iMPACT! Results - 3/22/07 (Angle & Cage add to their 'teams' & more)

Reported by Adam Martin of
On Thursday, March 22, 2007 at 10:30 PM EST

By Mike Kerrigan

Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, and Rhino are in the back with Jeremy Borash as Impact opens. Kurt tells Christian Cage that he is looking at three huge egos that have become a machine that will run over Christian Cage, AJ Styles, and anyone /* who joins Team Cage. The first match is underway as the three beginning members of Team Angle squared off against Serotonin. The newly assembled team quickly ran through their opponents as Rhino gave a "Gore" to Havoc, Angle gave an "Olympic Slam" to Kaz, and Joe gave Martyr a "Musclebuster" to gain the victory.

After the match Leticia is in the back with Christian Cage and AJ Styles. AJ is very nervous about facing the well oiled team that is Team Angle. He tells Cage that the only reason he joined Cage's team was to get his NWA World Title shot. Cage took offense and said that if AJ mentioned the title shot one more time, he would take it away. Cage then told AJ that before the night was over, the sides would be even.

Raven and Serotonin is then shown in the back where it seems like the members of Serotonin were being punished once again for losing their match. He holds a melting candle over top of Martyr and says that to become transcendent as he his, the members of Serotonin will have to allow punishment to become their friends.

JB is in the back once again with Sting and the monster Abyss. Sting says "Hell has indeed frozen over. Abyss and I will be teaming up tonight to take on Christian Cage and AJ Styles. Christian Cage your future looks very bleak. For once you step into the ring with us tonight, it will be time for you to be read your last rights".

Back in the ring, Team 3D calls out LAX to come to the ring and talk. Brother Ray says that LAX has gotten the better of Team 3D for the past few months. Ray said "You did whatever it took to hold on to the tag titles. Last week Konnan told us you want our legacy, but you can't just take a legacy you have to EARN one. This is our legacy." With this, Team 3D opened up the chests that were in the ring. They held up their legacy; each of their tag titles from the other three wrestling promotions they've won titles with. "At Lockdown, we're all in -- Our legacy versus your NWA Tag Titles," Brother Ray added. Before anything /* could be said, Konnan came out and said that they don't care about Team 3D's previous titles. He then told Team 3D that if they wanted another chance for the tag titles, that they would have to face LAX in their type of match -- an electrified steel cage match at Lockdown.

We then go to Jim Cornette's office where Mr. Backlund is asking for a match at Lockdown. Jim says since Backlund has long since been retired, he is not able to compete in the ring, but he can referee the match between Austin Starr and Senshi at Lockdown.

The second match of the night is Eric Young taking on Austin Starr, but before Starr even leaves the tunnel, Robert Roode is seen giving him some instructions. Once Starr was in full control of the match, Robert Roode and Ms.Brooks came to ringside. Yet, as soon as they got there Eric Young turned the tables and got the advantage. Ms. Brooks then distracted referee Andrew Thomas to allow Roode to enter the ring and act like he was supporting Young; only to attack him from behind. Starr took full advantage of the situation and gave Eric a "Brainbuster" to get the pinfall. After the match, Roode started to berate Eric Young, until former Team Canada partner, Petey Williams came out and stood up for Eric and fought off Roode. Petey extended his hand to Eric, but before Eric could shake, Robert Roode pulled him out of the ring. Could Petey be the "friend" that Eric was referring to?

Jerry Lynn is backstage speaking with JB about his first ever encounter with James Storm. He then says he's not sure what Christopher Daniels' new purpose is, but Daniels WILL NOT like Lynn's new purpose. Just then the lights go out and Jerry is heard being hit. The lights come back on and the Fallen Angel is standing over top of Lynn donning a new trench coat. That makes three references to Sting: a mask, the baseball bat, and now the trench coat. What is going on with Daniels and what does Sting have to do with all of this?

Wildcat Chris Harris is in Cornette's office and wants to wrestle again. Cornette says no because he nor TNA can take responsibility for Harris' blindness. He tells Harris that if he can get a doctor's note saying he is at full vision, then he can wrestle.

James Storm is in the ring and supposed to face Jerry Lynn, but due to the attack earlier in the night, the match is called off. Storm wants nothing of the sort. He says he is here to drink beer and beat people's butts; and he's all out of beer. He calls out anyone to the ring and Chris Harris answers the call. Yet, before he can get close enough Gail Kim stops him from entering the ring. Jackie antagonizes Gail and she races into the ring to pummel Jackie Moore. Harris is right behind her and chases Storm all around the building and into the backstage area. After order is restored, Gail Kim demands a match with Jackie at Lockdown, but before Jim Cornette could answer, the fight begins again when Jackie attacks Kim from behind.

The main event of Impact starts when Christian Cage and AJ Styles face Sting and Abyss. The newfound tandem of Sting and Abyss tear through the competition until Cage and Abyss work their way to the outside of the ring. There, