Smackdown Results - 11/21/08 - Manchester, England

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On Saturday, November 22, 2008 at 4:42 AM EST

WWE Smackdown
November 21, 2008
Manchester, England
Report by: Mike Tedesco of

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…” The WWE video leads us into the show.

We open up the show with a video package highlighting last week’s episode. It shows the transition Jeff Hardy made to being even more extreme. The first highlight we see is Hardy putting Vladimir Kozlov through a table and tearing up the WWE Title contract. Then we see the highlights of the Undertaker vs. Jeff Hardy Extreme Rules match. That was a great match and Jeff Hardy won so this week it’ll be Triple H vs. Jeff Hardy and if Hardy wins he’ll get into the match at Survivor Series!

The Smackdown music and video play and then we’re brought into the arena in Manchester, England with a great pyrotechnics display! Jim Ross and Tazz welcome us to Smackdown and remind us we’re two days away from Survivor Series! Tonight we’ll see Triple H vs. Jeff Hardy in a non-title match and Undertaker will give Big Show his Last Rites!

R-Truth & Matt Hardy vs. Shelton Benjamin & Mark Henry

All of these men will be in the Survivor Series Elimination match featuring Batista’s team taking on Orton’s team.

The bell rings and Shelton Benjamin will start the match out for his team against R-Truth. R-Truth goes in for a lock up but Benjamin gets a quick knee to his midsection and clubs R-Truth to the corner where they fight for a bit. R-Truth starts making a comeback with some furious rights leaving Benjamin dazed against the ropes. R-Truth gets an Irish whip on Benjamin and takes him down with a back elbow. R-Truth wrenches Benjamin’s left arm and tags in ECW Champion Matt Hardy.

Both men Irish whip Benjamin and knock him down with a pair of back elbows. Hardy makes the cover for a one count. Hardy locks a hammerlock on Benjamin and throws him shoulder first into his corner. Hardy wrenches the arm again and tags in R-Truth.

R-Truth hits Benjamin with a few punches before hitting a snapmare. R-Truth locks on a seated abdominal stretch and Hardy gets the crowd going on the apron. Benjamin gets to his feet and R-Truth converts it to a headlock. Benjamin backs him into the ropes, whips him off and takes R-Truth down with a forearm smash. Benjamin hits a snapmare followed by a lateral press for a two count. Benjamin now gets a chin lock on R-Truth. R-Truth gets to his feet and elbows out. R-Truth goes into the ropes, ducks a clothesline from Benjamin and takes him down with a nice dropkick! R-Truth covers for a two count. R-Truth wrenches Benjamin’s arm and tags in Matt Hardy.

Both men now whip Benjamin into the ropes and take him down with a double hip toss! They now wait for Benjamin to get up and they double clothesline him over the top rope! The crowd mildly approves (they seem kind of dead) as we go to a commercial break.

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We come back from the break to see Hardy putting Benjamin in a hammerlock and holding it in. Benjamin hits two elbows to Hardy’s face and goes into the ropes but gets taken down by a back elbow followed by an elbow drop. Hardy now signals for a Twist of Fate but this crowd hardly responds at all (this is their second taping after all). Hardy goes for the Twist of Fate but Benjamin pushes him off into Mark Henry who hits him with a hard forearm in the corner! Hardy is on his knees and Benjamin DDTs him! Benjamin covers but only gets a two count! Benjamin now tags in the World’s Strongest Man!

Mark Henry comes in and stomps on Matt Hardy. Henry picks him up and hits a hard club to the back, knocking Hardy down! Henry picks him up again and head-butts him down! Henry then hits two Greg “The Hammer” Valentine-esq forearms to the chest before making the cover for a two count! Henry picks Hardy up who’s trying to fight back with some punches to the midsection but gets head-butted down again by the former Sexual Chocolate! Henry stands on Hardy’s chest for a few seconds before tagging in the Gold Standard!

