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WWE Smackdown
May 8, 2009
Pittsburgh, PA
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“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…” The WWE video leads us into the show.

They play a video highlighting the Fatal Four Way Elimination Match for the chance to be Number One Contender to the World Heavyweight Championship from Madison Square Garden. This was a tremendous match. They highlighted particularly well the final two involving Rey Mysterio and Jeff Hardy. I’m salivating at a future feud between these two. In the end Jeff Hardy was victorious over Rey Mysterio, Chris Jericho, and Kane. At Judgment Day it will be Jeff Hardy vs. Edge with the title on the line.

Teddy Long’s music is playing and Justin Roberts introduces Smackdown’s General Manager. Teddy does a little dance before welcoming us to the show. Long says it is his honor and privilege to introduce a man who has come home to Smackdown via the WWE Draft and to once again become the face of Smackdown. He is a former World Heavyweight Champion and the current Intercontinental Champion. He is the master of the 619: Rey Mysterio.

Mysterio comes out to a great pop from the crowd. It’s a strange thing to look at, though, because the Intercontinental Championship is half the size of his chest. Mysterio gets in the ring and hugs Teddy Long. Mysterio asks Pittsburgh what’s up and says it feels so good to be back at home on Smackdown. He says last week on his first night back he came so close to earning a World Championship match against Edge at Judgment Day but, on the real, Jeff Hardy was a better man that night. Mysterio says that’s ok because he knows he’ll get another opportunity to become World Champion once again. In the meantime, he will continue to defend the Intercontinental Championship against anyone who’s willing to step in the ring and face the 619.

Chris Jericho’s pyro hits and he makes his way out to the ring looking very sour but dressed to compete. Jericho asks if Long wants the honor and privilege of introducing the face of Smackdown then he’s going to give him the opportunity right now because he is the face of Smackdown. This is his show and demands Teddy Long introduce him. Teddy Long says he isn’t going to do that and Jericho says he expected that because he doesn’t have the same beliefs or prejudice thought processes he does. Jericho doesn’t need to remind the people of his accolades, such as being a five-time World Champion, an eight-time Intercontinental Champion, the Superstar of the Year 2008, and just being in the ring makes Smackdown a high profile show and the preeminent brand of the WWE, yet all he gets is disrespect from us hypocritical worms – they boo – disrespect from all the jealous sycophants of the locker room, and disrespect from inept, fly-by-night General Managers such at Teddy Long!

Teddy Long tells him to hold on and Jericho cuts him off telling him to hold on, calling him player. Jericho demands Teddy Long apologize to him. He wants restitution and an explanation as to why his crack referee staff disqualified him from the Fatal Four match last week. No one in the history of WWE has been disqualified except him, and for what? For throwing a chair at Mysterio? Jericho claims the little pipsqueak didn’t stand a chance of winning anyway. Jericho wants a championship match.

Mysterio cuts in and says he wants Jericho to shut up! Jericho smiles and goes face to face with Mysterio. Jericho tells him to watch his mouth and calls him little man before asking him what he said to him. Mysterio repeats that he wants Jericho to shut up before shoving him down on his backside! Mysterio says that’s Jericho’s problem – he can’t face that he lost. Mysterio talks Spanish before saying the people don’t need to hear his crap, and neither does he.

Mysterio leaves and Jericho tells him to walk away. Jericho says this is the disrespect he’s been talking about and guarantees the next time – but he’s cut off by Jeff Hardy’s music and Hardy makes his way down to the ring to a great pop. Hardy gets in the ring and asks if he has this straight – if Jericho wants respect and competition and a championship match then he’s got news for Jericho that he has to beat him, his charismatic number one contender! The crowd chants for Hardy and he asks if Jericho heard that. Hardy says if it wasn’t for each and every one of these people then Jericho wouldn’t be where he is today yet he still calls them liars and hypocrites. Hardy says he’s staring at the biggest liar and hypocrite he’s ever seen in his life!

Hardy says he’s feeling confident and wants to make tonight interesting. If Jericho beats him tonight then Jericho is added to the World Heavyweight Championship match at Judgment Day. It’ll be a Triple Threat and Teddy can make it happen. Hardy says he can then expose Jericho for what he truly is – an extremely sore loser! Hardy then slaps the taste right out of Jericho’s mouth! Jericho looks wildly at Hardy before leaving to a chorus of boos.

Teddy Long makes it official saying if Chris Jericho beats Jeff Hardy then he’ll be added to the World Heavyweight Championship at Judgment Day! JR says that Jericho got what he wanted by whining. Jericho smiles while going up the ramp.

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We get an overhead shot of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and the announcers put over tonight’s Main Event of Jeff Hardy vs. Chris Jericho which has major ramifications on Judgment Day!

R-Truth makes his way to the ring rapping through the crowd. The highlight was a prepubescent teen shouting “What’s up” and his voice cracked. At least it sounded like that. His opponent will be the very ugly Mike Knox, making his debut on Smackdown.

R-Truth vs. Mike Knox

They circle the ring as the match begins. Knox goes to lock up but R-Truth ducks him and slaps him in the face twice. R-Truth gets a headlock on and Knox picks him up right off his feet and powers him into the corner hard. Knox pummels R-Truth in the corner and whips him to the opposite one but R-Truth slingshots over him and Knox crashes hard in the turnbuckle. R-Truth splits under a clothesline and hits Knox with a jumping back heel kick. R-Truth taunts to the crowd and hits Knox a few times before Knox pushes him into the ropes and hits a brain rattling spinebuster.

Knox knees R-Truth in the head a few times before picking him up and locking on a chin lock. R-Truth elbows out but Knox cuts him off with a knee and pushes him into the corner. Knox charges into a back elbow and R-Truth capitalizes with some punches, a dropkick, and a low dropkick to the knee. R-Truth hits his Scissors Kick, his finisher, and Mike Knox kicks out! R-Truth goes up to the top rope and knocks Knox down with a missile dropkick, covering for a very near fall.

Knox gets up in the corner and R-Truth punches him before getting pulled away by the referee. Out of nowhere Knox hits a bicycle kick in R-Truth’s face over the referee’s shoulder! Knox then hits his finisher, the Spinning Reverse STO, and covers R-Truth to win his Smackdown debut!

Winner by Pinfall: Mike Knox
Match Rating: *

We have a split screen as Michelle McCool, accompanied by Alicia Fox, will take on Gail Kim, next.

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Did you know the day after WrestleMania, broke its all-time record for page views with an astonishing 105,179, 641 hits? Did you know they’ve already hyped that a whole bunch of different times and I could still care less? Seriously, we’re already watching the show. We don’t need to be convinced that WWE is the biggest wrestling company going – we already know that! It’s obnoxious and I’m really beginning to loathe this.

Michelle McCool vs. Gail Kim

How does Alicia Fox go from being a wedding planner (and a home wrecker) to a wrestler/manager? Fraud!

McCool ducks a lock up and gets a waist lock on Gail Kim before quickly pushing her away. She’s just establishing dominance. Gail Kim runs and locks up with McCool who powers her into the corner before taking her out and down with the same lock up. McCool does some push-ups and rips off Scott Steiner in the process before bowing. This goes to all of Michelle McCool’s freaks out there!

McCool plants a boot in Kim’s midsection and hits a European Uppercut before forearming her a few times. McCool wrenches her arm and whips her into the corner but Gail Kim jumps to the second rope and jumps over a charging Michelle McCool, taking her down with a dropkick. Kim hits a back heel trip for a one count. Kim forearms her and whips her into the ropes but McCool slides outside.

Gail Kim follows her out and McCool uses Alicia Fox as a human shield before pushing Fox into Gail Kim, who simply pushes her down. Kim kicks McCool and throws her back in the ring. Kim gets in the ring and kicks McCool in the ribs before going into the ropes and doing a wheelbarrow but McCool counters by dropping her throat first on the top rope. McCool covers for a one count and McCool quickly gets on top and punches her. McCool then locks on a leg lace on the neck. She holds it on for a while until Kim punches out of it and goes to the corner. McCool charges into a back elbow and a kick before getting a drop toe hold into the middle turnbuckle.

Gail Kim comes back with a pair of clotheslines and a whip into the corner but the crowd fails to get pumped up for this. Maybe it’s because she’s been losing so much? Kim whips her into the corner and hits a nice shoulder block to the midsection before going to the top rope and hitting a Blockbuster for a two and a half count. Jim Ross alludes that she may have gotten help from Alicia Fox but Fox didn’t even touch the ropes… or do anything for that matter. Kim goes into the ropes, ducks a big boot, and goes for a hurricanrana but McCool counters with the Faith Breaker (the Styles Clash) and that’s it for this one. Gail Kim continues to lose.

