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WWE Smackdown 500
March 20, 2009
Corpus Christi, TX
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Tonight is the 500th Smackdown and I am proud to be recapping this show!

We open Smackdown up with a promo for the 500th episode of Smackdown! It shows us, in quick fashion, some of the great memories through the years – Stephanie slapping Linda, the Billy and Chuck wedding, the debut of John Cena, Stone Cold blowing up the DX bus, Edge cashing in Money in the Bank – so many happy memories! It’s the Road to WrestleMania so we’ve got more memories to come!

How do we open up the 500th episode of Friday Night Smackdown – by showing a two minute long Raw Recall with the boring and preposterous Triple H and Randy Orton stuff. I don’t like that.

We now go into the arena in Corpus Christi, Texas and Triple H’s music hits! The WWE Champion is on his way to the ring as Jim Ross and Tazz welcome us to the 500th episode Smackdown! Triple H will be taking on Vladimir Kozlov! Also tonight we’ll be seeing Shawn Michaels compete against the Undertaker’s brother Kane! Also we’ll see Undertaker take on JBL in a non-title match!

Triple H grabs a microphone and says the worst kept secret in the wrestling business is that Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are actually married in real life. They tried to keep it quiet for business reasons but everybody knew. The whole world, including all of us knew, as did Randy Orton – and Randy Orton should have known better. When Randy kicked the “old man” – Vince McMahon – in the head, he let it slide. Even when he kicked Shane in the head, he let it slide. Even though they’re family, they’re still grown men, so he let it slide. But his wife – Orton should have known better! But he didn’t – he did it and then he hid behind lawyers, doctors, and a supposed mental illness called IED.

Triple H says he doesn’t buy that, but Orton does have a mental illness – cowardice! It runs rampant in him and has his whole life. Orton has run from every challenge he’s faced in his life! However the running stops at WrestleMania! There’ll be no place to run or hide – no lawyers, doctors, cops to arrest him – no “Orton’s law!” Just him and Triple H! Triple H tells Orton to pray to God that he is as good as he thinks he is! The twenty-fifth anniversary of WrestleMania – if Orton has a disease, Triple H says he is the disease and he is the cure!

Vladimir Kozlov makes his way to the ring and we’re ready for a non-title match!

Triple H vs. Vladimir Kozlov

The referee calls for the bell and they lock up, with Kozlov quickly pushing the Game into the corner. Kozlov holds him there with the referee counting down on him to get out of the corner and he hits Triple H with a knee and some vicious forearms! Kozlov backs away and walks right into a kick in the midsection and some punches provided by Triple H! Triple H goes for an Irish whip but Kozlov doesn’t move and instead whips Triple H, flattening him with a shoulder block! Kozlov looks around at the crowd, who clearly doesn’t like him, then charges Triple H, who is near the ropes and pulls down the top rope, sending Kozlov flying over to the outside! Kozlov angrily charges in for a clothesline, but Triple H ducks it and clotheslines Kozlov over the top rope! Now it’s time for a commercial break!

-Commercial Break-

The commercials are over and we see Kozlov trapped in Ric Flair’s famous Figure Four Leg Lock, but he quickly gets to the ropes! Triple H keeps it locked on for a few illegal seconds as the referee counts to three before he releases it! Triple H has some words with the referee before he walks right into the Battering Ram Head-Butt! Kozlov limps around before catching Triple H with a belly to belly side suplex and staying on top to do the ground and pound! Triple H gets up and Kozlov pushes him into the corner, thrusting some shoulders into his midsection, finishing it up with a body shot and a punch in the face! Kozlov hits a nice fall-away slam for a two and a half count!

Kozlov quickly locks Triple H in a waist lock. Kozlov really has it locked on as he has Triple H on his knees. The crowd is chanting for Triple H and he comes alive, getting to a vertical base and breaking Kozlov’s grip! Kozlov quickly forearms him in the back, sends him into the ropes, and gets him in a bear hug but it doesn’t last long as Triple H punches out of it, goes into the ropes, and hits his face-buster! Kozlov is in the corner and Triple H hits him with two corner clotheslines! Triple H hits a neckbreaker for a two and a half count!

