Smackdown next week!

WWE U.S. Champion Matt Hardy vs. Shelton Benjamin

Jim Ross thanks Teddy Long for loaning Matt Hardy to Smackdown. Hey, it’s not loaning if it’s a talent exchange! I guess they forgot that storyline!

This is a non-title match for those of you wondering. Jim Ross mentions other great United States Champions… like Michael Hayes! The bell rings and the two circle the ring before locking up. They struggle a bit and Matt Hardy pushes Shelton into the turnbuckle and is forced to break the hold. It’s a clean break! They lock up again but Benjamin quickly shoves Hardy into the turnbuckle and goes for a huge right hand but Hardy ducks and goes to punch the Gold Standard but he drops to his butt and begs him not to hit him. Another lock up and Matt Hardy gets Shelton into a side headlock. Benjamin tries to Irish whip Hardy off but he keeps the hold tightly locked on. Benjamin finally elbows out of it, goes for the Irish whip but its reversed and he runs into a back elbow from Hardy and Hardy follows it up with a big elbow drop for a one count. Hardy goes to pick up Benjamin but he takes Hardy’s legs out from under him and Hardy falls face first into the second turnbuckle.

Benjamin quickly capitalizes and hits a big neckbreaker on Hardy for a one count. Benjamin forearms Hardy’s head and slams the back of his head into the mat twice. He hits a few stomps, picks him up and hits a big elbow to the back of the head, presumably the neck. Hardy is crawling up the ropes but Benjamin pulls him off and locks in a neck wrench. Matt Hardy gets up and starts punching out of the hold but Benjamin gets a knee to the midsection and whips Hardy into the turnbuckle and follows it up with a Stinger Splash (no, they didn’t call it that on TV). Benjamin lines him up to do it again but Hardy sidesteps as he’s jumping and Benjamin lands on his feet on the second rope, jumps off for a move but Hardy hits a punch to the midsection and Benjamin is down to his knees. A couple of rights and a clothesline and Benjamin is down. Hardy is off the ropes again and he hits another clothesline and then sets him up for the Twist of Fate but Shelton wriggles out and goes to whip him into the turnbuckle but Hardy reverses and its Shelton in the turnbuckle. Hardy hits a clothesline and hangs on and delivers a bulldog for a two count!

Hardy is up on the top rope but the ultra fast Benjamin jumps up to the top rope for a suplex attempt but Hardy pushes him off and accidentally lands crotch first on the top turnbuckle. He then delivers his “Ahh” elbow to the back of the head and shoots a half nelson into the pin for a two count. Hardy is getting the crowd into it signaling for the Twist of Fate but Shelton pushes him off into the ropes and hits a HUGE T-Bone Suplex on Matt Hardy for a close two count! Benjamin is a little upset but he leap frogs up to the top rope and comes off into a kick to the midsection from Hardy and another Twist of Fate is attempted but Benjamin holds onto the top rope. Hardy punches Benjamin a few times out of frustration and the referee pushes him off. Hardy does it again and the referee pushes him off. Hardy goes for a third time but Benjamin quickly hits Pay Dirt (it was a little botched) and Benjamin pins the United States Champion! It’s all about the Benjamins!

Winner by Pinfall: Shelton Benjamin
Match Rating: * ¾

During the whole match Jim Ross and Mick Foley were putting Shelton Benjamin over as being frustrated and needing this match to get noticed.

Backstage in the General Manager’s Office, Vickie Guerrero is sitting in her wheelchair talking to Curt Hawkins and Zach Ryder. Hawkins says that last week Edge disrespected them. Even though he took them from nothing to big superstars (arguable) he’s abused them and her! They’ve decided that whatever measure of revenge she’d like to take on Edge is up to her. They said they’d like revenge and ask for a match against Jesse and Festus! She grants their wish and Ryder kisses up by saying all they want is her best wishes and how she deserves someone who will love and cherish her. Gag me. They just want her to know that they’ll always be there for her and Vickie starts to cry as we go to commercial.

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Tonight we’ve got Edge vs. Big Show in a No Disqualification match!

