Smackdown Results - 11/7/08 - Orlando, FL

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On Saturday, November 8, 2008 at 2:08 AM EST

WWE Smackdown
November 7, 2008
Orlando, FL
Report by: Mike Tedesco of

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…” The WWE video leads us into the show.

We get a recap of last week’s Halloween edition of Smackdown featuring Undertaker defeating Chavo Guerrero in a Casket Match. It shows the Big Show’s attempted interference but eventually Undertaker pulls through and gets Chavo inside that coffin. Another awesome video – it was better than the actual match. It then shows Vickie Guerrero telling Vladimir Kozlov that if he beats Undertaker he can face Triple H at Survivor Series for the WWE Championship.

The awesome Smackdown video with the accompanying awesome music plays and we’re brought into the arena with a tremendous display of pyrotechnics. We’re in Orlando, Florida (a BLUE STATE!!) and we’re welcomed by JR and Tazz. Tonight we’ve got Vladimir Kozlov taking on the legendary Undertaker! Also in a United States Championship match its R-Truth taking on the current champion Shelton Benjamin!

Already set up in the ring is the VIP Lounge and MVP is there talking on his cell phone. He stays on the cell phone for a bit before picking up the microphone. He does his little rhyme to open the segment stating that the lounge is reserved for people better than us.

MVP says he’s been getting a lot of flak lately for his “so called” losing streak, particularly from people like Hurricane Helms who only talks trash while popping up in a bubble but never in his face. During this exchange Helms does pop up in the Hurr-A-Pop and mocks MVP. However, he says that’s irrelevant.

The reason he’s off lately is because he isn’t focused. However when he signed his contract two years ago – the HIGHEST contract in the history of Smackdown – there was a clause that states he has to win a certain amount of matches in a certain amount of time otherwise he’d be relegated to a standard contract, which is still more than we make but not enough for him! MVP says he’s just out here to assure everyone, the media, Vickie Guerrero, and everyone in the WWE Universe that nothing is going to stop him from getting the money that is rightfully his!

MVP continues on but is interrupted by The Great Khali’s music! Khali comes down to the lounge and undoes the velvet rope himself. He’s smiling as he gets into the ring.

Ranjin Singh says everyone has had enough of the VIP Lounge! MVP gets upset saying that this is his lounge and they can’t just come in and do whatever they want but Singh ignores him and says it’s time for the Khali Kiss Cam! MVP protests and Singh says that Khali says that MVP is boring! Singh says that Khali epitomizes entertainment and says if MVP wants to see entertainment he should have a seat and watch! MVP says this is ridiculous and walks out of his own VIP Lounge!

Singh says they’re doing this with or without MVP and then he calls the ladies in the audience to action by asking who wants to kiss the Punjabi Playboy! The cheesy music starts up and the camera starts showing close-ups of all the women in the crowd. All the women are really good looking until they stop on this humungous woman who has trouble getting over the barricade and almost falls once she gets over. She’s so fat she can hardly get up the stairs and into the ring. Seriously – where do they find these fat people who like to get made fun of on national television?! I just can’t believe it. I guess in this economy anyone will do anything for a paycheck…

Singh says that The Great Khali likes to ask “What’s better than kissing one lady? TWO LADIES”! Khali says that’s right. Singh then starts the camera up again and they tease going for a good looking woman but stops on an older, really fat lady. This is embarrassing. MVP is on the outside showing his disgust. I have the same look on my face.

The first fat lady says her name is Cassandra and the second fat lady is Susan. Singh says that women say that Khali’s kiss is as soft as an orange blossom and as exhilarating as being a matador. Singh says that Cassandra goes first because she was picked first. She’s wearing a One Night Stand jersey so she has to be a plant. Who would actually spend money on that? Anyway, Khali at first protests as usual but then locks lips with this large lady. Singh marks out like crazy.

Singh now says that they can’t disappoint this second lady who is in the ring so she deserves a kiss as well. I’m sorry – I know this isn’t very PC of me but she looks like a monster from “The Hills Have Eyes”. Singh says he knows she’s jealous because she wants to feel the passion the other lady felt. Singh then asks Cassandra how it was and she says she doesn’t know how to describe it! Singh says it’s time for Susan to feel the same passion and brings her over to the Punjabi Playboy. The music starts up again and Khali is smiling. Khali is protesting but Orlando cheers him on so he does and this woman is elated and I threw up in my mouth. MVP is on the outside looking disgusted!

Singh says he has an idea! The Great Khali will kiss both these women at the same time!! The crowd in Orlando shows their liberalism by going nuts and Khali is really bashful now!! Singh gets the crowd chanting “Khali” and the music starts up. Khali gives them six kisses in a row and the crowd eats it up!! Both ladies say it was great and Khali raises his arms!! All of a sudden MVP attacks Khali from behind with some forearms that don’t really faze him before running from the ring! MVP goes up the ramp shouting at Khali and then runs to the back. Khali does not look pleased.

Backstage Vickie Guerrero is sitting in her wheelchair with her neck brace and sitting on the couch is a depressed looking Big Show. Vickie says that it’s no wonder they call him “Great”. She then says she loves The Great Khali. From the looks of the women on the Kiss Cam she’s definitely a candidate! Vickie says that maybe she got the wrong giant to take care of her business! Big Show gets up and Vickie says it was just a joke! Big Show then leaves.

MVP now bursts into Vickie’s office and says he’s upset about Khali ruining his VIP Lounge and then says that there aren’t any fat girls allowed in! MVP says the Lounge is his – he owns it! Vickie says it was great and that Khali’s Kiss Cam is one of the highest rated segments on the show! Really?! Someone get me numbers! Vickie then says it’s unlike MVP who loses week after week. MVP tries to explain by saying it’s irrelevant and asks what that has to do with it. Vickie then says that there’s less than three weeks until Survivor Series to win a match because if he doesn’t he has to pay back his multi-million dollar signing bonus! MVP says he’s all over that and Vickie suggests him having a match tonight! MVP says that’s fine and Vickie says his opponent will be The Great Khali! A dejected MVP leaves the office!

Up next – The WWE United States Championship is on the line as Shelton Benjamin will be defending against R-Truth!

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WWE United States Championship
R-Truth vs. Shelton Benjamin (c)

While R-Truth is coming out we’re reminded that in 14 hours the tickets will go on sale for WrestleMania 25. They also advertise Triple H & Jeff Hardy vs. Miz & Morrison!

JR calls Shelton Benjamin a “blue chipper” and I have nightmares of Rocky Maivia before he became The Rock. Charles Robinson calls for the bell and this United States Championship match is on! They lock up and Benjamin quickly gets a headlock on R-Truth and follows it up with a takeover. R-Truth quickly gets up to his feet and counters out with a back suplex! R-Truth gets a lateral press but Benjamin quickly kicks out at one.

R-Truth now hits two hard right hands and goes to whip Benjamin into the corner but Benjamin reverses and whips him but R-Truth pushes himself off the turnbuckle and over Benjamin, avoids a clothesline with a split, goes into the ropes and gets a military press into a gutbuster from Shelton Benjamin!! Benjamin follows up with a kick to the back and then lifts him up for a rib breaker! Benjamin then keeps R-Truth over his knee and he’s got a chin lock on.

R-Truth gets to his feet and knees out. R-Truth hits some forearms before attempting a whip but Benjamin counters the whip and sends R-Truth into the corner. Benjamin charges but R-Truth gets out of the way and Benjamin hits the turnbuckle hard! R-Truth then takes him down with a hard clothesline and both men are down now!

Both men are up at six and R-Truth hits Benjamin with a clothesline. Even though this is the exact move he got hit with seconds ago that kept him down he pops right back up from this one and takes another clothesline. R-Truth then levels him with a jumping chin kick which gets him a near fall!

R-Truth picks Benjamin up but Benjamin shoves his hands off, gets a boot in the midsection and gets him on his shoulders for a powerbomb but R-Truth punches out. R-Truth then goes into the ropes and takes him down with a crazy 360 degree flying elbow! R-Truth covers for a two and a half count!

R-Truth goes to pick Benjamin up but gets elbowed in the face. Benjamin now jumps up to the top rope and flies off into a boot from R-Truth! R-Truth now goes into the ropes for a Scissors Kick but Benjamin rolls out of the ring! Benjamin walks around on the outside and then R-Truth jumps over the top rope with a Plancha on the US Champ!!