Kozlov crawls to the corner where he’s met with some right hands! Triple H has a whip into the opposite corner reversed on him and Kozlov charges, looking for a head-butt, but Triple H moves, letting Kozlov hit the turnbuckle! Triple H goes for the Pedigree but Kozlov counters with a back body! Kozlov gets up, yells and charges, running into a Double A Spinebuster! Triple H pumps up to the crowd, hits Kozlov with a kick, and hits the Pedigree to win the match!!

Winner by Pinfall: Triple H
Match Rating: * ¾

Triple H stands over Kozlov’s broken body raising the WWE Championship as JR and Tazz speculate whether this is the fate of Randy Orton at WrestleMania!

We now get a recap of the Edge, Big Show, and Vickie Guerrero love triangle as seen on this past Monday’s Raw. Edge tells Vickie that he forgives her and that Big Show is using her to further his career. Big Show later on tells her that Edge doesn’t love her and he’s using her! Then, during the match between John Cena and Randy Orton, which Vickie acted as the special guest referee, Big Show came out, tied Cena in the ropes, and they all took turns with him! Edge Speared him, Vickie slapped the taste out of his mouth, and Big Show hit his Big Punch! Edge then Speared Big Show to end the night!

Tonight on Smackdown Edge, Big Show, and John Cena will be here and maybe in the same ring!

-Commercial Break-

We get a recap of WrestleMania 23, one of my favorites! That night saw John Cena defeat Shawn Michaels to retain his WWE Championship and Undertaker defeat Batista in an epic match for the World Heavyweight Championship, one of the best WrestleMania matches in history, in my opinion. Also, Donald Trump won the Battle of the Billionaires when his man Bobby Lashley defeated Vince McMahon’s Umaga, costing McMahon his precious pompadour! Too bad they didn’t show The Donald taking the Stone Cold Stunner!

In the ring are MVP and Shelton Benjamin! This is a United States Championship Match! Justin Roberts does the in ring introductions and we’re ready to go!

WWE United States Championship Match
MVP vs. Shelton Benjamin (c)

Jack Doane calls for the bell to start this United States Championship Match! Both men lock up and seem to be evenly matched until Benjamin powers MVP into the corner. Jack Doane calls for a clean break but Benjamin doesn’t give one as he puts a knee into MVP’s midsection and he stomps and kicks him down! Benjamin backs up and kicks him in the ribs before being admonished by Doane! Benjamin gets right back on, whipping MVP and turning him into himself and flapjacking him on the top turnbuckle ribs first! Benjamin suplexes MVP abdomen first into the top rope and covers for a quick one count!

Benjamin then quickly locks on an abdominal stretch, punching him in the ribs during the process. The crowd cheers MVP on and he counters the abdominal stretch with a hip toss! MVP goes into the ropes and Benjamin quickly hits him with a knee into the midsection, or the kitchen sink for those of you wondering why I’ve been calling it that! Benjamin puts MVP in the corner and forearms him in the face! Benjamin backs up and leaps for something but MVP moves and Benjamin lands on the second rope standing! Benjamin gets off and runs right into a belly to belly overhead suplex and MVP covers for a two and a half count!

Both men get up and Benjamin goes for a punch which MVP ducks and then MVP hits him with some right hands of his own, punching him down! Benjamin quickly pops up and gets hit with a clothesline and then a back elbow! MVP picks Benjamin up and whips him into the ropes, hitting him with a powerslam! MVP poses for the crowd before picking Benjamin up and whipping him. MVP goes for a big boot but Benjamin hangs on to the top rope! Benjamin then charges and MVP still hits him with the big boot! MVP covers for a two and a half count! MVP picks Benjamin up and whips him into the corner but Benjamin shoots himself over MVP and charges into MVP’s back elbow! MVP hits his face-buster, setting Benjamin up for the BALLIN’ Elbow! MVP covers for another two and a half count!

MVP picks Benjamin up and Benjamin stuns him with a quick double punch to the midsection. Benjamin goes for a kick which MVP blocks and then Benjamin spins out into a Dragon Kick attempt which MVP ducks! MVP kicks him in the midsection and goes for a suplex but Benjamin counters by landing on his feet and hitting a neckbreaker for a two and a half count!

Benjamin hits MVP with a stomp and goes for a short-arm clothesline but MVP counters with a backslide pin for a near fall! Benjamin quickly gets up and runs into a double leg takedown with a jackknife pin for a two count! MVP goes for a clothesline, which Benjamin ducks, and hits MVP with a sick backbreaker using the point of his knee! MVP doesn’t go down so Benjamin hits him with a T-Bone/Exploder suplex for a two and a half count!

MVP is using the ropes to pull himself up as Benjamin anxiously waits for him to get up! Benjamin goes for what looks like Pay Dirt but MVP sidesteps him and hits him with the Hot Shot, dropping him on the top rope throat first! MVP then hits the Playmaker and pins Benjamin to win the United States Championship for the second time!!

Winner & NEW United States Champion: MVP
Match Rating: ** ¼

MVP celebrates big time with his United States Championship! I’m genuinely happy for him as is this crowd! I hope this reign lasts as long as his last one – unless he wins the World Title – then he can forfeit this one!

We now get another preview of 12 Rounds, which is in theaters next Friday.

Still to come tonight is Shawn Michaels vs. Kane!!

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Did you know that tonight is Smackdown’s 500th episode? By accomplishing this in ten years, Smackdown becomes the fastest weekly episodic show to reach this milestone in U.S. primetime history! Hell yeah Smackdown!

Tazz thanks AC/DC for the use of their song “War Machine,” one of the many songs AC/DC contributed to WrestleMania!

Backstage, Vickie Guerrero yells at Edge for not leaving well enough alone as he attacked Big Show! She says they had Cena right where they wanted him! This isn’t about Edge and Big Show – this is about Cena! Edge then pops up off the couch and says this is all wrapped up in one perverted package. Last week Cena embarrassed him by showing that footage of her and Big Show doing whatever it was that they were doing! Edge says he dealt with that and forgave her – she even wished him luck at WrestleMania! Then she turns and lets Big Show poison her mind again by saying Edge is using her but it’s really Big Show who’s using her! So when Big Show stuck his nose in his match, Edge Speared that home wrecking BLEEP! Edge says to let there be no confusion – tonight Big Show is done and gone!

Shawn Michaels’ music hits and he’s making his way to the ring for match – NEXT!

-Commercial Break-

Shawn Michaels vs. Kane

This is my first opportunity to call a Shawn Michaels match! I can’t wait!

The referee calls for the bell and these two legends go at it! HBK ducks a lock up and hits two knife edge chops on the Big Red Machine and a forearm before having an Irish whip reversed on him for a body slam attempt but HBK slides out and continues the knife edge assault! HBK goes into the ropes and is powered down by a shoulder block! Kane goes into the ropes for an elbow, which HBK avoids! Michaels goes into the ropes and chop blocks Kane’s knee twice! Kane is now in the corner where HBK hits him with some punches before being admonished by the referee! Michaels then walks right into a HUGE uppercut, flooring him!

Kane picks Michaels up and bounces his head off the turnbuckle. Kane punches him down in the corner, kicking him in the face before illegally choking him with his boot, releasing the hold at the referee’s count. Kane backs away as HBK pulls himself up. Kane walks into some kicks in the midsection before cutting HBK off with a knee to the midsection, a punch, and a back elbow in the corner! Kane pushes HBK’s head a few times before HBK answers with a slap in the face! Michaels comes back with a big right hand and some knife edge chops! He attempts an Irish whip but Kane reverses it, sending him into the corner, and turning him upside down! HBK then falls to the outside as we go to commercial!

