Smackdown Results - 11/28/08 - Albany, NY

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On Saturday, November 29, 2008 at 8:53 AM EST

WWE Smackdown
November 28, 2008
Albany. NY
Report by: Mike Tedesco of

No WWE introduction video this week as we just go right into a recap of what happened at Survivor Series. They start off with Tazz and JR talking about how Jeff Hardy was found unconscious in one of the stupidest and most disgusting angles of this year. For more on that see Mike’s Thoughts. We then go to the brutal Triple H vs. Vladimir Kozlov match that would become a Triple Threat match involving a very hairy Edge. Edge would Spear Triple H and go for the cover but Jeff Hardy makes a miraculous recovery and breaks it up only to miss a chair shot on Edge and hit Triple H instead. Jeff Hardy gets Speared and Edge pins Triple H for the cover. Edge is our new WWE Champion.

No pyrotechnics as we go right to the ring to see Vickie Guerrero introduce a man making his dramatic return; a man who has overcome extraordinary obstacles; a man who just happens to be her husband and the new WWE Champion – Edge!

Edge comes out with that skanky beard and looking all crazy with the WWE Championship. There is security surrounding the ring. Edge gets in the ring and Vickie holds her arms out for a hug which Edge gives her enthusiastically to the chagrin of the Albany crowd. There’s a fan holding up a sign reading “Edge: Newest member of ZZ Top.” Whoever you are, if you’re reading this, nicely done, sir. Edge now holds up the WWE Title to further upset the fans in attendance.

Vickie says she promised a Triple Threat Match at Survivor Series and that’s exactly what she delivered and it’s all thanks to the love of her life, Edge. Edge thanks her and says the truth is he wasn’t ready to come back. He’s not even 100% healthy right now! However he woke up early in the morning on the day of Survivor Series to read what was going on with Jeff Hardy and realized he had to take action into his own hands. Why? Because we all know Jeff Hardy’s history! He has a history of letting people down. He doesn’t have the same gumption and tenacity that someone like him, a true champion, has!

Edge says that everyone thinks that the WWE Championship is his only motivation but that couldn’t be further from the truth – he didn’t want to let Vickie down. He did all of this for her! Vickie thanks her baby and for being her knight in shining armor. She thanks him for being her hero and for saving her from the irresponsibility of Jeff Hardy! The crowd boos loudly and she excuses herself. She says what happened with Jeff Hardy is still under investigation. She says we’re all waiting for Jeff Hardy to return to the ring as soon as he’s cleared to compete.

Vickie’s going to be honest with us now – this isn’t the first time that Jeff has screwed up. He screwed up by not showing up for his match at Survivor Series and then he screwed up again by showing up late for the match. The crowd is chanting for Hardy now and Edge says they can chant all they want but they know all Hardy does is screw up big!

At this point Jeff Hardy makes a mad dash for the ring with all kinds of weird paint all over his face! He’s stopped by the security guards but puts up a good fight! All of a sudden the former WWE Champion Triple H runs down, knocks down Hardy and is stopped by the security guards before he gets in the ring!

Now Vladimir Kozlov pops up from behind and says no more games – he’s here to be Champion and beat Edge up right now! Vickie now excuses herself. She says she anticipated that everyone would want to get their hands on Edge’s championship so she set up three Beat the Clock matches featuring Vladimir Kozlov, Triple H and Jeff Hardy! Whoever wins by pinfall or submission in the shortest time will face Edge for the WWE Title at Armageddon. She tells Jeff Hardy not to go anywhere because his match is next! I guess he’s all of a sudden cleared to compete…

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Beat the Clock Challenge
Jeff Hardy vs. The Brian Kendrick w/ Ezekiel Jackson

Ezekiel takes off The Brian Kendrick’s nifty red jacket and leaves the ring. Charles Robinson rings the bell and this match is on! More than 15 seconds pass before Jeff Hardy goes to lock up but The Brian Kendrick just ducks him and taunts a little bit! The Kendrick runs around the ring for a few, avoiding Hardy. The Kendrick then goes for a kick which Hardy ducks and Hardy does a quick roll up for a two count! The Kendrick pops up and goes for a clothesline which Jeff Hardy counters into a backslide pin for a two count! Hardy kicks him in the midsection and gets him in a small package for another two count! At the 59 second mark The Kendrick gets out of the ring for a breather which doesn’t make Jeff Hardy happy!