Henry stands on Hardy for a few more seconds as Benjamin gets in a quick stomp. Benjamin now picks Hardy up, sizes him up and lays him out with a big right hand to the face! Benjamin now gets on Hardy’s back and locks in a pretty brutal looking chin lock. Hardy gets to his knees and tries to punch out but Benjamin mauls him with punches and kicks, killing a possible comeback! Benjamin covers him for a two count! Hardy tries to get to R-Truth but Benjamin grabs him by the leg and holds him down as he tags in Mark Henry, who comes in and kicks Hardy in the ribs!

Henry rakes Hardy’s face with the bottom of his boot before picking him up and hitting him with a body shot! Henry clubs Hardy’s back and hits a nice scoop slam on him. Henry covers Hardy for a two count. Henry picks Hardy up, Irish whips him but Hardy ducks the clothesline and comes off the ropes looking for something but instead gets locked in the dreaded bear hug! Hardy makes an attempt to punch out but Henry just squeezes tighter. Henry then picks Hardy up and slams him into the turnbuckle! Henry goes to do the same thing but Hardy rolls down for a pin but Henry holds on to the ropes! Henry then goes for a jumping butt splash but Hardy gets out of the way and Henry crashes to the mat! Both men now crawl to their partners and both make the tag!

R-Truth enters and ducks a clothesline from Benjamin and hits him with one of his own – then another and another! R-Truth has a whip to the corner reversed on him but he catapults over Benjamin and does a neat little cartwheel! R-Truth avoids a clothesline from Benjamin by doing the splits and then takes him down with a flipping roundhouse kick! R-Truth punches Benjamin but has an Irish whip reversed on him but he counters with a wheelbarrow into a bulldog for a one count which is broken up by Mark Henry with a really weak looking kick! The referee admonishes Mark Henry back to the apron.

Both men get up and R-Truth hits Benjamin with a kick to the midsection. R-Truth goes for the Scissors Kick but Benjamin counters with a Samoan Drop! Matt Hardy now runs in and baseball slides into Henry’s legs, knocking him off the apron! Benjamin now goes to attack Hardy who is on the apron but Hardy punches him back! Henry tries to pull him off the apron now but Hardy kicks him off and into Tony Atlas, who takes a big spill! Matt Hardy now hits a crossbody from the apron to the outside on Mark Henry, taking him down!

In the ring Benjamin goes to hit R-Truth with a corner splash but R-Truth gets out of the way and Benjamin hits nothing but the turnbuckle! R-Truth immediately follows up by going into the ropes and hitting his 360 diving elbow! R-Truth now signals to the crowd and hits the Scissors Kick for the win!

Winners by Pinfall: R-Truth & Matt Hardy
Match Rating: ** ¼

R-Truth and Matt Hardy celebrate the big win in the ring as JR and Tazz discuss the Survivor Series match. JR then mentions one man who can’t wait to get to Survivor Series is John Cena. Oh great – another long Cena video.

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We come back from the break with a shot outside the Manchester United football club stadium. They’re definitely my favorite soccer team.

Eve Torres is backstage with Triple H. She wants to know his thoughts on facing Jeff Hardy this evening and the possibility of facing him and Vladimir Kozlov at Survivor Series. Triple H doesn’t respond and looks like he’s staring at her boobs. Triple H says he knows this is inappropriate but he wants to know if they’re real! Eve says they are. Triple H said he only asked because they’re so big, round and magnificent! Triple H then asks if he could touch them and Eve says of course so Triple H touches her pearl necklace and says they’re nice! Didn’t see that coming…

Triple H now talks about Jeff Hardy and Vladimir Kozlov. Triple H says there’s a big difference between thinking something and being something. For a long time now Jeff Hardy has been thinking he’s considered the best and so has Vladimir Kozlov. The difference between them and him is he KNOWS he’s the best! Vladimir Kozlov now walks up to Triple H and says his days as WWE Champion are coming to an end and to say goodbye! Triple H stares at him angrily as he walks away and then Triple H says Kozlov couldn’t take his eyes off them either, meaning the pearls.