-Commercial Break-

After the break we see Kane whip HBK into the corner and follow it up with a clothesline, collapsing HBK! Kane covers for a near fall! Kane picks HBK up by his arm, puts him in a hammerlock, and pushes him shoulder first into the turnbuckle! Kane wraps HBK’s arm around the top rope and pulls it for a few illegal seconds. Kane runs and kicks HBK in the face. Kane now wrenches the arm, sending Michaels to the mat. Kane locks on an arm bar but HBK is able to get to his feet and rake his eyes. HBK now hits him with some forearms, whips him into the ropes but lowers his head and pays for it with a kick in the face! Kane now hits a snapmare, goes into the ropes, and hits a low dropkick!! Kane covers for a two and a half count!!

Kane now locks HBK in a key lock. Kane has it locked in hard but HBK fights to his feet only to be powered down by the key lock! HBK’s shoulders were down for a one count. HBK then punches Kane into the face until Kane releases the hold! HBK kicks him in the lower back and Kane angrily responds with a kick in the head!

Kane now sends HBK into the corner and charges into a boot in the face! HBK comes back with a knife edge chop, some forearms, and another knife edge chop before having an Irish whip reversed on him but Kane lowers his head and is hit with a swinging neckbreaker! HBK punches and chops him but has another whip reversed on him but is able to hit Kane with a flying forearm! HBK quivers on the mat for a few seconds until miraculously kipping up – and I’m not talking about the TNA kind!

HBK goes for an inverted atomic but Kane counters into a Chokeslam attempt which HBK avoids and he finally hits his inverted atomic! HBK goes into the ropes and clotheslines him down before moving towards the top rope! HBK goes for his famous elbow but Kane gets his knee up! Kane is now going to the top rope and he comes off with a HUGE clothesline!! Kane is now waiting for HBK to get up for the Chokeslam! HBK pulls himself up and Kane charges for the Chokeslam and gets met with Sweet Chin Music, giving Shawn Michaels the surprise win over Undertaker’s brother!!

Winner by Pinfall: Shawn Michaels
Match Rating: **

HBK poses for the crowd at the top of the ramp as JR and Tazz talk about how the Undertaker is watching!

Backstage, Vickie Guerrero is asking Big Show to not do “this.” Big Show says he’s sorry but her “so called pathetic excuse for a husband” has left him no choice! Show says he came out on Raw because he saw that Edge couldn’t handle John Cena but he didn’t come out for Edge – he doesn’t care about him. He cares about Vickie and that’s why he came out. Then, after Edge Speared him, he can’t just walk away. Vickie says if he cares anything about her, he’ll let this go. Show says it’s too late and Edge deserves everything he’s going to get!

-Commercial Break-

We get a shot of the arena in Corpus Christi, Texas. JR breaks some big news – in case WrestleMania couldn’t get anymore intense, Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy will now be an Extreme Rules Match!!

Jeff Hardy now makes his entrance and he’s wearing some far out make-up on his face! He’ll be competing in an Extreme Rules Match against The Brian Kendrick, who is already in the ring with Ezekiel Jackson!

Extreme Rules Match
The Brian Kendrick vs. Jeff Hardy

The referee calls for the bell and Hardy immediately dropkicks Jackson out of the ring! The Kendrick quickly capitalizes with some punches and forearms, but Hardy forces him hard into the corner! Hardy then dropkicks Ezekiel off the apron again and throws The Kendrick out of the ring! Hardy then vaults over the top rope on top of Big Zeke!!

The Kendrick begs Hardy off until he gets pulled off by Ezekiel and thrown HARD into the barricade! That looked painful! Ezekiel now checks on The Kendrick and Hardy attacks him while his back is turned with a chair, hitting him six times on the back, collapsing him to the floor!! Hardy now looks wildly at The Kendrick, who runs away!

The Kendrick gets in the ring followed by Hardy. The Kendrick kicks Hardy in the midsection and hits a beautiful jumping heel kick to the face! The Kendrick grounds and pounds Hardy before bouncing his head off the top turnbuckle. The Kendrick grabs the chair but Hardy approaches him and The Kendrick loses the chair shoving Hardy face first into the second turnbuckle. The Kendrick sizes Hardy up across the ring and charges but Hardy moves and The Kendrick crashes hard in the corner!