Winner by Pinfall: Michelle McCool
Match Rating: * ¼

Up next we’ll hear from Jeff Hardy. They replay the final moments of the Cutting Edge segment from last night’s Superstars, highlighted by Jeff Hardy hitting a Swanton Bomb on Edge. If you didn’t see Superstars, be sure to check out my recap!

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We get another outside shot of Pittsburgh and the announcers talk about the Judgment Day Main Event for now which is Jeff Hardy vs. Edge for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Josh Matthews now introduces the Number One Contender Jeff Hardy. Matthews asks him what his thoughts are heading into a match with the Superstar of the Year, with the ramifications being his match at Judgment Day being made into a Triple Threat if Jericho beats him tonight. Hardy says the only thing running through his mind right now is the World Championship. Jericho is just a distraction with everything he says, his whining, his politicking, and all of Jericho’s nonsense ends tonight. The only thing people will be talking about on Judgment Day is how Jeff Hardy became the new World Heavyweight Championship!

Backstage Ricky Ortiz is talking with Teddy Long and Maria, saying he’s happy she’s taking her dreams and making it a reality. Ortiz then says “Rally up” and shakes his towel. It was sad. Edge bursts in and Teddy Long asks them to leave. Edge asks Teddy who he thinks he is and Teddy says he’s the General Manager and asks what he can do for him. Edge says they can start off with not giving Chris Jericho an opportunity to compete at Judgment Day for his World Heavyweight Championship. Teddy Long says as far as he’s concerned Edge is lucky to be standing here with that title because last week, CM Punk came within seconds of cashing in Money in the Bank and beating him for his title had it not been for Umaga. Edge says he had CM Punk taken care of. Teddy Long says he won’t worry about that because Edge is going to do it again – Edge vs. CM Punk! Edge isn’t happy and says it has to be a non-title match and Teddy Long agrees – UNLESS CM Punk decides to cash in Money in the Bank.

John Morrison, who had a great match against Chris Jericho last night on Smackdown, makes his way to the ring for a match. He’ll compete next.

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John Morrison vs. Charlie Haas

Charlie Haas comes out to his old World’s Greatest Tag Team theme… and is accompanied by Shelton Benjamin! We see highlights of Benjamin’s distraction last night on Superstars, which cost John Morrison his match with Chris Jericho.

Charles Robinson, my favorite referee, calls for the bell. They lock up and Haas gets a waist lock and a takedown real quick. Haas gets a front face lock on before getting Morrison on his feet and locking on a side headlock. Morrison attempts to whip him off but Haas holds on to the top rope. Haas delivers a hard right hand and a club before delivering another right hand. Haas attempts to bounce Morrison’s head off the top rope but Morrison reverses that on Haas. Morrison hits a European Uppercut and hits Haas with a few more punches before Haas pushes him into the corner. Haas charges but Morrison slips through the ropes and Haas hits the turnbuckle with his head. Morrison stuns him with a forearm and springboards off the top rope with a missile dropkick for a two and a half count.

Morrison whips Haas into the ropes and hits a big back body drop before looking at Benjamin. Morrison hits a kick and a European Uppercut before having a whip into the corner reversed on him and Haas whips him hard. Haas kicks Morrison in the back as Benjamin cheers on. Haas aggressively kicks Morrison before putting him on the second rope and crossfacing him. Haas bounces his head off the turnbuckle but gets hit with a back elbow from Morrison. Haas is able to pummel Morrison down and hits a double arm suplex on Morrison for a two count. I like Charlie Haas at the moment.

Haas picks Morrison up but Morrison starts coming back with some forearms. Morrison goes into the ropes and runs right into a big boot, which staggers him back. Haas then hits him with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a two and a half count. Haas now gets to his feet and hits a serious surfboard stretch. Benjamin continues to cheer him on. Morrison eventually fights to his feet and flips forward to hit a double kick to Haas’ chest. Morrison blocks some punches and a clothesline before hitting a dropsault. Poor Paul London! Morrison hits a clothesline and then a back heel kick.

Haas is able to get a shoulder into Morrison’s midsection and bounces him off the turnbuckle again before whipping him into the corner. Haas charges into Morrison’s boots. Morrison hits a running kick to the face and Morrison pulls him to the corner for his split-legged corkscrew moonsault for a three count!

