iMPACT! Results - 4/27/06 (Joe vs Lethal, X Cup & former WCW stars)

Reported by Ryan Droste of
On Friday, April 28, 2006 at 3:05 AM EST

Full TNA iMPACT! Results – 4/27/06
Taped From: Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Ryan Droste of

-The show starts out with highlights from Sunday's Lockdown PPV.

-Abyss is shown backstage walking with the NWA Title belt in his hands. James Mitchell is saying, "The world is yours, you're the real world champion!"

-The iMPACT! opening airs. It's been revamped, with new highlights and new background music.

-Tenay welcomes us to the show, building up tonight's matches.

-Abyss enters the ring holding the NWA Title belt, having stolen it from Christian at Lockdown after the match. Mitchell gets on the mic. He says Lockdown was all about brutality, violence, and survival. He says Abyss survived and walked out of the ring with the title belt in his hands. Tenay mentions he stole it. Mitchell says he's sure Christian feels he still has some sort of technical ownership of the belt. Mitchell says possession is 9/10 of the law. He says if there is anyone in the building that thinks they can take the belt out of Abyss' hands, he dares them to come out right now. Rhino's theme comes on. West mentions he's the former champ.

Abyss vs. Rhino
Rhino works over Abyss with right hands and forearms. Rhino with a back elbow and a clotheslines sending Abyss over the ropes to the outside. Commercial time...


Abyss is now working over Rhino with right hands. Rhino fights back, but runs into a boot from Abyss. Abyss chokes at Rhino on the mat. Rhino attempts to fight back again, but he gets a knee lift to the gut. Abyss chokes Rhino across the bottom rope with his boot. Abyss then chokes him with his boot to Rhino's neck. The crowd chants for Rhino. Abyss with an open hand slap to the chest. Abyss hits another. Abyss walks into some chops from Rhino. Rhino with right hands, but Abyss nails a knee to the chest to halt the comeback. Abyss wrenches at the neck. The crowd claps for Rhino, and Rhino breaks the hold with right hands. Rhino with a big jumping clothesline. Rhino charges for a clothesline, but he runs into a chokeslam from Abyss. 2 count. Loud "Let's go Rhino" chants again. Rhino throws Abyss into the corner after dodging a move. Rhino whips him to the opposite corner and nails a shoulder block. Rhino with a belly to belly suplex. Mitchell distracts the ref, adn Bobby Roode runs out and takes out Rhino with a clothesline from behind, the Northern Lariat. Abyss gets to his feet. Mitchell gives him the Doomsday sign. Abyss nails the Black Hole Slam and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Abyss

-Christian runs out after the match and attacks Rhino. He goes for the Unprettier, but Abyss pushes him off. Christian with a clothesline and right hands. Mitchell runs off with the belt. Abyss now with some right hands after Christian turned his back. Rhino goes for a move, but Christian dodges it as Abyss goes over the top rope to the outside. Abyss follows Mitchell off. Christian gets on the mic. He says Abyss has something that belongs to the peeps. Christian says nobody wants to see Shrek as the heavyweight champion. Christian says since Abyss is using the premise possession is 9/10s of the law, he suggests at Sacrifice they have a match where they hang the belt from the ceiling and mix in tables, ladders and chairs. And he says since Abyss likes chains so much, they will add them in and make the match full metal mayhem. He says at Sacrifice the champion will take his belt back.

-Jeremy Borash is backstage with Jeff Jarrett and Scott Steiner. Borash says already signed for Sacrifice is Jarrett and Steiner vs. Sting and any partner he wants. Steiner says he can have anyone he wants, they will still take him out because he has the only weapon he needs (and he flexes). Larry Z comes in. He says Sting wants them to meet him in the ring tonight, and they will find out who his partner is. Larry asks Borash if he has seen Raven anywhere in the building. Borash says no, and Larry tells him to tell him if he sees him.


-Alex Shelley is shown in a segment taped earlier. He has filmed an exclusive interview with someone that "everyone wants to talk to." It's Kevin Nash. A graphic comes on the screen saying the Kevin Nash interview from "paparazi productions" will air next week on iMPACT!

-Tenay and West talk. They talk about the last time Kevin Nash was seen in TNA. The scoring for the World X Cup is gone over as we are about to begin the tournament.

World X Cup
Team Japan (Hiroki Goto & Minoru Tanaka) vs. Team USA (Alex Shelley & Sonjay Dutt)

Dutt and Tanaka start off. Team Canada has come out to join West and Tenay. Specifically, Williams and D'Amore. Tanaka with a nice drop kick. He puts on an armlock. Dutt fights out and nails some arm drags of his own. Dutt locks on an armbar. Shelley ist agged in. He comes off the ropes across the arm of Tanaka. Shelley puts on an abdominal stretch, and Dutt nails a drop kick. Shelley drops Dutt across their opponent and gets a 2 count. Tanaka comes back with a quick leglock before Dutt braks it up. Tanaka works over the legs with some kicks. D'Amore talks about how Goto and Tanaka are the former IWGP tag champs. Goto is tagged in. He works over Shelley in the corner. Goto with a half crab. He tags Tanaka back in. They do a wishbone on Shelley. Jerry Lynn and Chris Sabin are shown watching the match backstage. Tanaka with some kicks in the corner. He sets Shelley up on the top rope. Shelley fights him off, sending him down to the mat. Goto charges up to the top, and Shelley sends him off. Shelley with a drop kick to Tanaka, and he falls on top of Goto. Shelley tags in Dutt. Dutt with some forearms to both men. A leg lariat to Goto, followed by a leg drop. 2 count. Tanaka comes in to break it. Dutt runs into a boot, as does Shelley. Shelley and Dutt then takes out Tanaka with a double drop kick. Shelley with a superkick to Goto, Dutt nails him with a kick. Dutt with a legdrop to Goto. Shelley drops Tanaka on top of Goto. Dutt pushes Tanaka out of the ring. Dutt with a moonsault on top of Goto as Shelley held him across his knees. Shelley is sent outside with a dropkick from Tanaka. Goto takes out his parnter with a drop kick off the top on accident. Goto with a suplex on Dutt and a 2 count. Tanaka with a kick to Dutt, and Goto powers him down to the mat for a 2 count. Shelley with an enziguiri to Goto. Shelley with a reverse DDT and and Dutt nails him and gets the pin. Very good TV match.

