iMPACT! Results - 10/5/06 (Jarrett & Cage vs. Daniels & Truth - more)

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On Friday, October 6, 2006 at 2:31 PM EST

Thursday, October 5, 2006 – Orlando, FL
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Total Nonstop Action Wrestling “iMPACT!” returned to Spike TV with an immediate meeting inside Jim Cornette’s office. In it Cornette mentioned how the roster in TNA is jammed full, so tonight he came up with a plan. He carded a match with Shark Boy vs. Norman Smiley vs. Eric Young vs. Elix Skipper vs. David Young, with the loser being fired! That means if you’re pinned, then you’re jobless—that didn’t sit to swell for “Showtime” Eric Young.

The opening contest of the evening pitted Team 3D against Frankie Kazarian and Maverick Matt. Shane Douglas, who was at the commentary booth with The Naturals behind him, stated that the tag team division in TNA today is at the highest peak it has ever been—Brother Ray knows that for fact and that’s why he wants Team 3D making it back to the top of the ladder in traditional ranking fashion. Just like last week, Brother Ray and Devon came prepared and won the match when they hit their signature finishing maneuver, the 3D drop on Kazarian.

During the bout, both The James Gang and America’s Most Wanted came to the forefront observing the match. Well after taking notice of their presence, Brother Ray took the microphone and noted that they had not yet been assigned a match for Bound For Glory in Detroit, Michigan. He quickly noted how that ‘sucked’, but Team 3D isn’t going to whine or cry, whoever they have to beat at Bound For Glory whether it’s a team in TNA from the past or present, they will by Brother Ray’s word, eventually win the NWA World Tag Team Titles, making it their nineteenth reign as Tag Team Champions together!

Rhino revisited his roots this week from back in Detroit, Michigan. It was there where he visited his own stomping grounds known as “Eight Mile”—one of the roughest streets to grow up on. Being that this is a reminder of just how tough his youth was when growing up, it’s very fitting that his match with Christian Cage at Bound For Glory be dubbed the “8 Mile Street Fight”. Reason being that this will be one of Rhino’s toughest bouts of his career due to all the circumstances leading into the match. Yes Cage already beat Rhino at No Surrender, but this time it’s one human being fully healthy against another human being fighting at 100% health. There’s no more room for sweat or tears, blood may pop a visit, but there is only one thing for sure in this bout—we’re going to see the best man win—it’s for real this time because anything goes!

In an attempt to steal the coveted NWA World Heavyweight Title, James Mitchell ordered “The Monster” Abyss to attack “The Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe. It was to no avail for Abyss, as well as Jeff Jarrett who popped by for a visit—Samoa Joe left the scene still holding the championship.

The footage from Mexico that occurred last week was aired. In it we saw “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles talking candidly about his accomplishment of winning the Mexico Cup, just before being attacked by Konnan and Homicide of LAX along with many other Mexican wrestlers that followed in hot pursuit. It was like gang warfare, only AJ being a one-man-gang. It was ruthless aggression that was spilled for no apparent reason. As a result, we would not be seeing AJ Styles wrestling in the main event tonight—Ron Killings was the sub while teaming with Christopher Daniels.

In a detrimental debut for Tyler Black and Jeff Blexin, the former NWA World Tag Team Champions, Homicide and Hernandez obliterated the tag team in true LAX style. After the brawl, Konnan made it bold and clear as to who TNA management were siding with and it was no surprise when he mentioned AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels. Konnan promised for LAX to come out victorious and once again reign as the NWA World Tag Team Champions coming out of the Six Sides of Steel cage match at Bound For Glory on Sunday, October 22.

In a match announced earlier by Jim Cornette where the loser would be fired, Shark Boy vs. Norman Smiley vs. Eric Young vs. Elix Skipper vs. David Young was our third match of the evening. Eric Young had good momentum during the bout, but it was outside interference by Larry Zbyszko that ultimately cost Eric the match and his job. Following the match, an emotional Eric Young left the iMPACT! Zone in tears. It looks as if Eric’s biggest fear of being fired has finally caught up to him and become a reality.

Backstage seemed to be a reflection of what we were in for in the main event—misconception between Christian Cage and Jeff Jarrett. In fact, Jarrett took the floor and whined upon giving out forewarnings to both Sting and Kurt Angle regarding their epic event upcoming at Bound For Glory. Cage wasn’t going to have any of it, so he grabbed his own microphone and spoke out his mind, saying that he who speaks last is the top star, so you can enter Christian Cage who spoke last… That’s at least from the perspective of Christian Cage himself.

During the main event with the belt-less Jeff Jarrett and Christian Cage against Ron Killings and one half of the NWA World Tag Team Champions, Christopher Daniels, we saw great back and forth action. The Fallen Angel and The Truth showed some great chemistry in the ring together—something Cage and Jarrett failed to show. Cage was definitely able to hold his own though when facing either Killings or Daniels in the ring. Each time he would find momentum though, Jarrett would seemingly kill it off with a blind tag. In fact, Jarrett even stole the win after Cage was going to deliver a Frogsplash on The Truth—Jarrett made the pin for the win.

That didn’t sit too well with Christian Cage as he asked for the microphone after the bout. Jarrett again immediately stole the microphone before Cage could even speak, and sent out threats on Samoa Joe, who currently has possession of his NWA World Heavyweight Title. Just before Cage was going to take physical action on Jarrett, Samoa Joe came busting down to fight. Christian Cage then set his sights on the NWA World Title and even grasped his hands on the title. Rhino, however, came through with a GORE on Cage as the belt bounced right back into the hands of Samoa Joe after he took care of business on Jeff Jarrett. Joe retreated to the back with still the NWA World Heavyweight Title in sole possession.

Next week on “iMPACT!” at 11 PM ET on Spike TV, we will witness the TNA Wrestling debut of Olympic gold medallist and former World Heavyweight Champion, Kurt Angle, as we continue to road to Bound For Glory for Sunday, October 22, 2006 in Detroit, Michigan!