Winner by Pinfall: John Morrison
Match Rating: * ¾

John Morrison stares down Shelton Benjamin who looks stunned. Morrison tried to goad Benjamin into the ring but he declines.

Backstage we see Mr. Money in the Bank CM Punk walking towards the ring. His match against Edge is next.

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The Smack of the Night was CM Punk defeating Edge last week on Smackdown and right before he cashed in Money in the Bank, Umaga made his return, kicking CM Punk’s head off his shoulders before hitting his twisting side slam.

CM Punk vs. Edge

This is a non-title match unless CM Punk cashes in his Money in the Bank Contract, which he hasn’t done yet.

The bell rings and Punk does a quick roundhouse in the vicinity of Edge to scare him. They lock up and Edge wrenches the arm before locking on a headlock. Punk twists out of it but Edge gets him in a hammerlock. CM Punk counters into a hammerlock of his own before Edge quickly gets to the ropes. Edge now goes for the test of strength but instead digs a knee into Punk’s midsection. Edge bounces Punk’s head off the turnbuckle and whips him into the corner. Edge charges but Punk avoids him and hits Edge with an arm drag, keeping on the arm bar. Edge fights up and whips Punk off. Punk holds on to the top rope so Edge charges and gets back body dropped over the top rope! CM Punk then hits a suicide dive on Edge on the outside before throwing him back in the ring!

CM Punk springboards off the top rope for a clothesline but Edge avoids it and big boots him down right away. Edge drops an elbow before picking Punk up by his hair and elbowing him in the back of the head. Edge drops another elbow for a one count. Edge now locks on a full nelson, which I haven’t seen in a while. Punk fights up to his feet and gets out of it with a butt bump and an elbow to the face before getting Edge in position for the Go To Sleep, which Edge gets out of with elbows to the temple. Edge gets CM Punk in the painful crucifix submission, stretching the arms. Edge nails him in the ribs a few times before Punk gets out with knees to Edge’s head. Punk forearms and kicks Edge before having a whip reversed on him. Edge goes for a clothesline but Punk ducks it and they both go for a cross-body block. They’re both down. Didn’t we see that spot last week? Anyone miss the double clothesline?

Scott Armstrong doesn’t count them out for some reason. Punk and Edge got to their feet and trade punches until Edge gets a knee to the midsection. Edge goes for a suplex but Punk knees him in the head in mid-air. Punk hits a spinning side kicks to Edge’s midsection before hitting a running knee lift before hitting a heel kick. Punk gets on the apron and hits a springboard clothesline for a two and a half count. Punk whips Edge into the corner and goes for his running kick but Edge moves. Edge now gets Punk on his shoulders for the electric chair drop but Punk counters with a victory roll for a two and a half count! Punk now gets Edge on his shoulders for the GTS but Edge slides off and goes for the Edge-O-Matic but Punk counters by getting him into the corner and hitting a running knee. Punk tries to connect with the bulldog but Edge holds on to Punk’s arm so Punk pulls him into position for the GTS! Edge holds on to the top rope and gets off his shoulders. Edge then goes for the Spear but Punk leap frogs him and Edge flies through the ropes!

The referee begins counting Edge out and Edge waves off Punk! Edge walks up the ramp and accepts the count-out loss!

Winner by Count-Out: CM Punk
Match Rating: **

Out of nowhere, Umaga blindsides Punk again with a super kick to the face! Umaga then hits his spinning side slam and he screams to the crowd! Umaga now picks Punk up and hits the Samoan Spike!

Still to come tonight is Jeff Hardy vs. Chris Jericho whereas if Jericho wins then he gets into the Championship match at Judgment Day.

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We get another aerial shot before seeing the Super Bowl Champions, the Pittsburgh Steelers in the front row, enjoying the show!

There’s an arm wrestling table in the ring and Cryme Tyme’s music hits. They make their way to the ring and do their “Yo, yo, yo” spot and do a little rhyme. Shad says Cryme Tyme came off strong last week, as the Brooklyn Break-Down was the greatest dance-off we’ve ever seen. JTG says that Eve and Layla brought the house down. JTG says now they’re going to straighten out Layla and Eve’s problems with something ladylike, not a cat fight, but an arm wrestling match. Shad says this is going to be a “Cryme Tyme Hand Slam Jammy Jam Challenge.”

