Smackdown Results - 9/26/08 - Columbus, OH

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On Saturday, September 27, 2008 at 4:14 AM EST

WWE Smackdown
September 26, 2008
Columbus, OH
Report by: Mike Tedesco of

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…” The WWE video leads us into the show.

We get a little highlight package of the destruction Vladimir Kozlov has caused in the past two weeks. It especially highlighted how Kozlov destroyed Jeff Hardy with a huge kick to the chest and then the beat down of Triple H to end last week’s show. I wonder where they’re going with Kozlov?

The Smackdown video now plays and we open up in the arena with a great fireworks display. This article is not in HD but the broadcast is being presented in it and we’re coming from Columbus, Ohio. Jim Ross and Tazz welcome us to the show.

We go backstage to Vickie Guerrero asking a pacing Chavo Guerrero what the Undertaker told him. Chavo mentioned that Taker had his hands around his neck and described what that felt like, including an inability to breathe. Chavo thought he was going to pass out but Undertaker let go because he wanted Chavo to be a messenger. Taker wanted Chavo to tell Vickie that tonight he’s coming for Vickie! Vickie can’t believe it and Chavo says he’s got to go but Vickie quickly stops him. Vickie says before Undertaker gets her, he’s going to get Chavo! She says the one man who can fix this is Big Show and she tells Chavo to go get him. He does – owned.

Jeff Hardy now walks in. Vickie asks if she can help him. Jeff says he doesn’t care if it’s sooner or later – he needs a match with Vladimir Kozlov! Vickie says she’s going to tell him the same thing she told Triple H earlier today – he needs to concentrate on his Championship match at No Mercy and his tag team match tonight! Vickie then banishes him from her office. Jeff turns into the Big Show who just looks down on him. Jeff leaves and Big Show puts his arm around Vickie as she cuddles into him (gross) and Chavo just keeps pacing nervously.

Our opening bout will be the big tag team match!

Triple H & Jeff Hardy vs. MVP & The Brian Kendrick

Apparently MVP was featured in an interview in USA Today! That’s always good!

The fans are electric and chanting for Hardy. The bell rings and Jeff Hardy will start this bout out against MVP. They lock up and MVP wrenches Hardy’s arm immediately. Hardy twists out and wrenches MVP’s arm and punches it. Hardy wrenches again and tags in the WWE Champion who comes in with a right hand on MVP! Triple H wrenches MVP’s arm three times and tags back in the Charismatic Enigma! Hardy goes up to the top rope and comes off with a double axe handle on the left arm that Triple H was holding!

Hardy hits a snapmare and a lateral press for a one count. Hardy wrenches the left arm of MVP again as MVP reaches for his own partner. MVP gets out of it with a huge knee to the midsection and a big kick to the ribs. MVP now tags in The Brian Kendrick!

The Kendrick comes in and hits a real stiff kick in the face on Jeff Hardy. The Kendrick hits a right hand but Hardy bounces back with a couple and gets him in a headlock! The Kendrick backs Hardy back into the ropes and whips him off. Hardy levels him with a shoulder block and goes into the ropes, goes over The Kendrick, comes off the ropes and The Kendrick leap frogs him and comes off the ropes again into a hip toss attempt but Hardy counters into a hip toss of his own! The Kendrick is up and catches a kick from Jeff Hardy but Hardy hits the mule kick, sending The Kendrick into the corner sitting down. Hardy goes for the slingshot corner dropkick but The Kendrick rolls out of the ring and Hardy lands on his feet.

Hardy rolls out of the ring following but The Kendrick gets behind Ezekiel Jackson and Hardy just stares back. The Kendrick gets back in the ring and kicks Hardy in the face when he tries to get back in. The Kendrick kicks him in the head again and Hardy stumbles into the corner. The Kendrick drags Hardy into his corner and bounces his head off the top turnbuckle. The Kendrick kicks Hardy in the ribs and taunts to the crowd! The Kendrick turns around and punches Hardy and taunts again!

MVP is upset that he wasn’t tagged so he makes the blind tag and they get into a little altercation but MVP tells him to do as he says and he whips The Brian Kendrick into Hardy but Hardy moves out of the way and The Kendrick crashes into the turnbuckle! Jeff Hardy takes MVP down with a forceful clothesline and tags in Triple H! Hardy hits a double leg sweep and does the double leg drop to the groin! Triple H comes off the ropes and clotheslines MVP over the top rope! The Kendrick rushes them and they back body drop him out of the ring and on to MVP! That was some good stuff as we go to a commercial break!