R-Truth sends Benjamin into the ring and goes to the top rope to execute a missile dropkick and hits it! R-Truth covers for a pin but gets another near fall! R-Truth looks like his ribs are bothering him. Benjamin is on the apron and gets a forearm from R-Truth. R-Truth now goes to suplex him back into the ring and it gets blocked. All of a sudden Benjamin lifts him up for a suplex and jumps backwards off the apron leaving R-Truth to land ribs first on the top rope!!! That was nuts!!! Benjamin now rushes back into the ring, hits Pay Dirt, and decisively retains his United States Championship!!!

Winner by Pinfall & STILL the US Champion: Shelton Benjamin
Match Rating: ** ¼

Shelton Benjamin raises his United States Championship triumphantly over his head!

Backstage Jimmy Wang Yang is fixing his boots when The Brian Kendrick and Ezekiel walk up to him. Yang asks what do they want and The Brian Kendrick says the quote “I will strike down upon thee with great wrath and furious anger”. I’m not going to repeat the whole quote. You should know it! Yang asks if that’s Ezekiel 25:17 and Ezekiel says “NO! Samuel L. Jackson – Pulp Fiction!” Nicely done!

I guess its Ezekiel vs. Jimmy Wang Yang and its next!

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We get an overhead shot of Orlando which strangely looks like the overhead shot they used to promote WrestleMania 24…

Ezekiel Jackson vs. Jimmy Wang Yang

During Ezekiel’s entrance (with The Brian Kendrick) Hurricane Helms pops up and says Michael Phelps wants his trunks back. He’s just saying!

The bell rings and this match is underway. I see out in the audience the Tye Dye Guy holding a sign that says the Sign Guy should be in the WWE Hall of Fame. I disagree. I wish Sign Guy would go away forever. I used to like the Tye Dye Guy…

Anyway, Yang cautiously approaches Jackson and goes for a big kick but Jackson just backs away. He goes for a clothesline but Yang ducks it and hits a few body shots before being taken off his feet with a big knee! Jackson sends Yang into the ropes but Yang summersaults away from a clothesline and dropkicks Ezekiel’s knee twice but Ezekiel never leaves his feet! Yang quickly goes into the ropes for another one but Ezekiel hits a shoulder block that flips Yang inside out! Ezekiel then pushes Yang into the corner and hits a huge corner clothesline!

Jackson then picks him up and throws him into the middle of the ring! Jackson then hits his Standing Sambo Suplex which Tazz incorrectly calls a Uranage (it’s not a true Uranage) and covers him for the pin.

Winner by Pinfall: Ezekiel Jackson
Match Rating: ¼ *

The Brian Kendrick runs into the ring and acts like he won the match by jumping around and dancing. Jackson then lifts Yang up and The Kendrick hits The Kendrick!

We now get a video package highlighting all of Vladimir Kozlov’s hardest hitting moments – so much fun! Still to come tonight: Undertaker vs. Vladimir Kozlov!

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Tazz sends a thank you out to AC/DC for the use of their song “Spoilin’ for a Fight” which is the official theme song of Survivor Series!

Backstage Michelle McCool is just getting her hair done. She has a new style – she has bangs. I do not approve but she says it’s edgy. Eve Torres now walks up to her and says she needs her advice. As of last week it’s been one year since she’s won the Diva Search. Eve says she feels like she’s ready to take it to the next level and asks her to train her. McCool says wanting it is the first step to being successful and she can tell she wants it. McCool then says Maria, her opponent next week, is missing a little something upstairs if you know what she means! Eve doesn’t get it and McCool says she’s a Playboy pinup girl and that’s what she does best! Eve then questions if they’re friends and McCool says they are.

All of a sudden Maria comes up and hugs Eve. Eve then leaves and McCool says they were just talking about her! Maria then says she wants to talk about next week. Maria says she’s taking her title from her and McCool says not to get ahead of herself and they walk off.

The RAW Rebound is brought to us by WWE Mobile. It highlights the steel cage match that saw Chris Jericho once again become the World Heavyweight Champion! Now Chris Jericho will go to Survivor Series and lose it to John Cena… It was an ok RAW this week. Hands down the best part was Mike Adamle quitting. Good riddance. Obama becomes President and Mike Adamle quits. Does it get any better??