Shad now introduces Layla, who comes out with an elbow pad on. They then introduce Eve Torres. JTG explains the rules by saying they’ll lock hands and the first Diva to have her hand slammed down is the loser. Shad will officiate the match.

They lock arms and Shad starts it. They’re deadlocked until Eve starts pulling Layla down and Layla calls a time-out, claiming her elbow is hurting. They restart and Layla starts off strong but Eve comes back. Layla eventually gets her hand slammed down and Eve wins the “Cryme Tyme Hand Slam Jammy Jam” which was no different from a regular arm wrestling match. Cryme Tyme raises Eve’s hand and Layla turns her around, kicks her in the midsection, and hits a neckbreaker.

Backstage Jesse is talking with Jimmy Wang Yang until Dolph Ziggler intervenes, asking if they’re waiting for dates. Ziggler says whatever they were discussing isn’t as important as what he is about to say out in the ring, next.

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Did you know that last Friday, Smackdown was watched by more people than any program on Fox or CW? I bet CW is kicking themselves for letting Smackdown go!

Dolph Ziggler’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring. JR says Ziggler reminds him of Mr. Perfect. That’s a stretch. Ziggler grabs a microphone and says now that he’s on Smackdown, he’s going to rip through the entire roster and show everyone what a real winner is. A real winner is him, Dolph Ziggler. To make his point, tonight he is issuing an open challenge to anyone in the Smackdown locker room. Tonight, he cements his place as the premier Superstar of this show and we’ll never forget the name Dolph Ziggler.

The Great Khali’s music hits and Ziggler doesn’t look happy. Khali isn’t coming out with Ranjin Singh tonight. I wonder what that’s all about.

Dolph Ziggler vs. The Great Khali

Ziggler wants to shake hands but Khali growls at him, scaring Ziggler. The referee calls for the bell and the match begins. Ziggler goes into the ropes and forearms Khali, which does nothing. He goes back into the ropes and Khali grabs him by the neck, throwing him back into the ropes and hitting him with a clothesline. Khali puts him in the corner and squeezes his face before slapping his chest. That hurts – it has to. Khali raises his arm and goes for a big kick but Ziggler moves and Khali gets hung up on the top rope. Ziggler kicks him in the knees before getting out of the ring. Ziggler grabs a chair and comes back in. Ziggler hits Khali in the knee with the chair, causing a disqualification!

Winner by Disqualification: The Great Khali
Match Rating: ¼ *

Ziggler assaults Khali a bunch of times with the steel chair and takes Khali down! Ziggler then leaves the ring smiling and Khali looks as intense as I’ve ever seen him. I liked this segment.

Still to come tonight is Jeff Hardy vs. Chris Jericho.

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Todd Grisham thanks Buckcherry for the use of their song “Rescue Me,” the official theme song of Judgment Day.

The Raw Rebound is brought to us by WWE Mobile. How many real finishes actually happened on Raw this week? I don’t understand why Orton couldn’t beat McMahon first before destroying him. That makes no sense. Also, since he’s a McMahon, wouldn’t wrestlers be chomping at the bit to want to help him out, such as Batista or MVP? This was stupid. They build MVP up and he does squat. Logic hasn’t existed in this angle at all. They seem to be obsessed with Orton’s eyes. Crazy eyes a good angle does not make.

JR and Todd Grisham run down the Judgment Day card, which looks pretty strong. This is the strongest Judgment Day card in years, possibly since 2000 when Triple H faced The Rock in an Iron Man Match. Man, that was nine years ago?

Edge’s music hits and the World Heavyweight Champion makes his way to the ring. He’ll be commentating on the Main Event, which is next!

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Todd Grisham thanks Edge for stopping by and he says it’s his pleasure. Grisham asks if Edge has any favorite in this match and Edge says he doesn’t but he’d rather Chris Jericho not be in the match at Judgment Day.

Jeff Hardy vs. Chris Jericho

In case you just started reading here, if Chris Jericho wins then he gets added to the World Heavyweight Championship match at Judgment Day.