:::Commercial Break:::

We come back from the break with MVP punching Triple H into his corner and The Brian Kendrick blind tagging in. The Kendrick hits some punches on the WWE Champion until Helmsley counters and hits some right hands of his own! Triple H then comes off the ropes into a beautiful dropkick by The Brian Kendrick! This gets a two count.

During the break Ezekiel Jackson stared down Triple H on the outside and The Brian Kendrick blindsides The Game with a baseball slide and Triple H’s head bounced off the barricade wall!

The Brian Kendrick now has Triple H in a modified Crossface submission. The Champion struggles for a bit as the audience gets behind him and he gets up to his feet but The Kendrick controls him and gets him in the corner. The Kendrick goes to whip him into the other corner but Triple H counters that and whips The Kendrick into the corner. When The Kendrick gets there he jumps to the second rope and goes for a blind crossbody block but no one is there for him and he eats the canvas!

Triple H now crawls over to Jeff Hardy, tags him in and the crowd goes nuts! The Kendrick dodges a clothesline from Hardy and Hardy knocks MVP off the apron! Jeff Hardy goes to deal with The Kendrick but he lands a kick to Hardy’s midsection! The Kendrick goes into the ropes and Hardy floors him with his modified spinning neckbreaker! Hardy now hits the Inverted Falcon’s Arrow and asks for the crowds support and I believe he has it!

Hardy now hits the Twist of Fate on The Kendrick and then quickly stops MVP from coming in and interfering! Hardy goes up to the top rope for a Swanton Bomb but Ezekiel pulls his leg and Hardy lands crotch first on the top turnbuckle and then crashes to the mat! Triple H goes over to the referee to argue this but this prevented the ref from seeing anything happen. The Kendrick covers and gets a two and a half count!

The Kendrick tags in MVP and he quickly starts in with shooting a half nelson and laying some knees into Hardy’s midsection. MVP whips Hardy into the corner and Hardy crashes in chest first before stumbling out backwards and being pushed into the ropes only to get a hard forearm to the back. MVP hits a snapmare and a big knee drop to the chest and covers for a CLOSE two and a half count! MVP is upset and tags in The Brian Kendrick.

MVP lays in some stomps while The Brian Kendrick goes to the top rope and comes off with a double stomp to Hardy’s chest!! The Kendrick is not sizing up Hardy while the crowd is chanting wildly for Hardy! The Kendrick now hits a low dropkick to the face and covers but gets another CLOSE two and three-fourths count! The Kendrick is pissed and now he locks in a textbook Camel Clutch! The Kendrick tries pulling back on the neck a few times but for the most part keeps the Camel Clutch locked in traditionally.

While the hold is locked in he tags in MVP who comes in with an elbow to Hardy’s head and locks in a sitting abdominal stretch! MVP has the hold locked in tight while punching the ribs a few times. Hardy gets to his feet and is wildly struggling to get to Triple H but MVP knees him in the midsection and knocks the WWE Champion off the apron! Triple H now comes in the ring but is stopped by the referee while MVP tags in The Kendrick who vaults over the top rope and stomps on Hardy’s chest. The referee of course doesn’t do his job to verify if The Kendrick was legally tagged in.

The Kendrick hits a low dropkick to the face and gets a two count done on him! Hardy goes for Triple H out of no where but The Kendrick grabs him by the leg! They’re now slugging it out but The Kendrick gets the upper hand with a knee to the midsection and a whip into the corner that turns into a Whisper in the Wind!! Both men are down and their partners are going crazy!!

Both men leap and make tags to their partners and Triple H comes in and knocks MVP down with a flying knee!! MVP pops up quickly and gets some right hands by Triple H!! Triple H goes for an Irish whip but MVP reverses and whips him but ducks his head and gets the jumping face buster from Triple H who goes back into the ropes and takes MVP’s head off with a diving clothesline! A cover gets Triple H a two count!

Triple H whips MVP into the ropes but MVP holds on and then kicks Triple H in the face! MVP goes into the ropes and Triple H gets him with a Double A Spinebuster!! The Kendrick now rushes in and gets a HUGE Batista like spinebuster and Triple H taunts the crowd now!!