Backstage Maria (with some hideous red hair) is talking to a comatose Festus. Maria says she’s really disappointed about her match against Michelle McCool but she looks at it as her being one step closer to becoming Diva’s Champion. She then says Festus is a great listener. Miz and Morrison now enter the room! Miz says he hopes they aren’t interrupting anything important but they just wanted to wish Festus good luck in his match tonight! Miz then pinches Festus’s cheeks and slaps his face a few times! Morrison says hi to Maria and says that he saw some really hot photos of her on and that she’s very photogenic. Maria thanks him. Morrison says it’s hard to believe what they can do with airbrushing these days! Miz says some girls are all show and no go but that’s not the case with Maria and Festus knows what he’s talking about and he slaps his chest hard a few times! Morrison says he doesn’t bring girls like Maria home to the Palace of Wisdom but that doesn’t mean she can’t dream about it! They walk away but not before Miz gives Festus a Wet Willy!!

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AutoZone brings us a replay from Monday night which saw Miz and Morrison defeat Shawn Michaels and Rey Mysterio!

Miz & Morrison vs. Jesse & Festus

The bell rings and Festus makes his transformation. He immediately goes after Miz who bolts out of the ring! Morrison capitalizes and hits Festus with some punches and kicks in the corner! Morrison goes to whip Festus into the other corner but Festus reverses it and then charges but runs into Morrison’s boot! Morrison approaches Festus and gets leveled with a HUGE uppercut! Festus bounces Morrison’s head off the top turnbuckle and hits a whole bunch of body shots before tagging in Jesse!

Jesse gets whipped by Festus into Morrison and then throws him down! Jesse covers for a one count. Jesse hits a punch and Irish whips Morrison into the ropes. Morrison ducks a clothesline and jumps onto the second rope and comes off with a BIG roundhouse kick to the face! Morrison drags Jesse to his corner and tags in the Miz!

Miz comes in and hits that unique corner clothesline on Jesse! Miz spends some time looking at the crowd before realizing that Jesse is moving towards Festus so he elbow drops him! Miz now locks on a chin lock! Jesse is able to get to his feet and attempt to elbow out but Miz hits a punch and goes for a suplex but Jesse floats out of it and rolls to Festus and makes the tag!

Festus comes in like a house on fire, knocking Miz down with some haymakers! Festus whips Miz into the corner and hits his running butt bump followed by his huge shoulder tackle! Festus then turns around and punches Morrison off the apron, then turns around and takes Miz’s head off with a bicycle kick! Festus is now getting the crowd pumped up but on the outside Morrison rings the bell and Festus goes back to being comatose! Jesse runs in to make the save but Miz intercepts him and throws him out of the ring! Festus is just standing in the middle of the ring when Miz turns his attention to him and slaps him in the face!! Miz then hits the Reality Check and pins Festus for the win!!

Winners by Pinfall: Miz & Morrison
Match Rating: * ½

Miz kicks Jesse as he’s coming back in the ring. Morrison then picks him up and hits the Moonlight Drive, kicking Festus in the face when he completes the flip!! Miz and Morrison then walk away from the ring with the ring bell!! At the top of the ramp they ring the bell again, making Festus chase wildly after them!!

Coming up next it will be Triple H vs. Jeff Hardy!!

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We see a highlight package of the Smackdown/ECW tour of Europe. They went everywhere from France to Belgium to Germany to England! What a brutal tour it must have been. Jim Ross says that WWE is America’s greatest export. I agree. Just not it’s biggest stock!

Jeff Hardy vs. Triple H

This is a non-title match. If Jeff Hardy wins then the WWE Championship match at Survivor Series will become a Triple Threat Match involving him!

The bell rings and they just stand at opposite corners of the ring. Jeff Hardy gets the fans into it a little bit before offering his hand for Triple H to shake. Triple H goes for it and Hardy pulls him into a kick in the midsection and punches him into the corner!! Referee Scott Armstrong backs him away and Hardy returns with some kicks. Hardy goes for an Irish whip but Triple H whips him instead. Hardy goes to catapult over Triple H however he’s caught but Hardy uses this to his advantage and hits a head scissors takedown on the WWE Champion! Hardy clotheslines Triple H in the corner and hits some more punches until Armstrong backs him away again!

