iMPACT! Results - 6/1/06 (Jarrett vs. Raven in KOTM Qualifier & more)

Reported by Ryan Droste of
On Friday, June 2, 2006 at 8:45 PM EST

Full TNA iMPACT! Results – 6/1/06
Taped From: Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Ryan Droste ( of

-The show starts with Jeff Jarrett making his way down the ramp. He goes to the announcers and wants to know who he is wrestling tonight. He asks Tenay who it is. Tenay says he will find out when the rest of the world finds out. He asks West if he knows, and he asks how would he know? Jarrett says Steiner wants to know also, and out comes Steiner. Steiner points at Tenay and tells him to call Larry Zbyszko to find out. Jarrett and Steiner argue with Tenay and West. Steiner attacks West. He holds him by his shirt collar and throws him into the ring. Jarrett follows him in too, saying they want some answers. Steiner chokes at West on the mat. He says this show is stopped until they get some answers. Steiner yells for Larry to get out here now. Steiner says he wants Sting tonight. Sting's theme comes on and Sting makes his way down the ramp to the ring. He fights Jarrett and Steiner, cleaning house. Jarrett retreats up the ramp and runs into Raven. Raven nails Jarrett with right hands until they are in the ring as well. Jarrett bails out again. Sting clotheslines Steiner over the top to the outside. Steiner and Jarrett stare at Sting and Raven in the ring as they walk away. Tenay builds up the possible matches we could see tonight in the King of the Mountain qualifying match.

-A video package highlighting the King of the Mountain qualifers airs.

-The Impact opening airs.

NWA Tag Champs America's Most Wanted (James Storm & Chris Harris) w/ Gail Kim vs. The Naturals (Chase Stevens & Andy Douglas)

Storm and Stevens start off. They lock up and Stevens puts on a quick headlock. He nails a shoulder block and some right hand shots. Douglas comes in and gives a facebuster to Storm into Steven's knee. They clean house on AMW, and AMW goes to the outside as we go to commercial...


Storm and Douglas are still in the ring. Douglas runs into a clothesline from Harris next to the ropes. Harris is tagged in and nails a back elbow. LAX is shown at the Spanish broadcast position protesting again. Harris tags Storm back in, and he comes off the second rope with a fist to the gut. Storm drops Douglas across the top rope from a suplex position. He then airplane spins around with Douglas across his back, and drops him. Near fall. Stevens is tagged in. He nails both members of AMW with right hands. Harris accidently nails a clothesline to his parnter in the corner. Douglas nails a high knee to Harris. Neckbreaker on Storm. Kim gets up on the apron with a police baton. Styles and Daniels run out to stop her. Daniels tosses the baton to Stevens. Stevens tosses it out of the ring, not wanting it. Stevens turns around into a superkick from Harris. Harris makes the cover for the pinfall. Solid opener, check the end of this report for more thoughts.

Winners: America's Most Wanted

-Shane Douglas is shown looking on at the top of the ramp. He shakes his head and walks off as AMW continues to pound on the Naturals. Stevens is bleeding.

-Borash is backstage with Alex Shelley. He asks him about "hooking up his wagon" to Kevin Nash. Shelley says what he does with his video camera is of nobody /*'s business. Nash comes in and says this is complete propaganda. He says only he can make Shelley a star. Nash asks him who he's wrestling tonight, and he asks him if he has his camera. Shelley does, but he says he lost his tripod. Nash says "Don't worry, I got your tripod right here" and he looks down. Get it? His dick makes a third leg. Yeah.


