iMPACT! Results - 10/19/06 -(Eight man main event; Joe/Angle brawl)

Reported by Ryan Droste of
On Friday, October 20, 2006 at 4:17 PM EST

Full TNA iMPACT! Results – 10/19/06
Taped From: Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Ryan Droste ( of

-Highlights are shown from the Kurt Angle interview last night.

-Tenay is in midring and announces that if Samoa Joe does not return the NWA World Title belt, he will be taken off the TNA roster immediately.

-The Impact opening airs

-Raven, Brother Runt, and Raven are brawling near the announce position. Abyss swings a steel chair at Raven but misses. Runt gets in a low blow and Raven nails Abyss with the chair. Runt goes for the Acid Drop, but he gets thrown into the ring post. Raven and Abyss fight into the ring. Raven gives Abyss a drop toe hold into the chair. Raven gets in some punches, but Abyss ends up giving him the Black Hole Slam. The lights dim and out comes Jake "The Snake" Roberts. When Jake gets in the ring, he takes out a python from his bag. Abyss freaks out and jumps out of the ring. They zoom in on Abyss' face and he looks terrorfied. Brother Runt gets in the ring with Jake. Runt wants Jake to put the snake in the bag. Jake ends up giving him the DDT. Jake gets on the mic. He says he was a wrestler for 32 years, and TNA asked him to ref the Monster's Brawl match. He says he doesn't like wearing stripes. He says he won't ref, but he will be the guide that takes the wrestlers to the labyrinth.

-Borash is outside. A limo pulls up and Kurt Angle gets out. Angle says, "Surprised? I said it was real. It's damn real." Borash is speechless.


-Another "A Starr Is Born" promo airs.

-Tenay talks about Angle arriving.

Christian Cage defeated Norman Smiley
Christian walked out with two chairs, and Smiley came out dressed in a football outfit. Christian left a contract in back for this to be an Orlando Street Fight. Smiley signed it, not knowing what it was when he did. Christian countered Smiley's "Big Wiggle" into the Unprettier. He then placed a chair over Smiley's head and hit it. He covered for the pin.

-Christian tried to put Smiley in a straight jacket after the match, but Shark Boy ran down to save. Christian hit him in the head with the football helmet. Christian put Shark Boy in the straight jacket and Rhino ran out for the save. Christian bailed and looked back from the top of the ramp.

-Borash is outside waiting for Samoa Joe. Eric Young approaches him. Borash asks him about his announcement, but no dice from Eric. Borash asks him about his match with Larry Z at Bound For Glory. If Eric wins, he's back in the company and Larry is gone. Young says he saw Samoa Joe already here. Eric says nobody can take the belt from Joe. Borash talks about Angle and Joe being in the same building.


-Borash is now with Sonjay Dutt and Jay Lethal backstage. They are wearing shower caps and are excited Angle is in the building. Lethal says the way they are going about training for Senshi is talking in deep voices and playing Mortal Kombat. Jerry Lynn comes in and tells them to stop goofing around. Senshi runs in and throws both Dutt and Lethal into the lockers. Senshi fights Lethal up the ramp to the ring...

Senshi defeated Jay Lethal
Senshi won a very short match with the Michinoku Driver. He was in contorl the entire 2 minutes it lasted pretty much.

-After the match, Chris Sabin ran out. Senshi ended up nailing his double foot stomp on him.

-The Kevin Nash press conference aired. This was funny stuff. Love him or hate him, you've gotta admit Nash is funny. Nash and Shelley were in a local bar. The camera kept panning away at this hot girl playing pool in front of them. Nash stood in front of a poster with the name of his sponsored match at BFG, the "Kevin Nash Open Invitational X Division Gauntlet Battle Royale at Bound For Glory." Nash talks about who's going to be in the match. He says Shelley will be. He says an older partner of his might be. Shelley wonders, and Nash says he told him that Hall was going to be there. Monty Hall. Nash jokes he's in negotiations with Bob Newhart, Cecil Fielder, Tom Zenk, Erik Watts, Carol Burnette, and all living members of the band Abba. Nash says they are in Negotiations with "Hogan," if he gets time away from shooting Crocodile Dundee 3.


-A sit down interview between Tenay and BG James airs. Tenay asks him about the commends BG made towards Kip James last week. BG says Tenay doesn't know anything about Jeff Jarrett. He says there is no heat between him and Kip, but everyone should know Jeff Jarrett is the man. He says Jarrett may have made questionable business calls, but he's helped him alot in his life and career. He wants people to realize Jarrett is a "damn good man."

-Tenay and West talk about BG's remarks. West is surprised BG stood up and took Jarrett's side.

AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels & The James Gang (Kip & BG James) defeated America's Most Wanted (Chris Harris & James Storm w/ Gail Kim) & LAX (Homicide & Hernandez w/ Konnan)
Pretty good main event. Styles came in towards the end and was ready to hit the Styles Clash but Storm stopped him with a superkick. The match broke down and the heels started arguing. Styles rolled up Homicide to get the pin.

-After the match, AMW and LAX argued. Konna piefaced Gail, and she slapped him in the face. Konnan turned LAX loose on AMW. Konnan hit Storm and Harris each with the flapjack. Gail received the Border Toss from Hernandez. Gail was in the air high and almost came down on her arm wrong which easily could have broke. LAX then put flags over AMW and Gail.


-Mike Tenay is in the ring. Earl Hebner is there also, holding the documents. Samoa Joe came to the ring with the NWA Title belt. Tenay says he needs Joe's answer. Joe took the envelope and ripped it up. He said, "There's your answer." The lights went off. A Kurt Angle video tron began playing and his music cued. Angle rose up from underneath the stage (like Mysterio, except just rising and not jumping out). He walked to the ring with a flag over his shoulders. The fans went absolutely nuts. Joe laid down the belt on the mat between he and Angle. They stared each other down. Angle then headbutted Joe extremely stiff. He gave Joe the Olympic Slam on the belt. Angle picked up the belt and stared at the camera screaming with it. Joe rose up off the mat behind him, blood trickling down his angry face. He turned Angle around and gave him a kick to the head. Joe tried to put a choke on Angle, but Angle turned it into a hold of his own. Security ran down. Joe and Angle continued to fight as security tried to seperate them. During this, Jeff Jarrett ran down and grabbed his title belt and left. Jarrett ran up the mat, and then looked back at the ring with a questioning look on his face. Angle and Joe continued to try and get at each other as tons of security seperated them. This was one of the best pull-aparts TNA has ever done. The crowd was into it and the intensity was nuts. The stiff, real headbutt that started it off really set the mood. Great way to head into Bound For Glory this Sunday on PPV.

-A Bound For Glory music video closed the show, wtih Fozzy's new music video blended in with TNA clips building up all the matches. The music video featured Chris Jericho and his band signing on top of a roof. A really well done video by TNA and Fozzy.