Triple H rolls outside to take a breather. Jeff Hardy won’t allow this as he gets on the apron and hits a diving clothesline!! Hardy gets him back in the ring, hits a double leg takedown and hits the double leg drop to the groin/abdomen!! Hardy hits a basement dropkick for a two count!! Hardy goes into the ropes and clotheslines Triple H down! He does it again for the same result! Triple H crawls wildly over to the corner and Hardy stays on him with punches! The referee backs him away again. Hardy goes for his slingshot dropkick but Triple H rolls out of the way and Hardy crashes to the mat hard!

Triple H goes for a Pedigree but Hardy sweeps the legs and hits a catapult into the turnbuckle! Hardy follows this up with a Russian Leg Sweep and goes to the top rope for a Swanton Bomb! Triple H rolls across the ring so Jeff Hardy gets off the top rope. Jeff Hardy charges for Triple H, ducks a clothesline and goes for a diving clothesline but Triple H ducks and Jeff crashes to the mat and the momentum takes him out of the ring!

:::Commercial Break:::

We come back form the break to see Triple H kicking Hardy’s head and dropping knees on it! During the break Triple H bounced Hardy’s head off the steel ring post and has been concentrating on the head ever since! Triple H picks Jeff Hardy up and hits a huge punch to the face, sending him back into the turnbuckle. Triple H then hits a really hard Irish whip into the corner and Hardy collapses to the mat! Triple H picks him up and does it again but this time he covers and gets a two and a half count! Triple H picks Hardy up and hits a nice backbreaker for a two count! Triple H picks Hardy up again but Hardy comes back with some punches and goes into the ropes only to get taken down by a HUGE clothesline from Triple H! Triple H covers for a two and a half count!

Triple H now picks Hardy up and locks him in an abdominal stretch. Hardy stays in it for a bit before punching out, going into the ropes and getting trapped in it again! Triple H really wrenches it in this time! Hardy punches out of it again and Irish whips Triple H who comes off the ropes and hits a face buster on him! Triple H covers for a very CLOSE two and a half count!!

Triple H picks Hardy up and Hardy reverses the momentum with his signature sitout jawbreaker! Both men are down now and the referee isn’t counting for some reason... They get up and Hardy goes into the ropes and gets absolutely KILLED with a Double A Spinebuster!! Triple H is now sizing Hardy up and goes for a Pedigree but Hardy hits a back body drop!! Hardy picks himself up and scales the ropes and comes off with Whisper in the Wind!! Hardy crawls to the other corner and hits another Whisper in the Wind!! Hardy covers for a two and a half count!! Hardy now comes back with a whole bunch of right hands!! Hardy whips Triple H but he gets reversed but Hardy comes off the ropes with his swinging neckbreaker!! Hardy covers for a CLOSE two and a half count!! Hardy goes for a kick but it’s blocked so he hits his patented mule kick, sending Triple H into the corner in the seated position allowing Hardy to hit his slingshot dropkick!! Hardy covers and again gets a CLOSE two and a half count!! Hardy whips Triple H into the corner and he flips over the top rope!!

Triple H is on the outside crawling around when Hardy comes out, punches him and bounces his head off the table!! Triple H gets back in the ring and Hardy slingshots himself over the top rope and hits a leg drop!! Hardy covers for a two and a half count!! Hardy signals for a Twist of Fate but Triple H punches him into the ropes but Hardy ducks the clothesline and hits his sitout Falcon’s Arrow! Hardy goes up to the top rope and comes off with the Swanton Bomb but Triple H rolls out of the way!! Both men are down and hurting!

The crowd is booing now as Vladimir Kozlov is making his way down to the ring! Kozlov gets on the apron and Triple H punches him off!! Hardy follows up with a senton over the top rope on Kozlov!! Triple H pulls Hardy up to the apron, goes to suplex him into the ring but Hardy drops down and rolls him up for the HUGE win!!!