Alex Shelley w/ Kevin Nash vs. Jay Lethal

They lock up in a test of strength. Shelley rolls through and stomps on Lethal's hands. Shelley blocks a hip toss and throws Lethal down. Lethal fights back and nails a leg lariat. Lethal with a back drop suplex. Shelley reverses a full nelson attempt and nails a kick. Shelley stomps at the arm of Lethal on the mat. Shelley works on the arm and fingers, twisting them around the middle rope. West says Shelley is too good to have to fight dirty like that. Shelley with a northern lights suplex into a pinfall attempt. Shelley continues to work over the arm, putting on various armbars. A bridging hammerlock submission. Shelley with a kick to the back. Shelley works the arm in the corner. Shelley comes in with a jumping double knee shot to the chest. He comes in again, but Lethal gets in a back elbow and comes off the middle rope with a leg lariat. Both men down. They rise at the same time, Lethal with some right hand shots while in an armbar. Lethal with a flying head scissors and a series of clotheslines. Lethal with a hip toss and follows that with a dropkick. Shelley with an enziguiri that misses, but he connects a split second later. Nash comes on to the apron and turns his back with an elbow up. Shelley goes to whip Lethal into him, but Lethal reverses it and Shelley runs into Nash. Lethal makes the cover for the pinfall. Another good match, see the end of the report for more thoughts on the match.

Winner: Jay Lethal

-After the match, Lethal gets pissed and chokes at Lethal on the mat. Shelley continues to work the arm after the match. Chris Sabin runs out and attacks Shelley, but Kevin Nash bails. Sabin gets ready to nail his dropkick in the corner, but Shelley slips out of the ring. Sabin gets on the mic and asks Nash what's wrong? He asks him to man up. Sabin says this time his back isn't turned, so he understands. Sabin says he checked his schedule for June 18th, and he is free. Sabin says if he doesn't have a date planned with his boy Alex Shelley, he wants to meet him one on one in the ring. Sabin says he can prove to Nash what Nash's wife has been trying to tell him for years, that size doesn't matter.

-A Samoe Joe sit down interview airs. He says Sting wanted him there for one reason, to have his back from bell to bell. He says the minute the bell rang at the end, he was done. He asks him what has Sting ever done for him? That's why he didn't help him. He addresses Steiner. He basically says Steiner can't punk him out. He says the timeclock is ticking against him and he knows he can't take someone like him. He says he can't wait until Steiner steps up and wants a piece of him one on one. Joe says the last thing Steiner wants is for Joe to come in and take his reputation that he has been building up his whole career.


-Borash is backstage with Team 3D. He asks them about the James Gang parody last week. Ray says that was hysterical last week, they are funny guys. When they did it 8 years ago it was funny, and it was last week too. I think the one 8 years ago was doing a parody of the Nation of Domination. Anyways, Ray and Devon end up arguing. Devon says Ray is gaining weight. Ray then jokes that the Devon was there when the doctor told him why he's gaining weight. He says he has a thyroid problem (I guess that was a joke towards Raven that only a very small portion of the audience would have actually got). He then says the Gang made fun of the arena, south Philly, and the bingo hall. He says making fun of that place is like calling their mother's a whore. Ray says at least his mother isn't, he doesn't know about Devon. Devon says get off his mother. Ray says he and Borash will both get off his mother. They then get in their weekly shot at WWE bringing back ECW. Ray says there are people out there today that exploit the bingo hall and what was once there, and they are bastardizing the legacy of what was once there. They say they will be the first guys to defend it's honor. He says they will show people what the bingo hall really means to them next week. Devon does his testify line, and Ray says they need to get that guy another line.

-Tenay and West talk. Tenay says it sounds like Team 3D is going to Philly and back to their roots.

-Styles and Daniels are in Larry Z's office. He says he gave them oppurtunites, and they lost. Daniels says they are the better team and that's why they should get the title shot. They say if Larry gives them the title shot at Slammiversary, they won't bother him anymore. AJ says they have a way of neutralizing Gail Kim. Ref Slick Johnson comes in and says that the new face of TNA Management may be here tonight.

-Borash is now with LAX at their protest position at the Spanish broadcast table. They tell him to stay away and not cross over the line into their territory.


-A video package with Christian talking about the King of the Mountain match airs.