Montel Vontavious Porter is at ringside doing commentary. He says that it’s a treat for all Smackdown fans when they get to hear a sure fire Hall of Famer and a broadcasting legend talk with Jim Ross and Mick Foley! During Kennedy’s entrance he starts running down the prices of his clothes a la the Hall of Famer Ric Flair!

Kennedy is in the ring and the microphone comes down. I love this part. Kennedy introduces himself as the man who is once again single handedly changing Friday nights and someone who is more valuable than the so called MVP Mr. Kenne… and he cuts off saying he’s just checking to make sure everyone is ready and does the Mr. Kennedy shtick!

Mr. Kennedy vs. Domino

They lock up and Domino hits a quick hip toss and Kennedy just laughs him off. They lock up again and Domino locks Kennedy in a quick hammerlock! Kennedy reverses it and Domino hits a back elbow to his face! Domino comes off the ropes and into a drop toe hold from Kennedy! Mr. Kennedy mouths off to Domino before hitting a short arm clothesline! Kennedy whips Domino into the corner and hits a big clothesline in the corner so hard Kennedy’s gum came flying out of his mouth and into the crowd. Nice. Kennedy looks into the camera and goes to drive his knee into Domino’s face but he rolls out of the ring and starts walking. Kennedy goes to the outside and clubs Domino and throws him back into the ring. While Kennedy gets back into the ring Domino starts kicking and punching him. Domino hits a big body slam and hits a big leg drop for a one count. Domino then locks Kennedy in a chinlock. Kennedy elbows out, goes off the ropes and ducks Domino’s clothesline attempt, goes for a roundhouse but Domino ducks that but doesn’t duck the second beautiful roundhouse kick in the face for a close two count. I’ve never seen Kennedy do that before! Kennedy hits a clothesline and then a back elbow and then whips Domino into the turnbuckle and hits another clothesline in the corner. Domino drops down to the bottom turnbuckle and Kennedy hits a HUGE running kick to Domino’s face and MVP says that’s stolen from him. Kennedy takes Domino by the legs for a corner bomb but loses one leg but the move is still complete. Kennedy drags him out to the middle of the ring, steps on his abdomen, comes off the ropes for a Big Splash but lands on Domino’s knees! Domino is up first, goes for a clothesline but it gets ducked and Kennedy hits a quick Mic Check for the pinfall!

Winner by Pinfall: Mr. Kennedy
Match Rating: ¾ *

MVP was really great on commentary during this match, even bringing up that Kennedy and he have had a history. He put over Kennedy big, stating that he had defeated a lot of former WWE Champions but all in all MVP is better. Kennedy and MVP have a stare down and MVP tells him to turn around and Kennedy turns into a HUGE super kick from Umaga! MVP happily watches as Umaga hits the Samoan Spike on Mr. Kennedy and screams! Are Umaga and MVP in cahoots?

Backstage, Edge is with Chavo Guerrero and Bam Neely. Chavo says he can’t believe what Vickie is doing to Edge. Chavo says he doesn’t blame Edge for calling off the wedding and if he was in the same position he’d have done the same thing. Chavo claims he would never let a woman talk to him that way and says he’s going to straighten it all out. He says he’s going over to Vickie’s office and giving her a piece of his mind because he and Edge are like brothers – they’ll always be family! Edge thanks Chavo. This probably won’t work out well for Chavo.

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The official theme song of the Great American Bash is “Move to the Music” by American Bang.

Backstage, Vickie is on her cell phone talking to someone when Chavo bursts in. He says he needs to get something off his chest! He can’t believe how that jerk EDGE called off the wedding! He doesn’t believe that Edge ever loved her. He says that they have to stick together because they are Guerreros and they are family and always will be family. Vickie tells Chavo to cut the crap and tonight he’s competing against Triple H!! Chavo was playing both sides and got caught and is pissed!

John Morrison and The Miz are making their way to the ring and we see a replay from ECW with the ending of the Finlay vs. Miz match.

Miz & Morrison vs. Finlay & Hornswoggle

Finlay again came out with the blow up shillelaghs. Ridiculous!

