Smackdown Results - 10/17/08 - Las Vegas, NV

Reported by Mike Tedesco of
On Saturday, October 18, 2008 at 6:11 AM EST

WWE Smackdown
October 17, 2008
Las Vegas, NV
Report by: Mike Tedesco of

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…” The WWE video leads us into the show.

We open up Smackdown with a recap of last week’s Main Event which featured Triple H defending his WWE Championship against the Big Show. It shows all the highlights of the Big Show’s freakish strength and Triple H’s comebacks. It looked like Big Show had the match won when he hit the Showstopper but the lights went out and when they came back on Undertaker assaulted Big Show and they fought to the back! Afterwards Vladimir Kozlov ran down and gave Triple H the Head-Butt of doom! Jeff Hardy then runs down and he and Triple H punch Kozlov out of the ring and it ends with Jeff Hardy dropping Triple H with the Twist of Fate!

The all new Smackdown video and music now play. I love the song. A great pyrotechnics display brings us into the arena in Las Vegas, NV and JR and Tazz welcome us to Smackdown. Tonight the WWE Tag Team Championships are on the line as Carlito and Primo defend against the former champions Hawkins and Ryder! Also our Main Event will be Jeff Hardy vs. Vladimir Kozlov!

Big Show’s music now hits and he’s making his way to the ring to some boos from the Vegas crowd! He looks a little upset and I would be too if a dead guy cost me a championship. Also in the ring is Chavo Guerrero.

Big Show says this is going to end up very bad for one individual in particular – Undertaker. Big Show questioned Undertaker’s resilience and the strength of his chin but he answered those questions. Big Show says he never questioned Taker’s intelligence until last week. Big Show asks if Undertaker lost his mind. Didn’t he punish him enough at No Mercy? Didn’t his fist knock Undertaker stupid? Big Show says the difference between he and the Undertaker is he knocked him out when he tried to hurt a defenseless woman and Undertaker interfered with him in a WWE Championship match – a match in which he had Triple H beat and he would have won the WWE Championship so Big Show reiterates that this is going to end very badly.

Big Show gets where the Undertaker is coming from – he wants everyone to know that he’s not done yet and that he wants revenge. Undertaker wants Big Show to “burn in hell” and Big Show does a good impression! Big Show says to be careful what you wish for because this giant just might give it to you!

At Cyber Sunday it is Big Show vs. The Undertaker. Big Show says he’ll let the fans vote on the Undertaker’s demise. There are three options which only in the WWE Universe you can vote for on! The man we all love is going down and the punch line is we’re going down with him! Option one which we can vote for on only is a Last Man Standing Match! Option number two is Vickie’s favorite match – an I Quit Match! These are two words which the Undertaker has never said in his entire career which Big Show will be happy to help him do! Option number three is Big Show’s personal favorite and which he likes to call the “Undertaker’s final opportunity” – a Knockout Match!

Big Show says that voting this year is kind of confusing so to avoid that he has three wrestlers in the back as per their contract to help him demonstrate the difference between these matches so we all can understand. We’ll be starting out with Big Show’s favorite match first – the Knockout match!

A sad little jobber makes his way to the ring and this will probably be the highlight of his miserable little career.

Knockout Match
Big Show vs. Jobber #1

The bell rings and this kid is in fighting stance. He tries to get a shot to Big Show’s midsection but Show just puts a knee into his gut and clubs his back a few times before punching him in the back of the head, knocking him out! The referee calls the match!

Winner by Knockout: Big Show
Match Rating: No stars

Big Show now takes the jobber by the arm and drags him out of the ring and he lands on the outside with a big thud! That looked really painful! The referee calls for the trainers and they come down to aid this kid. Big Show says to bring out the second wrestler for the I Quit match.

The second jobber comes out and he’s pretty ripped for a really skinny guy. He really doesn’t look like a star.

I Quit Match
Big Show vs. Jobber #2M

The bell rings and this guy goes for a dropkick but Big Show swipes him away! Big Show picks him up and drills him with a head-butt. Show then locks him into the Cobra Clutch and brings him by Chavo who has the microphone. Show tells him to quit and the guy desperately says “I quit!!” which elicits laughter from the audience and me!

Winner by Forfeit: Big Show
Match Rating: ¼ * for comedy

Big Show finishes up the Cobra Clutch by throwing him across the ring! That was funny as well. Big Show kicks him out and says to bring out the third wrestler for the Last Man Standing match!