We now see Jeff Hardy in Vickie Guerrero’s office! Hardy says he was so close to the Championship and she knows it. All he needs is one more shot against Triple H at Survivor Series and he promises he’ll become WWE Champion! Vickie says that’s the problem – he’s all promise! In her opinion he doesn’t have what it takes to be WWE Champion! She says that he isn’t even extreme anymore!! Hardy says if extreme is what she wants but Vickie cuts him off and says she wants him to get ready for his tag team match because that’s what he does best! Hardy says tonight he’s going to blow her mind and he leaves!

Up next it’s Triple H & Jeff Hardy vs. Miz & Morrison!!

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Did you know that WWE video games have sold more than 39 million copies this decade? I believe that.

JR and Tazz thank us for inviting them into our homes. Tazz says that over the past few weeks WWE has doubled the audience of College Football and the NBA! They now show us a preview of Smackdown vs. RAW 2009 which comes out this Sunday! I can’t wait!! It shows Triple H and Jeff Hardy taking on Miz and Morrison! Of course Triple H and Jeff Hardy win! Will they win tonight?

Triple H & Jeff Hardy vs. Miz & Morrison

It should be noted that Jeff Hardy came out with no dancing nor did he go shake hands with the fans. Just straight intensity! I love it!

Morrison’s abs are again bedazzled. That’s just disturbing. He’ll be starting out the match against Triple H. The bell rings and Morrison does the old Rick Rude taunt of swirling his hips. Triple H laughs at him before going to lock up. Morrison pushes The Game into the corner and hits a knee to the midsection followed by a few punches before being taken off by the referee! Morrison then whips Triple H into the corner but Triple H comes out with a big clothesline! Triple H hits a nice suplex before tagging in Jeff Hardy!

Hardy comes in and hits a kick to the midsection! Hardy then hits a big punch followed by bouncing Morrison’s head off the top turnbuckle! Hardy stomps him a few times before bringing him to the center of the ring and going to the Twist of Fate! Hardy gets pushed off and Morrison goes out of the ring!

The Miz runs over to make sure Morrison’s ok. Hardy then hits them with a double baseball slide and follows it up with a beautiful running Plancha over the top rope! It looked more like a Swanton Bomb actually! That was nice and now it’s time for a commercial!

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We come back from the break to see Jeff Hardy hitting a headlock takeover on The Miz! Hardy wrenches the side headlock on The Miz. The Miz gets to his feet, elbows out and pushes him into the ropes. Hardy ducks a clothesline and hits an atomic drop followed by a leg sweep and a double leg drop to Miz’s you know what! Hardy covers and gets a two count!

Triple H is looking to tag in. Jeff Hardy sees this and wrenches Miz’s arm but then kicks him in the midsection and whips him into the ropes! Hardy charges but Miz lifts him up over the top rope but Hardy lands on the apron! Hardy punches Miz while Morrison sneaks up from behind trying to pull him off the apron but Hardy kicks him off and The Miz hits a huge running shoulder, sending Hardy off the apron finally!

Triple H gets off the apron to check on Hardy but the referee admonishes him to get back in his corner. Miz then pushes Hardy ribs first into the apron! Miz then sends him into the ring and stomps on him a few times.

Morrison makes the blind tag as Miz catapults Hardy into Morrison’s forearm and Hardy falls back onto Miz’s knees while Morrison catapults into the ring with an elbow drop! Ouch! That move always looks painful! Morrison covers for a two count! Morrison now mounts Hardy for the ground and pound before locking in the neck wrench. The crowd is chanting Hardy on! Hardy gets to his feet, elbows out and goes for a jawbreaker but Morrison counters with his knee in Hardy’s face!

Morrison now tags The Miz in who comes in the ring and gets hit with some punches from Jeff Hardy! Miz then counters one of the punches and hits a HUGE face buster before covering for a two count!

Miz then lifts Hardy up and tags in Morrison. They then execute a double gutbuster! This gets Morrison a two count! Morrison continues stomping Hardy as Triple H desperately wants to make a tag! Morrison makes a mistake by taunting and pays for it with some punches to his midsection! Morrison blocks a kick but Hardy hits his flipping mule kick as a counter! Hardy then hits his spinning lariat and both men are down! They crawl towards their partners and Hardy tells Triple H angrily that he doesn’t need him!!

Morrison then tags in The Miz who goes for his unique corner clothesline but Hardy gets out of the way and Miz crashes and burns! Hardy knocks Morrison off the apron before hitting Miz with his springboard corner dropkick!! Hardy then hits Whisper in the Wind but Miz kicks out at two and a half!!