Hardy exits the ring and gets the chair. Hardy comes in and throws the chair at The Kendrick, a la Sabu! Hardy opens the chair up and goes across the ring. He charges, using the chair to hit Poetry in Motion!! Hardy bounces The Kendrick’s face off the open chair a whole bunch of times and then hits The Kendrick with the alley-oop!! Hardy now sets the chair up, kicks The Kendrick in the midsection, and this a Twist of Fate on the open chair!! Hardy turns The Kendrick’s lifeless body over and goes to the top rope, hitting the Swanton Bomb!! Hardy picks up the easy win!!

Winner by Pinfall: Jeff Hardy
Match Rating: * ½

Jeff Hardy looks absolutely intense as he poses for the crowd before walking to the back! This appears to be a message sent to Matt Hardy!

-Commercial Break-

Did you know that WWE offers all U.S. military personnel free tickets to all its live events? That’s actually really nice – props to WWE!

WrestleMania 25 is 16 days away! Tazz then thanks AC/DC for the use of “Shoot to Thrill” before actually singing it!

JR now talks about the next inductees into the WWE Hall of Fame, joining Stone Cold Steve Austin, Terry and Dory Funk, Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat, Bill Watts, and Koko B. Ware – The Von Erich Family!! What an amazing and tragic family – thankfully WWE only gave us their highlights! They were all amazing wrestlers in their own right. Fritz Von Erich, the father, played a Nazi sympathizer I believe way back in the day, and was, of course very successful. He then started World Class Championship Wrestling and employed his sons to be his top stars. I believe Vince McMahon stole this idea from WCCW – using your family as the central focus will never hurt you because they won’t leave you, an idea that greatly helped him when his wrestlers were defecting to WCW! Kerry Von Erich was the best wrestler of this clan, winning the NWA Championship by defeating Ric Flair at his brother’s memorial show. Kerry actually wrestled with a prosthetic foot later in his career for all you trivia buffs! Welcome to the Hall of Fame, Von Erich Family, you’ve earned it!

JR and Tazz now mention that 12 Rounds comes out next Friday. Tazz says after Smackdown next Friday, they should go out and go to the movies. Tazz said he’ll cover the tickets and buy JR bon-bons!

Undertaker’s music now hits and he’s making his way to the ring to face Intercontinental Champion John Bradshaw Layfield in a non-title match – NEXT!

-Commercial Break-

The Smack of the Night is brought to us by Kill Zone 2. It’s the end of the tag team match on Raw with HBK stealing the win from Undertaker! He then hit Sweet Chin Music on Undertaker on the ramp!

Undertaker gets on the microphone and says to Shawn Michaels to make no mistake about it – HBK is the prey and he is the hunter! When he least expects it, he will feel the wrath of the Undertaker!

JBL now makes his entrance with his limousine! JR reiterates the announcement made today – JBL has accepted Rey Mysterio’s challenge for the Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania 25! The last IC Title match at WrestleMania was seven years ago at WrestleMania 18 when Rob Van Dam defeated William Regal to win the Championship, for all you trivia buffs out there!

Undertaker vs. JBL

JBL goes nose to nose with the Undertaker, holding his Intercontinental Championship up! The referee calls for the bell and Undertaker punches the title out of his hands and the hat off his head! Undertaker then hits a punch, sending him to the mat! Undertaker bounces JBL’s head off the top turnbuckle and hits a back elbow, followed by a huge punch, bringing JBL out of the corner staggering. Undertaker head-butts him back into the corner and hits a body shot before the referee admonishes him a bit! JBL now comes out with fists flying, waffling Undertaker into the corner with some stiff right hands! Undertaker then grabs JBL by the throat and throws him into the corner, assaulting him with right hands of his own! Undertaker head-butts him and bounces his head off the next turnbuckle!

Undertaker wrenches the arm and elbows the shoulder! Undertaker wraps JBL’s arm around the top rope and pulls! He now goes for Old School but JBL punches him in the ribs and off the second turnbuckle! JBL has an Irish whip reversed on him and he eats a big boot, getting Undertaker a two count! We now go into a sudden commercial break…

-Commercial Break-

Back from the break we see JBL laid out on the apron and Undertaker doing his “vintage” leg! Undertaker now takes JBL and whips him hard into the barricade, going in the ring real quick to break the count out. Undertaker now charges with a big boot but JBL moves and Undertaker crotches himself on the barricade! JBL capitalizes with a shoulder to the midsection and smashing Undertaker’s leg against the barricade! Undertaker tries to stagger away but JBL catches him and smashes his leg against the steel steps!