The bell rings and its Finlay starting out this non-title tag team match against John Morrison. They circle the ring, lock up and Finlay quickly locks in a side headlock on Morrison! Morrison whips Finlay off the ropes and Finlay charges back and hits a HUGE shoulder block on Morrison! Finlay goes to whip Morrison off the ropes but it’s reversed but Morrison ducks his head and Finlay hit a STIFF forearm to the back of Morrison! Finlay brings Miz into the ring the hard way and clotheslines Morrison down and then delivers the same to Miz!

Finlay then hits a double clothesline on the WWE Tag Team Champions and tags in Hornswoggle who is already climbing up to the top rope! Finlay helps shove Horny off the top rope and Hornswoggle, yes, Hornswoggle, takes down both Morrison and Miz with a double clothesline!! Hornswoggle hits a stunner on Miz and then a stunner on Morrison, goes off the ropes and runs into a double dropkick from Miz and Morrison! That was short while it lasted… PUN INTENDED!

Finlay has his hand over his mouth while Morrison stands on top of Hornswoggle. He tags in Miz and holds Hornswoggle up and Miz punches Hornswoggle in the face! Finlay then runs in and clubs Miz and he goes out of the ring while the referee restrains Finlay! Miz stands on Hornswoggle’s head as he tags in Morrison. Morrison drags Hornswoggle to the center of the ring and taunts Hornswoggle and Finlay before getting on his knees to wrestle the tiny man. Morrison catches Horny’s kick but gets caught with the enzuigiri! Hornswoggle makes the hot tag to his father and Finlay comes in and delivers two stiff clotheslines to Morrison, goes to hit Miz but he moves but Finlay, the veteran, catches Miz and takes him by the head and bounces it off the top turnbuckle and Miz falls to the floor. Morrison charges Finlay in the corner but runs into a big kick! Finlay goes up to the second rope and hits a Missile Dropkick for a two count! Finlay whips Morrison into the ropes but Morrison kicks him in the face coming off however Morrison can’t dodge the Celtic Cross but that pinfall is broken up at the two count by Miz!

While the referee is making Miz go back to his corner, Hornswoggle tactfully slips the shillelagh to Finlay. Morrison tags Miz in and Miz runs into a HUGE shillelagh shot to the skull which the referee doesn’t see and he’s down! Finlay tags Hornswoggle in and he hits the Tadpole Splash for the pin!

Winners by Pinfall: Finlay & Hornswoggle
Match Rating: ** ¼

:::Commercial Break:::

A video of Jeff Hardy’s photo shoot for WWE Magazine plays. Apparently that’s the first computer generated cover in WWE Magazine history. Mission: Possible.

Triple H vs. Chavo Guerrero w/ Bam Neely

Something tells me Chavo isn’t going to be going over in this match. This is Triple H’s first match on Smackdown since being drafted. I wonder how much time will be wasted for entrances when both Undertaker and Triple H are on the same show. Charles Robinson is refereeing this match. I didn’t see last week’s show but no mention is made of his tremendous beat down from The Great Khali.

The bell rings for this non-title match and Triple H goes to lock up with Chavo but he immediately gets him in a hammerlock and then a side headlock! Triple H breaks out and locks in a hammerlock of his own on the third generation superstar and Chavo reverses it into another hammerlock! Triple H just shakes his head and hits a huge elbow to the face, sending Chavo down to the canvas. Chavo argues with the referee and then starts circling the ring again. They lock up again and Chavo begins wrenching the left arm of Triple H but Triple H hits a huge right hand to Chavo’s face. Hunter is now wrenching the arm of Chavo and smiling and Chavo begins to roll out of the move like only a Guerrero can. He gets out, wrenches Triple H’s arm and is leveled with a right hand which Chavo sells like crazy. Triple H locks in a hammerlock and throws Chavo’s shoulder through the second and top turnbuckles and smashes him off the metal ring post. Triple H is violently wrenching the arm now but Chavo hits a knee to the midsection and Triple H goes to the corner where Chavo begins punching Triple H over and over again. Chavo whips Triple H to the other corner, charges and meets a boot in the face! Chavo is getting in a lot more offense than I ever thought he would.