The third jobber comes out with some intense sideburns and Gregory Helms pops up in the corner and asks sideburns if he saw what happened to the first two guys. He’s just saying!

Last Man Standing Match
Big Show vs. Jobber #3

The bell rings and Big Show levels the guy with a clothesline! Big Show then tells Chavo to bring a table into the ring while he chops the chest of this guy hard! Big Show does it a second time and his chest is beet red now! Chavo is setting it up now and Show chops his chest a third time!! Big Show yells at Chavo for taking too long and finally has it set up!! Big Show then delivers a Showstopper through the table and the referee reaches the ten count!!

Winner by Knockout: Big Show
Match Rating: ¼ * for comedy

Big Show asks if there are any questions and then leaves as we see the three hilarious replays! After the replays and the Cyber Sunday graphic we see the third jobber being loaded up on the gurney.

Backstage Primo and Carlito are smiling and making their way to the ring. The WWE Tag Team Championships are on the line next!

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We see a shot of the Las Vegas strip and I question in my head if it’s from this week. I doubt it now.

Advertised for tonight is a match involving Natalya, Maria, Maryse, Brie Bella and Victoria with the winner receiving a future Diva’s Championship match. Who will win and what type of match will it be??

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
Carlito & Primo (c) vs. Hawkins & Ryder

We see a replay from three weeks ago in which Carlito and Primo beat Hawkins and Ryder for the WWE Tag Team Championships.

The bell rings and Primo will be starting this championship match out against Zach Ryder. Primo does a little roll before they lock up. They lock up and Ryder quickly gets a knee to the midsection and wrenches the arm. Primo rolls on his back, then kicks up out of it and does a back leg sweep on Ryder and covers for a two count! Primo wrenches the arm and goes to whip him into the corner but Ryder whips him instead but Primo jumps on the second rope and flips into a crossbody for a two count! Primo wrenches the arm again and bounces Ryder’s head off his turnbuckle before tagging in his big brother Carlito!

Primo sends Ryder into the ropes and does a drop toe hold and Carlito comes off the ropes with a leg drop on the back of Ryder’s head! Carlito covers for a two and a half count! Carlito lands a left hand on Ryder and sends him into the ropes but Ryder holds on! Carlito charges and Ryder tries to back drop him to the outside but Carlito lands on the apron and hits Ryder, then hits Hawkins who charges him and finally gets drilled by Ryder and Carlito falls into the barricade.

Ryder tags in Hawkins who sends Carlito back first into the ring apron! Ryder puts Carlito back in the ring and covers him for a near fall! Hawkins kicks Carlito in the back a whole bunch of times before covering him for another near fall! Hawkins sends Carlito into his corner and Ryder tags in off Hawkins’ back.

Hawkins runs and puts a forearm in Carlito’s face and covers him for another near fall! Ryder now puts on a waist lock. Primo is rooting on for Carlito as is the Vegas crowd. Carlito fights up but Ryder puts a knee in his midsection and sends him into the ropes. Ryder puts Carlito on his shoulder for a slam but Carlito slips off and hits a beautiful rolling neckbreaker!! Both men crawl towards their partner s and make the tags!

Primo comes in over the top rope and hits Hawkins with some right hands and goes to whip him into the ropes but it’s reversed and he goes into the ropes and comes off with a nice back elbow! Primo knocks him down with a clothesline, does a cartwheel and drops him with a dropkick! Hawkins is in the corner and Primo charges but eats a boot! Hawkins goes for a clothesline but Primo ducks and hits a nice neckbreaker! Primo covers but it’s broken up by Ryder at one! Carlito comes in and kicks Ryder out of the ring but is hit by Hawkins from behind. Hawkins then turns into a Missile Dropkick from Primo and he covers for the win!!

Winners by Pinfall & STILL WWE Tag Team Champions: Carlito & Primo
Match Rating: * ¾

The two brothers celebrate with their WWE Tag Team Championships as the fans shout their approval!

We now see a video of John Cena coming to Smackdown mere hours after having neck surgery done! They took Edge out of this video package because I guess that was a storyline spoiler because he was supposed to be in hell after Summerslam. John Cena is apparently returning soon!