Winners: Team USA

-Borash is backstage with Styles and Daniels. Styles says Lethal Lockdown opened his eyes to the way AMW is conducting themselves. He says they have tarnished the world tag titles, and he says it's time for a change. He says he has chosen Daniels as a partner to make that change. Borash announces it will be Styles and Daniels vs. AMW for the tag titles next week. Daniels says what qualifies them to be a tag team? He says AJ is the most prolific X Champ in history, and he (Daniels) is the longest reigning X Title Champ in TNA history. Daniels says imagine what they can do side by side. Daniels says AMW won't have to imagine, because they will see it first hand next week.

-Joe makes his entrance as we go to commercial...


-A video package for "Senshi" (formerly Low Ki) airs.

X Title Match
Samoa Joe (c) vs. Jay Lethal

Raven comes out of the crowd to chase after Larry Zbyszko, who was in the ring to preside over the title match, as we start the match. Larry runs off and Raven walks away slowly. Joe works over Lethal. Lethal comes back with a neckbreaker. Lethal with some loud chops. Lethal goes to jump over a running Joe, but Joe grabs him and drops him to the mat face first. Joe with a snap mare and a chop to the back. Joe with a knee drop. 2 count. Joe with another snap mare, and he locks on a reverse chinlock. Lethal fights to his feet and breaks the hold. Lethal runs into a big powerslam from Joe. Joe locks on a cross arm breaker, but Lethal gets to the ropes to break it. Commercial time again...


Joe is still on offense. Joe with a forearm on Lethal into the corner. Joe with a kick. Joe rakes at the face of Lethal with his boot. Joe comes in with a running boot to the face. Joe goes for a cover and gets a 2 count. Joe puts on a headlock to a seated Jay Lethal. Lethal fights to his feet and breaks the hold. Lethal with a running forearm. Lethal with a big kick. Lethal reverses a hip toss attempt and hits one of his own. Lethal with a dropkick. 2 count. Lethal with a springboard attempt, but Joe catches him and slams him to the mat. Joe with a running knee in the corner to Lethal. Joe nails the musclebuster out of the corner. Joe makes the cover and gets the pinfall.

Winner and Still X Champion: Samoa Joe

-Right after the match, Jarrett's theme comes on as Joe is still in the ring. As Jarrett comes down the ramp, Joe confronts him on the ramp and they stare each other down. Joe then stares down Scott Steiner, nose to nose. We go to commercial.


-Steiner and Jarrett are in the ring. The lights go out as Sting's theme comes on. Sting makes his way out and down to the ring. Jarrett says the match is signed, he wants to know who is the partner. Sting sarcastically says, wow Jarrett is demanding to know who his partner is. Should he tell him? Sting says he is going to let them choose. He says he has a wrestler behind each entrance way. He asks Jarrett to pick number one or two. Jarrett says this is Impact, not Price is Right. He asks him again who is the partner. Sting asks the audience, tunnel number one or number two. Jarrett says these moron fans have no business in this game. Jarrett and Steiner conference. Sting says we are going to do this in game show format. Sting says he has a lovely game show hostess with him. Christy Hemme comes out. Sting calls for the game show music, and it comes on. Jarrett says he needs more time, as Sting says he has 30 seconds. Jarrett wonders which tunnel to pick. Sting says the time is up. Sting says if he does not pick either tunnel, then this is null and void as of tonight and next time his choices will be different. Sting says he has to choose tonight, "deal or no deal." Steiner tries to talk to Jarrett, and Jarrett tells him to shut-up. Jarrett says he isn't picking because Sting doesn't have anyone back there. He says he'll see Sting at Sacrifice and begins to walk-out. Steiner is hesitant. Sting says he will describe contestant number one. He says he is a former member of the nWo. Sting says even though Jarrett has made this null and void, he wants to prove he is serious. Sting says he is a former 5 time WCW Tag Champ with 4 partners. He mentions his mom is a former WCW Tag Champion (God help us). He says he is currently on probation in Cobb County, Georgia and that this is a "shoot." He says "Christy, show us who is behind tunnel number one." Buff Bagwell comes out. Christy brings Buff down to the ring. Jarrett just looks amazed and kind of laughs. Jarrett says, "Is that all you could dig up? A top hat wearing moron?" Sting says Buff is still the stuff. Sting says now for tunnel number two. Sting says this man earned a college football scholarship to the University of Miami. He is a member of the Green Bay Packers hall of fame (huh?). He signed a contract with the WBF. He's an international fugitive, and "that's a shoot." He says he is a former 2 time WCW Champion. Lex Luger comes out looking quite aged. Jarrett says off mic, "Where in the hell did he get those two guys?" Tenay says we will find out next week on Impact who Sting's partner is.