iMPACT! Results - 8/3/06 - (Big X Division Match + Cornette's Meeting)

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On Friday, August 4, 2006 at 12:04 AM EST

Full TNA iMPACT! Results – 8/3/06
Taped From: Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
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-The show starts with highlights from last week's show.

-Borash has breaking news. He says that Sting has accepted Christian's offer to accompany him to the ring at Hard Justice. Jeff Jarrett comes in. He says this is a set-up from the corporate people at TNA against him. Slick Johnson comes in and announces Cornette will be in the Impact Zone tonight, and there will be a mandator meeting for all of TNA. He says he especially wants to speak to Jarrett. Jarrett wants to know where he is now, and Steiner chokes Slick up against the wall wanting to know where Cornette is. Slick doesn't know.

-The Impact opening airs.

-LAX enters through their own entrance, a tunnel in the stands with a mexican flag for a curtain with "LAX" across the top of the entrance. Konnan throws a barrell across Tenay and West's announce position. They leave as Konnan takes over on the mic. He dual announces the match with Moody Jack doing the announcing as well from the LAX booth.

LAX (Homicide and Hernandez) defeated Chasyn Rance & Jerrelle Clark
This was a short, one sided match. Hernandez nailed the "Border Toss" (running Razor's Edge) and Homicide hit the Cop Killer next for the simultaneous pinfall.

-AJ and Daniels come on the video screen after the match. Styles says they are still standing after taking their best shot. Styles says next time he sees Homicide, he is going to put him in the hospital. Daniels calls out Homicide for a match next week. He says the match is not going to end with a 1-2-3, it's going to end with a "1-8-7 on you, bitch." Konnan says guys like him make guys like Daniels his bitch. Konnan says they will do whatever they have to do to get the tag team titles to the Latino nation.

-Borash is backstage with Samoa Joe. Joe says it's obvious Monty Brown and Rhino have issues to resolve between them, but Monty Brown made the mistake of making an issue with him too. He says Monty is jealous, because just like in his NFL career, he got to the big show and lost. Joe says he needs to add Rhino and Monty Brown to his list. He says after Hard Justice, both of them will know why he's been undefeated in TNA so far.


-Steiner is brawling with Lethal backstage. He and Jarrett are looking for Christian. Jarrett says if they don't find Christian, they will make him find them.

-Another Bobby Roode video package airs, talking about him being the hottest free agent in wrestling today. It features comments from different TNA managers and personalities talking about why everyone wants him. It features comments from Simon Diamond, Shane Douglas and James Mitchell who all want to manage him.

-Shane Douglas is in the ring. He says AMW has dominated in TNA since day one. He says they have been a thorn in the side to the Naturals. He introduces the "newly franchised" Naturals, his team.

The Naturals (Chase Stevens & Andy Douglas) w/ Shane Douglas defeated America's Most Wanted (Chris Harris & James Storm) w/ Gail Kim
This was a good back and forth match for the couple of minutes it was given. Extremly short match. The finish came when Harris leap-frogged Stevens and ran into Storm. Stevens then rolled up Harris for the pin. The announcers played up the fact that AMW "continue to have problems."

-After the match, Jarrett and Steiner come out and attack the Naturals from behind on the ramp. They throw them in the ring and AMW help take out the Naturals. Jarrett gets on the mic. Jarrett says if Christian won't come to them, they are going to make him come out right now. They aren't going to leave the ring until Christian shows his face.


-Jarrett, Steiner, Gail Kim and AMW are still in the ring. Larry Zbyszko comes out. He says he just got off the phone with Cornette, and it's his job to relay to them a couple of important orders. If they don't comply with these orders, they will suffer the same fate as Earl Hebner (be fired). The first order is for Steiner. Cornette demands to meet him face to face in the ring tonight. The second order for Jarrett. Cornette demands that he leave the building immediately. AMW try to reason with Jarrett and convince him to follow the orders.

-Tenay and West talk about Sting/Jarrett. They introduce a sit down interview taped earlier with Tenay interviewing Sting. Sting did the interview as Steve Borden, no face paint. Sting's thoughts on Jim Cornette. He thinks he is calling the shots the way he should and he's in agreement with him so far. Thoughts on Christian being in his corner. He doesn't see anyone /* being in his corner. He says Christian is "golden" in his book after the apology last week. He's glad it's Christian in his corner. Thoughts on Jarrett saying if Sting loses, his run in TNA will be looked at as a failure. Sting says that's pretty accurate. He'd love to walk away with the title, but almost more important is getting rid of Jarrett. Sting says there is one thing he can agree with Jeff Jarrett on, and that's that there is not enough room for both of them in TNA.

