iMPACT! Results - 9/14/06 - (Raven/Abyss - Hangman's Noose Match)

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On Friday, September 15, 2006 at 2:10 PM EST

Full TNA iMPACT! Results – 9/14/06
Taped From: Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Ryan Droste ( of

-The show starts with a recap of last week.

-Tenay and West talk about tonight's show.

-A video package hyping up the LAX vs. Styles/Daniels Ultimate X match at the PPV airs.

Christopher Daniels & AJ Styles defeated Kazarian & Maverick Matt
Pretty decent opening tag match. Commercial in the middle. The match broke down when Bentley broke up Styles' attempt at a pin on Kazarian. Daniels hit his "Best Moonsault Ever" from one corner on to Kazarian, and Styles hit a frog splash from another corner after that on him for the pinfall.

-Backstage, Borash is with Larry Abyszko and Eric Young. Jarrett interupted them. Jarrett wants Young to get him out of the whole lie detector thing. He tells Young to go find Sting and see where he's training, who with, and what he's doing. Jarrett says it's time to find out how much pull Larry Z has in TNA. He wants Larry to get him out of the "Fan's Revenge" match, otherwise Larry will have hell to pay.


Chris Sabin defeated Alex Shelley
Senshi came out during the match to watch. Sonjay Dutt and Jay Lethal walked out, with Johnny Devine in a shopping cart (clearly for their Jackass 2 tie-in). Devine flew out of the cart after coming down the ramp, and he hit the ring post. Shelley was distracted, allowing Sabin to roll him up for the pinfall. So-so. I'd rather see more action packed X Division matches, and so would there would-be audience they are trying to grab.

-A Christian/Rhino package airs.


-A Raven/Abyss package airs, building up tonight's main event.

Abyss (w/ James Mitchell) defeated Raven in a "Hangman's Noose Match"
They fought in the crowd during the start of the match. Eventually they got to the ring, and we went to a commercial break. Raven juiced. They fought back and forth with a chair being used. Raven ended up wrapping two chains around Abyss' neck. Raven got some weapons from under the ring. The finish came when Raven smashed a trash can over Abyss' head. Mitchell got in the ring. Raven wrapped a chain around his neck. Raven went for a chair, but Abyss came free of the chains and slammed Raven. Abyss wrapped a chain around Raven's neck, threw him to the outside, and hung him using the ropes for leverage which ended the match.

-Runt ran out after the match and slammed a chair into Abyss' back. Abyss bailed. Runt helped Raven get out of the chain. He then hit his Acid Drop on Raven. Tenay wondered what was going on?

-Another video package aired for managers trying to get Bobby Roode. This week, inside the limo was "Colonel Parker." No, not Elvis Presley's famed manager (he's been dead since 1997), the WCW "Colonel Parker." Parker talks about managing Steve Austin and Cactus Jack He talks about Roode having all the talent and the class (he has his own limo). Parker says he sees gold in Roode. Roode said he would consider his offer.

-Cornette is walking around backstage with a clipboard. Some fans are shown walking out of the stands to ringside.


-Borash is backstage with LAX, who have girls dancing with them. Konnan announces that next week will be "Latino heritage week." He talks about Daniels and Styles. Konnan says at the PPV he will put them through more tables and issue more violence than anyone has ever seen.

-Some "Why I hate Jeff Jarrett" video clips aired.

-Cornette is in the ring. He encourages fans to keep sending in their videos of why they hate Jarrett. He brings up the lie detector test. Cornette, for whatever reason, announces he is reinstating Earl Hebner and giving him another chance. Cornette announces Samoa Joe, who comes down to the ring. Joe says he has been given the mission to take out Jarrett for his crimes against TNA and TNA's fans. Joe says Jarrett has sold his soul to the devil to keep his belt, but Joe says his ass beings to him and the fans. Joe says Jarrett will find out why he is the most feared wrestler in the business. Larry Z's music interupts him. I didn't even know he had theme music. Larry says he's had it with Cornette. He says TNA was doing just fine before he came. The fans chant "Joe's Gonna Kill You." He wants Cornette to take Jarrett out of what he calls the "Revent of the Nerds" match. Cornette says he won't and he calls Larry Z a crook. He says he might have to break up the championship committee, just because Larry is on it. When Larry asks him how he will do that, Cornette says the "army of Samoa" would make sure it happens. Larry turns around, and Joe is standing there staring at him and smilling. Larry runs out of the ring before Joe can do much. The fans whipped Larry up the ramp. Jarrett walks out with a chair. All of the fans back up except for one woman. He threw her down. Another fan tries something, but Jarrett throws him down too. This was pretty weird.

-A music video airs to end the show.