Triple H sets MVP up for a Pedigree but The Kendrick hits him with a jumping calf kick!! Hardy now runs in and clotheslines The Kendrick over the top rope and the force of it takes Hardy over with him!! MVP now tries to hit Triple H with the Drive By Kick but Triple H lifts his head and hits MVP with a Pedigree for the win!!

Winners by Pinfall: Triple H & Jeff Hardy
Match Rating: ** ½

Jeff Hardy gets the WWE Championship from the timekeeper’s table and gives it to Triple H and raises their hands!! JR speculates if this is symbolic of Jeff Hardy trying to say “This is the last time I’ll be handing you this title”. Ah, perhaps Mr. Ross. The two men taunt for the crowd now.

We get a video package of the man Vladimir Kozlov is facing tonight – The Great Khali!! Your usual Khali video – I think we already saw this during the build up to Summerslam. Like I said before, tonight it’ll be Vladimir Kozlov vs. The Great Khali!!

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We come back and JR and Tazz would like to thank the CW Network for allowing Smackdown to be broadcast for the past three years and they name some producers and big wigs of the studio. Tazz says it’s been a great run but they’re moving on to another network and they wish the CW Network all the best in the future. They’re going to need it – what have they really got on this station?

We get a WWE 24/7 Classics On Demand video from a WWE House Show in 1992 featuring Hulk Hogan and “Rowdy” Roddy Piper taking on Sid Vicious and the incomparable “Nature Boy” Ric Flair. Of course Flair had to job to Hogan.

Shelton Benjamin comes out and he is NOT dressed to compete! Are we going to be treated to another charismatic promo from the Gold Standard?? I’m just kidding – Benjamin has been great lately.

Benjamin says he stands here the United States Champion and Smackdown’s Gold Standard. He asks us if we know why he’s called the Gold Standard. I’m too much a simpleton to know so thankfully he said it’s because he sets a new standard of excellence here in WWE! His athletic ability, his attitude, his lifestyle and the belt on his shoulder are as solid as it gets.

Benjamin then confesses that there are some on the roster who live by no standards at all. Namely, R-Truth! Benjamin says R-Truth has no business being in a WWE environment. Benjamin says when he sees him interacting with the fans by dancing and singing he thinks of it as a joke! He says it’s all a bunch of smoke and mirrors to hide the fact that R-Truth is nothing but a street urchin! I love that word. Seriously.

Benjamin says what kills him is that the fans are all so blind that every time he comes into the arena they just chant along with R-Truth “What’s Up?!” and then proceeds to do a great impression of it. Benjamin says he’s going to tell us what’s up – apparently nothing as R-Truth comes out to interrupt. He’s coming through the crowd rapping and you can tell it’s eating Shelton Benjamin up. That’s what’s up.

They’re now in the ring and Benjamin is staring him down in disgust. R-Truth gets in his face and says “What’s up?!” Benjamin is so disgusted that he just drops his microphone and leaves the ring. R-Truth begins rapping again and taunting Benjamin with the “What’s up” line.

Next week it’ll be the US Champion Shelton Benjamin taking on the Intercontinental Champion Santino Marella as part of the All Star Kick Off of Smackdown!

Backstage, Maria and Brie Bella are teaming up and it’ll be next!

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JR and Tazz thank Metallica for the use of “All Nightmare Long” from their new album “Death Magnetic”. I have to get this album. Apparently JR is a huge fan of Metallica. Even Tazz chuckled at that one!

Maria & Brie Bella vs. Natalya & Victoria

Is there any chance of getting Natalya in a program more relevant than this?

The bell rings and Maria is in the ring against Victoria. The two women lock up and Victoria wrenches the left arm before throwing her down on the mat. Victoria goes to pick her up but Maria kicks her in the temple! Maria hits some forearms but it’s not enough as Victoria quickly kicks her in the midsection and delivers a forearm to the back, sending Maria to her knees! Victoria locks Maria in the tried and true Full Nelson and she has it locked in tight.

Uh oh… We had a little fudging up of the moves now. Maria goes to counter out and Victoria delivers a snapmare but I suppose Maria was supposed to land on her feet. She didn’t quite do that. Anyway, Victoria, the quick thinker, has Maria duck a clothesline and roll her up for a two count. Thank you, agents.

