Smackdown Results - 8/15/08 - Norfolk, VA (''U.S. Title Match'', PPV)

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On Saturday, August 16, 2008 at 5:24 AM EST

WWE Smackdown
August 15, 2008
Norfolk, VA
Report by: Mike Tedesco of

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…” The WWE video leads us into the show.

They show a great video highlighting the events of last week with La Familia being taken out by supposedly the Undertaker only for it to be revealed that the culprit was actually Edge. That was an awesome segment last week – Edge has really stepped up to the plate. I’m so sold on his match at Summerslam. I also have to say that the WWE Production team does an awesome job interweaving Edge’s “You think you know me” into the video and quick shots of the Undertaker. Awesome job.

The Smackdown video now plays and it’s followed by a tremendous pyrotechnics display. Jim Ross and Tazz welcome us to the show and the bell rings as we’re set to open Smackdown up with a United States Championship match, the first championship match on Smackdown since the 4th of July!

WWE United States Championship Match
Jeff Hardy vs. Shelton Benjamin (c)

Jeff Hardy is so over. Tazz says that Virginia is said to be for lovers (I’m not sure – any Virginians know for a fact?) because the Virginia crowd loves him. They show the match Jeff Hardy and Shelton had last week and how it was ruined by MVP causing the DQ.

The bell rings and this match is set to begin. The crowd is really adding to this match. Both men just look at each other from across the ring and then slowly approach and lock up. They struggle at it for a bit and Jeff Hardy is turned into the corner and the referee gets in the middle to ensure a clean break. Benjamin backs away and Hardy comes out of the corner. They go to lock up again and Benjamin quickly locks in a side headlock and cinches it in a few times. Hardy tries to lift him up for a back suplex to break the hold but Benjamin cinches it again and Hardy cannot complete the move. Benjamin has the headlock on for a few more seconds and Hardy grabs the leg and takes him down for a pin but only gets a one count. Benjamin quickly pops up and Hardy gets him in a backslide pin for a two count! While Hardy gets up Benjamin kicks him in the gut and whips him into the ropes but lowers his head and Jeff Hardy sails over for a sunset flip that gets a two count. Benjamin pops out of the move and goes for a bridging pin but Hardy counters and gets another nice two count! Benjamin stalks Hardy real quick and goes for Pay Dirt but Hardy pushes him off and goes for a Twist of Fate but Benjamin pushes off and goes out of the ring to think about it. Good start to the match.

Benjamin stays on the outside for a few and comes in at the six count. Benjamin is dictating this pace according to Tazz as they just stare at each other for a few. The fans are chanting for Hardy and they go to lock up but Benjamin hits some knees to the chest and a big forearm to the back and really aggressively punches and kicks Hardy down. In the corner Shelton stomps a mudhole in Jeff Hardy and walks it dry. Benjamin hits a snapmare and kicks Hardy in the back. Benjamin now has Hardy in a chinlock and he has it really locked in. Jeff fights up to his feet and elbows out of the move but as he goes for the ropes Benjamin pulls him down by his face and goes for the pin but gets a two count. Benjamin grabs the hair and pulls Hardy’s back into his knee. Benjamin backs Hardy into the corner now and hits a knee to the gut. Referee Mickie Jay backs him away from Hardy.

As Benjamin approaches Hardy again, Hardy hits some right hands to the head and some kicks and bounces the Gold Standard’s head off the second turnbuckle. Hardy now hits some rights and kick as Benjamin is down in the corner and Mickie Jay backs him away. Hardy goes for his slingshot dropkick in the corner but they do the same spot from last week where Benjamin pops up and catches him on his shoulder but instead of slamming him, Jeff Hardy slides off the shoulder and pushes Benjamin away and then hits his flipping mule kick which knocks Benjamin into a seating position in the corner so Hardy can follow it up with a slingshot dropkick! Hardy covers him but Benjamin is too close to the ropes and gets his foot on at two and a half. It’s time for a commercial!