The referee has his back turned as Bam Neely pulls Triple H’s legs and Triple H lands on his face. Chavo quickly jumps all over the opportunity by clubbing and punching the WWE Champion. Charles Robinson pulls Chavo off and Neely hits an elbow to the throat on the outside! Chavo is on top of Triple H punching and then picks him up and hits a beautiful back suplex for a two count! Chavo has Triple H locked in what looks to be a variation of an abdominal stretch. I can’t believe my eyes! Triple H begins to turn so Chavo locks in a rear naked choke. Chavo has Triple H in a front face lock now that Triple H is up to his feet and Triple H begins punching Chavo in the gut. Chavo hits a knee to the midsection and brings Triple H over to the ropes and hits a nice European uppercut! Chavo goes to Irish whip The Game but its reversed and Chavo ducks the clothesline and comes off the ropes into a high knee a la the Hall of Famer Harley Race! Triple H whips Chavo now but it’s reversed, Chavo has his head down and Triple H hits the knee to the face! Triple H hits a clothesline on Chavo for a one count! Triple H whips Chavo into the ropes, ducks his head and Chavo kicks him in the face! Chavo comes off the ropes and Triple H counters into a humungous Double A Spinebuster a la, you guessed it, Arn Anderson! Triple H does his taunt to get the crowd going and Bam Neely is on the apron until Triple H punches him off! Triple H picks Chavo up but he hits a forearm to the midsection and goes for the Three Amigos but Triple H reverses out of that and hits a Pedigree for the three count!

Winner by Pinfall: Triple H
Match Rating: **

Triple H taunts to the crowd at the head of the ramp with the WWE Championship.

Still coming is Big Show versus Triple H’s opponent at GAB Edge in a No Disqualification match!

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Did you know that WWE video games have sold more than 39 million copies this decade? Wow. I’m looking forward to buying Smackdown vs. RAW 2009.

Jim Ross and Mick Foley welcome us back to Smackdown and they thank us for making them a part of their Friday night (or in my case a Saturday night). They talk about making history by wondering who will be Diva’s Champion at Great American Bash – Natalya, whose red hair repulses me, or Michelle McCool. That design for the Diva’s Championship sucks so badly. Seriously it needs to be changed. Oh and why wasn’t this on Night of Champions?

Natalya & Maryse vs. Michelle McCool & Cherry

The bell rings and its Michelle McCool starting out with Maryse. Maryse goes to lock up but McCool ducks and locks in a hammerlock and drives Maryse face first to the canvas for a one count. McCool sweeps Maryse’s feet out from under her for another one count. Michelle wrenches Maryse’s arm then hits a European uppercut while she’s against the ropes. Michelle goes to whip Maryse into the ropes but Maryse does a fancy little cartwheel and poses to the crowd and turns into a dropkick from Michelle McCool who wasn’t impressed by Maryse’s athleticism and got a one count. McCool has Maryse in a front face lock and tags in Cherry who hits a forearm to the kidneys. She takes Maryse down with a twisting arm wrench and comes off the ropes for a flipping snapmare but it’s botched because Maryse was positioned wrong. That wasn’t Cherry or Snitsky’s fault! In any event Cherry gets a one count. Maryse then runs over to Natalya and makes the tag. Natalya gets a waist lock on Cherry but Cherry gets out of it with a snapmare and comes off the ropes and hits a shoulder block for a one count. Cherry comes off the ropes for a jumping crossbody but Natalya catches her and crushes her with a body slam. Ouch. Natalya bounces Cherry’s head off the top turnbuckle and wraps her left leg around the second rope and wrenches that sucker. The referee breaks it up. Cherry kicks Natalya in the midsection and tries to shake some feeling into her leg. Another weak kick knocks Natalya down but Natalya rolls out of the way when Cherry goes for a weak knee drop. Natalya quickly wrenches the knee and then just as quickly locks in the Sharpshooter for the submission victory!