Maria hits a knee to the midsection and gets a front face lock on Victoria as Brie Bella tags in and slingshots over the top rope and into a sunset flip for a two count. Brie Bella now hits her leaping snapmare and waits for Victoria to get up. When she does Bella goes for something but Victoria just lifts her up and carries her to her corner where she tags in Nattie Neidhart!

Natalya quickly goes behind and gets a waist lock takedown and Bella’s nose definitely bounced off the mat. That looked painful. The waist lock is still locked on and the crowd is getting behind Bella. Bella finally makes it to her feet and gets a waist lock on Natalya but Natalya powers out of it and pie faces her a few times! Bella goes for a huge punch out of frustration but Natalya just stops it with one hand, lifts her up and slams her into the corner where she hits some forearms before Charles Robinson forces her to make the break.

Bella comes out of the corner and slaps Natalya HARD in the face! Well that just angers Natalya as she kicks her in the midsection and delivers a picture perfect snap suplex before mounting her for the ground and pound. This gets Natalya a two count! Natalya goes for a whip but Bella grapevines the arm and delivers a one leg monkey flip and floats over for a one count. Bella gets up and Natalya goes for a clothesline but Bella slides through her legs but gets caught by the hair! Natalya powers her up by her hair and hits a powerful body slam! Natalya now picks her up and slaps Bella in the face!

Natalya now hits some forearms on Bella before bouncing her face off Victoria’s boot and tagging her in. Natalya holds Bella’s arms as Victoria kicks her in the midsection. Victoria now locks in the Full Nelson again! Victoria slams Bella down to the mat and kicks her a few times. Victoria now knocks Maria off the apron and covers Bella for a two count! Victoria now grabs the hair and pulls her up in a modified reverse neck choke lift. Victoria breaks the illegal hold at four. Victoria now whips Bella into the corner and Bella tries to press her legs on Victoria’s neck for a head scissors takedown but Victoria just throws her legs over the top rope and Bella crashes to the outside! Nice bump, Bella.

Victoria now rolls out of the ring but Bella goes under the ring and you can still see her legs on the one side as she comes out at a different angle on the other side. The announcers are astonished and can’t figure out what’s going on. I can. I see it. Bella is now “refreshed” and is hitting some nice, crisp forearms on Victoria in the ring. Bella kicks Victoria in the midsection and hits an X-Factor (sitout face buster) for a two count. Sean Waltman, you have just been disrespected.

Bella now tags in Maria and she goes up to the top rope and comes off with a crossbody! Bella dropkicks Natalya and Maria gets the three count!

Winners by Pinfall: Maria & Brie Bella
Match Rating: * ¾

Maria and Brie Bella hug as Victoria and Natalya go up the ramp confused as to what happened.

We now get a video package of Vladimir Kozlov. Some of it is highlighted with commentary from Michael Cole. Those were dark days for Smackdown. I definitely just saw Colin Delaney in that video package. I miss that guy.

Well, up next is Kozlov vs. Khali. Only one can survive.

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Another Saw is coming out on October 24th. Saw V. Wow. How many more twists and turns can they present?

Did you know that this past week RAW aired its 800th show – continuing its reign as the longest running entertainment program in history? RAW has aired more episodes than ER, Cheers (love that show), and Seinfeld combined. That’s one fact I can actually believe.

Vladimir Kozlov vs. The Great Khali

They’re in the ring in a fighting stance. This is going to be a hard hitting, bowling shoe ugly match but strangely I’m looking forward to it.

The bell rings and Kozlov circles Khali before rushing him and getting a waist lock applied. Khali tries to use his power to break Kozlov’s grip but he can’t so he elbows Kozlov in the face! Kozlov isn’t fazed as Khali goes to lock up and Kozlov goes right for the leg to take the big man down. Khali clubs the back a few times and goes for the Khali Bomb but Kozlov punches and kicks out of it before under hooking both of the Punjabi Nightmare’s arms and head-butting his chest! Kozlov goes into the ropes and runs into a Big Chop from Khali that rocks Kozlov and sends him to his knees! Khali now kicks Kozlov in the head and he falls through the middle ropes!

Khali defiantly raises his arms and then goes to pick Kozlov up by the head on the outside but Kozlov grabs Khali’s feet and drags him to the outside. Khali head-butts Kozlov and he’s stunned momentarily. Khali goes to clothesline Kozlov against the ring post but of course he moves and Kozlov clotheslines the post. Doesn’t Khali know that never works? Has he ever watched wrestling before? That would explain a lot. Khali actually bumped for that.

