iMPACT! Results - 5/4/06 (Daniels/AJ vs. AMW, Christian vs. Shelley)

Reported by Ryan Droste of
On Friday, May 5, 2006 at 12:03 AM EST

Full TNA iMPACT! Results – 5/4/06
Taped From: Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Ryan Droste of

-Show starts with BOrash backstgae where Jackie Gayda and Gail Kim are arguing. Chris Harris comes in and says he's had it with this. he tells Gail to get her in check. Storm says, "Daniels, AJ...get ready." He throws his beer bottle down.

-A video package airs building up the Sacrifice PPV. It shows highlights from last week.

-The iMPACT! opening airs.

-Tenay builds up tonight's matches briefly.

NWA World Tag Team Title Match
(C) America's Most Wanted (James Storm & Chris Harris) w/ Gail & Jackie vs. AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels

Styles and Daniels come out together to Styles' theme. Storm attacks AJ from behind to start the match. Harris pulls Daniels to the outside. AMW double teams AJ in the corner of the ring with stomps. Harris knocks Daniels off the apron when he tries to get back in, as Storm continues with right hands to AJ. Daniels comes off the top with a double clothesline on AMW. Styles and Daniels fight off their opponents. AMW rolls to the outside as we go to a quick commercial...


Storm and Styles are in the ring. Styles with a high dropkick. Styles sends Storm into the corner and tags in Daniels. Daniels throws Storm intot he corner and hits him with some kicks to the gut. Daniels with a double knee to the chest of Storm. 2 count. Harris attacks him from behind, then pulls his partner to him to tag in. Harris with a delayed vertical suplex. Harris brings Daniels to the AMW corner and tags in Storm. Harris holds Daniels between him and the middle rope, and Storm runs in and comes down across Daniels' back. Storm works over Daniels in the corner with some chops and tags Harris back in. Harris with an atomic drop, and Harris then gives him a Russian Legsweep. AJ breaks up the pin. Harris chokes Daniels across the middle rope. Storm is tagged in. Storm puts on a reverse chinlock. Storm rips at the face of Daniels. Daniels with some elbows to the gut. Daniels comes off the ropes but runs into a knee to the gut from Storm. 2 count. Tag to Harris, and he comes in with an axe handle smash off the middle rope. Harris with an atomic drop. Daniels comes back with an open hand palm thrust. AJ and Storm are tagged in. Styles takes out AMW with right hands. AJ with a running flying forearm in the corner to Harris. Storm comes in and runs into a back elbow from AJ. AJ ducks the superkick and puts on a torture rack into a spinning slam. Styles goes for the cover, but Harris pulls the ref out of the ring. Daniels with a suicide dive to the outside taking out Harris. Gail Kim goes off top and goes for a huracanrana, but Styles catches her. He looks to go for a Styles Clash, but Storm superkicks him. Kim, still on AJ's shoulders, nails a huracanarana. Storm covers to get the pinfall. Good opening match.

Winners & Still NWA Tag Champs: America's Most Wanted


-A video package for Senshi (formerly Low Ki) airs.

World X Cup
Team Canada (Johnny Devine & Eric Young) w/ Scott D'Amore vs. Team Mexico (Shocker & Magno)

This is Devine's first match in TNA in quite some time. Shocker and Young start off. Shelley comes out to film the match. Shouldn't he be preparing to face the World Champ in a half hour? I guess he's not too concerned. It's going to be Devine starting off for Canada now. He puts on an armbar, but Magno comes with some hip tosses. Magno with a spinning arm drag off the top. Devine spits at Magno. He ducks a right hand and nails some right hands. Team Canada works over Magno in their corner. Young is tagged in. He nails a back elbow for a 2 count. Devine is tagged in. Devine with a snap suplex for a 2 count. Magno with a dropkick to the back. Shocker is tagged in. He goes for a 619 but misses. Shocker with a powerslam and a moonsault headbutt. Shocker urns into a boot in the corner. Shocker with a modified victory roll out of the corner, almost like a reverse huracanrana. Shocker whips Young into Magno for a kick. Team Mexico with double dropkicks sending their opponents out of the ring. They both leap out of the ring onto their opponents. Shelley films Shocker up close, as Shocker wants him to leave. Devine kicks Shocker as he gets back in the ring. Devine with a slam. Shelley was on the apron filming, and Devine collides with him. Shocker with a small package to get the win. West mentions that Shelley had been a friend of Team Canada lately, but he just cost them the match. US and Mexico are now in a first place tie in the ongoing World X Cup. So-so match.

Winners: Team Mexico

-The "on probation" Larry Zbyszko is with West and Tenay. He's losing his voice. He has an announcement for Sacrifice. He says after what was seen earlier tonight, there will be a rematch between AMW and Styles/Daniels at Sacrifice. He says Gail and Jackie will be banned from ringside. Tenay asks him why he is allowing Abyss to keep possession of the NWA Title belt. Raven comes out of the crowd. He seemingly has Larry trapped at the announce position. Larry runs off and rolls in the ring. Raven chases him as he rolls out and up the ramp. Raven chases him to the back.


-A video package displaying what happened with Sting bringing out Bagwell and Luger last week as a surprise. They build up the fact that Sting can pick anyone he wants for his tag partner to take on Jarrett/Steiner at Sacrifice.