:::Commercial Break:::

Back from the break we see Benjamin briefly hold in an arm lock on Hardy but Hardy counters it by putting a grapevine on Benjamin’s neck! Benjamin almost gets pinned but lifts a shoulder off the mat at two. Benjamin pops to his knees and does a headstand into a jackknife roll up for a two count. Benjamin hits a hard right hand and a knee to the face and whips Hardy into the ropes but Hardy comes off with a running forearm to the face of Benjamin! Hardy kicks Benjamin in the gut and goes to do it again but Benjamin grabs the leg and gets Hardy on his shoulders and hits a turnbuckle powerbomb and Hardy just crumbles!! I love that move. Benjamin goes for the pin and nearly gets him with a two and a half count!

Benjamin is frustrated and gets Hardy up and in a front face lock and then hits a suplex for another two and a half count! Benjamin is really upset and locks in an inverted cloverleaf on Hardy. Hardy is screaming in pain and Benjamin releases the one leg and it’s an inverted Boston Crab but it’s not held in for long as Hardy gets the ropes to break the hold! Benjamin drags Hardy to the center of the ring and goes for a pin and gets a close two and a half count again! Benjamin looks really upset now and grabs Hardy’s hair and whips his forearm around for a crossface and then hits a knee to the face. Benjamin is now stalking Hardy and telling him to get up. Slowly but surely Hardy gets up and Benjamin gets Hardy in a torture rack position and drops him down for a Samoan Drop and AGAIN only gets a two and a half count!! Benjamin has had enough and is grounding and pounding Jeff Hardy’s face. As Hardy rolls over to get up Benjamin kicks him in the ribs!

Benjamin now goes to pick up Hardy but Hardy punches him in the gut! Hardy gets an uppercut and gets up but Benjamin grabs the hair and hits a knee and some right hands. Benjamin backs up a bit and goes for a kick but Hardy catches him and spins him around and Benjamin hits a Dragon Kick but only gets a two and a half count!!

Benjamin grabs Hardy but the hair and hits some right hands and puts Hardy in the corner. The referee backs him away and Benjamin goes to the corner directly opposite Hardy’s. Benjamin charges for a splash but Hardy gets out of the way and Benjamin stops himself before he hits! Benjamin now picks Hardy up by his hair and Hardy hits a sitout jawbreaker, knocking Benjamin down! Jim Ross calls that the North Carolina Jaw-jacker. I don’t know if it’ll catch on but that sounds good!

Both men are down and the referee begins counting the men out and Hardy gets up at six but Benjamin is grabbing on to the seat of Hardy’s pants and Hardy elbows him and hits some rights and comes off the ropes with a flying clothesline! Hardy now hits a forearm sending Benjamin flying into the corner and hits some kicks to the midsection and pulls Benjamin out. He gets Benjamin in the other corner and kicks him. Hardy whips him but Benjamin reverses it and Hardy goes to climb up the ropes but gets his foot stuck but miraculously STILL hits Whisper in the Wind from the second rope! Wow! Now Hardy is the one with the two and a half count!

Hardy now goes for the Twist of Fate but Benjamin counters and pulls Hardy’s hair to execute a backbreaker for a two and a half count!! Benjamin is beyond upset now! Benjamin whips Hardy into the ropes and goes for Pay Dirt but Hardy counters with a crossbody block!! The referee is counting the men out again and he gets to six and Hardy is up on the apron. Benjamin sees this and jumps over the top rope for a sunset flip powerbomb but Hardy counters it into a hurricanrana on the outside!!!

Hardy gets Benjamin inside the ring at four and Benjamin is crawling away from Hardy, begging him not to hit him. Hardy comes close and Benjamin kicks him in the midsection. Benjamin goes to whip Hardy into the corner but Hardy reverses it and Benjamin tries to jump over a charging Hardy and in a moment of miscommunication they both crash onto the mat and even though Benjamin landed on Hardy, Benjamin is the one down. Not sure what they were going for there. In any event Hardy goes up to the top rope for a Swanton Bomb but MVP comes through the crowd and pushes Hardy off the top rope, causing the disqualification for the second week in a row!