Eve introduces Montel Vontavious Porter, MVP! Eve asks if he has a strategy against R-Truth tonight because he’s been on quite the losing streak lately. MVP says she always has something slick to say. MVP claims that the tag matches he was forced into don’t count because he’s a singles competitor. He was the longest reigning United States Champion in the history of Smackdown and the guy who consistently beats up Jeff Hardy. Speaking of the US Championship, he’s going to do what the current champion can’t do – beat R-Truth. MVP says one more win and his incentive bonus kicks in. After that he’ll be in the casino straight up BALLIN!

We see a replay of Vladimir Kozlov destroying Jeff Hardy last month and that leads into us getting their first ever meeting on Smackdown tonight!

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AutoZone presents us with the WWE Smack of the Week which was R-Truth beating Shelton Benjamin last Friday in an upset!

MVP makes his way out to the ring. His incentive bonus is riding on this match.

R-Truth is making his way to the ring through the crowd rapping. Some of the people look into it. The match is next.

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MVP vs. R-Truth

The bell rings and they lock up. MVP backs R-Truth into the corner and the referee immediately breaks them up instead of doing the count. That’s bad refereeing. R-Truth wrenches the arm and gets MVP in a hammerlock and sends him shoulder first into the turnbuckle. R-Truth now executes a hip toss and keeps the arm bar on. MVP punches out and we see Shelton Benjamin watching backstage on a flat screen TV.

MVP goes to send R-Truth into the ropes but Truth reverses and sends MVP in to the ropes. MVP holds on to the ropes and R-Truth charges and gets back dropped to the outside but lands on his feet on the apron! MVP turns and punches him and snaps the neck of R-Truth off the top rope and he crashes to the outside! MVP goes to the outside and rolls him back in for a two count.

MVP now locks in a chin lock. MVP keeps it on for a bit before R-Truth gets to his feet and tries to elbow out but MVP just slams him down! MVP hits a few forearms and sends R-Truth into the ropes. R-Truth ducks a clothesline and comes off the ropes with a corkscrew diving elbow for a no count because both of MVP’s shoulders weren’t down. R-Truth levels MVP with two clotheslines and does a dance.

R-Truth hits MVP hard with a right hand and sends him into the ropes but lowers his head and MVP kicks him in the face and levels him with a neckbreaker! This gets MVP a two count. MVP now sizes him up for the Drive By Kick but R-Truth does a split and avoids it. MVP turns into a head-butt in the midsection from R-Truth. R-Truth now goes into the ropes and hits the Scissors Kick for the win. He could have done a spin-a-roonie to cap it off…

Winner by Pinfall: R-Truth
Match Rating: *

R-Truth dances up the ramp while Shelton Benjamin watches with disgust backstage.

Backstage Vickie Guerrero is sitting in her wheelchair with a neck brace on. She says her neck is in so much pain; she’s having muscle spasms and can’t sleep at night. Vickie says she’s tired of sitting in the wheelchair. She asks if he’s here yet. Who’s he?

All of a sudden there’s a knock at the door and in comes Funaki in a karate uniform. He says he is Kung Fu-Naki. Vickie and Big Show both look at him and tell him to get out and he does. There’s a knock at the door again and in comes Maryse dressed as a French maid. Vickie says hello and says she’s wearing a nice costume for Cyber Sunday. Maryse wants to know why she has to take place in this diva’s match because she beat Michelle McCool on ECW a few weeks ago. Vickie says she wants to find an opponent for the Diva’s Championship and it doesn’t matter if she beat her. Vickie then kicks her out.

There’s another knock at the door and The Great Khali arrives. Vickie says finally! Vickie says she’s impressed because he’s taken down some of the biggest superstars in history. Vickie says she’s put him in a match tonight to showcase his dominance. Singh translates and Khali speaks and wants to know who it is. Vickie says it’s The Undertaker! Khali gets angry and Singh translates saying Khali said he’s not some puppet to be used in their games. Show gets in Khali’s face and says they came to him out of respect. Show says Vickie is the General Manager on Smackdown and can make his life very difficult. Show asks if Khali understands and Khali just stares. Maybe he doesn’t…

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Did you know that for the second straight week, Smackdown shattered the MyNetworkTV record for the highest rated show in history?

The ultra lame Kizarny video from last week plays. I’m so underwhelmed.

The Brian Kendrick and Ezekiel are making their way down to the ring. Ezekiel is dressed to wrestle in black trunks and boots. He’s huge.