Winner by Pinfall: Jeff Hardy
Match Rating: ***

The WWE Championship Match at Survivor Series is now a Triple Threat Match involving Jeff Hardy!! Triple H is a little stunned at what just happened but he shakes Hardy’s hand. They both turn around into a big double clothesline from Vladimir Kozlov! Kozlov now has Triple H in the corner and is killing him with elbows! Hardy tries to fight Kozlov but he gets caught with a big fallaway slam! Triple H then comes into a huge Battering Ram Head-Butt!! Kozlov then throws Triple H into the ropes and hits a powerslam with ease!! Kozlov looks intense as he poses for the crowd!!

Still to come tonight is Undertaker giving Big Show his last rites!

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Did you know that beats every broadcast network website in monthly page views including,, and They’ll probably be beat for November because of the election but did they know I couldn’t give two you know whats?

Backstage The Brian Kendrick is walking with Ezekiel, who is dressed to perform. The Kendrick is laughing when all of a sudden he’s stopped by some guy who says he can’t go down that way and will have to go around! The Kendrick slaps the cup out of his hand, laughs at him and keeps walking!

Carlito & Primo vs. The Brian Kendrick & Ezekiel Jackson

Gregory Helms pops up in the corner and says he’s not one to talk about dancing but does Koko B. Ware know he’s doing the bird? He’s just saying. This is another non-title match!

The bell rings and The Kendrick starts the match out against Primo, who’s sporting a dirty looking mustache. They lock up and Primo gets The Kendrick in the corner. The referee tries to make Primo make a clean break but Primo instead punches him down a few times before mouthing off to Ezekiel! The Kendrick now hits Primo with some punches however his Irish whip is reversed but he’s able to hit a diving head to the midsection followed by a stiff kick to the face! The Kendrick hits another kick but Primo punches him in the midsection and bounces his head off the top turnbuckle in his corner. Primo now tags in his brother!

Carlito bounces The Kendrick’s head off the top turnbuckle and hits some punches and a lot of kicks! Carlito whips The Kendrick and takes him down with a back elbow! The Kendrick frantically gets to his corner and tags in the big man Ezekiel Jackson!

Carlito tries hitting some punches but to no avail as Ezekiel digs a knee into his midsection and clubs him down a few times! Ezekiel gets Carlito on his shoulder and goes for Snake Eyes but Carlito slides off and pushes him into the corner where he hits a few rights and lefts! Ezekiel grabs him by the neck and throws him into the corner but Carlito gets a boot in his face when he charges! Carlito runs out of the corner and gets taken down by a shoulder block! Ezekiel then picks Carlito up and hits a scoop slam! Ezekiel now tags in The Brian Kendrick!

The Kendrick comes over the top rope and hits a stomp to the chest! The Kendrick then goes into the ropes and hits a big knee to the face followed by a huge, stiff kick to the back of Carlito! The Kendrick now pulls both of Carlito’s arms back in a submission attempt. Primo is trying to get the crowd into it. Carlito gets to his feet and hits a knee to the midsection! Carlito goes for a back drop but The Kendrick flips and lands on his feet and goes for a big kick but Carlito rolls away and tags in Primo!

Primo comes in and rolls under a clothesline from The Kendrick and hits Ezekiel on the apron! Primo then takes The Kendrick down with a clothesline and then another! Primo has his Irish whip reversed on him but it’s to his advantage because he comes off the ropes with a nice back elbow! Primo does a cartwheel and dropkicks The Kendrick down! Primo whips The Kendrick into the corner and hits a monkey flip! The Kendrick goes into the ropes again and they botch a wheelbarrow attempt but Primo saves it by carrying it through to a variation of the German Suplex!! Primo covers but it’s broken up by Ezekiel Jackson!!

Carlito comes in and tries to make the save by going after Ezekiel! Carlito punches him against the ropes and charges but Ezekiel presses him over his head and then throws him to the outside!! Ezekiel then drags The Kendrick to his corner, gets on the apron and tags himself in! Ezekiel then hits a Uranage on Primo and covers him for the pin!

Winners by Pinfall: The Brian Kendrick & Ezekiel Jackson
Match Rating: * ½

We see some replays and then see The Kendrick in his jacket dancing like he won this thing himself!