Winner by Disqualification: Jeff Hardy
STILL United States Champion: Shelton Benjamin
Match Rating: ** ½

The crowd is really upset as MVP gets in the ring and goes for the Player Kick on Hardy but he gets out of the way and MVP ends up kicking Shelton Benjamin in the head!! MVP now turns around and goes to clothesline Hardy but Hardy ducks and hits a Twist of Fate knocking MVP’s doo rag off!!! Hardy then goes up to the top rope and hits a Swanton Bomb on MVP!!! He then runs across the ring and climbs the top rope and hits a Swanton Bomb on Shelton Benjamin!!! Hardy now goes up the ramp.

Backstage Vickie Guerrero is looking paranoid and she hears a knock on the door and gets kind of scared. Who’s at the door – Victoria! Vickie says that she and Victoria haven’t talked in forever so Vickie tells her to talk. Victoria asks how he summer is and Vickie asks if she’s seen Edge today and she nervously looks over her shoulder. Vickie then asks if she’s seen Undertaker and Victoria says no. Victoria offers to go look for them and Vickie pleads her not to leave her alone. Vickie says that Edge and Undertaker are both here tonight. Vickie now begins to cry.

Advertised for tonight is Triple H in action!

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Tonight it will be Festus vs. Vladimir Kozlov. That’s going to bring the house down. I’m psyched!

Undertaker’s girlfriend makes her way to the ring and apparently she will be tagging with Maria. I hope they change Michelle McCool and Maria’s music. Both songs really suck. I also hope they change that hideous Diva’s Championship. Maryse now makes her way to the ring. Hey, who called it last week? I told you that it looked like Maryse broke her nose on that bulldog! She really did! Natalya is tagging with her.

Michelle McCool & Maria vs. Maryse & Natalya

The bell rings and it will be Maria and Maryse starting this one out – should be a five star classic. They go to lock up and Maryse immediately gets around and gets a waist lock on Maria and then pushes her off. Maryse does a little dance and then they lock up again and Maryse gets a heel trip on Maria and knocks her down! Maryse then climbs up the turnbuckle to taunt the crowd. Maria attempts a little trash talk and Maryse casually tags in Natalya.

Natalya locks up with Maria and Maria gets her in a headlock and then runs for the turnbuckle, climbs to the second rope and comes off for a headlock takeover on Natalya! Nicely done – touché. Maria has the headlock locked on but Natalya gravevines the neck of Maria and Maria quickly gets out. Maria hits a knee to the gut and goes to whip Natalya but Natalya whips her into the corner and Maria slowly gets up to the bottom rope and jumps and locks her legs on Natalya’s head and goes for a hurricanrana but Natalya holds her and hits a sidewalk slam! Natalya then picks Maria up and hits a nice forearm followed by a snap suplex. Natalya goes to pick Maria up but Maria gets an inside cradle for a quick two count and Natalya quickly pops up for a clothesline and gets a two count. Natalya picks Maria up and backs her into her corner and mouths off to her. Maria fights back with a kick to the ovaries and an elbow to Maryse’s face. She hits a forearm to the face of Natalya and for some reason feels compelled to crawl slowly through Natalya’s legs and misses the hot tag but finally gets it and the Diva’s Champion comes in.

Michelle McCool jumps over the top rope and hits a dropkick on Natalya and follows it up with a clothesline. She follows that up with a nice dropkick and kicks her in the gut, comes off the ropes and hits a flipping neckbreaker for a one count. You have to hand it to Michelle McCool – she really can wrestle. McCool now hits a gordbuster, driving Natalya’s face into the mat from a suplex, and Maryse pulls Natalya out of the ring. This was a little awkward as McCool jumped off the apron and assaulted Maryse for a few and pushed her into the barricade and threw Natalya back into the ring.

McCool hits two European uppercuts and whips Natalya into the corner. McCool jumps on her for a monkey flip but Maryse comes over so McCool jumps and clotheslines her on the apron! This distraction allows Natalya to take McCool down by the legs and cradle her for the pinfall!