The Kendrick says he comes in bringing grave news. Last night when he was coming to Vegas he discovered a tickle in the back of his throat. He went to the doctors and they said he has an infection and they advised him not to wrestle. The Kendrick says as much as he wants to slap around Super Crazy, he cannot. He says Super Crazy should be happy he doesn’t have to get slapped around by The Brian Kendrick but he will be slapped around by Ezekiel who is stepping in for him this week!

While Super Crazy is coming down looking upset, Gregory Helms pops up in the corner and asks Zeke if the tights he’s wearing comes in his size. He’s just saying.

Ezekiel Jackson w/ The Brian Kendrick vs. Super Crazy

This is Ezekiel’s debut match on Smackdown.

The bell rings and they lock up. Zeke backs Super Crazy into the corner and gives him a knee in the midsection. Zeke clubs him down, sends him into the ropes and kills him with a back elbow. Zeke then drops a big elbow on the side of Super Crazy’s face. Ouch! Zeke then hits a Standing Sambo Suplex aka a standing Rock Bottom for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Ezekiel Jackson
Match Rating: ¼ *

The referee holds up the hands of both Ezekiel and The Brian Kendrick. Super Crazy gets up and The Brian Kendrick hits The Kendrick on him for good measure! The Kendrick then dances around like he did something great.

Still to come tonight: The Diva’s match.

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We come back to see a nice water fountain on the Vegas Strip going off. We then see information for buying Wrestlemania 25 tickets. They’re available November 8th at 10 AM in case you were wondering.

Triple H is now standing in his street clothes and Eve shows a video of what happened after the match last week which saw Vladimir Kozlov beat down Triple H and then he and Hardy clean house followed by Jeff Hardy giving Triple H the Twist of Fate!

Eve says at Cyber Sunday the WWE Universe will vote for his opponent. Triple H says it just goes to show what guys will do to make an impact in the WWE. Triple H wonders if he’ll face Jeff Hardy who’s been a great competitor, Vladimir Kozlov who has been terrorizing Smackdown for the past six months or whether it will be both of them or will Jeff Hardy even make it to Cyber Sunday knowing he’ll be in the ring with Kozlov tonight. Triple H says all that is unknown but one thing that is known is if you want to be the WWE Champion you have to go through him. Triple H says they will find out that when that bell rings why he’s the King of Kings, the Cerebral Assassin and why he is that damn good!

The Undertaker’s music hits and he’s having his first match on Smackdown since probably May! I love his entrance but I wonder how many minutes of my life I’ve spent watching it. He’s still awesome though – you can’t argue that.

Undertaker vs. The Great Khali

Charles Robinson is the referee of this match. Seeing him next to Khali reminds me of when Khali destroyed him a few months ago.

The bell rings and these two men stare down one another. They lock up and Khali pushes Undertaker down. He quickly sits up and locks up with Khali again!! Khali gets Taker in a side headlock and he tries to punch out but Khali clubs him down. Taker ducks Khali in the corner and lays in a ton of huge right hands and scares away poor Chuck Robinson who was trying to maintain order!

Undertaker turns and Khali grabs him by the neck and throws him in the corner where he begins to stomp a mudhole in the Undertaker! They begin having a slugfest with the Undertaker getting the upper hand. Taker then goes into the ropes and gets clotheslined down! Khali then hits a sloppy scoop slam, followed by a leg drop and covers him for a two count!

Khali now locks in a nerve hold but Undertaker quickly gets up to his feet and punches out! Undertaker goes into the ropes and runs into a Brain Chop and Khali covers for a two count! Khali now locks in the Khali Vice Grip and Undertaker is down on his knees. Taker tries to power out but can’t so he punches out and gives him a nice uppercut!

Undertaker now goes into the ropes, ducks a clothesline and levels Khali with his patented flipping clothesline!! Big Show now runs down and Chuck Robinson throws this match out before he even gets there!!

Winner: No Contest
Match Rating: * ¼

Undertaker grabs Big Show by the throat and Big Show grabs Undertaker by the throat. Big Show then punches Taker’s arm off him and delivers the Showstopper! Big Show then gets out of the ring and grabs a chair. Show then instructs Khali to hit Undertaker with the chair but Khali doesn’t want to. Show calls Khali stupid and Khali punches the chair out of Big Show’s hand and leaves! The Khali face turn is almost complete!