Kozlov is in the ring now and Triple H’s music hits!! Triple H is walking down to the ring with a serious look on his face. He removes his shirt and gets in the ring and Kozlov gets out! Triple H is trying to goad Kozlov in but it’s not really working.

Kozlov cautiously gets up to the apron and Khali is now getting in behind Triple H! Triple H hits Khali coming in and starts punching Kozlov but turns into a Big Chop from Khali and a Thrust Kick from Kozlov!

Kozlov and Khali are now putting the boots into Triple H until Jeff Hardy runs down to make the save! Hardy attacks Kozlov and turns into a Big Chop from Khali, who is still selling his arm injury! Khali and Kozlov are now laying the boots into Hardy and Triple H goes under the ring and he doesn’t pull out Brie Bella! It’s his good old trusty sidekick the Sledgehammer!

Kozlov immediately bails from the ring but Khali didn’t see what Triple H got until it’s too late. Khali tries to beg Triple H off but it’s to no avail as Triple H hits him in the gut twice with the Sledgehammer and Khali goes down!! Triple H goes for the final swing to the head but Khali rolls out of the ring. Good thing because that would have been murder charges.

Kozlov is staring the two men down from the outside, shaking his head and frowning. I guess he wants nothing of the Double-Double-E Champion or his Number One Contender. Kozlov teases getting in the ring but backs away and we’re going to commercial.

Winner: No Contest
Match Rating: ½ *

Don’t forget, October 2nd we start on MyNetwork with Wrestlemania 24 and October 3rd Smackdown debuts! Make sure you watch it and if you don’t come here and read about it!

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We’re outside the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio and we’re joined by some of the Ohio State Buckeyes in the front row!

We now get a run down of the great No Mercy card. I’m looking forward to the two title matches – WWE and World Heavyweight Championships. The ECW Title Match and Batista vs. JBL – not so much. Undertaker vs. Big Show should be good as well if Taker’s knees are good.

Backstage, Chavo is talking with Vickie and Big Show. Chavo says maybe they aren’t worried about Undertaker’s promise but if he were them he would be nervous. Chavo says he means no disrespect but he has a funny feeling that Undertaker is going to get Vickie tonight. Big Show stands up and asks if Chavo knows that his last name is Guerrero. Chavo knows this and Big Show says that Chavo is making him think he’s going to abandon Vickie and the family! Big Show asks if he saw what he did to the Undertaker – he knocked him out. Big Show says last week he showed it over and over again but he’ll show it again and he does. I hate that video.

Big Show asks if Chavo saw it and he did. Big Show says Undertaker might get to Chavo but there’s no way he’s going to get to Vickie because if he tries, Big Show will take him out of action! Vickie says that Chavo has a match and he had no clue! Vickie says he should go warm up because it’s in a few minutes!

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Chavo Guerrero comes out and he’s trying to stay pumped up but he keeps looking over his shoulder. All of a sudden, Gregory Helms pops up in a bubble and wonders why Chavo isn’t at home since the Undertaker if after him! Good point, sir.

Chavo Guerrero vs. Jimmy Wang Yang

The bell rings and they circle the ring a bit as JR and Tazz wonder where Bam Neely is and if there’s been a falling out between he and Chavo Guerrero. They lock up and Yang pushes Guerrero into the ropes. Yang breaks the hold. Yang then dropkicks Chavo and he goes through the second and third rope to the outside!

Chavo goes back into the barricade and runs into the Buckeyes. This distracts Chavo and he turns into an over the top rope Plancha from Yang! Yang rolls him into the ring and goes to the top rope. Yang jumps and Chavo hits him with a dropkick to the gut in midair! Guerrero is now laying in the kicks, picks him up and hits a picture perfect European Uppercut! Chavo hits a body slam and a hard kick to the back. Chavo bounces Yang’s head off the turnbuckle and punches a few times before the referee backs him away from the corner.

Guerrero kicks, hits a snapmare and locks in an arm bar. Chavo has it locked in and is looking over his shoulder for Undertaker. The story of this match is his head just isn’t into this match. Yang hits two forearms and an enzuigiri on Guerrero and the match is back on Yang’s side! Don’t worry, it doesn’t last long and Guerrero pulls Yang through the ropes and he crashes to the outside! Chavo kicks him in the ribs on the outside and throws him back in the ring.