Winners by Pinfall: Maryse & Natalya
Match Rating: *

Natalya and Maryse raise each others hands and smile as they go up the ramp. Michelle and Maria look disappointed… not that they would be happy about losing.

Still advertised – Triple H in action! JR believes this is ill advised!

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Yes! It’s time for a The Brian Kendrick match! He’s coming out with the Ving Rhames lookalike Ezekiel Jackson!

The Kendrick grabs the microphone and says that every week he comes out and does exactly what he says he’s going to do. He says he knows what we’re thinking – he’s got Ezekiel at his side. All The Kendrick has to says is “And???” The Kendrick says that just by being around him he opens up opportunities for others. He questions if there is any other superstar who brings as much to the table as he does and Ezekiel says not a single one does! The Kendrick says that’s 100% Zeke! The Kendrick says he doesn’t care about any of us and that’s how he wins because he wrestles for himself. The Kendrick says we’re looking at the future in him!

Some jobber named Scotty Goldman comes out with entrance music and a video – the works. Uh oh – he’s going to be staying on it looks like as he’s getting a promo in the corner of the screen. Goldman introduces himself and says he’s making his debut on Friday Night Smackdown and says he’s trapped in a box and then points to the live video of him and says “Hey there I am!” He then goes “Wait… two Scotty Goldman’s at the same time?! Weird…” More like lame as hell.

The Brian Kendrick w/ Ezekiel vs. Scotty Goldman

The bell rings and Scotty Goldman is doing this weird thing before trying to lock up with The Kendrick. This guy is so lame it’s not even funny. I’d have kept Colin Delaney over this tool. Oh my God – he’s doing the Charlie Brown. I’m just going to refer to him as jobber from here on out. Jobber goes to lock up with The Kendrick but The Kendrick quickly gets a hammerlock and kicks the knee out from under jobber. The Kendrick now wrenches the left arm and jobber jumps and flips out of it, crawls through the legs of The Kendrick and knocks him down for a quick one count. The Kendrick immediately responds with a jumping heel kick and knocks this guy’s teeth out. The Kendrick sizes him up and hits a nice running dropkick! The Kendrick quickly follows it up with a running kick to the ribs. The cover only gets a one count. Jobber is in one corner and The Kendrick is in the one opposite and he charges and hits a nice forearm to the face and locks in a nice Camel Clutch. The Kendrick even gets a Dragon Sleeper snuck in on that Camel Clutch – nice. The Kendrick releases the hold and hits some crossfaces. Jobber tries to fight back to no avail as he is pummeled into the corner by The Kendrick.

Charles Robinson backs The Kendrick away but The Kendrick charges anyway and eats the feet of the jobber. The Kendrick goes to punch him but jobber hits two right hands and Irish whips The Kendrick into the ropes and hits a nice flying butt bump for a two count! Ok, I’ll call him by his given ring name now… Goldman goes to powerbomb The Kendrick but The Kendrick slides out and throws Goldman face first into the second turnbuckle. The Kendrick now hits The Kendrick and this one is over. I could’ve kept calling him jobber.

Winner by Pinfall: The Brian Kendrick
Match Rating: *

Seriously, for Scotty Goldman, if he’s staying, they need to get him a new gimmick and pronto. Remember the Adam West Batman? Remember every time a punch would be thrown the screen would say “Kappow” or “Wham”? Goldman has this all over his tights. LAME!! Spell it with me – L-A-M-E! Ezekiel Jackson punishes him for daring to be seen on network television with wrestling gear like that with a running shoulder block. That should teach him.

Eve Torres is interviewing Triple H now. Eve says that in two days Triple H will be defending the WWE Championship against The Great Khali and tonight he’s having a match. We then see what happened last week between Triple H and Khali with Khali taking Triple H down with the Khali Vice Grip. Eve asks if he’s in any condition to compete tonight let alone at Summerslam. Triple H said last week Khali made a statement but he can guarantee that at Summerslam he will make a statement. Oh my God… Kenny Dykstra appears on screen (forgot he was still around) and says that he shouldn’t be worrying about Khali because tonight Triple H has him in the ring. Dykstra says this is the opportunity of a lifetime for him and he says he will take full advantage of it. Triple H says that while he admires his spirit (squad) he picked the wrong day and the wrong guy!

