iMPACT! Results - 11/2/06 (Christian vs. Rhino, Fight For Right tourny)

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On Friday, November 3, 2006 at 4:46 PM EST

Thursday, November 2, 2006 – Orlando, FL
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As “iMPACT!” on Spike TV kicked off tonight, we were brought to footage shot earlier in the night with Christy Hemme conducting an interview with X-Division Champion, Chris Sabin. The champ showed no respect towards X pioneer Jerry Lynn – a mentor of his as of late. AJ Styles was quick to jump on the scene in defense of his former NWA World Tag Team Champion partner Jerry Lynn. After the altercation, Chris Sabin decided to put his newly won X-Division Title on the line in tonight’s opener against AJ Styles in the “Fight For The Right” Tournament.

After all the talk from Chris Sabin though, he would soon realize that putting his own X-Division Title up for grabs on his own terms was a fatal mistake. Both were engaged in quick competitive action, but “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles capitalized and won the single title that has pretty much been synonymous with his career – the TNA X-Division Championship for the sixth time – the most reigns by any single wrestler. Not only did AJ Styles win the title, but he also advances in the “Fight For The Right” Tournament in deciding who will face Abyss in the finals and get a shot at Sting’s NWA World Heavyweight Title on November 19 at the “Genesis” Pay-Per-View.

Next we saw a side of Sting that we never expected to see. The NWA World Heavyweight Champion explained that the title would be back to its roots with honor, respect, dignity, and truth. Sting went further with truth when he said, “Truth of the matter is, I’m going to give credit where credit is due, I’m going to give credit to my maker. I’m going to give credit to the God almighty, because without him I’m nothing.”

Continuing the “Fight For The Right” Tournament saw two tag team partners get it on in the ring – Ron “The Truth” Killings vs. Lance Hoyt. Both were vying at the chance to be part of the three-way bout scheduled for the semi-finals of the tournament, and with Ron Killings being a 2-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion, he certainly knew what it took to win this match. Because of the importance of this match, The Truth stepped it up a notch and won with the Axe Kick and advances with AJ Styles.

After the match, a bitter BG James came down and blasted TNA management in what could be described as a “shoot off”. TNA management was extremely displeased with The James Gang’s actions during the show, but despite BG James saying they could find work /*where, they are in fact contracted with TNA and must abide by their contractual agreements. This situation got so out of hand that when Kip James was handed the microphone, TNA had to cut the microphones to keep from anymore hot steam potentially being blown off. We then went for an immediate commercial break when Kip tried to talk without a microphone.

Filling in the final spot in the semi-finals of the “Fight For The Right” Tournament was Robert Roode when he defeated “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels. The win however, came rather controversial. Robert Roode executed the Payoff after numerous distractions by Ms. Brooks caused referee Earl Hebner to lose consensus of the big picture.

After the match, AJ Styles came down to aid Daniels but he wasn’t too pleased to see AJ. He was frustrated over how AJ Styles lost focus of this match and was more concerned about his newly won X-Division Championship.

Our next match was jumpstarted during Christian Cage’s entrance to the ring. “The War Machine” Rhino had busted through the tunnel way behind Cage upon taking him down for a brawl that would continue into the ring. In the corners of the ring were poles that held weapons and items they had to bring down, and once they did these would be acceptable during their Barbed Wire Steel Cage match on November 16 when “iMPACT!” goes primetime.

The first item that was brought down was a key, with that Rhino is eligible to escape the Barbed Wire Steel Cage with the simple unlocking of the door via key. Rhino would even take down a straight jacket that he would later strap on Christian Cage, but first he would take some punishment from Cage who delivered a drop kick before an attempted Gore.

Christian Cage would finish the match by taking down the bull cutters and steel chair. Maverick Matt then soon entered in attacking Rhino for no apparent reason. After ridding The Maverick, Rhino then ensued with putting Christian in the straight jacket. But again, Rhino was interrupted with now Frankie Kazarian, the tag team partner of Maverick Matt. The two now ensued with their own plan of action and that was taking Rhino out as Christian Cage earned time for an escape. There won’t be any escaping though when Christian Cage meets Rhino in the first ever Barbed Wire Steel Cage on the “iMPACT!” primetime debut at 9 PM ET on November 16, 2006 only on Spike TV!

Plus, it’s the biggest dream match taking place at “Genesis” on Sunday, November 19 – Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle is set to take on the undefeated “Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe for the very first time! But first, Kurt Angle will participate in his very first match in TNA on the “iMPACT!” primetime debut on Thursday, November 16 on Spike TV!

Quick Match Results:
• Fight For Right Tournament (Quarter-Finals): AJ Styles defeated TNA X-Division Champion, Chris Sabin, to win the title.
• Fight For Right Tournament (Quarter-Finals): Ron Killings defeated Lance Hoyt.
• Fight For Right Tournament (Quarter-Finals): Robert Roode defeated Christopher Daniels.
• Christian Cage wrestled Rhino, to a no-contest