iMPACT! Results - 11/16/06 (Prime Time, 2 hrs: Angle vs Abyss, more)

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On Friday, November 17, 2006 at 1:02 AM EST

Full TNA iMPACT! Results – 11/16/06
Taped From: Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
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-The new "TNA: We Are Wrestling" opening airs.

-Eric Young is shown leading a bunch of people around ringside pumping his fist. A brand new Impact opening aired.

-Young continues to march around with his legions of fans, as Tenay and West hype the show with confetti falling. Young jumps on top of the announce table to make an announcement. LAX's theme with the bullet sound at the beginning started up, and Young yelled, "Sniper!"

-LAX comes to the ring. Konnan talks about how the US holds down Latinos and minorities. AMW interupts them and they brawl. Gail Kim ran out, making her return. She gave Homicide a huracanrana off the top. Hernandez was about to give her the Border Toss, but AMW broke that up with Storm superkicking him.

-A Samoa Joe video package airs.

Samoa Joe defeated Jay Lethal
Lethal got in briefs amount of offensive moves in flurries, but it wasn't enough. Joe got in all his signature spots as the crowd chanted, "Joe's gonna kill you!" He won with the Kokino Clutch.

-After the match, Joe held the hold so Sonjay Dutt ran out. Joe ended up putting the Kokino Clutch on him. Chris Sabin came out too, but refused to get in the ring to help his teammate. Joe got on the mic and said he wants Angle's blood tonight.

-Christy Hemme approached LAX outside. Konnan has an American flag and says they are going to burn it later. He tells her to start being a journalist and they'll give her the scoop of a lifetime. Petey Williams passed by, and Konnan invited him along to wherever they are going to burn the flag.


-A Paparazzi Productions segment airs. Austin Starr and Alex Shelley are arguing while each is standing at a urinal. Starr says he lost because of Shelley. Shelley wants Nash to solve their argument. They say they are going to "shake on it" (not their hands). Nash says he graduated with a law degree and puts on a white judge wig. He says they are going to have court and by the end of the day he'll declare who is guilty.

-Borash is backstage with Team 3D. Ray says the Naturals made themselves known last week. Ray says he welcomes them to the jungle, but says tonight they will hear him say Devon get the tables.

The Naturals (Chase Stevens & Andy Douglas) defeated Team 3D (Brother Ray & Brother Devon) in a Tables Match
Shane Douglas ran in a couple minutes in. Team 3D put him through a table. West and Tenay noted that Douglas was sacrificing himself for the Naturals. The Naturals then gave Ray a 3D and put Devon through a table for the win.

-An Abyss video package airs.


-Eric Young came out to the ring. He says he has a big announcement, but before he can tell everyone out comes Kazarian, Johnny Devine and Maverick Matt Bentley in their new goth attire. Kazarian talks about their "great redeemer" opening their eyes, and this is the start of a new movement in TNA. He says they were taught by this person that it's not about winning or losing but how much you sacrifice. A video interupts them, with the words "Voodoo Kin Mafia." A theme song came on and out came the former James Gang, BG and Kip.

BG says they are back because they have creative control. He says they are now called the Voodoo Kin Mafia, or "VKM" for short (get it?). He then says they are declaring war on "Paul Levesque (HHH), Michael Hickenbottom (HBK), and Vincent K McMahon." Kip makes reference to "Triple Hollywood" and "Shawn Kiss My Bottom." Kip gets fired up, saying they had to carry those two guys. He talks about them bringing back an old group which is now sinking "faster than the Titanic." Kip says, "We are good, and you are not." The crowd chanted, "DX Sucks!" Kip was about to yell that HHH and Shawn were the two biggest pieces of shit, but BG stole the mic before he could say it on TV. BG says that they are going to bring this war right to Vinnie Mac's front door, and it will be VKM vs. VKM.


-Alex Shelley is pleading his case to Nash. Nash says he needs to go to his chamber to make a decision. He closed the bathroom stall door.

-Borash interviewed Rhino. Rhino is pumped and screaming. He says he will remember everything Christian did to him, and when Christian is begging for his life he will cut him in half with the Gore.