Still to come: Big Show gets his Last Rites from Undertaker!

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Oh great it’s time for a stupid Kizarny promo. I won’t even comment because this sucks a lot.

We see a city street in London. It is apparently raining there as usual!

We now get a rundown of the entire Big Show vs. Undertaker feud. It hasn’t been too horrible. A little cheesy – ok, a lot cheesy – but still it wasn’t bad. Hopefully it all ends at Survivor Series.

We now get this wild Jeff Hardy promo from backstage. He asks Kozlov if he’s going to kick his heart out of his chest and he asks Triple H if he’s going to keep that brass ring from him. Hardy says he doesn’t think so because this Sunday he’s going to get exactly what he wants from him! I liked it – short and sweet!

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Tazz thanks AC/DC for the use of the song “Spoilin’ for a Fight” which is the official theme song for Survivor Series!

MVP vs. James Mason

MVP is coming down to the ring smiling because this is a local jobber from Great Britain.

The bell rings and MVP sits on the ropes and offers to let Mason leave the ring! Mason declines so they lock up and MVP takes him down and covers for a two count! MVP mounts him from behind and hits some nasty crossfaces! MVP gets a one count. MVP whips Mason into the ropes and stuns him with a punch before going into the ropes and hitting a Drive By Kick!

The Great Khali’s music now hits, distracting MVP for the second week in a row!! MVP clotheslines Mason down and continues watching Khali instead of going for a cover. MVP mouths off to Khali and is rolled up by the jobber and pinned! My how the mighty have fallen!

Winner by Pinfall: James Mason
Match Rating: ¼ *

MVP is furious and chases James Mason out of the ring!! MVP leans over the top rope yelling at Khali and he hits the Brain Chop from the outside!! Some in the crowd are chanting Khali as he goes to the back!! This is the end of MVP’s grace period for getting that one final win. He now apparently has to give back the millions of dollars in signing bonus! Gregory Helms pops up in the corner and says he’s running out of things to say. He’s just saying!

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The RAW Rebound is brought to us by WWE Mobile. The Randy Orton vs. CM Punk match is highlighted. It was a good match.

Brie & Nikki Bella vs. Natalya & Victoria

One of the Bella girls locks up with Victoria. Victoria throws Bella down! They lock up again and Victoria wrenches the arm now! Bella rolls to reverse the pressure and wrenches Victoria’s arm now! Victoria goes for a punch but it’s blocked and Bella wrenches the arm before climbing up to the top rope and coming off with an arm drag. Bella hits a kick to the midsection of Victoria and gets a front face lock on her as her sister tags in.

The Bella Twins do a summersault with Victoria’s legs tied up with their legs and Victoria gets slammed. It wasn’t a bad move. Victoria is covered for a two count. Victoria reverses a move and slams Bella into her corner and tags in Natalya.

Natalya comes in and rakes her face along the top rope! Bella no sells this and gets in Natalya’s face so Natalya slaps her. Bella slaps back. Bella hits a sunset flip but only gets a one count. She then hits their “unique” snapmare.

Bella tags in her sister who comes in and hits the snapmare as well. The sister tags the other sister back in who runs into the ropes and gets kicked in the back of the head by Victoria! The other Bella Twin gets in Victoria’s face as Natalya slams her sister’s face on the mat! Natalya hits a forearm and bounces her face off Victoria’s boot before tagging her back in.

Victoria comes in and hits her Spider’s Web! Victoria goes for a single leg Boston Crab but the Bella girl crawls through and tags in the other. Tazz says this one is Nikki. Nikki comes in and knocks Natalya off the apron and hits two dropkicks and a monkey flip on Victoria. Victoria is in the corner and gets a big corner clothesline. Victoria gets a quick kick to the midsection and is able to hit the Widow’s Peak but it’s broken up by Brie Bella! Natalya has the referee distracted as Brie moves Nikki to the apron! Brie Bella now gets a crucifix on Victoria and pins her!