Jeff Hardy gets out of the ring and Ezekiel Jackson gets in his face as The Kendrick taunts from behind. Hardy gets back in the ring at 1:20 and waits for The Kendrick. The Kendrick finally gets in the ring at 1:38 and finally locks up with Hardy who gets a few punches in before bouncing his head off the top turnbuckle! Hardy hits a nice suplex and covers for a two count!

We’re at the 2:00 mark and The Kendrick tries to get out of the ring but Hardy pulls him back in and drops a leg on him! Hardy covers and gets a one count. Hardy picks him up, hits a snapmare and covers but The Kendrick kicks out before a count is made. Hardy now has a nice chinlock on The Kendrick as JR points out the bandage on Hardy’s neck from the “attack.” Hardy now picks him up, kicks him in the midsection and has an Irish whip reversed on him. The Kendrick leap frogs him and goes for a monkey flip but Hardy grabs his legs and hits the painful looking compactor on him for a two count at 2:45! Hardy now hits an inverted atomic drop and does his trademark double leg drop to the midsection! Hardy covers at the 3:00 mark for a two count!

The Kendrick is now pulling himself up on the ropes so Jeff Hardy grabs him and starts punching and kicking him! Hardy sends him into the ropes and hits a nice back body drop! The Kendrick then rolls out of the ring at 3:27! Interestingly enough they show a big shot of the arena and we see a cage hanging over the ring even though there isn’t one advertised this week! Could that be for the next taping that took place immediately after this one?! The Kendrick complains to JR and Tazz but Jeff Hardy has had enough and punches The Kendrick from behind and throws him back in the ring at 3:53!

Hardy hits a body slam and covers for a two count at 4:04! Hardy hits a falling scoop slam for a two count again! Hardy goes for a whip in the corner but The Kendrick reverses and its Hardy in the corner but Hardy gets an elbow in The Kendrick’s face when he charges! Hardy now goes for Whisper in the Wind but The Kendrick crotches him! The Kendrick then hits a sick neckbreaker with Hardy still on the top rope at 4:44!! Ouch!! The Kendrick is letting the clock tick down as we go to a commercial break!

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We come back from the break at 7:34 to see Hardy being put in a neck vice! During the break The Kendrick kicked Hardy right in his bandaged up neck! We get to the 8:00 mark and Hardy is starting to gain momentum. Hardy gets up and starts punching but The Kendrick gets a knee in the midsection and attempts a suplex but Hardy reverses it into an inside cradle for a two count! The Kendrick now pulls Hardy face first into the second turnbuckle. The Kendrick lays Hardy’s head across the bottom rope and starts illegally choking him, which he breaks at the four count! The Kendrick now taunts a little bit as Hardy appears loopy, selling the attack from Sunday. The Kendrick puts his foot on Hardy’s throat for a few seconds before getting him in a rear chin lock at the 8:50 mark.

We get to 9:00 and there’s no sign of a Hardy comeback yet. At 9:15 The Kendrick transforms it into a Cobra Clutch! Maggots! We’re at 9:30 and Hardy gets The Kendrick on his back and backs him hard into the corner a few times, breaking the hold! The Kendrick now charges and Jeff Hardy flapjacks him throat first onto the top rope! Unfortunately Hardy is too weak to go for the cover and we’re at the 10:00 mark! Hardy ducks a clothesline at 10:18 and gets The Kendrick on the top rope and puts him in the Tree of Woe position before hitting his slingshot dropkick!! Hardy covers at 10:39 for a two and a half count!!

We’re at the 11:00 mark and Jeff Hardy hits his sitout falcon’s arrow for a two and a half count!! Hardy taunts to the crowd to let him know he’s ok and goes for a Twist of Fate but The Kendrick pushes him off! Hardy punches him and hits Whisper in the Wind at 11:35!! Hardy covers and The Kendrick gets his foot on the ropes at the two count!!

Ezekiel Jackson now goes to pull The Kendrick out of the ring but Hardy hits a baseball slide on him, knocking him away!! Hardy hits an alley-oop bomb on The Kendrick at the 12:00 mark and goes for the top rope!! Hardy hits the Swanton Bomb and covers The Kendrick for the win at 12:13!!