:::Commercial Break:::

We come back from the break with Jim Ross and Tazz. Tazz says that the WWE Universe has spoken and says that Smackdown is the place to be. Jim Ross says that besides the Olympics, Smackdown was the most watched show! Awesome!

The Great Khali’s music hits now and he comes out with Ranjin Singh. They get in the ring after what feels like hours and Khali has the microphone. All I can make out is Triple H but it sounded like Nipple H. He speaks Indian and goes on and on. Singh says that Khali says that last week we witnessed a display of power when he almost crushed Triple H’s skull. Khali also said that Triple H is great in the ring but no one is better than The Great Khali. Wow… Khali doesn’t care about his past accomplishments – he has one focus – the WWE Championship. As far as Khali is concerned he’s just another obstacle that Khali can easily step over. Singh says to listen to these words – Triple H has been in the WWE Universe for a long time and it’s time to get out while he’s still able because if he doesn’t Khali will ruin his life.

Triple H now comes out to the ring and Khali stands at ringside as Ranjin Singh joins JR and Tazz on commentary. The crowd is wild for Triple H and he and Khali are staring at each other. It does feel intense. Kenny Dykstra is making his way to the ring for the first time since probably January? Probably later. How he wasn’t released yet Shannon Moore was is beyond me.

Triple H vs. Kenny Dykstra

The bell rings and this match is underway. Kenny opens the match with a kick and a ton of punches in the corner on the WWE Champion! Triple H pushes him off and Kenny hits some shoulder thrusts in the corner! Kenny brings Triple H out and clotheslines him down! Kenny is kicking and punching The Game in the corner and the referee backs him away but Kenny goes back and whips Triple H into the other corner and Triple H bursts out of the corner with a clothesline! Triple H goes to whip Kenny into the ropes but Kenny reverses and whips the WWE Champion but he lowers his head and gets hit with a jumping face buster. Triple H comes off the ropes and clotheslines him. Triple H bounces Dykstra’s head off the top turnbuckle and whips him into the ropes and The Game lowers his head and Dykstra kicks him in the face. Dykstra comes off the ropes and runs into the Double A Spinebuster! Triple H taunts Khali after that and sets Dykstra up for the Pedigree and looks at Khali the whole time. He then pedigrees him and finishes the match!

Winner by Pinfall: Triple H
Match Rating: ¾ *

Triple H is just staring at Khali who stares back from the outside. Triple H grabs that horrible spinner title and lays it in the ring for Khali. Triple H then comes out of the ring and Singh stops him asking him if he’s out of his mind. He asks if he remembers what Khali did to him last week and Triple H responds by grabbing him by the throat and throwing him in the ring! Triple H holds Ranjin Singh and taunting to hit him if Khali doesn’t come in the ring. Khali thinks about it for a moment and then makes his way to the ring! As Khali has one leg over the top rope, Triple H runs up and starts punching him. Khali swats him off and gets in the ring! Triple H blocks a Big Chop and punches Khali. Khali pushes him off and Triple H blocks the Big Chop again and punches Khali. He gets Khali set up for the Pedigree but Khali pushes him off again and Triple H ducks the clothesline and comes off the ropes with a body splash and then clotheslines Khali over the top rope!

Coming up next is a Big Show match!

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Still to come tonight – Vladimir Kozlov vs. Festus. Seriously I cannot wait!!

Big Show is making his way out to the ring and he hugs some kid on the way to the ring and gets in. Big Show’s competition tonight? Some guy named Ryan Braddock. He comes out to entrance music and a video too. He doesn’t look as bad as Scotty Goldman.