-Jeff Jarrett's theme comes on as he makes his way out alongside Scott Steiner. Just as they get in the ring, Sting's theme comes on. Tenay mentions the fact that Jarrett demanded last week for Sting to pick his partner this week and to put aside the "red tape." Sting says lets cut to the chase, Jeff knows the drill. The only difference this week is Jeff only has one choice this week. Sting asks him what his choice, and he gives him only one tunnel to choose from. Jarrett asks who Sting thinks he is. He says this isn't the game show network and he is sick of the mind games. Sting says Jarrett has 30 seconds to make up his mind. Game show music comes on. Steiner tells Jarrett to take the deal. Jarrett asks Tenay if he has any insight this week? Sting asks him the last time if he wants the contestant that is behind the curtain. Jarrett turns to the crowd. He says he's giving them the chance to help make a main event. He asks them if he should accept the deal tonight? The crowd cheers. Jarrett says, "Do you think I'm that stupid?" The crowd cheers yes. Jarrett says he is not accepting the deal. He says Sting has no more fossils to dig up and he'll wait til next week. Sting says it will be his choice next week, but he is still going to introduce who he brought tonight even though they are null and void. He introduces him as an all american US wrestler, real estate dealer, and a member of some board of education and "that's a shoot." Blah blah blah, some more info about being a former WCW tag champ, etc. Anyways, Christy brings out Rick Steiner. Does anyone really care? Steiner and Jarrett leave the ring. Sting again mentions that Jarrett no longer controls his own destiny, and he will select his own partner next week.


-The Paparazi Productions Nash interview airs. Nash talks about seeing all these people coming back like Sting and Steiner, but he says nobody from TNA has called him. He says they are all beneath his stature. He says a picture speaks a thousand words. He pulls out graph he made of what former WWF champs drew in WWF. He shows himself outdrawing Hogan, Nash, Hart, and Austin, so it's obviously just a joke since Nash is right at the bottom in reality. I believe he is the second worst drawing WWF champ of all time, behind JBL. He mentions when he was in the nWo the money he drew was beyond even what he did in WWF here. He calls himself a great worker, incredible mic skills, great physique, drug free, and a pure champion. A typical Nash sarcastic interview. It is pretty funny, I'll give him that. He says the X Division has some nice "good little guys" that could give him a "good little match", and he calls the X Division "filler." So what exactly is a has-been taking up precious time on a 45 minute show (subtracting commercials) with this then?

-Tenay is outraged that Nash called the X Division filler. He says it's not 1996 and says "earth to Nash." Tenay talks about the "graph" and how dillusional Nash is. They say part 2 will air next week.

Alex Shelley vs. NWA World Heavyweight Champ Christian Cage
Christian slaps Cage and takes him down. Christian with right hands to the head. Cage takes Shelley down. Cage with some chops in the corner. He throws him across the ring to the other corner and nails some right hands to the gut and head. Cage with a clothesline. Christian picks him up for a suplex and drops him across the ropes. He gives Shelley an inverted DDT on the apron. They fight to the outside. Cage throws him into the safety rail. Christian goes and grabs a chair from the broadcast table. He sets Shelley down in the chair with a right hand. He grabs a headset and puts it on. He says he's filming a little documentary himself today. He calls this one boot to the skull, and he nails Shelley with a kick. Christian says he's getting word on his headset that it's time for a commercial, but stay tuned....


Cage takes down Shelley and goes for a cover. 2 count. Cage lowers his head for a back body, and Shelley kicks him. Cage lays out Shelley on his face. Another 2 count. Cage with a loud chop in the corner. Shelley gets in a poke to the eye. Shelley with a kick to Cage in the corner. Cage rolls to the outside, and Shelley jumps to the outside with a suicide dive. The crowd starts with the "TNA" chants. Shelley with some forearm shots. Back in the ring now. Shelley with a kick to the gut. Shelley with a snapmare. Shelley then chokes him with something. Shelley pretzels Cage's arms, pulling back. Cage fights to his feet and breaks the hold, throwing Shelley down. Shelley comes back with an enziguiri. 2 count. Cage comes back briefly with chops, but Shelley gets in a knee to the gut. Shelley goes for a suplex, but Cage floats over to the apron and snaps Shelley's neck across the top. Cage with a shoulder block through the ropes, and he comes off the top with a cross body for a 2 count. Cage with kicks. Christian with a sit-out powerbomb for a 2 count. Cage with right forearms to the head, and then a forearm to the jaw. Shelley comes back with some dropkicks to the head. Shelley runs into a back elbow in the corner. Christian with a jumping uppercut out of the corner for a 2 count. Christian throws Shelley chest first into the corner and then nails the Unprettier and gets the 3 count. Not as good of a match as you'd think these two could have, but it was decent.

Winner: Christian Cage

-Tenay talks about the "Full Metal Mayhem" match at Sacrifice with Abyss. Christian still doesn't have his title belt with him, and he motions around his waist that he wants his belt back. Christian grabs a mic. He says Abyss runs pretty fast for a monster, but he's only 10 days away from getting his ass kicked. Christian says he'll take his title belt back.

-James Mitchell and Abyss are backstage under the bleachers with Christian's NWA World Title belt on Abyss' lap. Mitchell says if Christian wants his title belt back, he suggests that he show up next week and try to take it. He then does his evil laugh as we go off the air.