Mike Chioda calls for the bell and the match begins. Hardy gets the crowd into it. Jericho quickly gets on the offensive, kicking Jeff Hardy in the midsection and punching him around the ring. Jericho holds him against the ropes and talks trash into his ear. Jericho whips Hardy into the ropes and he spears him down and punches him a bunch of times. Hardy clubs Jericho a few times before bouncing his head off the top turnbuckle. Hardy has a whip reversed on him but Hardy hangs on the top rope, causing Jericho to miss the dropkick. Hardy then hits a double leg drop to Jericho’s midsection and covers for a two count.

Hardy gets Jericho up but counters with a forearm to the midsection and a head-butt. Jericho attempts a body slam but Hardy slides off and hits his own body slam. Hardy now goes up to the top rope for a Swanton Bomb but Jericho slides out of the ring before he can do it.

Jericho is taking a breather on the outside but what he doesn’t know is Rey Mysterio makes his way down to ringside! Jericho then sees Mysterio and talks trash until he is hit from behind by Jeff Hardy. Mysterio claps as Hardy bounces Jericho off the barricade. Hardy puts him in the ring and bounces his head off the top turnbuckle. Hardy forearms him in the corner but has a whip into the corner reversed on him. Jericho charges and dives but Hardy moves and Jericho bounces his head off the ring post and falls to the outside!

Hardy whips Jericho into the barricade and fixes the steps up for himself. Hardy runs and flies off the steps for a Poetry in Motion type move but Jericho moves and Hardy crashes and burns! Jericho gets in the ring to accept the count-out but Hardy gets in at nine! Edge was even cheering him on! Jericho immediately covers for a two and a half count. Jericho covers again but Hardy’s feet are on the ropes. It’s time for a commercial.

-Commercial Break-

We’re back from the break and we see Jericho standing on Hardy’s back while he’s prone on the second rope. Jericho talks some trash to Edge before heading back towards Hardy and grabbing his legs. Jericho then performs a catapult guillotine into the second rope. Jericho smiles as the crowd chants for Hardy. Jericho picks him up and Hardy punches Jericho before going into the ropes and getting hit with a knee to the midsection from Jericho for a two and a half count. Jericho quickly locks on a chin lock. Hardy fights up but stays in control. Jericho then goes for an Irish whip but Hardy twists into his clothesline takedown neckbreaker.

Hardy comes back with a forearm smash and a clothesline. Hardy has a whip into the corner reversed on him but he tries to counter with a Whisper in the Wind but loses his footing and Jericho quickly gets to him to keep him from falling on his head! Jericho hammers Hardy in the kidneys and gets to the second rope for a super back suplex but Hardy forearms him off and hits Whisper in the Wind on Jericho! Hardy covers for a two and a half count!

Hardy gets the crowd into it and goes for a kick that gets blocked. Hardy goes for his flipping mule kick but Jericho pushes him away and goes for the Walls of Jericho and locks it on! Hardy is bleeding from the eyebrow! Edge is cheering his long time rival on to NOT tap out! Hardy eventually fights to the ropes. Jericho gets into an argument with Mike Chioda about that. Jericho then charges towards Hardy but Hardy catches him with a sit-out front suplex. Hardy then removes his shirt and goes up for the Swanton Bomb but Jericho moves and Hardy crashes to the mat! Jericho quickly hits the Lionsault and Jericho covers for a CLOSE two and a half count!

Jericho is really upset but this. He punches Hardy a few times before picking him up and going for a kick that gets blocked. Jericho tries for the enzuigiri counter but Hardy avoids that. Hardy punches Jericho a few more times and goes for the Twist of Fate but Jericho twists into a leg sweep and attempts to lock the Walls of Jericho back on but Hardy kicks Jericho off. Hardy catches Jericho with an inside cradle but Jericho turns Hardy onto his shoulder at the two count and Jericho gets a two and a half count! Jericho is against the ropes and Hardy clotheslines him over the top rope, taking himself along for the ride!

Hardy attempts to punch Jericho but Jericho counters by throwing Hardy over the announcer’s table into Edge’s lap! Jericho gets Hardy back in the ring and covers for a two and a half count. Edge now gets on the apron and talks trash to Jericho. Hardy then comes from behind and school boys Jericho for a two and a half count! Jericho is in the corner and Hardy runs right into his boot. Jericho then covers and gets both feet on the ropes for leverage and almost gets the win until Rey Mysterio yells over to the referee that Jericho is cheating. Jericho talks trash to Mysterio and turns into a Twist of Fate! Hardy then goes to the top rope and hits a Swanton Bomb for the win!!