Big Show vs. Ryan Braddock

The bell rings and this match is started. Braddock stands off against the Big Show and kicks him and punches him to start it out but it has no effect on Show. Braddock goes to whip Show and Show just throws him over the top rope and out of the ring! Show follows him outside and throws him back in the ring. Braddock comes off the ropes to hit Show but gets leveled with a shoulder block from the World’s Largest Athlete! Big Show gets some kicks from Braddock but they have no effect and he head-butts him and this guy crumples in the corner. Show picks him up and chops his chest hard! Show now has this guy in a Cobra Clutch and just tosses him with the move. Big Show has his fist clenched and he just punches this guy in the face and finishes it up!

Winner by Pinfall: The Big Show
Match Rating: ½ *

Backstage MVP is cleaning up his locker and Eve comes in for questioning but he just grabs the microphone and looks into the camera. MVP says that he tried to uplift Jeff Hardy. He said Hardy had a bad year – he got suspended and missed Wrestlemania and MVP says he knows Hardy felt sorrow about that. He says Hardy thinks he felt pain when his dog Jack died in that fire. MVP says when his foot breaks Hardy’s jaw he won’t feel a damn thing, not pain, nor sorrow or agony, until he wakes up. He says when Jeff Hardy wakes up at Summerslam people won’t be talking about how reckless Jeff Hardy is – they’ll be talking about how MVP is better than him! Good promo.

:::Commercial Break:::

Tazz thanks Jet Black Stare for “Ready to Roll” the official theme song of Summerslam. That’s actually a good song!

Backstage in Vickie’s office, Victoria is reading the WWE Magazine with Undertaker on the cover and Vickie just looks worried. Vickie says that even though what happened between Edge and Alicia, there was still a little part of her that loved him. Vickie says that after what Edge did to her last week she never wants to see him again! Vickie says he doesn’t even exist in his mind. She asks Victoria to do her a favor because it was a bad idea to come and she wants to get out. Vickie starts hyperventilating and says she needs to get out and asks Victoria to wheel her to her limo.

We now get another R-Truth video. He talks about being in jail says that when you have nothing but time you have nothing but dreams. OK.

YES!! Up next it will be Vladimir Kozlov putting his undefeated streak against Festus!

Backstage, Victoria is wheeling Vickie to her limo. Vickie shouts for the driver to open the door of the limo and you can see Edge in the limo already. He rolls down the window and says hi to her and she screams her lungs out! Edge gets out and stalks her and says if she thought he was going to have fun at Summerslam then she’s wrong because tonight they’re going to have fun! Edge says he’s going to help her back into her chair and he does. Vickie is crying. He says he’s going to ride her to Hell and spins her around a few times! This is amazing! I love Edge!!!

:::Commercial Break:::

The power of the WWE Universe (gag): More viewers watched RAW last Monday than Monday Night Football! That’s because it was preseason football and Aaron Rodgers blows.

Festus w/ Jesse vs. Vladimir Kozlov

This is going to be AWESOME! The bell rings and Festus goes nuts and immediately nails Kozlov with a kick and tons of haymakers in the corner! Festus finishes it up with a HUGE uppercut and knocks Kozlov down and he rolls out of the ring. I love this already!

As Festus is getting out of the ring Kozlov nails him in the ribs! Festus blocks a punch and nails some rights and goes for a clothesline but Kozlov gets a knee deep in his gut! Kozlov then throws Festus head first into the stairs!! Kozlov picks him up and under hooks both arms and head-butts Festus’ chest! He throws him back in the ring and hits a ground clothesline for a one count! Kozlov gets on top of Festus and delivers some big knee strikes to the head! Kozlov gets on top and hits some crossfaces and then he jumps and squats on Festus’ back! This is intense. Kozlov hits an elbow drop to his back and gets a one count. Kozlov now has Festus in a bear hug and Festus tries to club out but Kozlov hits him with a belly to belly suplex!

