iMPACT! Results - 9/28/06 (Six man X Division tag, Joe against Raven)

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On Friday, September 29, 2006 at 3:03 PM EST

Thursday, September 28, 2006 – Orlando, FL
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“iMPACT!” on Spike TV opened this week just off the heals of the announcement of Olympic gold medallist Kurt Angle coming to TNA!

Jeff Jarrett vs. Lance Hoyt

An aggressive Jeff Jarrett didn’t want to hear about Kurt Angle though, so he jump-started the opening contest during Lance Hoyt’s entrance to the ring. He came equipped with a leather strap while wearing his street clothes. It was nothing but an annihilation on Lance Hoyt, who was unfortunately at the forefront of some frustration being lashed out by “The King of the Mountain” over the situations that led to Samoa Joe stealing the NWA World Heavyweight Title back at No Surrender.

Not only was his missing NWA World Title a concern for Jeff Jarrett, but so was his back. After being disqualified by the referee, Jarrett took off his shirt and showed his bruised and battered as a result of the leather whipping fans that took part in the Fans Revenge Match last Sunday. He made one guarantee before he left though, and that was quite simply gaining back possession of his rightfully owned NWA World Heavyweight Championship before this night was over.

Management director Jim Cornette held a press conference for the “Bound For Glory” Pay-Per-View on October 22 in Detroit, Michigan. He announced that in a Monster’s Ball Match we would see “The Samoan Submission Machine” versus “The Monster” Abyss versus Raven versus Brother Runt. Also announced in addition to the “Title vs. Career” match between Sting and NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Jeff Jarrett, we will witness the X-Division Championship rematch between Senshi and Chris Sabin. Also in a rematch, AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels will be defending the NWA World Tag Team Titles against LAX in the Six Sides of Steel due to a recent incident that had taken place in Mexico involving The Latin American Exchange attacking AJ Styles. That footage is promised to be released next week on “iMPACT!”.

Also during the press conference, “The War Machine” Rhino challenged Christian Cage to an anything goes street fight. Will Cage answer the call?

Lex Luger and Buff Bagwell also shared their thoughts on comments for the “Title vs. Career” match. They were in full support of Stinger, as they have traveled up and down the roads with him back in WCW. They had nothing but good things to say about Sting, but most importantly they made aware of how focused Sting is right now on his training and mental preparations for stepping back in the ring with Jeff Jarrett at Bound For Glory.

Samoa Joe vs. Raven

After leaving No Surrender with the NWA World Heavyweight Title, Samoa Joe went face to face for the first time with a former champion in Raven. The two monsters had a brief stare down before unleashes chops and punches against one another. Joe would try to go high-risk on the outside, only to meet steel of a chair planted by Raven. Brother Runt would later get his hands dirty by choking Raven out with a steel chain. Then, Samoa Joe without knowledge of Runt taking action went to choke Raven out for the win.

After realizing what Brother Runt had done, Samoa Joe took out the trash so to speak when he lifted Runt overhead and threw him into Raven on the outside. “The Monster” Abyss would try to take Joe down moments later, but it would be deemed a failure when he met Joe’s big boot. Samoa Joe then announced to Jarrett or whoever /* cared, such as Sting, that if they wanted the belt so badly, then they would have to come get it personally.

Jarrett tried to lure Eric Young in getting the title back for him, but for the first time ever we actually saw Eric decline and simply say, “No”. It was a moment in where Jeremy Borash, backstage interviewer, could not even believe. Eric Young saying no to Jeff Jarrett… One has got to wonder if Eric’s job in TNA is still safe.

Team 3D (Brother Ray & Brother Devon) vs. Vaughn Doring & Brandon Thomaselli

Team 3D made their long awaited debut when the absolutely dominated their tag team match. After the bout, Brother Ray announced that TNA management stated that because they’re 18-time Tag Team Champions, they could have a shot at the NWA World Tag Team Titles whenever they pleased. Team 3D doesn’t want to play it that way though, they start their quest now on earning the shot at facing the NWA World Tag Team Champions – the old school way.

Senshi & The Paparazzi (Alex Shelley & Johnny Devine) vs. Chris Sabin, Sonjay Dutt & Jay Lethal

Right when our six-man tag team bout got underway with X-Division Champion, Senshi teaming up with The Paparazzi to take on Chris Sabin, Sonjay Dutt, and Jay Lethal, we saw the emergence of Christian Cage at the commentary booth. He stated that he reluctantly accepts Rhino’s challenge for Bound For Glory. However, he questioned Rhino’s challenge in saying that he was already beaten at No Surrender. After hearing more hot steam from Christian’s mouth, Rhino quickly appeared but was caught by security within an inch away from attacking Cage. He would overpower security with his rhinoceros power just to get some quick shots in on Christian.

Chris Sabin along with Sonjay Dutt and Jay Lethal would continue their “Jackass 2” shenanigans when Johnny Devine was pinned. Alex Shelley and Senshi looked on in disgust of the actions just performed against them. The fans shared the same vein of disgust with their vocal chants.

Jim Cornette along with “The Total Package” Lex Luger and Buff Bagwell were closing off “iMPACT!” on Spike TV this week with an announcement regarding the main event at Bound For Glory. The announcement was that of a special enforcer for the “Title vs. Career” match between NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Jeff Jarrett and Sting; it turned out being none other than TNA’s only Olympic gold medallist in history – Kurt Angle!

Jeff Jarrett was the least pleased of this announcement and decided to pick a fight with Luger and Bagwell in the ring. Samoa Joe then busted onto the scene with the NWA World Heavyweight Title still in hand as he viciously attacked Jarrett in saving Luger and Bagwell. Joe would continue this brawl right thru the end of the program as we went off the air!