JBL gets Undertaker in the ring and he pulls Undertaker away from the ropes. JBL hits a nasty punch to the face before dropping some elbows on the injured leg and wrenching it! Undertaker tries to break it but JBL has it locked on tight! Undertaker is able to elbow out, and then hits some punches and head-butts. JBL stuns him with a punch and then chop blocks the knee, putting Undertaker in the corner. JBL wraps Undertaker’s left leg around the ring rope and pulls for four illegal seconds! JBL continues with kicks in the midsection, sending Undertaker to the mat.

JBL now locks on the Figure Four Leg Lock for the first time I can ever remember! JBL has great ring position right now. Undertaker gets pinned for a two count before sitting up!! Undertaker absorbs some punches before grabbing JBL by the throat and getting him to his feet! Undertaker hits a knee to the midsection, sends JBL into the ropes, but JBL ducks the clothesline and chop blocks the injured knee, getting JBL a two count! JBL continues kicking the bad wheel of Undertaker until Take starts coming back with some right hands!

Undertaker sends JBL into the corner, hits snake eyes and follows it with a big boot! Undertaker hits a leg and gets a near fall!! Undertaker signals for the Chokeslam but JBL kicks him in the leg, goes into the ropes, and hits the Clothesline from Hell!! JBL covers and gets a CLOSE two and a half count!! JBL now goes to pick Undertaker up but gets locked into the Devil’s Gate, forcing JBL to tap out!!

Winner by Submission: Undertaker
Match Rating: **

Undertaker poses in the ring as JR and Tazz talk about how both he and Shawn Michaels are banged up heading into WrestleMania.

Backstage we see Edge and Big Show walking towards the ring! They’ll go face to face next!

-Commercial Break-

Big Show’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring, not looking happy at all. He grabs a microphone and says that Edge needs to stop being a coward for once in his life and be a man! Big Show tells him not to make him come back and get him! Big Show dares him to grow some heart before again threatening to get Edge in the back!

Edge’s music now hits and he quickly walks to the ring. He doesn’t get in but instead grabs a microphone from Justin Roberts. Edge says to be careful what you wish for, because he’s about to get it, and gets in the ring. Big Show questions if Edge finally got heart and they get into a real bickering match! Edge tells Big Show to stop spitting on him and they argue more before Vickie Guerrero runs to the ring!

Vickie says this is a really difficult situation, which is her fault – she says she can’t help how she feels and she’s in love with both of them! Edge says this is ridiculous and tells Vickie she’s being ridiculous! Big Show tells him not to talk to her like that! Edge says he’ll talk to her any way he wants because she’s his WIFE! Big Show says he can’t do that because she’s his LOVER! That was hilarious!

Vickie yells at them to stop fighting and excuses herself! Vickie says this needs to be settled but they have to wait until WrestleMania. The winner of the Triple Threat Match at WrestleMania won’t only be the Champion of the World – he’ll also be the Champion of her heart! Vickie now says they need to have a truce because at WrestleMania this will all be over with! She tells them to shake and just get along!

Big Show says he might shake Edge’s hand but he knows he doesn’t like him! They then reluctantly shake hands but look at each other with angry stares!

John Cena’s music hits and he makes his way out to the stage to a thunderous reaction! Cena says before the dealmakers get too set in their ways, they forgot there’s a third competitor in the match, a competitor who intends to win but wants nothing to do with Vickie Guerrero’s heart, head, or handles!

Cena says this truce is the most ridiculous thing he’s ever heard! Cena questions if this is all they got but this is the 500th episode of Smackdown and this is what they’re giving the fans – a truce and a handshake?! Cena says in a dead pan way, “Wow, guys, happy 500th. This is awesome TV and everyone will be talking about it forever…” That was really funny!

