iMPACT! Results - 10/12/06 - (Kurt Angle interview - Joe vs. Christian)

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On Friday, October 13, 2006 at 5:16 PM EST

Full TNA iMPACT! Results – 10/12/06
Taped From: Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
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-The show starts with highlights from last week.

-Jeremy Borash is backstage by Cornette's office. Jeff Jarrett comes out. Borash asks him if he's going to get his belt back tonight, and Jarrett says sometimes the fight is not worth fighting for.

-Inside the Impact Zone, we now have Samoa Joe in the ring with the NWA World Title over his shoulder. Joe says that the jackass that carries the belt usually gets all the tv time, so now its his turn to talk. He says everyone wants to know why he stole the belt. He says over the last four years the belt has been held hostage by the worst of men. He says it's been paper champ after paper champ. He says the belt has been used as a tool for political leverage. He says the NWA World Title has not been treated with the respect that it deserves. He talks about past champions, and mentions by name Dory Funk Jr. and Harley Race. He says they treated the belt as a testament for being the best. He says he will hand the belt over to the winner of Sting vs. Jarrett at Bound For Glory if they give him a title match.

Christian Cage's theme comes on and he walks out. Christian says he overheard Joe talk about paper champions. He says he assumes that Joe was not talking about him. Joe says Jarrett was his number one choice, but he says that Christian comes in a close second. Christian says Joe brags about beating everyone, but he hasn't beaten him. Christian says the belt was stolen from him just as Joe stole it from Jarrett. Christian says he's taking his belt back tonight. Joe tells him to come to the ring and take it from him. Christian says he doesn't want a wrestling match, he wants a fight. Christian wants the belt hung above the ring, and it doesn't matter how you get it down. Christian says whoever gets the belt will be the better man, and he says that will be him. Very good opening segment that came across strong on TV.

-West and Tenay talk at the announce position about tonight's line-up.

-Borash is with LAX backstage. He asks them about the Six Sides of Steel match at Bound For Glory. Konnan says not to worry about that, they are on the hunt tonight. He says LAX is looking for Daniels and STyles. Styles and Daniels then attack Homicide and Hernandez.


-Styles and Daniels are now brawling with LAX throughout the Impact Zone. They eventually fight over by the LAX area, and they lock Daniels up behind their fence and beat him down. Styles tries to climb over the fence to help his teammate, but Homicide keeps him out. Security tries to seperate it, but they keep pounding on Daniels. Another awesome segment.

-A video feature on the Jarrett/Sting match airs with different wrestler's opinions on who will win.


-Bobby Roode is on the phone. he tells Bobby Heenan, Colonel Park and Sherri Martel that he has found a manager and it's not them. He tells Heenan that "it's 2006, not 1986." He says he will reveal his manager at Bound For Glory. He tells Sherri that if she's in Canada, she should give him a call, but she hangs up. Bobby gets someone to help him fax off the paperwork to make his new manager official.

-Borash is in the back as Jerry Lynn tells Shark Boy, Jay Lethal, Chris Sabin and Sonjay Dutt that he hopes they have learned what matters most. He says that is what the fans think of you. He says the fans think they are a bunch of jackasses right now. He wants them to go out and do what they do best, wrestle. Sabin tells him to come out and watch what the X Division is all about.

Chris Sabin, Sonjay Dutt, Jay Lethal & Shark Boy defeated Senshi, Johnny Devine, Alex Shelley and Petey Williams
A decent match that really drives home how badly TNA needs a two hour show. These guys need more time to develop and breakout. Just a bunch of guys thrown out there for TV time since there isn't much of it to go around. The finish came when Lethal flapjacked Shelley. Dutt then came off the top with a shooting star press and Sabin made the cradle for the pinfall.

-Kevin Nash comes on the screen after the match. He says the X Division has gone downhill since he left 2 months ago. He jokes about how he's built the X Division over his 30 year career. He says next week, they will announce at a press conference the details for his "Kevin Nash Open Invitational X Division Gauntlet Battle Royal."

-More comments on Sting/Jarrett, this time from Styles and Christian.


Ron Killings & Lance Hoyt defeated The Diamonds in the Rough (David Young & Elix Skipper w/ Simon Diamond)
During the middle of the match, they went backstage to show Borash with Abyss, Raven and Brother Runt. Raven tells them that the "fat coconut eater" is not respecting them since he's off running to the NWA World Title. The finish of the match came when Skipper charged at Killings in the corner, but Killings floated over and used a sunset flip to get the pin.

-After the match, Diamond and Young yelled at Skipper. Diamond throws his jacket at Skipper and leaves the ring. Skipper tries to go after him, but Young stops him. Young yells at him some more and leaves. Ron Killings comes back, shakes hands with Skipper and hugs him, then leaves.

-More wrestler comments on Sting/Jarrett.


-The highly anticipated interview with Kurt Angle now airs. Angle talks about how winning an Olympic Gold Medal was his dream, and after he did that he didn't know what to do with his life. He says he went into pro wrestling, put his body on the line, won 6 WWE Titles, and then someone came up to him and said "Kurt Angle, you're not that special." He says he had nothing left to prove up there. Angle says he saw a company on the rise, and it was TNA. He says he knew that when he had a chance, he was going to TNA to prove he can dominate here just like he did in WWE. He says all of the wrestlers in TNA want to be the best in the world and they all have the eye of the tiger look. Angle says that was a look he had when he won the gold medal and he has it again now. Angle talks about a point in his life where he reached rock bottom, and that was when he was addicted to Vicodin when he broke his next. The doctor wanted to ease him off the medication, but he says that he wanted to quit right thne and there. He says TNA management told him they would take care of him, have him a doctor available 24/7, and make sure his health is okay. They want his life with his wife and children to be successful as well. Angle says he found out this year his family is the most important thing to him. He says Bound For Glory will be historic, and he will be there revitalized. Angle says that Vince McMahon told him to his face that a gold medal and a cup of coffee don't mean shit. He says his former employer needs to watch what he does here. He says if you thought you saw Kurt Angle when he was there, you haven't seen anything yet.

Samoa Joe defeated Christian Cage in a Unsanctioned Ladder Fight
The match went back and forth. Some cool spots, with Joe hitting a suicide dive into Christian and the ladder at a point before the commercial break. Christian hit an inverted DDT off the ladder on Joe. Joe was ready to win the match after hitting the musclebuster. He began to climb the ladder, but Aybss ran out. Abyss hit the Black Hole Slam on Joe. Abyss starts to climb the ladder, but Raven and Brother Runt run out and powerbomb him off. Runt and Raven then fight. Abyss pulls Raven outside the ring. Runt sets up the ladder in the ring, and jumps off of it to the outside on to Raven and Abyss. Christian sets up the ladder, goes to the top and unhooks the belt. Joe meets him at the top of the ladder and they fight over the belt. Rhino comes out and pushes the ladder over, with Joe hitting the ground with the belt.

-After the match, Rhino gets in Joe's face. He then turns and nails a big Gore on Christian. They fight outside and to the back, while Joe looks on with the NWA World Title belt still in his possession.

-A music video airs showing highlights from tonight's show.