iMPACT! Results - 9/21/06 (Rhino vs. Monty Brown & LAX Celebration)

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On Friday, September 22, 2006 at 6:02 PM EST

Full TNA iMPACT! Results – 9/21/06
Taped From: Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Ryan Droste ( of

-The show starts with highlights from last week.

-Rhino is backstage. He talks about how he is going to Gore Monty Brown tonight in their match. Monty Brown then cuts a promo /*where. Christian interupts him and talks to him about Rhino. Christian says he and Brown need to talk.

-Jeff Jarrett makes his way down the ramp and into the ring. Jarrett talks about how Cornette screwed him with the polygraph test. He blames the fans. Jarrett says he will take out Joe at No Surrender. He also mentions his career vs. title match against Sting at Bound For Glory. Jarrett points to the crowd and he challenges anyone to be his first victim. Samoa Joe's theme comes and on and he makes his way to the ring. He runs down and attacks Jarrett. They fight to the outside and Jarrett manages to throw Joe into the guard rail. Jarrett goes to punch Joe, but a fan holds Jarrett's arm. Jarrett pulls the fan over the rail and to the floor. He whips the fan away. Joe takes Jarrett into the crowd. They fight up the stands with Joe on the offense. They fight back down to the entrance ramp. Joe celebrates, looking at the crowd, and Jarrett grabs his guitar and breaks it over Joe. Jarrett chokes Joe with the guitar as Joe bleeds.


A video package building up LAX vs. Styles/Daniels airs.

Jay Lethal defeated Petey Williams
An X Division match with a bowling ball mixed in. Whatever happened to these guys being allowed to go out and have the most athletic matches on TV? Towards the end of the short match, Chris Sabin and Sonjay Dutt walked out to distract Petey. Lethal dropped Petey seated in the corner. Sabin and Dutt gave Lethal a bowling ball and distracted the ref. Lethal rolls the ball into Petey's nuts and got the pinfall.

-Tenay and West are at ringside with Jim Cornette now. They talk about some of the matches at No Surrender. Cornette said there's no discrimination in an Ultimate X match. Cornette says he can't wait to see Jarrett on his knees beggin for mercy from the fans. They aired part 2 of the "Why I Hate Jeff Jarrett" fan videos (yawn).


Borash is backstage with X Division Champ Senshi. Borash asked him about the Jackass 2 stuff, and Senshi says this isn't a time for joking. Sabin, Dutt, and Lethal came into the scene. Sabin says they are sorry about interupting his "no fun zone", but they want to have some fun. Senshi says Sabin should ask his friends how much fun it was when he stomped their heads in. Sabin then mocks Senshi by immitating his deep voice. That actually was pretty funny.

Eric Young defeated Norman Smiley
Short match. Smiley got his dancing in at the beginning, and Eric clapped for it. Young ended up doing a dance. Young was in control and used the tape and got the win. Nothing much to it.

-Borash is backstage with Shane Douglas. Douglas says the tag division here is the toughest in the business. Well, considering WWE barely has a tag division, it wouldn't take much. Douglas said he is done if the Naturals don't get the job done. Douglas leaves and Eric Young comes in. Young says his career here is on the line and he needs Borash to hang on to his tape and watch it. Borash is confused.


-Eric Young's video airs, thanks to Paparazzi Productions. It's Eric Young in Los Angeles holding up signs in the street and sidewalks looking for Sting. He talked to people on the sidewalks and in cars, asking if they had seen Sting or a guy in face paint. This was pretty funny stuff.

Monty Brown and Rhino fought to a No Contest in a "Falls Count Anywhere" match
Average match with a commercial in the middle. Earl Henber was the ref. A table was brought into the ring after the commercial break. Rhino placed it standing up in the corner. Rhino went for the Gore through the table, but Brown moved and Rhino smashed through it himself. Rhino was ready to hit the Gore again, but Christian ran out and pulled him out of the ring. Rhino threw Christian into the Ultimate X steel tower and Hebner threw the match out. I don't know why. They fought backstage. Christian ended up leaving with Rhino on the ground.

-Another Bobby Roode segment aired. This week, Sherri Martel was in the limo. She says that there needs to be a strong woman behind a strong man. She talks about managing Randy Savage, Ted DiBiase, and Shawn Michaels in the past. She says that she can do for Roode what she did for them. Roode is impressed and asks her out to dinner. She says yes and they leave.

-Joe is backstage sitting in a corner, still covered in blood. Borash approaches him for an interview. Joe talks about spilling a bucket of Jarrett's blood for every drop of his blood Jarrett draws. Joe screams "You think this is a game, Jeff?!" and yells "Joe is gonna kill you!" He says Jarrett is going to die at the PPV. Very good intensity, good promo from Joe.

-Borash approaches Christian getting into a car backstage. He says he pities Rhino and everyone in TNA that can't accept that they aren't on his level. He tells Borash to piss of and he speeds off.

-An LAX video airs.

-LAX is in the ring. Time for their "Hispanic Heritage Celebration." Other Latinos are in the ring. Homicide puffed on a cigar and a pinata with Uncle Sam on it hung from the ceiling. Konnan mentions there aren't any gringos, and that's the best part of the celebration. He wants to know if Styles and Daniels are the best TNA can offer? He says he wants Ultimate X renamed Ultimate LAX when they win the match. Konnan said that America is built on "All men are created equal...if you are white." He talks about the "Latin Revolution" taking place in North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia and Mississippi. Homicide said something into a camera but could barely be heard. Konnan then whips Uncle Sam and says they are leaing a movement, doing the LAX way. That way is by any means necessary. Styles and Daniels interupted them and a fight strated. They cleared the ring of LAX. Konnan distracts them, and the rest of LAX takes out Styles and Daniels. Hernandez press slammed Daniels over the top rope to the floor. Homicide nailed Styles with a Kendo Stick in the stomach. Hernandez then gave him a powerbomb. Konnan ties Styles' legs together. Hernandez then proceeds to hang Styles up upside down from the ceiling. Konnan continues to hit Styles in the legs with the stick. Styles is bleeding in the face. Daniels tries to climb back into the ring and Konnan just hits him with the Kendo Stick. Konnan raises his arms in celebration as the show ends. Very good closing segment.

-A music video building up Sunday's No Surrender PPV airs.