Winners by Submission: Natalya & Maryse
Match Rating: *

It would have been ¾ * but the sharpshooter victory gave it the extra ¼! After the match Natalya and Michelle McCool duked it out! Natalya hit some shoulders to the gut in the corner and then whipped her by the hair back into the corner. Natalya then kicked Michelle McCool to the outside and hit a snap suplex on the floor!! Natalya then stood by the disgusting Diva’s Championship and said “Mine!” and laughed maniacally and like a man.

:::Commercial Break:::

Just For Men presents a replay of what happened last week on Smackdown after the Jesse & Festus match with Edge beating down the catatonic Festus and then waffling him with a steel chair. I always miss the good stuff. Oh well, it’s time for Biscuits and Gravy. Festus isn’t dressed up like Uncle Sam now. Damn.

Jesse & Festus vs. Hawkins & Ryder

The belle rings and Festus goes crazy and is restrained by Jesse. Hawkins is in the ring with Jesse and Jesse just lays in the rights and lefts in a fury. They go to the corner and Jesse knocks Hawkins down! Jesse than stomps a mudhole and walks it dry. Not quite. Hawkins then hits a knee to the midsection and smashes Jesse’s face against the knee of Ryder, which is draped over the top rope. Ryder is tagged in and hits a club to the back and a head-butt. Ryder goes for a back suplex but Jesse turns and it’s almost a crossbody block. Jesse then tags in Festus who comes in and knocks Ryder down with a shoulder block, then a right hand, then a left hand. Ryder tries to crawl over but Festus grabs his leg and hits a forearm to the kidneys. Festus whips him into the ropes and hits a sidewalk slam that was so hard they both bounced afterwards. Ya gotta love the WWE ring. Ryder tries crawling over again but Festus grabs the leg and clotheslines him to the ground! Festus misses the big splash and Ryder pretends to tag in Hawkins and they both are on the apron. They strategize and they both go to the outside and begin to get counted out. The referee counts them out and the bell rings and Festus is catatonic. Brilliant.

Winners by Count Out: Jesse & Festus
Match Rating: ½ *

Even though they lose Hawkins & Ryder are smiling. They then circle the ring and Jesse knows what’s going on and he tries to protect Festus to no avail. Hawkins and Ryder then toss him through the ropes and he lands in a sickening way on the outside. That’s the Bump of the Night so far. Hawkins and Ryder then hit a double spear on Festus and both are punching and stomping the poor, defenseless Festus. On the outside Jesse rings the bell and Festus wakes off and levels them both with right hands then mounts Hawkins and lays a beating on him but Ryder takes him off. Festus then hammers Ryder and Jesse hits a Lou Thesz Press on Hawkins and Jesse & Festus are dominating. Hawkins rolls out of the ring and Festus hits a big boot on Ryder sending him over the top rope! Do you think they’ll ring the bell to calm him down during the break?

Still coming up – Edge vs. Big Show – NO DQ!

:::Commercial Break:::

Stevie Richards is in the ring as we come back from break. This poor guy has gone through so much and now he’s fodder for Vladimir Kozlov who finally has an entrance video and music. Albeit both things suck but they’re still better than Kozlov actually is in the ring.

Stevie Richards vs. Vladimir Kozlov

The bell rings and they lock up and Kozlov quickly hits a knee to the midsection and shoves Stevie off. Stevie quickly gets away from the man. Stevie locks in a side headlock but Kozlov shoves him off and destroys him with a shoulder block. Kozlov picks Stevie up who begins kicking Kozlov’s quadriceps and his chest and knocks the Russian brute down with a dropkick for a one count and he’s pressed off. Kozlov is quickly up and he kicks Stevie down violently. Kozlov picks Stevie up by the throat and tosses him to the corner and hits some shoulders to the midsection. Kozlov punches him in the face and starts choking Richards with his foot. The referee counts and the hold is broken before five. Kozlov picks Richards up by his throat, which Mick Foley points out is Richards’ weakness, just recently having throat surgery, and hits some knees to both sides of the ribcage. He then takes Big Stevie Cool down with a fireman’s carry takeover and gets on him from behind and starts hitting him with big cross face punches. Kozlov then locks in the body scissors but Richards elbows the face out of it. Richards is on his knees and starts punching Kozlov over and over again and then hits a big boot to the face but Kozlov is still on his feet! Richards kicks but is caught and knocks the big Russian down with an enzuigiri for a one count. Richards has Kozlov in the corner and slaps his chest and then stupidly walks away. Richards charges and jumps but Kozlov gets out of the way and Richards lands crotch first on the second turnbuckle. Kozlov then drags Richards off and hits a lame head-butt to the back of the head for the pinfall.