Winner by Pinfall at 12:13: Jeff Hardy
Match Rating: ** ½

Hardy doesn’t look happy about his time. The time to beat is 12:13 and Vladimir Kozlov will attempt to beat that when he faces the ECW Champion and Jeff’s brother, Matt Hardy!! The third Beat the Clock Challenge will be Triple H vs. Shelton Benjamin!!

Eve Torres is backstage with Matt Hardy. She wants to know his thoughts going into the Beat the Clock Challenge. Hardy wants to address what Edge and Vickie said earlier. Hardy says that Jeff has made some mistakes in the past but he knows that Edge and Vickie were responsible for what happened to Jeff last Sunday. They took away his opportunity to be WWE Champion but he’s going to do everything in his power to make sure Jeff gets his opportunity again! Hardy then goes off to prepare!

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Tazz thanks AC/DC for the use of the song “Spoilin’ For a Fight,” the official theme song of Survivor Series. We now get a rundown of the Undertaker vs. Big Show feud and highlights from the Casket Match at Survivor Series. If Big Show is so afraid of caskets why did he challenge Undertaker to a Casket Match? Oh well – it’s been 18 great years with the Undertaker so far!

JR and Tazz talk about the huge Main Event that has been signed for next week – Undertaker vs. Big Show in a Steel Cage Match!! We see the cage hanging over the ring and then we go to Smackdown vs. Raw 2009 to see what could possibly happen next week! There’s no winner – they just go back and forth.

The Diva’s now make their entrance and they’ll be having a Six Diva Tag Match next!

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The Bella Twins & Michelle McCool vs. Maryse, Natalya & Victoria

Michelle McCool will start the match out for her team and Victoria will start it out for hers. The bell rings and these two ladies lock up. McCool throws Victoria down and gets a nice arm drag followed by a standing arm bar on Victoria.

McCool tags in one of The Bella Twins who comes off the top rope with a double axe handle to the arm! Bella hits a monkey flip on the former WWE Women’s Champion followed by her unique snapmare. Bella gets an arm wrench on Victoria and the other Bella twin tags in. The Bella Twins do a summersault with Victoria’s legs wrapped around them, slamming her! Bella covers for a two count! Victoria now gets some offense and goes for her Spider’s Web but Bella counters with a roll up for a two count! Bella goes for the unique snapmare again but Victoria counters it into a nasty slam! Victoria puts the boots to her before slamming her head off the top turnbuckle and tagging in Natalya!

Natalya hits a kick and slaps her in the face before hitting a picture perfect snap suplex! Stu Hart would be proud! Natalya covers for a two count. Natalya now starts concentrating on the legs and locks in one of my favorite all time submission moves – the Mexican Surfboard! Natalya locks it in beautifully but her shoulders are down so she pins herself for a two count! Natalya keeps it locked in for a few more minutes before releasing it! Natalya now hits a double leg takedown into the corner on Nikki Bella, which Tazz just mentioned.

Victoria is tagged in and she hits the Spider’s Web for a two count!! Victoria drags Nikki Bella back to her corner and Maryse tags in! Maryse quickly hits the Stroke and pins for a one count!! Jeff Jarrett is not pleased as he is owned by the Divas!! Maryse clubs Nikki down as she attacks McCool (but misses) and her sister (she gets her). Maryse now goes to pick up Nikki Bella who counters with the worst looking jawbreaker I think I’ve ever seen.

Nikki now makes the hot tag to Michelle McCool! McCool ducks a clothesline and baseball slides into Natalya, knocking her off the apron! McCool then clotheslines Maryse down, then hits a dropkick on her and then another! Maryse gets up again so McCool kicks her in the midsection and hits a flipping neckbreaker! McCool covers but Victoria breaks it up lazily at two. One of the Bella twins attacks Victoria as McCool has the pin but the referee is distracted by the cat fight.

McCool goes over to see what’s going on as they roll out of the ring and she gets clotheslined by Maryse when she turns around! Maryse then slaps Brie Bella off the apron! McCool goes for a move but Bella comes back in to attack Maryse but she ducks and Bella clotheslines McCool!! Natalya pulls her out of the ring as Maryse then covers the Diva’s Champion for the pin!!