Winner by Pinfall: Jeff Hardy
Match Rating: ** ½

Chris Jericho will NOT be in the World Heavyweight Championship match at Judgment Day! Hardy makes his way up to the ramp where Edge is, who is slowly backing away. Edge quickly goes to the back so Jeff Hardy applauds the crowd.

Back in the ring, Chris Jericho turns around and Rey Mysterio flies off the top rope with a seated senton! Mysterio motions that Jericho talks too much! This was a great way to end the show.*/ ?>

Quick Match Results

Mike Knox def. R-Truth
Michelle McCool def. Gail Kim
John Morrison def. Charlie Haas
CM Punk def. Edge via Count-Out (non-title)
The Great Khali def. Dolph Ziggler via DQ
Jeff Hardy def. Chris Jericho

Bump of the Night: CM Punk’s suicide dive on Edge!
Match of the Night: Jeff Hardy vs. Chris Jericho ** ½

Mike’s Thoughts

Great edition of Smackdown tonight! I really enjoyed this one! This was the best Smackdown in a while, probably since the build to WrestleMania. There’s so much to talk about.

The opening segment was tremendous. Jericho’s character is so much fun. I love his quest for respect and I love that this is being made one of the central focuses of the show. It’s a great way to bring him on to the brand. On top of it I love how he’s such a giant hypocrite himself. It’s just so damn interesting and fun to watch. Jericho is definitely a breath of fresh air on my favorite show of the week. Rey Mysterio was great in this segment as well.

The Main Event was tremendous. It’s been a while since they’ve squared off (a few years, actually) but they always click and they really clicked tonight. Jericho and Hardy are two great performers. I liked the stipulation of the match. It really made the show exciting and reminded me of WWF from 2000, where the matches meant something huge on the shows and most times had major ramifications for the PPV. From this we get a definitely Mysterio vs. Jericho feud and it continues to push Hardy hard towards Judgment Day.

Edge and CM Punk had a much better match than last week. I felt it this time. I don’t know what it was about last week but I just wasn’t feeling it. Tonight, however, they were on. I like that the champion has a major feud going on with Jeff Hardy and a mini feud going on with CM Punk, with the possibility of a major feud. I also like how Umaga has been worked into this mix. It’s a great way to bring him back and leaves one to wonder just why Umaga is attacking CM Punk. I also like that they’re doing the angle where Edge can’t seem to get an opportunity on CM Punk. I just hope when Punk cashes in that Money in the Bank that he actually has a match. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again that I believe Punk’s first Championship victory was marred by the fact that it was so cheap. Then the fact that he could only get a clean win on JBL hurt him as well. I hope he has a match. Babyfaces should always be ready to fight. Leave the cheap wins for the heels.

Man, oh man, did Charlie Haas look great tonight? Even though he lost he showed great aggression and I’m back on the Charlie Haas bandwagon. I’m glad they’ve decided to do away with that ridiculous copy-cat gimmick. He’s way too talented for that and tonight proved it. John Morrison was no schlep, either. Morrison, as always, looked and performed great. I have high hopes for his singles push.

I really liked Dolph Ziggler’s little match tonight. While it led nowhere, it definitely gave Ziggler some aggressiveness that his character was desperately missing. He has a little edge to him now and that can only help him. Maybe he’s one of the breakout stars Vince McMahon talked of earlier in the week. I’m really excited that so many mid-card guys are getting a chance to shine. This was another thing WWE has been missing in a while.

Someone who didn’t look great was Mike Knox. I was disappointed by the way they booked his match. They put him over on commentary as a huge powerhouse but R-Truth owned him until he got the cheap win. If he’s such a powerhouse, wouldn’t he be able to easily defeat R-Truth with his power instead of being thrown around the ring? I wouldn’t have even wanted him leaving his feet. Mike Knox has a lot of proving himself to do before I can get behind him. Right now I’m not impressed.

My other problem (and it’s so minor) is that Gail Kim is always losing and our Women’s Champion has yet to make an appearance on the show. What’s up with that? At least the Eve and Layla thing with Cryme Tyme wasn’t that long or bad!

All in all the booking for tonight, save for the Knox match, but who cares about that? Whatever they’re doing DON’T CHANGE A THING! This is great TV and I really had a lot of fun tonight!

Final Rating: *** ¼

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