Winner by Pinfall: Vladimir Kozlov
Match Rating: ¼ *

Same match, no direction.

Backstage, Edge and Chavo Guerrero are arguing. Edge says that Chavo threw him under the bus. Hawkins and Ryder then walk in and it’s a five way argument. Edge settles everyone down and says that Vickie has been screwing with them all. Edge says that they should come to the ring for his match with Big Show and they all start arguing until Vickie Guerrero rolls in and says “Excuse me – shut up!” She says if any of them interfere they’ll be fired! She then tells Edge that he’ll be fired if he doesn’t go through with the match. She says she may not be his fiancée but she’s still his boss and she tells Edge to go out there and take his beating like a man… if he is a man!! Owned.

:::Commercial Break:::

We get the RAW Recap featuring what happened in the Main Event of RAW with Batista becoming the Number One Contender for CM Punk’s World Heavyweight Championship. It then shows Kane’s heel turn with him asking “Is he alive or dead?!”

Jim Ross commentates on the beating Kane gave his former broadcast partner Jerry “The King” Lawler and then he and Mick Foley run down the card so far for the Great American Bash.

Big Show’s music hits and he’s making his way to the ring. It’s Main Event time! While Edge is coming to the ring Vickie Guerrero gets wheeled out by Hawkins and Ryder to watch the beating

No Disqualification Match
Big Show vs. Edge

The bell sounds and Edge immediately tries to jump Big Show but is leveled with a head-butt. Big Show then brings Edge to the corner and hits a tremendous slap to the chest. Sounded painful! He then takes Edge and just tosses him across the ring. I love the Big Show. Big Show then picks Edge up for a nasty body slam as Vickie Guerrero looks on approvingly. Edge goes to the outside and Big Show follows and then Edge tries to go inside but Big Show catches him by the leg and drags him back out. Big Show then throws Edge into the barricade and Big Show takes the top off the announcer’s table. Big Show stands Edge up and slaps him across the chest again. Painful. Big Show picks Edge up over his shoulder to slam him through the announcer’s table but Edge slides off and Big Show turns into a big Spear on the outside!

:::Commercial Break:::

We’re back from the break and Vickie Guerrero is down at ringside as Edge gets a kendo stick out from under the ring. He yells at Vickie Guerrero as he goes around the ring and goes to hit Big Show but Big Show catches the shot, picks Edge up over his head in a military press but Edge stops it but hitting Show in the throat with the butt of the kendo stick! Edge starts trying to get away from Big Show by going over the barricade but Big Show catches him and just tosses him to the other side. Big Show then whips Edge into the stairs. Big Show then quiets down the crowd and just brutally chops Edge’s chest and Edge goes over the barricade. While Big Show is going over Edge rakes the eyes, climbs to the top of the barricade and hits a HUGE bulldog on the outside on the Big Show! Edge then gets up and belts Big Show over the head with the kendo stick.

Big Show goes in the ring and so does Edge and Big Show pushes Edge into the corner. Show is finally to his feet and runs into a boot to the face from Edge. Edge then jumps on Big Shows back and locks in a sleeper. Edge really has it locked in tight. Big Show is down to a knee and Big Show begins to get pumped up and counters out with a sidewalk slam! Both men are down and Big Show is the first man up. He takes Edge down with a head-butt, whips him into the corner and hits a running butt bump to the midsection. Big Show then comes off the ropes hard and hits a shoulder block. He signals for the Choke slam and goes for it but Edge counters with a DDT! Edge covers him for a two count and Big Show throws him off like a feather. Edge goes outside and grabs two chairs! Edge goes inside and Big Show punches one of the chairs back into Edge’s face sending him to the canvas. Big Show is thinking something dastardly but Edge hits a low blow, which is legal in this match. Edge then slams the chair across the Big Show’s back and Big Show is face down on the canvas. Edge puts Big Show’s face on the chair and is going for the con-chair-to but Big Show grabs Edge’s throat and hits the Show Stopper! Big Show is now setting Edge up on the chair and gets ready for a con-chair-to but Vickie starts screaming for the match to stop and the bell is rung.