Undertaker now sits up when Big Show’s back is to him. Taker gets the chair and drills Big Show in the back with it and he falls out of the ring! Show looks like he’s in intense pain as he goes up the ramp and Undertaker’s music plays! Taker then does his kneeling pose and the blue lights come on!

:::Commercial Break:::

Did you know that RAW was the most watched entertainment program on cable television last Monday night for the third week in a row? What a stat considering there’s hardly any new shows on when they have to compete with Monday Night Football…

Tazz and JR then discuss how Khali was unwilling to do Big Show and Vickie Guerrero’s dirty work. JR then announces that next week’s Main Event will be The Undertaker taking on Triple H!! No word yet on if it will be a championship match.

There’s a big pole in the corner of the ring with big pink fuzzy dice on them. Justin Roberts then announces this is a Diva’s Las Vegas Match.

Diva’s Las Vegas Match
Maria vs. Maryse vs. Natalya vs. Victoria vs. Brie Bella

Whoever captures the ridiculous dice will receive a Diva’s Championship match in the future.

The bell rings and all five women stare down one another before they all make a mad dash to the corner to get the ridiculous fuzzy dice but Victoria holds them all off! Victoria starts climbing the ropes and kicks everyone off her. Natalya, Victoria’s friend then punches her and vaults her off the top rope Ric Flair style! Brie Bella then takes Natalya down with a clothesline.

Maria and Brie Bella start going for it and Maria punches Brie off. Maryse then catches Maria going up the ropes and pulls her off by her legs and Maria lands on her face! Maryse starts climbing but Brie Bella stops her! Maryse punches and kicks her before throwing her out of the ring. Maryse goes to climb but Victoria and Natalya stop her and push her off! Then Maria pulls Victoria off and Brie Bella pushes Natalya off the apron.

Maryse starts climbing again but Brie Bella stops her. Maryse punches her off and punches Maria off the apron. She starts climbing again but Brie Bella this time gets her on her shoulders! Maryse punches her and Brie Bella collapses. Maryse then throws her through the ropes and Brie Bella hits her shoulder on the ring post and falls to the floor! Maryse starts climbing again but Maria climbs up and they slug it out with Maria getting the upper hand and the ridiculous fuzzy dice!

Winner by Capturing the Dice: Maria
Match Rating: *

Maria will now get a Diva’s Championship shot in the future.

Still to come tonight is the “epic” showdown of Jeff Hardy & Vladimir Kozlov!

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We come back from the break to see the Vegas Strip again looking really nice.

We now to go another video which highlights John Cena and his determination to return to the ring. It’s another good video made by WWE. It ends with saying John Cena will return but the question is when.

In the ring are Ryan Braddock and Kenny Dykstra. They’ll be facing Jesse & Festus who get a TV entrance.

Ryan Braddock & Kenny Dykstra vs. Jesse & Festus

The bell rings and Festus makes his “bar-b-q metamorphosis” by throwing Jesse into Ryan Braddock and kicking Kenny Dykstra out of the ring! Braddock tries to get a few punches on Festus but they don’t faze him as he just sends Braddock into his corner and then throws him away! Festus drills him with a head-butt. Braddock hits a right to the midsection but Festus kills him with a right of his own!

Festus tags in Jesse and whips him into Braddock hard in the corner! Jesse whips Braddock into the ropes, hits him with a back elbow and gets a one count. Jesse executes a headlock takeover and wrenches it in! Braddock eventually gets to his feet and counters out with a back suplex!

Braddock tags in Kenny Dykstra who misses an elbow drop as soon as he comes in. Tool. Jesse charges him and Dykstra puts him face first onto the middle turnbuckle and lays in some rights. The referee gets him off and admonishes him while Braddock kicks Jesse in the head. I wonder what this match would be like if Festus played the face in peril. Dykstra covers him for a two count. Dykstra hits a jumping stomp and tags in Braddock while holding Jesse down.

Braddock enters and stomps on Jesse’s chest. Braddock hits a scoop slam and a jumping knee for a two count. Braddock gets Jesse in a front face lock while Dykstra makes the blind tag and comes off the top rope with a forearm to Jesse’s back. Dykstra gets in a chin lock then Gregory Helms then pops up in the corner and says Dykstra loses almost as much as MVP… almost.