-A video package featuring Senshi's comments on the rest of the X Division airs.

Petey Williams defeated Jay Lethal, Alex Shelley, Sonjay Dutt & Kazarian in a 5-way X Division Match
Dutt took out all 4 opponents early in the match with a flip dive from the ring to the outside just before a commercial break. After the commercial, the match had been organized into 2 men in the ring at a time with tags necessary. The match soon broke down, though. Lethal hit a diving headbutt off the top but the pin was broken up. He hits it again, this time on Kazarian. Dutt broke up the pin. Dutt went for his finisher, but Shelley threw him on his face. Lethal hits his headbutt off the top again, this time on Shelley. He then turns around into a Canadian Destroyer from Williams. Williams makes the cover for the pin. Petey now gets a title shot against Senshi at Hard Justice.

-Borash is backstage awaiting the arrival of Cornette. A car approaches and Cornette gets out. He needs to know two things. Is Steiner here and is Jarrett gone? Borash confirms both. Eric Young comes in and asks if he is losing his job. Cornette asks him his name and tells him to come back next week and they'll have a meeting because he doesn't have time now. Christian then gets out of Cornette's car. Borash asks why he was in there, and Christian says he just needed a ride. Christian is in a good mood. He asks Eric if he knows, Eric has no idea what he's talking about. Christian jokes that Young has "an impressive head." He says that he is going to talk to Cornette for him and change his mind because he likes him.


-All the wrestlers surround the ring and up both ramps. Cornette is in the ring. Cornette says he hasn't been on TV much, because he doesn't believe TNA should be like "other" promotions where the boss is out on TV all the time getting in the way of wrestling. He says some things have gotten out of control, so he decided he needed to have this meeting. He's not going to allow people to go into business for themselves. He adds some matches for Hard Justice. He announces a 4 way tag team match, AMW vs. James Gang vs. Kazarian/Bentley vs. The Naturals. The winner gets a shot at the tag team titles. He then announces Brother Runt vs. Abyss. Next he announces Monty Brown vs. Rhino vs. Samoa Joe in a falls count anywhere match. Cornette then wants to address "The Paparazi", but Nash isn't here. Cornette announces Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt & Chris Sabin vs. Alex Shelley, Johnny Devine & Kevin Nash for next week on Impact. He jokes that Nash's tongue will be hanging out like a neck-tie trying to keep up with all those guys.

Cornette then dismisses everyone from the meeting except Christian and Scott Steiner. Both of them come into the ring as everyone /* leaves. Cornette says there is a problem he wants to get resolved. He says things are getting complicated with Steiner and Christian both in corners during the match at Hard Justice. He says since they both want to be involved, he's going to give Christian the chance to really help Sting or hurt him. He announces next week for Impact, it will be Christian vs. Scott Steiner. Cornette explains that their goal is to beat the hell out of their opponent so that he can't show up at Hard Justice to be in the corner of their friend. Steiner grabs the mic. He says Christian already has two strikes, he's not big enough and he's from Canada. He says Christian needs to head back to "Mexico North", and then apologizes to all the Mexicans out there. Christian says he can't understand a damn thing he says. He says Steiner needs to spit the marbles out of his mouth. He calls Steiner "Sir Lancelot", making fun of the chain thing Steiner wears on his head. He says he's going to beat the hell out of Steiner next week because that's how he rolls. A "fan" in a red sweatshirt and Sting mask attacks Christian from behind after the interview. It's Jeff Jarrett when he pulls off the mask. They beat up Christian in the crowd as the show ends

Closing Thoughts: Not a whole lot to say about this week's show. To me it was a below average show with a good Cornette promo and a semi-decent, rushed match thrown in.

It was apparent that the main point of the show was to build up next week's show. Not a lot of outstanding wrestling to speak of, but the advancement in storylines and building to next week were good for the most part.

The 5 way X Division match was really the only noteworthy match. This match was good given the amount of the time they had, but once again as has become routine, featured a commercial in the middle of what would have been about a 10 minute match straight through. So instead we got about 2 minutes and 5 minutes with a 3 minute commercial break in the middle.

This week's show was sufficient if their goal is to garner a large rating next week. That strategy would make sense, since next week's show is the go-home show for the upcoming PPV, Hard Justice. They need that show to deliver in a big way to the viewing audience, or tonight's show will end up being a waste.