Winner: No Contest
Match Rating: ** ½

Vickie Guerrero is in the ring and hugging Edge. She’s had a change of heart I suppose. Vickie is consoling Edge in the ring and saying she loves him and he smiles and he says he loves her too. He mouths the question “Will you marry me?” and she nods and says she loves him. They then lock heads after staring at each other like possessed demons. This is just some nasty garbage. It’s so nasty that Jim Ross and Mick Foley aren’t saying anything. Smackdown now goes off the air.

Quick Match Results:

Shelton Benjamin defeated US Champion Matt Hardy (non-title)
Mr. Kennedy defeated Domino
Finlay & Hornswoggle* defeated Miz* & Morrison (non-title)
Triple H defeated Chavo Guerrero w/ Bam Neely (non-title)
Natalya* & Maryse defeated Michelle McCool & Cherry* via Submission
Jesse & Festus defeated Hawkins & Ryder via Count Out
Vladimir Kozlov defeated Stevie Richards
Big Show vs. Edge went to a No Contest

Bump of the Night: Edge bulldogging Big Show on the outside
Match of the Night: Big Show vs. Edge ** ½

Updated Great American Bash Card

WWE Championship
Edge vs. Triple H (c)

World Heavyweight Championship
Batista vs. CM Punk (c)

Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Jericho

New York City Parking Lot Brawl
John Cena vs. John Bradshaw Layfield

WWE Divas Championship
Natalya vs. Michelle McCool

Mike’s Thoughts

My apologies for not having a report last week. I was away on vacation for the holiday so I was unable to see it. I hope everyone had a terrific Fourth of July!

According to the AT&T Mobile Exclusive after Smackdown went off the air Edge asked Vickie to marry him again and the wedding is next week! This is a smart idea by the WWE Television Department because tonight’s episode was supposed to be the wedding and it was preempted in a lot of markets, including my own which is one of the largest markets of New York. Next week there aren’t any preemptions in any of the major markets so it makes sense to postpone it until next week!

I know I said it before but that Diva’s Championship is absolutely disgusting. It’s a really ugly title and it should be redesigned. I’m still excited to find out who will win it. I was looking forward to the match at Night of Champions but that got dropped.

Matt Hardy and Shelton Benjamin had an OK match but it was missing something tonight. Hopefully because Shelton went over in the non-title match they’ll have another match for the title and have a better match.

Looking forward to the MVP vs. Mr. Kennedy program. Both are well known for their loudmouths and they should put on an entertaining feud, especially if Umaga is involved.

I like that they’ve been exploiting Festus’ weakness pertaining to the bell ringing. I’ve been wondering why no one has thought to ring the bell during the match and they’ve finally been doing it. Now it’s getting good.

Edge vs. Triple H is going to be great at the Bash. To my knowledge this is the first time this match has taken place and I’m really excited. Triple H has been a breath of fresh air to Smackdown (as well as others) and I’m looking forward to this program, which hopefully will continue throughout the summer.

Edge vs. Big Show was a tremendous Main Event. Even though it was a no contest it was still a great bout and it showcased not only how great Edge is as a competitor but how great the Big Show has gotten since his return. He was showcased as a dominate monster and came through that way tonight.

This Smackdown was good for what it was. The whole show was centered on the Edge and Vickie Guerrero saga which was well done. The ending was good too and I’m looking forward to the wedding.

Final Smackdown Rating: **

As always I’d love to hear some feedback from all readers, those who liked it and those who didn’t.

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See you back here next week on Friday for the wedding of Edge and Vickie Guerrero!

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