Guerrero kicks him in the back again and locks him back in that arm bar. Yang is fighting up to his feet and gets there and pushes Chavo into the corner. Yang now hits some hits and hits a high jumping kick to the back of the head! Yang only gets a one count. Yang hits a forearm and goes to whip Chavo into the corner but Chavo whips him instead. Chavo charges and gets a back elbow to the face from Yang, followed by a flying super kick to the face! This only gets Yang a one because the cover was too intense and Chavo was able to slide his shoulder out.

Yang whips Chavo into the corner and hits a corner spinning wheel kick! Yang is now on the top rope and hits a crossbody block for a two and a half count! Yang back suplexes Chavo and yells for his Yang Time finisher. That was a bit embarrassing – no one yelled back, not even any fake cheers for Yang.

Anyway, he goes for Yang Time and Chavo pushes him and Yang crotches himself on the top turnbuckle! Guerrero hits some forearms to the back before climbing up and going for a Super Back Drop off the top rope. Yang elbows Chavo off, goes for Yang Time but Guerrero moves but he lands on his feet and turns into the Three Amigos from Chavo Guerrero! However, on the third amigo, Yang counters into a small package for a two and a half count!

Yang goes for a roundhouse kick but Chavo ducks and kills Yang with a Rolling Liger Kick for the win!

Winner by Pinfall: Chavo Guerrero
Match Rating: * ¾

Chavo Guerrero celebrates his win and then the lights go out! They come back on soon and Guerrero is flipping out and looking all around!

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Mr. Perfect is perfect on the DVD charts as its number one right now. I got to get this one. Is it really good??

The WWE Tag Team Championships are now on the line!

WWE Tag Team Championships
Carlito & Primo Colon vs. Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins (c)

We get a rundown of last weeks events on Carlito’s Cabana ending with Jesse and Festus coming out. Where’ve they been tonight?

I’m not digging Carlito in these long pants. They’re bright orange. The bell rings and Primo is starting this match against Hawkins. Primo rolls around the ring and gets in Hawkins’s face. They lock up and Hawkins pushes Primo into the ropes and hits a knee to the midsection. Hawkins whips Primo into the ropes but Primo slides through his legs and hits a deep arm drag! Primo then hits a nice flying head scissors takedown and tags in his older brother Carlito!

Primo holds Hawkins and Carlito delivers a clubbing forearm to the back. Carlito punches Hawkins, then whips him into the ropes and hits a nice dropkick for a two count!

Carlito body slams Hawkins and then tags in Primo. They do a nice double team move where Primo does a head scissors on Carlito and Carlito slams him on top of Hawkins. That gets a two count. Primo now wrenches the arm but gets caught with a few hits from Hawkins.

Carlito makes a blind tag while Hawkins goes to whip Primo but Primo whips him and Hawkins comes into a drop toe hold from Primo followed by a flying head-butt from Carlito for a two count! Carlito bounces Hawkins’s head off the top turnbuckle and goes for the ten punches but Hawkins pushes him off and then pushes him through the second and third rope shoulder first into the ring post!

Hawkins now tags in Ryder, who immediately slams Carlito’s arm on the mat. Ryder hits some shots to the head in his corner before the referee admonishes him. While the ref is doing that, Hawkins is choking the poor guy! Hawkins then takes Carlito’s arm and pulls it down on the top rope! Ryder now wrenches the arm and head-butts it. Ryder now grounds Carlito with a hammerlock. This is just a classic wrestling match.

Primo is cheering Carlito on as Carlito is struggling to get up! Carlito finally does and he elbows out. Carlito sends Ryder into the ropes but lowers his head and gets kicked in the arm again. Ryder covers him for a two count.

A tag to Hawkins is made and Hawkins comes in with a kick to the shoulder. Hawkins lays in some boots before hitting a snapmare and kicking Carlito in the back hard three times before flipping over him and snapping the neck! Hawkins gets a two count for this and goes right back to the arm. Hawkins has a Fujiwara Arm Bar on Carlito now. Carlito is struggling to get up but he does and clubs Hawkins’s back a few times but Hawkins controls the situation and gets him into his corner and tags in Ryder.