Winners by Pinfall: Maryse, Natalya & Victoria
Match Rating: **

After the match Michelle McCool is laying down the law to the Bella Twins. She is not happy! All of a sudden Maria runs down to break up the tension! Maria tells her to calm down so McCool shoves her down!! McCool leaves the ring as the ladies in the ring can’t believe what happened.

Still to come are the other two Beat the Clock Challenges: Triple H vs. Shelton Benjamin and Vladimir Kozlov vs. Matt Hardy, which is next! The time to beat is 12:13!

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We get a little look at Linda McMahon’s visit to the New York Stock Exchange where she was named one of the 50 Most Powerful Women on Television of 2008!

D-Generation X now have a little spot where they talk about the holidays and how you need to buy stuff for your loved ones. They suggest you buy pretty much every piece of merchandise they have. They do some pretty funny jokes and Triple H brings in Kelly Kelly to model for them. Shawn Michaels plugs the Smackdown vs. Raw 2009 video game but doesn’t know what the systems are called. When Kelly Kelly corrects him he kicks her out! Triple H says he wants the jersey back so she tosses it to him off camera, causing Shawn Michaels to cover his eyes! Not too bad!

Beat the Clock Challenge
Vladimir Kozlov vs. Matt Hardy

This is a non-title match and the time to beat for Kozlov is 12:13! In the corner Hurricane Helms pops up and says next week he’s making his return to the ring on Smackdown! He’s not sayin’, just saying.

The bell rings and the clock is ticking down. Kozlov goes for a lock up but Hardy side swipes him! Kozlov goes for it again and again Hardy side swipes him as we have less than 12:00 left! The clock is ticking down and we have 11:46 left as they lock up! They struggle for a bit before Kozlov gets Hardy in the corner and the referee enforces the clean break. Hardy avoids Kozlov for a few seconds and gets a nice right hand on Kozlov that looked stiff! Hardy side swipes another lock up and we have less than 11:00 to go now!

Hardy gets a boot in the midsection and gets a headlock on the big Russian! Kozlov tries to push Hardy off but can’t and we have less than 10:45 to go! Kozlov tries again to get Hardy off but can’t! Kozlov now goes for a back suplex but Hardy pulls it through and hits a headlock takedown with less than 10:30 to go now! Kozlov carries him over for a pin but only gets a one count. Hardy has this locked in as the seconds tick by. Kozlov is getting up with less and 10:00 to go! Jeff Hardy is seen in the back watching as Matt gets whipped off but holds onto the ropes and leaves the ring!

The seconds are ticking by and Hardy gets back in the ring once to break the count out. Hardy gets back in the ring and they lock up but Kozlov quickly hits a single leg takedown on Hardy with less than 9:00 left to go but Hardy holds onto the ropes and the referee makes Kozlov let go! Kozlov is getting frustrated as he finally gets a waist lock takedown on Hardy and has it locked in tight. Kozlov carries him over for a pin but only gets a one count. Hardy gets to his feet and elbows and punches out with less than 8:00 to go. He goes into the ropes and gets taken down by a big shoulder block! Kozlov taunts to the crowd as Matt Hardy rolls out of the ring!!

Kozlov is upset now and starts chasing Hardy around the ring with 7:30 left to go! Hardy gets into the ring and clubs Kozlov as he enters! Hardy hits some more punches before Kozlov hooks both arms and hits some nasty head-butts to his chest! Kozlov then push kicks him down! We have less than 7:00 left as we go to a commercial break!

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We come back with 3:38 left and Kozlov hits a belly to belly suplex for a two and a half count! Kozlov hits some punches before turning him over for a chin lock and then another pin for a one count! Kozlov gets a front face lock on Matt as Jeff is seen watching in the back. We have less than 3:00 left as Kozlov takes Hardy down with a backbreaker for a two count! Hardy begins fighting back with some punches, ducks a clothesline but gets caught in a fallaway slam! Kozlov covers for a two and a half count as we have less than 2:20 left to go! Hardy is back on his stomach but Kozlov turns him over for a two count!

We have less than 2:00 left as Kozlov puts Hardy across the top rope in the corner and head-butts him a few times in the back! Kozlov gets on the bottom rope now and hits a big fallaway slam with about 1:40 left!! Kozlov covers but Hardy grabs the rope at two! Kozlov puts him on his shoulder and slams him but can only get a two and a half count!! Kozlov covers again but Hardy kicks out!!