Cena then asks Edge what he’s doing! Cena says some of which he caught on tape and some which human lips should never speak of! Cena says that Edge is being scared! Big Show starts laughing but Cena reminds him that he came down to help Edge at his expense and then Edge Speared him in the middle of the ring for all to see! Cena says this is like Jerry Springer!

Cena says the thing that gets him is now WrestleMania 25, the place where legends are made, this isn’t going to be just a Triple Threat, these two goofs are going to compete for Vickie’s infection – no, affection – no, actually infection!

Edge said Cena wouldn’t understand – Vickie’s love is worth fighting for and he doesn’t know Vickie like he does! Big Show corrects him and says Cena doesn’t know Vickie like THEY do! Edge says, for instance, like when she’s asleep and all snuggled up and passes gas! Cena makes a comment and Edge says it’s cute, trust him! Big Show says that is cute, also like when he kisses Vickie on the back of the neck and she giggles!

Edge says that’s enough and he’s heard enough out of Big Show’s fat mouth! Show tells Vickie that her “husband” should stop running his mouth or he won’t make it to WrestleMania! They get into a shoving match and Edge slaps Big Show! Edge says that’s truth and asks Big Show what he thinks! Big Show grabs Edge by the throat and accidentally pushes Vickie to the mat! Big Show throws Edge away to check on Vickie!

Big Show stands Vickie up and Edge goes to Spear Big Show but he moves and he instead Spears Vickie!! Edge is shocked and checks on her before being thrown away by Big Show! Big Show picks her up and Edge rips her out of Show’s arms! Show takes her back and Edge chop blocks his knee, sending Big Show AND Vickie crashing to the mat! Edge asks Big Show what he just did and Big Show hits the Showstopper on Edge!! Big Show then scoops Vickie up and walks to the back to conclude the 500th episode of Smackdown!*/ ?>

Quick Match Results

Triple H def. Vladimir Kozlov (non-title)
US Title: MVP def. Shelton Benjamin (NEW Champ)
Shawn Michaels def. Kane
Extreme Rules: Jeff Hardy def. The Brian Kendrick
Undertaker def. JBL via Submission (non-title)

Bump of the Night: Hardy destroying The Kendrick
Match of the Night: MVP def. Shelton Benjamin ** ¼

Mike’s Thoughts

Very good Smackdown tonight with lots of WrestleMania advancement and a title change! We’re also just few short weeks away from WrestleMania and it was the 500th episode of Smackdown! That’s a formula for a great show!

The Vickie, Edge, and Big Show love triangle was pretty funny tonight but the acting was really silly. It just felt really scripted and contrived. John Cena was pretty funny but the whole thing just felt so rehearsed that it hurt it and it wasn’t the strongest build for a Main Event but it’s not as bad as the Triple H vs. Randy Orton build. At least Edge hasn’t broken into Big Show’s house and thrown him through a fake window before getting arrested by the fakest and weakest cops they could find… yet!

The build up for Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels has been terrific and real old school. The build-up is very plain compared against the Main Events and that’s actually a good thing – we’ve got way too many gimmicks and complexities in our WRESTLING storylines anyway! All you need is a little flame, some good promo work, and some little teases, like HBK hitting Undertaker with Sweet Chin Music! They both had good matches tonight and I’m really looking forward to more build in the next few weeks!

Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy is now an Extreme Rules Match so I’m excited about that! That’s definitely the right call! However I don’t like that we didn’t see Matt Hardy tonight. I feel that if the storyline is going to work, both men need to be on the show. Its working, don’t get me wrong, but it doesn’t help further the storyline any. I’m still really excited for that match. It HAS to be better than Vengeance 2001!

MVP, one of my favorites, is back on top with the United States Championship! Shelton Benjamin was a great champion but I think MVP is a more complete package because not only can he wrestler, he can talk too. He just needs a new finisher. I would have liked to have seen a longer match, though, especially since this was a title switch!

By the way, I jokingly called it last week, but I still called it! The Bella Twins “split”!!

Final Smackdown Rating: *** ¼

What did you think of the recap and the 500th episode of Smackdown? Let me know!

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