Hardy picks Miz up but Miz hits a throat thrust and goes for the Reality Check but Hardy moves out of the way and hits his sitout Falcon’s Arrow! Hardy now removes his shirt and Marianna is happy! He goes to the top rope but Triple H is distracting the referee as he’s trying to say that Morrison is going towards Hardy to knock him over and that’s exactly what happens except Hardy gets crotched on the top rope!

Miz and Morrison begin double teaming Jeff Hardy until Triple H runs into the ring and starts manhandling them both with punches! The referee now gets in The Game’s face as Hardy comes into the ring with a steel chair and hits both men in the ribs with it causing the disqualification!!

Winners by Disqualification: Miz & Morrison
Match Rating: **

Hardy hits both men over the back with the chair before throwing it into Miz’s face Sabu style! Hardy swings the chair wildly at Morrison but misses as Morrison rolls out of the ring! Hardy then throws it at him as he runs up the ramp! Triple H looks a little shocked at what’s going on as he stares at Hardy while delivering a Pedigree to The Miz! Triple H and Jeff Hardy both stare at each other. Hardy then kicks the chair and goes to the back!

Eve Torres introduces Vladimir Kozlov. Eve says as of now he’s undefeated but asks how he plans on staying so against the Undertaker. First he speaks Russian before saying he’s looking forward to destroying the Undertaker then going to Survivor Series and disassembling Triple H!

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We gets some replays of Jeff Hardy attacking Miz and Morrison with chairs as JR and Tazz wonder what just happened with Jeff Hardy.

Backstage Jeff Hardy comes into Vickie’s office and asks if that was extreme enough for her because he knows about the deal with Vladimir Kozlov. If Kozlov doesn’t get the job done then he will! Vickie says she’ll give him credit by saying that was extreme but her and Kozlov have a deal. She says close but no cigar and then says that’s the story of his life before kicking him out!

Big Show’s music now hits and he comes out to the stage with a microphone. Big Show says he has a message for the Undertaker! He says he knows Taker is facing Vladimir Kozlov later tonight and all he has to say is save some for him! Big Show says he’s been thinking about Undertaker a lot lately and he figured out where he gets his power from! He gets his power from fear! When he tells some jerk they’ll burn in Hell then he freezes up and second guesses himself, giving him all the power! Big Show says that isn’t going to happen with him because he has no power over him! He’s beaten him twice by pounding him into the canvas. He knows Taker is made of flesh and blood before saying he’s not afraid of him! To prove it he’ll challenge him to a match in his own creepy, depraved little playground! At Survivor Series he’s challenging Undertaker to a Casket Match! When Big Show locks him into that air tight casket he suggests Undertaker practice real hard on holding his breath!

I usually don’t make reference of upcoming DVDs but Eddie Guerrero’s new DVD set is coming out next Tuesday which is shortly after the three year anniversary of his death. His death is still being felt today and I certainly miss watching him perform. I can’t wait to get this!

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Just For Men Hair Gel brings us the Smack of the Night which is a replay of The Great Khali kissing those two rather humungous women. I really didn’t need a replay. I guess it’s just to replay the fact that MVP attempted to attack him after the match.

MVP vs. The Great Khali

The Great Khali is a total face now. I kind of like it! The bell rings and Khali wants to lock up but MVP sneaks a punch in and then a kick. MVP then puts himself between the ropes and the referee keeps Khali away.

MVP comes out of the ropes and circles the ring before hitting another quick kick to Khali which does nothing but anger him! MVP circles and again hits a kick. Khali goes for a clothesline but MVP ducks it and hits a few punches to the face! MVP then goes into the ropes and runs into a clothesline from Khali! Khali then picks MVP up for a short arm clothesline and hits it!

Khali now has MVP in the corner and hits some stomps! Khali then hits two back elbows before getting admonished by Charles Robinson! Khali then tries to hit MVP in the corner but MVP gets out of the way and goes on the attack with punches and kicks! Robinson pulls him off but MVP runs back and stays on the attack! Charles Robinson forcibly removes him now! MVP now goes across the ring and charges but Khali hits him with a Brain Chop! Khali waits for MVP to get up and then hits his Khali Bomb for the win!

Winner by Pinfall: The Great Khali
Match Rating: *

Hurricane Helms pops up in the corner and says MVP was close before making a funny face. He’s just saying!