We have less than 1:00 left!! Hardy slides off Kozlov’s shoulder and hits some punches before hitting the Side Effect!! Hardy then baseball slides Kozlov out of the ring at 0:43!! The crowd is getting behind Hardy now as the clock keeps ticking down!! Kozlov gets back in at 0:23 and Hardy goes for the Twist of Fate but Kozlov pushes him off and out of the ring!! Kozlov tries to get him back in the ring but Hardy shoulders him in the midsection and the time expires!!

No Contest due to Time Expiring
Match Rating: * ½

Jeff Hardy’s time holds up as the time to beat at 12:13! Backstage Jeff Hardy looks a little relieved until Triple H comes face to face with him! No words are exchanged as we go to the break!

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We come back from the break to see Jesse & Festus in the ring ready for a tag match.

Jesse & Festus vs. Miz & Morrison

The bell rings and Festus, of course, goes crazy. Miz and Morrison ditch the ring as Jesse gains control and gets Festus in the corner. Jesse and The Miz lock up and Miz gets a headlock on him. Jesse tries to power out but Miz gets a knee into his lower back! Jesse responds with some big punches and an Irish whip but lowers his head and gets kicked in the face! Miz goes back into the ropes but Jesse hits an intense back elbow for a one count! Miz pulls Jesse throat first into the second rope and hits some crossfaces until the referee makes him stop. Miz then steps on his back and goes over the top rope, snapping Jesse’s neck off the second rope!

Miz gets Jesse in catapult position as Morrison tags in. Miz catapults Jesse into Morrison’s forearm and Jesse falls back onto The Miz’s knees as Morrison comes over the top rope with an elbow drop! HBK sold that better at Survivor Series. Morrison steps on Jesse’s throat and stops at the referee’s four count. As the referee admonishes him Miz chokes Jesse for a bit. Festus makes some noise which further distracts the referee!

Morrison tags Miz back in and they hit a double gut buster! Miz covers for a two and a half count! Miz hits some crossfaces and then locks in a neck vice on Jesse. After a few seconds pass by the audience gets into it and Jesse gets to his feet. He punches out but Miz clubs him back. Miz goes for a suplex but Jesse blocks it and hits the old Perry Saturn Moss Covered Three Handled Family Credenza and both men are down!

Both men make the tags and Festus comes in knocking down Morrison with a simple push! Festus hits some haymakers before whipping Morrison into the corner and following it up with a big butt bump followed by a shoulder tackle, causing Morrison to roll out of the ring! Festus then knocks Miz off the apron! Festus taunts the crowd and then Morrison rings the bell on the outside, causing Festus to go catatonic!

Morrison motions to go back to the ring but Jesse clotheslines him down hard on the outside! Jesse throws Morrison back in the ring, grabs the bell and then rings it! Festus gets back to crazy mode and hits a sick uppercut on Morrison!! Festus sends Morrison into the ropes and hits a flapjack!! On the outside, Miz clubs Jesse down and rings the bell again!! Miz and Morrison assault Jesse on the outside and when the referee can’t maintain order he disqualifies them!!

Winners by Disqualification: Jesse & Festus
Match Rating: * ½

Miz and Morrison assault Jesse for a few more seconds before making their way into the ring to the catatonic Festus! Miz makes Festus hold the L up to his forehead for loser. Morrison rings the bell causing Festus to go crazy for a second before ringing it again and laughing because the Miz nearly soiled himself! Miz then takes the bell away and asks if Morrison wants funny before ringing the bell and letting him be chased by Festus before ringing it again!

What follows may be one of the funniest things I’ve seen Miz and Morrison do. Miz stands next to Festus pretending to be catatonic and when Morrison rings the bell he impersonates Festus going crazy, who is right next to him, before Morrison rings the bell again! They do this a few times and it was seriously hilarious. They fight over the bell before Jesse runs in and gets clobbered by Morrison with the bell!! Miz and Morrison taunt the crowd but Miz accidentally drops the hammer on the bell, ringing it, and Festus goes crazy and clears the ring!!

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We get a shot of the arena in Albany, NY. WWE Armageddon is presented by Prince of Persia.