Christian defeated Rhino in a Barbed Wire Cage Match
This match was given alot of time, around 15 minutes. If only TNA had a 2 hour show every week. Very good cage match, with Christian juicing heavy. Rhino back suplexed Christian off the top at one point. Christian gave Rhino an unprettier off the top rope. The fans were really into the match, really helping out the atmosphere. Christian put the straight jacket on Rhino. Instead of climbing out, he asked for a chair but Rhino kicked him and escaped. They went to commercial. Rhino set up two chairs and dropped Christian on them. Christian threw a chair at Rhino, Rhino tossed it back at him, and gored him. The Gore sent Christian through the cage and to the floor below. This of course, caused Christian to be the winner since he hit the ground on the outside first.


-An X Division video package airs.

-Jim Cornette is at the Louisville Slugger Museum in Louisville. He talks about everyone being excited for the prime time move. David Eckstein of the St. Louis Cardinals is, and his favorite wrestlers are Rhino and Kurt Angle.

Christopher Daniels defeated AJ Styles (C), and Chris Sabin to win the X Division Title
Much to short for the only showcase of the X Division on the first prime time show, but still good. Styles and Daniels worked together early, but that broke down when Daniels accidently hit Styles. There was a tower of doom three person suplex spot. Christian came out, with his head extremely bloody and bandaged. He staggered and talked on the mic. He bragged that he won that last match and is still the number one contender. Styles nailed him with a dropkick to the back, sending him off the apron to the floor. Styles brawls with Christian and Daniels ended up pinning Sabin in the ring to win the belt.

-Nash has a verdict, after flushing the toilet. He makes a "hung jury" reference, saying all they actually had to worry about was a "hung judge." Nash says this is similar to a case in 1995 that he judged, with Shawn Michaels vs. the Blu Brothers. He said he found for the plaintiff that day, and he will do the same today. Starr celebrated and wants 100 bucks from Shelley. Shelley wants to appeal. A shot is shown of Nash's bare ass hanging out of the back of his judge gown as he walks away. Shelley says, "Wow, he must work out."


-LAX is at an undeclared location. Hernandez pours gasoline on an American flag. Konnan wants Petey to set it on fire. Petey says this flag represents alot of bad things: the politics, greed, and the war. He says it also represents something /*, and thats oppurtunity. He says the USA helped him fulfill his dream. He says if they want to burn the flag, it will be over his dead body. LAX attacks him as Christy Hemme screams. Petey holds the flag. Konnan wants to burn the flag and Petey. He pours gas on him, but police sirens are heard and LAX runs off.

-Tenay talks about how he always said whether you love or hate LAX, you have to respect them. He says he retracts that now, and he calls Petey Williams a hero.

-Don West runs down Genesis, plugging it a Genesis set-up backstage.

-A Sting video package airs.

-Abyss makes his entrance for the main event.


Kurt Angle defeated Abyss
This match had a ton of time (something Impact never has), just like the cage match earlier, and was your classic slow building match. James Mitchell came out with a wheelbarrow full of thumbtacks. Angle made a firey comeback, as the fans were loudly behind him. He hit three German Suplexes in a row. Angle went for the Olympic Slam, but Abyss got out of it and hit the Black Hole Slam. Angle kicked out of the pinfall attempt. Abyss lifted Angle up for a choke slam, but Angle flipped out and rolled it into an ankle lock. Tenay says Abyss has never tapped out. Abyss tried to make his way to the ropes, but Angle pulled him back to the center and then dropped down to the mat for leverage. Abyss tapped. Very good match with tons of heat from the fans.

-Angle celebrated, and Samoa Joe came out. Joe took out Angle with an enziguiri. Joe went for the Kokino Clutch, but Angle got out and put on the ankle lock. Joe powered out of it, sending Angle to the floor on the outside. Joe hit Angle with a chair. Joe sent Angle back into the ring. Abyss got to his feet and was face to face with Joe. They then double teamed Angle, stomping on him. The lights flickered, and Sting came down from the ceiling (it was on a rope with platform for him to stand on) landing on the announcers table. He dove on to Abyss, with Abyss crashing down on the thumbtacks on the floor outside. Joe charged Sting, and Sting hit him in the gut with his bat. Sting hit Abyss with the bat a bunch of times and clotheslined him over the top. Sting and Abyss brawled to the backstage area. Joe then put the ankle lock on Angle while shouting at him. Backstage, Sting is hung upside down by his legs with Abyss beating on him with the bat now. Back in the ring, Joe now has bloodied up Angle. He locks on the Kokino Clutch as the show ends.

-The "Adrenaline Rush" music video recap aired, with highlights from TNA's history (featuring big name stars who have appeared over the years) as well as tonight.