Ryder hits a running forearm to the face of Carlito in the corner and then snapmares him out. Ryder gets a two count. Ryder now begins slamming the back of Carlito’s head off the mat. Ryder taunts the crowd and all you hear is one lone “Boo” before a few more join in. Ryder now chokes Carlito on the second rope and Charles Robinson pulls him off. While he does this, Hawkins kicks Carlito in the face. Those cheaters. Ryder covers again and gets a two count!

Ryder now wrenches the arm and gets an arm bar on Carlito. While Ryder has the move locked in he slaps Carlito a few times in the back of the head. Tazz said it best – “That’s not cool”. Carlito counters with an arm drag but Ryder is able to catch him before he tags in Primo and tags in Hawkins while Carlito pulls Ryder down for a sunset flip. Since he’s not the legal man he can’t be pinned and Hawkins comes in and kicks Carlito in the back.

Hawkins knees Carlito in the midsection and throws him to the outside of the ring. Hawkins is now taunting Primo as we go to commercial.

:::Commercial Break:::

We come back from the break and Carlito is getting up to his knees following some submission from Hawkins and he punches out but Hawkins rushes him into his corner and tags in Ryder. Ryder goes across the ring for something big but Carlito pushes Hawkins into him and they clunk heads and are knocked down! Carlito slowly walks over to Primo and Ryder goes to stop him but Carlito does a quick roll and tags in Primo!

Primo comes in and rolls through a clothesline from Ryder and starts punching him! Primo goes into the ropes and hits a nice flying back elbow to the face and clotheslines him down! Primo does a cartwheel and dropkicks Ryder in the face! Ryder is in the corner and Primo runs up to him and hits a monkey flip! Primo jumps up to the top rope and hits a nice missile dropkick and the pin is broken up by Hawkins! Carlito comes in to even things out and knocks Hawkins out of the ring.

Ryder pulls Primo down by the tights and school boys him for a two and a half count! Ryder is upset and puts a front face lock on Primo. Primo backs him up into his corner and Carlito makes the blind tag. Ryder throws Primo down and Carlito sneaks up behind and hits a Back Stabber on him while Primo dropkicks Hawkins out and we have NEW Tag Team Champions!!!

Winners & NEW WWE Tag Team Champions: Carlito & Primo Colon
Match Rating: **

The two brothers celebrate their win and high five some fans. The hold the belts up and go to the back.

Jesse & Festus now back a moving truck out to the arena and they make their way towards the ring but that’s all we see. I guess they edited out the good parts due to time constraints.

Chavo is now backstage with Vickie and Big Show panicking about how the lights went out and how it means that Undertaker is coming for him! Chavo says Undertaker sent another message and asks what they’re going to do. Big Show says he’s going to smoke him out. Vickie says they’re going to the ring and Chavo will join them. Chavo says she doesn’t need him since she’s got the Big Show and Chavo opts to stay in the back ALONE! Vickie says that’s fine and her and Show leave. Chavo follows along behind.

:::Commercial Break:::

During the commercial break Jesse & Festus represent MyMoving Company and they open up the back of their truck and we see Kenny Dykstra and Ryan Braddock still struggling back there. They pack some things in there and that’s all we get out of that segment.

JR and Tazz are now talking about the speculation regarding the Undertaker being there tonight and what Vickie Guerrero and Big Show were going to do. Tazz wonders if they got cold feet because they aren’t out there yet.

We wait a little longer until finally Big Show’s music hits. Show walks out with Vickie Guerrero and Chavo running in tow. Chavo is still terrified. It’ll be Undertaker vs. Big Show at No Mercy, mind you.

Vickie Guerrero is in the ring with them and she excuses herself a few times to the audience before asking Undertaker where he is. Vickie says they’re all waiting for him. She says she never should have reinstated him because he physically and mentally obliterated her husband Edge. Vickie says he swore that he’d take her soul but he didn’t take anything. Vickie now shows a video package highlighting everything from the Unforgiven angle, including Show laughing hysterically. OK, I get it – Show knocked out the Undertaker and Vickie spat in his face.

In the ring Vickie is looking satisfied. Vickie asks if Undertaker is having second thought because she doesn’t see him! Chavo says this isn’t a good idea and then Big Show says everyone is waiting for Taker to save the day! Show says that isn’t going to happen because Taker’s lost his nerve and he’s been humbled. Show says he crushed Taker’s spirit, his jaw and his myth!

