iMPACT! Results - 8/31/06 (10,000 Thumbtacks, + Jarrett & Cornette)

Reported by Adam Martin of
On Friday, September 1, 2006 at 6:22 AM EST

Full TNA iMPACT! Results – 8/31/06
Taped From: Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Adam Martin of

NOTE: Ryan Droste will be returning next week with another TNA iMPACT! report. Ryan is currently in the process of moving.

- The show opens with a quick recap of last week featuring Sting signing the Bound For Glory contract to face Jeff Jarrett for the NWA World Title, Christian attacking Rhino and LAX capturing the NWA World Tag Team Titles.

- The music of LAX plays in the Impact Zone as all three members come out with Konnan leading the way and Homicide and Hernandez with the NWA World Tag Team Titles in hand. Konnan gets on the mic and talks about the mothers of Homcide, Hernandez and himself coming to the United States and facing racial injustice within the wrestling industry. He then thanks Pedro Morales, Mil Mascaras, Carlos Colon, Tito Santana and Eddie Guerrero for paving the way for their current revolution in TNA. The fans cheered the mention of Eddie and Konnan told the "gringos of the audience" to hold their fake applause. Konnan made it clear they were fighting against them and then challenged anyone to stop the revolution. AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels then appear on the screen in the Impact Zone. Daniels said they made a mistake by playing by LAX's rules and that they are excercising the rematch clause in the contract to face them at No Surrender for the NWA World Tag Team Titles. Styles says at No Surrender, the tag titles will be on the line in a first ever Ultimate X Tag Team Match.

- Chris Sabin & Jay Lethal defeated X Division Champion Senshi & Petey Williams. The finish saw Sabin attempt a Cradle Shock on Williams, but Senshi pulled Williams off. Sabin shoved Williams into Senshi. Senshi and Williams argue. Sabin then grabs Williams, throws him up on his shoulder and forces that into a DDT. Sabin covers Williams and gets the pinfall as Senshi watches.

- A video package for Bobby Roode airs. Roode mentions he never fully understood the magnitude of this current situation of seeking out a manager. He says he has seen the best TNA has had to offer, but is now going outside of the box. We will find out more from Roode next week.

- A promo of Abyss pouring thumbtacks is shown.

- Eric Young defeated Shark Boy. The finish saw Young counter a Deep Sea Drop from Shark Boy into a modified stunner for the win. After the match, Earl Hebner (still looking homeless) hits the ring and attacks Referee Mark "Slick" Johnson. Larry Zbyzsko (who came out earlier) pulls Hebner out of the ring. Hebner yells at Zbyzsko that he won't take the fall for him and Jarrett and that he will tell the whole world what happened.

- A video package airs of Christian Cage attacking Sting at the Hard Justice PPV last month, how Rhino confronted him the night of the PPV and then footage of Christian attacking Rhino last week. Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Christian Cage. Borash brings up Christian's motives lately. Christian says he is now in the business of teaching lessons. He said at Hard Justice he taught Sting a lesson and then taught Rhino a lesson in tough love last week. Christian says he is the "meal ticket" in TNA and that all everyone has to do is strap on the rocket and go for a ride. Ron "The Truth" Killings then appears and says he takes exception to what Christian is saying. He brings up how he is a former two time NWA World Heavyweight Champion and that he has been with TNA since the start. Killings said you win some, you lose some, but he worked hard to get where he is at. He says Christian isn't man enough to take on Sting or Rhino, or even himself for that matter. Christian tells Killings that this isn't the first time he has had to deal with a rapping hip-hop poser. Killings says he doesn't imitate, he demonstrates. Killings hits Christian with a right and both brawl. TNA Security separates both men.

- Abyss defeated Brother Runt in a 10,000 Thumbtacks Match. Two poles on opposite sides of the six-sided ring had a bag full of thumbtacks. Runt got one of them and hit Abyss over the head with it a few times and then spread the thumbtacks over the mat. The action spilled to the outside where a huge bed of thumbtacks was shown. Abyss setup two tables along with James Mitchell. Raven was shown watching the match. The finish saw both men get back in the ring, Runt attempted an Acid Drop, but Abyss countered keeping Runt in the air and then slammed him down back first onto the tacks. After the match, Abyss dragged Runt by the arm up the heel ramp. He looked to press-slam Runt off the entrance way to the tables with a bed of thumbtacks on it when Raven pulled Runt off Abyss. Raven then hit Abyss with a knee lift and shoved him off the top of the ramp through two tables full of thumbtacks. Abyss moved around in pain as Raven posed with Runt on his back.

- A video package airs of NWA World Champion Jeff Jarrett talking about how he takes no responsibility for what happened at Slammiversary when he won the title back. Footage of the developing story between Jarrett and Sting is also shown, with Sting signing the contract for Bound For Glory and agreeing to put his career on the line.

- Jeff Jarrett's music hits and he comes out to the ring with the NWA World Title over his shoulder. Three masked men are shown in the ring with rifles in hand. There is also a noose hanging over the ring and a tombstone that says "Sting - R.I.P." on it. The Bound For Glory contract is also on a table in the ring as well. Jarrett had a "fan" kicked out of the Impact Zone for throwing a bottle at him when he first came into the ring. He points out he could end Sting's career by putting a firing squad on him, hanging him with a noose - or with a pen by signing the contract. Jarrett signs the contract to seal the deal for the PPV in October. The fans start a loud "YOU SUCK" chant at Jarrett. Jarrett continues to talk into the camera, but the chant keeps getting louder and louder. Say what you want about Jarrett as champion, but this segment came off great with the fans all over him. Jarrett says at Bound For Glory, it is his title versus Sting's legacy.

We then hear the sound of a phone ringing. Don West answers the magic "red phone" we see on the announcers table from time to time. West finds out it is Jim Cornette and gets him patched over the speakers in the Impact Zone for the fans to hear. Cornette says he might not be in Orlando tonight, but he can watch iMPACT! from the *cough* TNA offices on satellite *cough*. He says he is tired of Jarrett and his grandstanding ways. Cornette tells Jarrett that next week, since he agreed to do it before, he will be getting a polygraph test. He tells Jarrett that if he passes, he will be granted a month off and won't have to wrestle until Bound For Glory. Cornette tells Jarrett that if he fails any part of the test, he will give the fans a chance to get even with him in a personal way. Cornette finishes the call asking Jarrett what he fears more - facing Sting in the ring or facing the fans in the building. The segment ends with the fans cheering and yelling at Jarrett as Jarrett has a shocked look on his face.

- A video package runs highlighting recapping the events of the night.