Jesse finally gets to his feet and elbows out. Dykstra goes for a slam but Jesse rolls off. He goes for the tag but Dykstra grabs him by the foot but Jesse eventually dives and tags Festus! Festus bounces Dykstra’s head off the turnbuckle and enters the ring, delivering a nice right hand to his face! Festus hits some haymakers before hitting a nice fallaway slam! Festus then lays Dykstra out with a big boot and hits the Flying Biscuit. Festus covers but it’s broken up at two by Braddock!

Jesse comes in and ducks a clothesline from Braddock. Braddock turns and charges but Jesse pulls down the top rope and he sails over! Shortly after that Festus hits his One Man Flapjack on Kenny Dykstra and covers him for the win!

Winners by Pinfall: Jesse & Festus
Match Rating: * ½

Festus goes back to being catatonic while they get their hands raised.

We now go back to two weeks ago at the Smackdown All Star Kickoff when Vladimir Kozlov killed Jeff Hardy with the Head-butt coming off the ladder and then dropping Triple H. Tonight is the first ever meeting of Jeff Hardy and Vladimir Kozlov… on television at least.

:::Commercial Break:::

We get another Kizarny promo with him speaking “Carny” to us. I hate this gimmick with a passion. This guy sucks. I can make out rides, fun and cotton candy. This sucks.

Backstage, Maria is walking around with the ridiculous fuzzy dice and runs into the Diva’s Champion Michelle McCool. Maria says she’s so happy to have a shot and McCool says it’d be an honor and pinches her cheek. That was slightly disingenuous.

Jesse & Festus then walk up to Maria and say hi. Apparently Festus has something to give her and gives her a crushed white flower. Jesse says that Festus just wanted to say congratulations. Maria thanks him a few times but Festus just stares. Jesse then says it’s time for them to go see Wayne Newton because that’s the face of man who loves Wayne Newton. Maria says thank you in Indian as they walk off.

JR and Tazz welcome us back to Smackdown. JR says there’s no event quite like Wrestlemania and tickets go on sale November 8th. Tazz then mentions that Smackdown shattered the record they set a week ago for most viewers watching. They then thank Pendulum for the use of their song “Propane Nightmares”. Who thinks of these names? We then get a run down of the Cyber Sunday card. It takes forever because they have to go over every number and name to text.

WWE Champion Triple H’s music hits and he comes out in his regular clothes. He’ll be the special guest commentator for the Main Event tonight!

:::Commercial Break:::

We get a promo in which the Undertaker will face Triple H next week on Smackdown! Don’t miss it!

Triple H says facing the Undertaker isn’t exactly what he thought he’d be doing two days before defending his WWE Championship against a mystery opponent but he’ll take any opportunity he can to face the Undertaker!

While Jeff Hardy is coming out, Triple H puts him over saying he pushed him to his limits but he was one second away, the story of his life!

When Kozlov comes out a pre-taped promo is shown in the corner. I can’t really make out everything he says but I think he says no one will vote him in the match at Cyber Sunday because they’re afraid he’ll beat Triple H and take the WWE Title. Triple H says if Jeff Hardy isn’t careful in this match he won’t make it to Cyber Sunday.

Jeff Hardy vs. Vladimir Kozlov

The bell rings and Hardy charges Kozlov but gets push kicked down! Kozlov picks him up by the throat and throws him into the turnbuckle. Kozlov hits a forearm and some shoulders in the gut! Charles Robinson admonishes him. Kozlov charges Hardy but Hardy gets his knees in Kozlov’s mush! Hardy hits some right hands, goes into the ropes and gets leveled by a shoulder block from the Moscow Mauler! Kozlov then stares at Triple H.

Kozlov picks Jeff Hardy up and puts him across the top rope and head-butts him a few times in his lower back and kidney area. Kozlov then gets Hardy on his shoulder and hits a running slam for a two count! Kozlov then gets Hardy in a hammerlock and throws him through the top and middle rope shoulder first into the ring post! Kozlov then repeats this action and we go to our final commercial break!

:::Commercial Break:::

We come back from the break to see Kozlov having Jeff Hardy locked in a key lock. It looks really painful. Hardy tries to punch out of it but Kozlov pulls him down to the canvas by the arm and keeps it locked in! While this is happening Triple H is trying to sway the voters to vote Kozlov into the match so he can beat him while he’s undefeated and at his best. What – he doesn’t think Jeff Hardy will beat him tonight?!