Winners by Pinfall: Brie & Nikki Bella
Match Rating: *

The Bella Twins celebrate their first win as a tag team.

Up next is Undertaker giving Big Show his last rites!

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The bell tolls and the blue lights come on. In the ring is a black carpet and a casket in the center. Undertaker isn’t in the casket tonight as he’s making his way down to the ring. Undertaker gets in the ring and feels the casket. The fans are finally alive when they see the Dead Man. Ironic!

Undertaker says to Big Show at the Survivor Series they will settle their differences with a casket in a Casket Match. Undertaker tells us to behold the casket and to gaze at its beauty. But as Big Show gazes at its beauty he must realize it’s his final resting place. As he stares at it he must prepare his soul for the final journey because once he confines him to this brass prison his debt will be paid. His sins against mankind will be paid in full.

Undertaker continues on but is interrupted by Big Show’s music! He is walking down to the ring looking a little intimidated. He is accompanied by Chavo and Vickie Guerrero. Big Show says that might scare some people but not him. He’s beaten him twice and knocked him out. Because he’s not afraid of him he has no power. Big Show says he does believe in power and hold up his fist. Big Show says this is the power that will put him in the casket but stalls the sentence when Undertaker opens it up!

All of a sudden the bell rings and the lights go out!! When they come back on Vickie is in the ring and Undertaker has her by the throat!!! Big Show wants to go in but doesn’t and Undertaker puts her in the casket and slams the lid shut!!!

Chavo is on the Big Show to get in the ring and do something so Big Show throws him in instead!! Undertaker takes Chavo, puts him in the corner and hits a whole bunch of punches! As this is going on Big Show gets in the ring, nervously opens the casket and gets Vickie out! Undertaker now hits a Tombstone Piledriver on Chavo Guerrero and throws him into the casket and slams it shut!! Big Show looks terrified as the blue lights come back on and Smackdown ends!!

Quick Match Results

R-Truth* & Matt Hardy def. Shelton Benjamin* & Mark Henry
Miz* & Morrison def. Jesse & Festus*
Jeff Hardy def. Triple H (non-title)
The Brian Kendrick & Ezekiel Jackson* def. Carlito & Primo* (non-title)
James Mason def. MVP
Brie* & Nikki Bella def. Natalya & Victoria*

Bump of the Night: Ezekiel Jackson press slamming Carlito over the top rope!

Match of the Night: Jeff Hardy def. Triple H ***

Mike’s Thoughts

A really good episode of Smackdown tonight! Well the first hour was at least! You could definitely tell that this was a second taping. Everyone who wrestled on last week’s show seemed a little lag and the crowd was definitely dead. I must commend WWE on not adding in a lot of ridiculous crowd sound. There wasn’t much sound from them but when they did make sound it made you watch a little closer. Still the first hour of the show was excellent and the second hour was so-so.

Jeff Hardy has had the greatest two weeks of his career. He’s been amazing. He wrestled that grueling match against the Undertaker last week and won and this week he defeated Triple H to get into the Survivor Series main event! In actuality he wrestled the Undertaker and Triple H matches within an hour of one another and he was still able to have amazing matches! It’s also a compliment to his dance partners because Undertaker and Triple H can go! I’m really excited for the WWE Championship Match this Sunday at Survivor Series! WWE sold me!

One guy who has consistently impressed me who I haven’t mentioned before is Matt Hardy. Watching this guy wrestle tonight and remembering his match last week – it’s truly amazing that he was wrestling both matches with a hyper-extended knee suffered the day before! The guy is a true workhorse – he injures his knee taping ECW and then he does a double taping of Smackdown! WOW! Matt Hardy rules and totally deserves the ECW Championship.

The second half of Smackdown was really so-so – actually borderline brutal. I wish they’d do something bigger with MVP then jobbing to jobbers. Come on – he’s better than this! I want to see more of MVP now that this signing bonus deal is done.

All in all it was a good go home show for Survivor Series and I’m looking forward to the big show on Sunday!

Final Smackdown Rating: ** ¼

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Enjoy Survivor Series 2008 as well!

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