The Raw Rebound is presented to us by WWE Mobile. Raw was great until the ending. I completely 100% understand that they need John Cena to look like a tough guy to get over with all the fans but why have him completely decimate his opponent at Armageddon and make him tap out to the STFU? What’s the point of even ordering the PPV if you order it for the Main Events? We just saw the match on free TV so why blow $40? That didn’t make sense AT ALL!

Mr. Kennedy plugs his new movie Behind Enemy Lines: Columbia which debuts January 6th on Blu-Ray and DVD but right now he’s going behind the lines to interview Triple H! Triple H congratulates Mr. Kennedy on returning. Mr. Kennedy asks Triple H if he can beat 12:13 and why. Triple H says he can beat Shelton Benjamin in that amount of time and tells Edge he’ll see him at Armageddon!

Triple H vs. Shelton Benjamin in a Beat the Clock Challenge is next!

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The Smack of the Night is brought to us by Resistance 2. Its highlights of the previous two Beat the Clock Challenges from earlier tonight.

Beat the Clock Challenge
Triple H vs. Shelton Benjamin

This is a non-title match and the time to beat is still 12:13!

It’s interesting to note that the referee of this match is Mike Chioda! Chioda rings the bell and this match is underway! Triple H immediately goes for the Pedigree but Benjamin quickly slips out! They lock up and we have less than 12:00 left. Benjamin gets him in a side headlock and Triple H backs him into the ropes, whips him off and hits a back elbow! Triple H again goes for the Pedigree and Benjamin rolls out of the ring!

Benjamin teases getting back into the ring but doesn’t so Triple H gets out of the ring and attacks, sending him into the ring post. Triple H throws him back into the ring with 11:07 left. Benjamin attacks Triple H coming back in and hits a few boots and some kicks. We have less than 11:00 left as Benjamin sends Triple H into the corner but Triple H comes right back out with a clothesline! Triple H again goes for the Pedigree but Benjamin back drops him but Triple H hangs on for a kind of sunset flip but only gets a two count! Benjamin quickly pops up and Triple H applies the Crippler Crossface on with 10:36 left!! Benjamin reaches for the ropes and almost gets there so Triple H drags him to the middle of the ring and reapplies it!! We have less than 10:00 to go as Triple H is still looking for the submission! Benjamin eventually gets to the ropes.

Benjamin is on the apron and Triple H goes to suplex him back in but Benjamin lands on his feet and hits a neckbreaker with 9:26 left! Triple H rolls out of the ring as we go to the break at 9:15.

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We come back from the break at 5:38 to see Benjamin holding Triple H in a chin lock. Backstage we see Jeff Hardy watching intently. Triple H finally gets to his feet and begins punching Benjamin in the gut. Triple H hits a hard right hand and Irish whips him. Triple H looks for the back body drop but Benjamin hangs on and hits a sick DDT with less than 5:00 to go!! Benjamin covers for a two and a half count!! Benjamin starts punching Triple H in the back of the head before locking in another chin lock. Triple H gets up again so Benjamin attempts a neckbreaker but gets pushed off into the turnbuckle and Triple H clotheslines him in the back of the head at 4:14!

Both men are down and we have less than 4:00 left. Triple H goes to pick up Benjamin but he gets an elbow for his trouble. Benjamin goes into the ropes but Triple H ducks his clothesline and Benjamin gets hit with the high knee! Triple H hits a right hand, has an Irish whip reversed on him and counters with a face buster! Triple H covers with 3:30 left for a two and a half count!

Benjamin rolls to the outside and starts walking to the back. Triple H quickly follows and sends him into the steel barricade!! Triple H puts Benjamin back into the ring but he rolls out again and we have less than 3:00 left!! Triple H goes outside and bounces Benjamin’s head off the announcer’s table, sending him into JR’s lap!! Triple H picks him up and sends Benjamin over the table again! Triple H gets Benjamin back into the ring at 2:25 and Benjamin again rolls out of the ring!! Triple H follows and bounces Benjamin’s head off the steel steps!! Triple H throws him back in the ring and we have less than 2:00 to go!

Benjamin goes into the ropes and gets caught in the Double A Spinebuster!! Triple H now looks for a Pedigree but Benjamin struggles and back drops him!! We’re at the 1:30 mark and the seconds are ticking by quick! Triple H finally gets up and he now has less than 1:00 to go!!