Hardy gets to his feet and tries to punch out but Kozlov hits a fireman’s carry and puts the key lock back on! Hardy tries to reach the ropes with his feet but can’t. Kozlov then yells at Triple H. Hardy finally gets back to his feet and starts punching but Kozlov underhooks both arms and hits some head-butts in the chest! Kozlov then hits a belly to belly suplex slam but Hardy kicks out at two! Kozlov then locks in the key lock again!

Hardy gets to his feet and tries to punch out but Kozlov gets a knee in the midsection and goes for a slam. Hardy slides off, goes for the Twist of Fate but gets pushed off and hits Kozlov with a forearm coming off the ropes. This doesn’t faze him so Hardy goes into the ropes again hits another one that doesn’t faze him! Hardy goes for the Twist of Fate again but Kozlov pushes him towards the corner and Jeff Hardy levels Kozlov with a Whisper in the Wind!! Triple H looks stunned. Hardy now hits a second Whisper in the Wind and goes up to the top rope for the Swanton Bomb but Kozlov gets up. Hardy jumps off and goes to kick him but Kozlov catches the foot however Hardy hits his flipping mule kick. Kozlov falls into the ropes and comes off with the Battering Ram Head-butt for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Vladimir Kozlov
Match Rating: * ¾

Triple H now takes his headset off and his jacket. Triple H enters the ring with the WWE Championship. They go nose to nose while Triple H raises the WWE Championship as Smackdown goes off the air!

Quick Match Results

Knockout Match: Big Show def. Jobber #1 via Knockout
I Quit Match: Big Show def. Jobber #2 via Forfeit
Last Man Standing Match: Big Show def. Jobber #3 via Knockout
WWE Tag Team Champions Carlito & Primo* def. Hawkins* & Ryder to RETAIN
R-Truth def. MVP
Ezekiel Jackson def. Super Crazy
Undertaker vs. The Great Khali *No Contest*
Maria def. Maryse, Natalya, Victoria & Brie Bella in a Las Vegas Dice Match
Jesse & Festus* def. Ryan Braddock & Kenny Dykstra*
Vladimir Kozlov def. Jeff Hardy

Bump of the Night: Big Show destroying all those jobbers
Match of the Night: Carlito & Primo vs. Hawkins & Ryder/Jeff Hardy vs. Vladimir Kozlov * ¾

Mike’s Thoughts

Wow was there a lot of wrestling on tonight’s show! They weren’t great matches but I’m certainly not going to complain when you have ten matches in one night. There were hardly any promos tonight and that’s never a bad thing. Bret Hart is right – there’s too much talking in wrestling.

I’m really happy WWE is letting you vote for the stipulations of the Big Show and Undertaker match at Cyber Sunday online. That’s cyber – not cell phone voting. Everything /* you vote on your cell phone. That’s dumb. I guess the only match I’ll vote on this year is Big Show vs. Undertaker.

I really didn’t like seeing Jeff Hardy in a near squash match. That was completely dumb. So now if he gets voted into the match at Cyber Sunday as a Triple Threat we’re supposed to think he can actually beat those two? This smells like they’re trying to sway the fans to make it one on one Triple H vs. Vladimir Kozlov.

So The Great Khali is really turning face. I actually like that idea. It’s interesting and it’s fresh for him. How many more times can we see the same boring crap from him? Now we can get a little comedy from Khali. I’m definitely interested.

I’m still not impressed by R-Truth. I’m waiting for the good matches that I saw a few years ago.

I really wished we could have gotten a Shelton Benjamin match tonight. He’s too awesome to be left on the sidelines. And what are they doing with MVP?!

All in all it wasn’t a bad Smackdown tonight. Not a lot of talking and a lot of wrestling. They weren’t stellar matches but they were good enough for the amount of time they were given. We also got Undertaker’s first Smackdown match in months! That’s the first time I’ve had the privilege of calling an Undertaker match for WrestleView. I was happy about that.

Final Smackdown Rating: * ¾

Next week’s Smackdown should be awesome. It’s the go home show for Cyber Sunday and we’ve got Triple H taking on The Undertaker! I can’t wait!

As always I’d love to hear from anyone who liked the recap and anyone who didn’t. I love talking wrestling so shoot me an e-mail if you want to discuss something! I’m looking forward to hearing from you all!

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