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Thirteen hours left until WrestleMania 25 tickets go on sale!

JR and Tazz talk about how great WrestleMania is and how wonderful WrestleMania 24 was, which was in Orlando!

Brie Bella vs. Victoria

Victoria has Natalya at ring side.

The bell rings and the ladies lock up. Victoria quickly gets a headlock on before hitting the takeover. Brie Bella then kicks out of it backwards. Impressive and hard to recap! Victoria then hits a kick to the midsection before getting a headlock on. Victoria again hits the takeover! Bella carries her over for a pin but only gets a one count! Bella eventually gets to her feet and twists it into a key lock on Victoria! Bella then hits an awkward looking head scissors takeover. Victoria quickly gets up and clotheslines her.

Victoria mounts Brie Bella and does the good old ground and pound. Victoria then does the reverse hangman’s (or hangwoman’s) using Bella’s hair! Victoria then gets her on her shoulders and hits her Spider’s Web for an EXTREMELY close near fall! Victoria steps on her and goes for her standing moonsault but Bella gets her knees up!

Bella comes back with some forearms and whips Victoria into the corner before following it up with a monkey flip. The fans don’t care. There’s a group of guys chanting “Nattie!” Bella comes with some more forearms and goes for another whip into the corner but Victoria counters. Bella tries to propel herself over Victoria but gets caught on Victoria’s shoulder and gets slammed to the mat! Victoria covers for a two and a half count! Victoria picks her up but Brie Bella hits an inside cradle for the upset win!

Winner by Pinfall: Brie Bella
Match Rating: ¾ *

Brie Bella goes to the outside but sees Victoria and Natalya boxing her in so she goes under the ring and gets her ankles caught by Natalya. On the other side of the corner Victoria has her by the arms and it looks like she’s “elastic”. Eventually both ladies pull and its TWO Brie Bellas! I never saw THAT coming! Wow… Anyway the Bella Twins throw them in the ring, hit stereo snapmares and then stereo sitout face busters!

Backstage Carlito and Primo are watching backstage. Carlito then says they’re twins and gets an excited look on his face! That’s cool!

We now get a highlight reel of John Cena’s first match against Kurt Angle. They mention this was when Kurt was on top of his game! Pot shot! They then show a recap of Cena rapping. That’s the Cena I love. Not the “JBL Likes Poopie” John Cena. They show the WrestleMania XX match against Big Show where he won the US Title. I was there. He’s returning at Survivor Series.

Up next is Undertaker vs. Vladimir Kozlov!

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The Smack of the Night is brought to us by Resistance 2. It’s the Undertaker defeating Chavo Guerrero in last week’s Casket Match!

Vladimir Kozlov makes his way to the ring. He looks quite intense.

Undertaker now makes his way to the ring and we get a recap that Big Show challenged him to a Casket Match at Survivor Series.

:::Commercial Break:::

Vladimir Kozlov vs. Undertaker

The bell rings and Undertaker is in fighting stance. They lock up and struggle a bit but Kozlov pushes Taker off! They lock up again and Taker pushes Kozlov off! They lock up a third time and Kozlov gets a headlock on the Dead Man! Undertaker backs Kozlov into the ropes and whips him but Kozlov comes off with a shoulder block! Undertaker quickly sits up! They lock up again and Undertaker gets Kozlov in a headlock! Kozlov pushes Undertaker into the ropes and Undertaker comes off with a HUGE shoulder block, leveling Kozlov!

Kozlov slowly gets up and circles the ring. They lock up and Undertaker wrenches Kozlov’s arm. Kozlov reverses this and hits a side kick to Undertaker’s midsection. Kozlov then goes into the ropes and comes off into a big boot from the Undertaker! Undertaker then clotheslines Kozlov over the top rope!!

Undertaker goes to the outside and bounces Kozlov’s face off the apron. Undertaker puts Kozlov on the apron and hits an elbow to the throat! Undertaker then gets on the apron and hits his trademark leg drop!!

Kozlov is in the corner now and kicks Undertaker twice as he approaches! Kozlov turns Undertaker and starts hitting shoulder thrusts to his midsection! Kozlov whips Taker into the opposite corner and charges but Undertaker clotheslines him down and gets a two count!!