The bells now toll and the lights go out!! When they come back on Chavo Guerrero is no where in sight!! Now on the Titan Tron we see Undertaker in Vickie’s office with his hand around Chavo’s neck, choking the life out of him!! Vickie orders Big Show to go help him and Show runs out while Undertaker throws Chavo all over the office, destroying everything!! Now the video feed freaks out and that’s all we see of that.

On commentary, Tazz says he’s going up to find out what’s going through her head but before he gets there the bells toll again and the lights go out.

When they come back on, Undertaker is standing right behind Vickie Guerrero!! Vickie turns around in fear and starts crying as Undertaker stalks her down!! Undertaker boxes her into the corner and gets right in her face and rolls his eyes back!! Taker grabs Vickie by the throat and brings her out to the middle of the ring and TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVES VICKIE GUERRERO!!! Undertaker stares closely down at her face as the blue lights come on and Smackdown ends its run on the CW Network!

Quick Match Results

Triple H* & Jeff Hardy def. MVP* & The Brian Kendrick
Maria* & Brie Bella def. Natalya & Victoria*
Vladimir Kozlov vs. The Great Khali *No Contest*
Chavo Guerrero def. Jimmy Wang Yang
WWE Tag Team Titles: Carlito* & Primo Colon def. Hawkins & Ryder* (NEW Champs)

Bump of the Night: Vickie Guerrero getting a Tombstone Piledriver!
Match of the Night: Triple H & Jeff Hardy vs. MVP & The Brian Kendrick ** ½

Mike’s Thoughts

There were a lot of changes that took place this week. First, changed their look and now it was Smackdown’s last show on the CW Network because next week we’re moving to MyNetwork TV! Big stuff!!

There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing Vickie Guerrero get a Tombstone. That’s a great way to end the show. I wonder if she’s going to start up with the wheelchair again. I hate that thing.

I’m so excited for the debut of Smackdown on MyNetwork TV next week! It’s going to be an awesome show and it’s a PPV weekend so maybe it’ll be a little more intense! There’s a lot riding on this show and I know they’ll pull through! If you can’t see it in person, come here, read about it and discuss it with me! Hell, discuss it with me even if you watch it! I’m excited!

Where are they going with Vladimir Kozlov? He’s attacking Triple H and Jeff Hardy and they’re responding but there’s still no clear direction. I actually kind of like that. Will he be added to the WWE Championship match at No Mercy? Will he affect the match at No Mercy? Will this go beyond No Mercy? It could be a yes to all three questions but who really knows?! I like that.

It was nice to see Jimmy Wang Yang tonight. He’s a good talent. I wish they never got rid of Shannon Moore because now who are Carlito and Primo going to defend their WWE Tag Titles against??

Speaking of Carlito and Primo, I’d like to congratulate them on presenting the first Smackdown title change under the Mike Tedesco administration! Only took fourteen recapped episodes! I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing – this was Hawkins and Ryder’s first Tag Title defense and they lost after having the titles for two months. I think that’s good.

I just wanted to clarify one thing in all seriousness. Dave mentioned that Marianna doesn’t like R-Truth, the two time NWA Champion, because he doesn’t really connect with her. One of the reasons I put Marianna’s two cents into my recap is because she is an extremely casual fan and she wouldn’t know nor care about R-Truth’s past accomplishments. I, on the other hand, will never claim to be a casual fan so I can’t speak for one unless one speaks to me so I put her thoughts in as a peek into what the casual fan thinks. That’s all. OK, back to wrestling!

I liked the Diva’s match tonight. Brie Bella is beginning to grow on me. I don’t know how long her gimmick will last but it’s tolerable right now. Maria on the other hand… yikes. When Melina heals up, trade her to Smackdown. PLEASE!

I really wanted to see Kozlov vs. Khali for some reason. Maybe next time!

The wrestling tonight was great. I like how they opened up with that big tag match. Everything seemed to click tonight. Even the Undertaker angle wasn’t as campy as it’s been in the past few weeks. Take the fact that there was a title change, some good wrestling, good progression in storylines and it’s the last show on the CW Network and you get this rating:

Final Smackdown Rating: ***

As always I’d love to hear back from all of you – those who liked and hated the recap! I respond to all e-mails as you all know. Let’s discuss wrestling – I love that.

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See you next week for the Smackdown debut on MyNetwork TV!

Thanks for reading!