iMPACT! Results - 9/7/06 (Christian vs. Killings, & Jarrett's polygraph)

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On Friday, September 8, 2006 at 2:03 PM EST

Full TNA iMPACT! Results – 9/7/06
Taped From: Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Ryan Droste ( of

-The show opens with the footage of Jarrett signing the contract to face Sting at Bound For Glory.

-Jeremy Borash is backstage with Jarrett. Eric Young comes in with a new haircut. Young offers to help Jarrett if it keeps him his job. Young says he has never failed a polygraph test, so he can help Jarrett with his. Borash says we will find out tonight if Jarrett is guilty or not.

NWA Tag Champs LAX (Homicide & Hernandez) defeated The Mack Brothers
Short squash match. The finish came when LX did the Border Toss and the Cop Killer at the same time, and then they both covered their opponents for a dual pin.

-After the match, Konnan looks at the No Surrender PPV poster. He talks about Styles and Daniels being featured on the poster with AMW. Konnan tells them to bring it in the Ultimate X match. He says he will send Styles back to doing dark matches, and he says Daniels will be joining the "Blue Man Group" in Vegas. Styles and Daniels run out. They clean house on LAX. Daniels gets up on one of the Ultimate X Cables. Styles throws him one of the tag belts and he hangs it. LAX is pissed and screaming. Homicide wants to climb up, but Konnan and Hernandez hold him back.

-Tenayt talks about Jarrett's polygraph test. They show a "polygraph specialist" setting up the machine. Cornette is walking around backstage. Slick Johnson runs up and hands him a cup. Cornette takes it and leaves as Slick pumps his fist in joy.


-A Bobby Roode package airs. He walks up to a limo where Bobby Heenan is inside. Heenan says he can make Roode lots of money. Heenan takes out a envelope. He promotes his investments with real estate. Roode isn't sure. Heenan then pulls out a coupon for a free dnner. Roode kind of thanks him, then looks at cash in an envelope which he likes. They shake hands.

-Borash is backstage with Jay Lethal, Chris Sabin and Sonjay Dutt. They're watching some clips of Jackass 2 on a TV. Lynn walks in and says he's been wanting to talk with them all night about winning some matches, but they keep goofing off. Sabin says he's doing some "intense training" for his match at No Surrender with Senshi by watching video clips. Lynn leaves wondering what the hell is going on. Borash plugs Jackass 2.

AMW, Frankie Kazarian & Maverick Matt defeated The James Gang, Shark Boy & Norman Smiley
Pretty much a throwaway match. Tenay announces a eight team battle royal for No Surrender. The match broke down and Storm nailed his superkick on Smiley. Harris then covers Smiley for the pinfall.

-After the match, Storm and Harris argue. They argue about who got the pinfall. Harris flips off Storm and leaves.


-Jarrett is strapped to a chair backstage. Young massages Jarrett's feet as Jarrett drinks some alcohol. Young says this is his technique to calm Jarrett's nerves. He mentions Roe v. Wade and O.J. Simpson in passing. The polygraph person comes in and asks Jarrett his name and whether or not he's the NWA Champ. Young yells that he is badgering the witness and says Jarrett doesn't have to answer. Borash says this might take a while.

-Tenay talks about it not being a good idea to trust Eric Young. Tenay sets up a sit down interview conducted with Shane Douglas. Douglas talks about trying to push the Naturals to the top. He says they will walk out of No Surrender either as the champs or as failures. Stevens and Douglas come in. Stevens asks Douglas if he is going to end the experiment. He asks the Naturals if they would step-up and actually win a match.


-A promo airs for A. Starr, set to debut at Bound For Glory.

-A Raven video package airs. He is shown walking backstage in a bright, white suit. He talks about creating a group of misfits. He says he picked Brother Runt because he can mold him into his own disciple. He says neck week he will test Abyss in a Hangman's Noose match.

Christian defeated Ron Killings
Another average match. Finish came when the ref was knocked out when he collided with Christian. Killings then hit a clothesline. Killings went for the cover, but the ref's eyes were bothering him. Christian then came back to a hit the Unprettier on the distracted Killings for the pinfall.

-Christian brought two chairs into the ring after the match. Rhino ran out and Christian bailed. Rhino gets on the mic and says Christian ran like a little girl. Rhino challenges Christian to a match at No Surrender.

-Borash has the results of the polygraph test. He says Jarrett answered all the questions. Jarrett and Young walk out. Jarrett says Borash is the first man to shake the hand of an innocent man. He thanks Young for his help. He says would take off six to eight months so he could train and rest once his name is cleared.


-They air a video package for the Ultimate X match at No Surrender.

-Cornette is in the middle of the ring. He officially announces Christian vs. Rhino at No Surrender. Cornette says Jarrett has been talking aobut being innocent regarding the situations with Hebner, Zbyszko and Christian. Cornette says he has the polygraph results and calls out Jarrett. Jarrett comes out with Young. Cornette says he told Jarrett if he proved him guilty he'd make his life miserable. Cornette says the first question was about whether Jarrett and Christian were in cahoots. Jarrett said no, and the test said he wasn't lying. The second question was about Hebner's role in the NWA Title switching hands. Jarrett said no and he was telling the truth. The third question was about Jarrett working with Larry Z to help him in NWA Title matches. Cornette says Jarrett said no and he's a liar. Jarrett chases Young out of the ring. Cornette says you can always tell if Jarrett is lying because his lips are moving. Cornette says he can't force Jarrett to defend the title at No Surrender, but he can make him wrestle. He says he will pick 10, 12 or 18 fans and give them a chance to get their hands on Jarrett by giving them thick leather straps and letting them be lumberjacks. He says the fans will have authority to hit Jarrett as much as they want if he tries to run from the ring. Cornette announces Samoa Joe as his opponent. Joe's music hits as Joe makes his way into the Impact Zone with a strap in his hand. Jarrett looks worried and surprised as Joe smiles and points his strap at Jarrett.