King of the Mountain Qualifying Match

Jeff Jarrett w/ Gail Kim vs. Raven

Jarrett walks up the ramp to meet Raven as he comes out. He then goes to the crowd to look for him. He brings a chair up to the top of the crowd where Raven is with trash can lids. Raven nails him with some shots as they make their way down the steps. West says this means Steiner will take on Sting next week in the last qualifying match. Jarrett gains advantage and takes Raven down the ramp and into the ring. He stomps at Raven on the mat. Jarrett goes to the outside and grabs a chair. He tosses it at Raven as he tries to come through the ropes. Back in the ring, Raven ducks a clothesline and nails some left hands and a clothesline. They go out of the ring again. Raven tosses Jarret into the crowd. They brawl through the crowd, with Raven on the offensive nailing punches. They fight all the way through the crowd, to one end of the arena and the ramp. Raven sets Jarrett up on a table on the floor. Raven then goes up on the ramp and comes off with an elbow drop. Jarrett moves and Raven crashes through the table.


They still fight near the entranceway, with Jarrett nailing a chairshot on Raven. They are now by the concession stand. Jarrett throws relishes at Raven, as well as various containers. Jarrett gets a chair and nails it to Raven's gut. Jarrett goes to splash on to Raven, but Raven moves as Jarrett crashes into the concession wall stand. Raven crashes through it as well as he tries to do the same thing. They continue to fight, hitting each other with containers. Raven suplexes Jarrett into a table. Raven whips Jarrett into a guard rail backstage. He goes for a chair shot, but Jarrett moves. The ref continues to try to get them to go back towards the ring. They fight to the entrance tunnel entrance. They fight up the tunnel back into the impact zone. Raven hip tosses Jarrett on the ramp. They get back in the ring now. Raven brings a chair into the ring and nails Jarrett with it in the gut. Raven with a front first whip into the corner, and follows that up with a clothesline. He nails a knee lift to Jarrett. Raven goes for the Raven Effect DDT on the chair. But Jarrett dodges it. Jarrett goes for the stroke, but Raven blocks. The ref gets taken out when Raven goes for a splash in the corner. Raven falls down on top of Jarrett, as both men are down. Gail Kim slides a guitar into the ring for Jarrett. Raven puts Jarrett in a sleeper hold, while Jarrett holds the guitar. Blood is coming from Jarrett's mouth. Jarrett gets sleepy and drops the guitar. Jarrett escapes the hold and puts Raven into a sleeper. Raven pushes him off and nails a drop toe hold, sending Jarrett into the seated chair. Larry Z comes out as Raven has the guitar. He takes the guitar from Raven. Raven nails Larry with a right hand, then turns around into a low blow from Jarrett. Jarrett gets the guitar, and Larry tries to take it. Raven rolls up Jarrett from behind for a near fall. Jarrett pushes Larry, and Larry pushes him back. Raven gets the guitar and goes to hit Jarrett, but Jarrett moves and he nails Larry with it. Jarrett then hits the Stroke on Raven and gets the pinfall. Awesome main event, see the end of the report for more thoughts.

Winner: Jeff Jarrett

-West yells that next week it will be Steiner vs. Sting.

-The show ends with the usual highlight video to the "Adrenaline Rush" song, highlighting tonight's events.

Closing Thoughts: Wow. This was a solid, solid edition of Impact. It seems like the shows have been getting better every week lately. The intensity of the show started right off the bat with Jarrett and Steiner coming out yelling like mad men, and I thought this was a good open to the show in an attempt to hook viewers. I was entertained the whole way through the show, and the match quality was fantastic. I enjoyed the opening tag match and seeing the Naturals back in action. AMW and the Naturals have always had really good matches in the past, so this should be a good feud. I enjoyed the Shelley/Lethal match because it had a very logical build to it. Usually the X Division matches have lots of highspots, so this was an interesting twist to see Shelley methodically working over the arm/wrist for much of the match. And Jarrett vs. Raven? This was the best main event on Impact in months. Raven and Jarrett had a tremendous brawl all over the arena, and the fans were into this match more than they have been in a while. Great heat from the crowd and solid work from the wrestlers. Gotta give both guys alot of credit on this one, as they both seemed to be going out of their way to have a really good TV match. I know I've been saying alot lately that you should try to catch the replay, but this is a show you should probably even go out of your way to catch the replay. Solid stuff this week TNA.