He catches Benjamin trying to leave the ring and struggles with him!! Benjamin gets pulled off the ropes and knocks Chioda down by accident!! Triple H ducks a clothesline and hits the Pedigree with 0:33 left!! Triple H covers but the referee is down!! There’s 0:10 left and Chioda is crawling over!! Chioda starts counting at 0:03 and counts the final count with the buzzer!! Triple H is declared the winner by Mike Chioda!!

Winner by Pinfall at 12:13: Triple H
Match Rating: ** ½

Charles Robinson now makes his way down to the ring to discuss this with Mike Chioda. Robinson makes Chioda watch the replay and we see his hand hit with the zeros came up. Both referees are talking to Mark Yeaton and it’s decided that both Jeff Hardy and Triple H completed their matches at the exact same time!!

Jeff Hardy now makes his way to the ring and he and Triple H face off as JR wonders which one of them will face Edge at Armageddon for the WWE Title.

Quick Match Results

Beat the Clock: Jeff Hardy def. The Brian Kendrick at 12:13

Maryse*, Natalya & Victoria def. The Bella Twins & Michelle McCool*

Beat the Clock: Vladimir Kozlov vs. Matt Hardy *No Contest* (non-title)

Jesse & Festus def. Miz & Morrison via DQ

Beat the Clock: Triple H def. Shelton Benjamin at 12:13 (non-title)

Bump of the Night: Jeff Hardy getting a neckbreaker while hung up on the top rope by The Kendrick

Match of the Night: Triple H vs. Shelton Benjamin & Jeff Hardy vs. The Brian Kendrick ** ½

Mike’s Thoughts

I hope you all had a terrific and healthy Thanksgiving. I know I sure did. I also hope you found a way to enjoy Survivor Series 2008 even with the hideous storyline on

I know I’m not the only one who felt this way – that Jeff Hardy storyline was unnecessarily scary. Did they really need to do that early in the day to sell the Pay Per View? They shouldn’t have to resort to disgusting tactics like that to sell one of their biggest PPVs of the year! The timing is especially poor. It was this month three years ago that Eddie Guerrero was found dead in a hotel room and knowing Jeff Hardy’s past history it was a scary moment. All these emotions only for a cheap storyline that could have been sold when the PPV opened? That’s just wrong, sad and disgusting. Vince McMahon calls it “entertainment” and I call it dead wrong. Shame on you! Paul Heyman is right – this is exactly why WWE will never be accepted as “mainstream”. No matter how many people watch it, WWE will always be that red headed bastard child of the milkman of entertainment television. Its stuff like this that can make people a little ashamed to admit they are wrestling fans.

Is anyone /* extremely happy that Edge is back as the WWE Champion? Don’t get me wrong – I loved Triple H’s most recent title reign. This one ranks right up there with his big reign in 2000. However we really need a strong heel champion to keep the faces busy. I like the Triple H vs. Jeff Hardy matches with the mutual respect thing going on but I really love when you have a nasty heel with no respect getting his butt whooped. Edge is one of the great heels of the new generation and he’s a welcome edition back to Smackdown.

The Beat the Clock matches were a lot of fun tonight. You can never go wrong with these matches. There’s a lot of drama that goes with them. I think the unsung hero again will be Matt Hardy for his performance tonight. He created a lot of drama and emotion by stalling that clock and that match was a lot of fun. Props of course to the big winners as well – Jeff Hardy and Triple H. They both performed well, especially Jeff Hardy who miraculously bounced back after having his head caved in with a tire iron on Sunday…

No Kizarny promo thank god. Also there weren’t any appearances or mentions of R-Truth or Kung Fu Naki. It as a good night.

The Divas had a good match tonight. I like the drama with Michelle McCool. Is she turning heel or what?

All in all it was a great night of wrestling with hardly any talking and that’s always a good thing! This show was great and I can’t wait for next week’s which will feature Undertaker vs. Big Show in a Steel Cage Match!

Final Smackdown Rating: ***

As always I’d love to hear your thoughts on Smackdown and the recap. Even if you want to talk wrestling that doesn’t involve Smackdown I’m always happy to talk. Shoot me an e-mail!

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