Kozlov has a waist lock on Festus and is taking the air away from the poor guy. Festus grabs Kozlov’s hands and breaks the hold and hits a butt bump!! Festus is now coming back with some right hands and makes the punches bigger as they go on and Kozlov pushes Festus into the ropes and Festus comes off and grabs Kozlov for a Fall Away Slam! Festus lays him out with a huge clothesline and grounds and pounds Kozlov’s face! Festus hits the Flying Biscuit for a one count. Festus whips Kozlov into the corner and charges but is hit with a boot from the Russian. Festus responds with a Bicycle Kick and knocks him back down in the corner!! Festus hits a running butt bump in the corner and comes off the ropes for a running splash but Kozlov HEAD-BUTTS him out of the air and PINS Festus!!

Winner by Pinfall: Vladimir Kozlov
Match Rating: * ¾

That was so intense. I loved it! I want more like that!

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A great video package plays hyping up the Batista vs. John Cena match at Summerslam. If they gave the match more time to build instead of just going for it all at once I’d be more interested. I remember Lesnar vs. Angle at Wrestlemania XIX and how excited I was because that was built and teased for a while. How about Triple H vs. Batista? Proper build is the key to turning great match-ups into legendary match-ups. That’s why John Cena vs. Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania XXIII wasn’t all that memorable. Don’t get me wrong, it was a great match, but it was thrown together because of Triple H’s injury. And then when we finally got Triple H vs. John Cena, the rematch, it was just thrown together for Night of Champions and because of that it’s not going to be remembered all too well. All I’m talking about is the fundamentals of a wrestling match. The build is everything. Hogan and Savage, Hogan and Warrior, Rock and Austin – shall I continue? The build is EVERYTHING! I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to go off into a rant because I am excited to see it. I just wanted to be peeing myself with anticipation and not just looking forward to it.

We now get a run down of the Summerslam card and it is pretty solid. I’m looking forward to that Pay Per View and even though it’s my younger brother’s birthday that day I’m leaving the party early to get a good seat at Hooters. I’m a jerk and a bad brother, I know, but I love wrestling!

Backstage Edge is still wheeling Vickie around crazily saying it’s a good ride. This is hilarious. Edge is so AWESOME right now. This is amazing! He keeps messing with her chair and she keeps screaming. Edge says the ride isn’t over and it’ll end when he says it ends. He says the end of the ride is taking her to the ring! He says buckle up and jogs off with her!!

:::Commercial Break:::

We get an HBK retirement teaser. It looks like Shawn has lost his smile again.

Edge’s music hits and he makes his way out to the ring looking all crazy and wheeling his wife Vickie Guerrero down. If she doesn’t divorce him now then she’s just a weakling. Edge is in a trance like state wheeling her down the ramp. He stops and lifts the chair forward and dumps her out! He’s my hero now!

Edge is just locked in this insane trance as he gets a microphone and plops down on the outside next to her. He says they’re going through a rough patch and asks her to confirm that. She’s crying in fear so I’d say yes! Edge says every marriage does! Edge tells her to calm down and that they said vows. For better or for worse were the vows they took. Edge says he knows what she’s going to say – lines have been crossed and some unforgivable sins have happened but that’s another conversation for another time. Edge says it hasn’t all been bad and to look past right now – there have been good times. Edge says he wants everyone in Norfolk to see the good times and he pulls her towards him and puts his arm around her tight. He says it’s time for a trip down memory lane.

A video plays showing Edge asking for forgiveness from Vickie and the Hell in a Cell match being made. It then shows the Cutting Edge segment with Edge and Mick Foley and Edge destroying Foley. That was awesome. Foley is awesome. Hopefully he comes back. Then Edge attacks Chavo Guerrero and La Familia last week and Edge finishes his transition. Just an awesome past couple of weeks for Edge!

Edge says it’s time to relax and he forces Vickie to lay on the ground with him. They’re not in the ring mind you so this is extra awesome. Edge asks if she remembers doing that to the Undertaker. Edge says he wants Vickie to apologize to the Undertaker! He wants her to feel sorry for doing that to the Undertaker. He asks her to do it for him. He gets all crazy and puts the microphone in her face and she says sorry and he tells her to say it LOUDER so she screams that she’s sorry!! This is just insane!!!

