iMPACT! Results - 3/8/07 (New matches added to 'Destination X' PPV)

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On Thursday, March 8, 2007 at 11:34 PM EST

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By Mike Kerrigan

Impacts starts as Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe are in the ring. Kurt says that this Sunday at Destination X, he will be Joe's biggest fan. Kurt says when Joe wins the NWA Title, he and Joe can finish their unresolved business. He then proceeds to call out Christian Cage. Cage obliges, but not without backup. He says that they will beat them as a family, as the Christian Coalition. Cage tells Joe and Angle to find a partner to face the Coalition in a six man tag match later in the show. Angle says he has someone in mind that can be described as being crazy.

The first match of the broadcast is the team of the Voodoo Kin Mafia and Lance Hoyt squaring off against Serotonin. We learn during the match that Raven has renamed the members of his following -- Kaz (Kazarian), Martyr (Matt Bentley) and Havoc (Johnny Devine). Kaz gets the early advantage as he chop blocks Kip James. Yet Kip gives Kaz a cutter out of nowhere and tags in Hoyt. Lance clears the ring and gives the Texas Tornado Slam to Havoc to get the win. After the match, Raven comes to the ring to serve up some punishment to Serotonin for losing. Yet, Kaz actually stands up to his mentor before getting caned; only to eventually back down and receive his punishment anyway.

Jeremy Borash is backstage with the Christian Coalition and Cage is going crazy trying to figure out who Angle and Joe's mystery partner is. He believes it to be Abyss and wants to confront the monster, but Steiner and Tomko want nothing to do with it. Cage then recruits a reluctant Borash for the mission.

Back from the break and Mike Tenay, Leticia, Jeremy Borash, and SoCal Val are in the ring. Tenay says he is there to welcome the newest member of the TNA family and spanish broadcast team, Hector Guerrero. Hector says that it is a privilege to be part of the TNA family and thanks the fans, the Guerrero Family and his late brother Eddie, for inspiring him. Just as Mike Tenay was going to present Hector with a plaque, Abyss' music hit. The monster came to the ring and had a stare down with SoCal Val. Val tried to persuade the monster to leave by handing him the plaque, but was met with a vicious Black Hole Slam for her efforts.

Back in Jim Cornette's office, Jim announces a few more matches for Destination-X. He says that James Storm and Jackie Moore will face Petey Williams and Gail Kim in a "Double Bull Rope Match". He tells Sabin that his X-Division Title defense against Jerry Lynn will be a "2 out of 3 Falls Match". Then goes on to tell Mr. Backlund that Austin Starr or Senshi must lock in the Crossface Chicken Wing in order to win their match. Cornette thinks he's done, but Christy Hemme says that she wants a team of her choosing to face the Voodoo Kin Mafia at the PPV. Cornette reluctantly agrees.

The second match of the night saw Robert Roode, Eric Young, and James Storm take on the team of Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt, and Petey Williams. Before the match could start, Sonjay wanted Lethal to do his Macho Man impersonation again. As Jay started Roode came in a hit Lethal from behind. The match was back and forth until Sonjay had the upper hand and went for a springboard moonsault. Just then Gail Kim came to the ring and attacked Jackie Moore. As Dutt looked on, James Storm hit him with the Superkick and got the victory.

JB and Christian Cage are in the back trying to get close to Abyss. Cage tells Abyss that everyone treats him like meat, but Cage would never do that. He tells Abyss that if he wants a family, he thinks that can be arranged. Cage then told Abyss that Borash was a peace offering and Abyss brutally assaulted JB and threw him into a cage.

A video of Team 3D is shown and Brother Devon tells LAX that in the "Ghetto Brawl" match at the PPV, there will be no referee or security to tell them what to do. Brother Ray then tells LAX that they will keep fighting untill they have revenge and the Tag Team Titles.

The main event begins as the Christian Coalition takes on Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe and a mystery partner who is later revealed to be Rhino. After the referree finally restored order in the match, Rhino went to give Tomko a Gore, but AJ Styles came down and interfered. AJ climbed up the Elevation X, only to have Rhino chase right after him. Once Rhino got back down to the floor he was met with an attack from Cage and Tomko. After a quick ace cutter, Rhino tags in Angle and Kurt gives german suplexes to everyone in sight. Chaos ensues again as Rhino hits Tomko with a Gore, but is met with an Unprettier from Christain Cage. Joe hits Cage and gives him the Musclebuster, but Steiner gives Joe an overhead belly to belly suplex. Angle then gives Steiner an Olympic Slam and puts him in the Ankle Lock. Just as it seemed Steiner was going to tap, Abyss came to the ring and attacked Kurt. The lights go out and Sting is seen on one side of the arena, then almost immediately on the other side. The lights go out one more time and Sting is in the ring and begins the attack on Abyss as Impact ends.

Video from TNA iMPACT! can be seen at this link.