Undertaker goes to send Kozlov into the ropes but he twists out and hits a belly to belly suplex on the Dead Man! Kozlov follows up with some huge punches before a few more shoulder thrusts in the corner. Kozlov continues punching but Undertaker comes back with some punches of his own! They trade off with punches until Kozlov gets a shoulder in Undertaker’s midsection and underhooks both arms before violently head-butting his chest! Kozlov then push kicks Undertaker down and gets a two count!!

Kozlov keeps on Taker with major punches in the corner! The referee backs him away and Undertaker capitalizes with punches in the corner and a big head-butt which stuns Undertaker as well! Kozlov now capitalizes with punches to the ribs and face! Undertaker is staggering around the ring as Kozlov continues the assault! Undertaker finally comes back with some HUGE punches and then whips Kozlov into the corner! Undertaker then hits a corner clothesline, hits snake eyes and goes for the big boot but Kozlov hits a HUGE powerslam on the Undertaker!! Kozlov crawls towards Undertaker and gets caught in the Devil’s Triangle (Gogoplata) but Kozlov gets the ropes!!

Jeff Hardy now enters the ring and hits Kozlov in the ribs with a steel chair, causing the disqualification! Kozlov is going to Survivor Series to meet Triple H for the WWE Championship!!

Winner by Disqualification: Vladimir Kozlov
Match Rating: * ¾

Hardy hits Kozlov across the back with the chair before hitting a bit whopper to his skull! Jeff Hardy then turns towards the Undertaker and levels him with a chair!! Undertaker sits up and Hardy runs to the back!!

Undertaker leaves the ring and he hears the result of the match and is upset! Undertaker comes back into the ring and Chokeslams Vladimir Kozlov!!

Jeff Hardy bursts into Vickie Guerrero’s office and says he’ll do what Vladimir Kozlov couldn’t do – next week he’ll take out the Undertaker if she makes the match EXTREME RULES!! Vickie books the match!! Smackdown ends with Undertaker doing his trademark pose!!

Quick Match Results

WWE United States Title: Shelton Benjamin def. R-Truth to retain
Ezekiel Jackson def. Jimmy Wang Yang
Miz & Morrison def. Triple H & Jeff Hardy via DQ
The Great Khali def. MVP
Brie Bella def. Victoria
Vladimir Kozlov def. Undertaker via DQ

Bump of the Night: Shelton Benjamin suplexing R-Truth ribs first on the top rope from the apron!!
Match of the Night: Shelton Benjamin vs. R-Truth ** ¼

Mike’s Thoughts

I just want to say one thing – it’s an amazing time to be an American right now! It’s an amazing time to be alive! Barack Obama is our President-Elect and I couldn’t be happier. Like him or not you have to admit this is just an amazing time to be living through and I can’t wait for January 20th to see what he can do for us! Change has arrived!

Smackdown was really good tonight! We didn’t have a three hour show like RAW did but I think we got a lot accomplished! Jeff Hardy is showing an extreme side that is really freshening him up again! I can’t wait for his match next week against Undertaker! I hope they add Hardy to the match at Survivor Series, making it a Triple Threat!

I’m glad Shelton Benjamin retained the US Title. It seemed like R-Truth was a little over with the crowd but he’s still not over with me. I just think he’s too corny. He still isn’t growing on me.

I guess they cut out Kung Fu Naki defeating Curt Hawkins (as stated in the Spoilers) for timing issues. Don’t worry – I didn’t miss it!

No Kizarny promo tonight. Hopefully they nixed the character!!

The Great Khali is a full blown face. I can’t believe it. The Kiss Cam segments are really gross but funny at the same time.

Super Crazy isn’t super stupid anymore – he finally saw the light and quit! Who cares if you get heat for it – good for you! Go perfect your craft in AAA!

I can’t wait for Sunday when Smackdown vs. Raw 2009 comes out! I know I’ve mentioned it before but I’m so excited! I already have mine reserved. Do you??

All in all it was a good Smackdown tonight and it’ll be even better when Smackdown comes to us from England next week!! It’ll be Undertaker vs. Jeff Hardy in an Extreme Rules match!!

Final Smackdown Rating: ** ½

As always I’d love to hear some feedback from everyone who reads this! What do you think of Jeff Hardy’s new edge?? Tell me! If you just want to talk wrestling then e-mail me! I look forward to hearing from you all!

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