Edge says she’s pathetic! He says that Vickie caused all this! The pain and suffering in the family is because of her. Mick Foley and Undertaker in Hell in a Cell is because of her. He asks Vickie if she wants him to burn in Hell then Mission Accomplished because he is. He’s burning in Hell and it feels like his brain is burning from the inside out. Edge says he promises her the Undertaker will burn in Hell with him!

Edge says the Undertaker there is no reason to wait and they should do this right now! Edge begs Undertaker and says he and Vickie are ready! Edge says he’s going to show Undertaker the purest form of Hell he’s ever been in. He now gets on top of Vickie and says they said other vows besides for better or for worse and they can really apply to Hell in a Cell! Edge vs. Undertaker – Till Death Do Us Part!! Edge now gets locked into a trance on top of Vickie as she cries and the audience chants for Taker as Smackdown concludes with this AMAZING segment!

Quick Match Results

US Title: Jeff Hardy defeated Shelton Benjamin by DQ; Benjamin retains
Maryse & Natalya* defeated Michelle McCool* & Maria
The Brian Kendrick defeated Scotty Goldman
Triple H defeated Kenny Dykstra (non-title)
Big Show defeated Ryan Braddock
Vladimir Kozlov defeated Festus

Bump of the Night: Festus being thrown head first into the steps
Match of the Night: Shelton Benjamin vs. Jeff Hardy ** ½

Mike’s Thoughts

A special shout out goes to Elizabeth Mayes for e-mailing me and telling me what the writing means on Triple H’s shirt. Apparently “Oderint Dum Metuant” means “Let them hate so long as they fear”. It is a favorite saying of the Roman Emperor Caligula who was tyrannical and ruthless (you history buffs should know that!). His opponents were ones that tended to disappear in the night without a trace. Thanks Elizabeth!

Before I go on with my thoughts I’d like you all to e-mail me your match picks for Summerslam. Whoever gets the most picks right will get a shout out next week in the recap. Also include your thoughts on my rating system and how it can be improved and better ways to grade matches. That’s only if you want to!

My friend John hit the nail right on the head. I was trying to figure out who Edge has been acting like and he’s really taking his cue from Heath Ledger’s Joker! Edge is really doing a great job and I just love this new edge to his character. It’s been amazing thus far and really added in some intrigue in this rivalry that was going stale since before the TLC match (which was good, by the way). Edge is AMAZING and he’s going to make Hell in a Cell even more amazing as if it needs help. Easily the best build I’ve seen in a long time. I love it!

Is Shelton Benjamin going to be added to the MVP vs. Jeff Hardy match at Summerslam? If so that’d be cool. He and Hardy have been having some tremendous matches these past two weeks! MVP has been terrific as well!

For the amount of time they gave to build up Khali and Triple H they’ve done a good job. There isn’t much you can do with Khali but they did just enough to maybe create some interest in their match at Summerslam.

Anyone been watching the Olympics? How amazing is Michael Phelps? Seriously I almost had a heart attack his race was so close tonight. My girlfriend, Marianna, nearly passed out! Michael Phelps is gold.

Speaking of Marianna, she really let me have it just now for that rant I put in about John Cena vs. Batista. She says people are impatient today with the long buildups and would rather have a short buildup and an amazing match now with the opportunity for future matches. With ratings the way they are right now this makes sense. This is a great argument and I love her. I’m sticking with my old school mentality and standing by what I said but I can see where other people are coming from.

Oh my God – I just read that that jobber Scotty Goldman, yes the one with the horrible promo and ring gear that says “Boom, Boom”, is actually Colt Cabana. What did he do wrong to get saddled with such a crap gimmick?? Please develop him more!!

Festus vs. Vladimir Kozlov was amazing and gets Honorable Mention for Match of the Night. That was just awesome. So physical and intense – easily the best match both men have been in since debuting.

Seriously I really don’t think I can stand having the term WWE Universe shoved down my throat anymore. I’m gagging on the ridiculousness and lameness of the name. Stop it… stop it RIGHT NOW!

Awesome Smackdown tonight with great segments and some good matches. The segments really shined in this one again but the matches weren’t terrible!

Final Smackdown Rating: ***

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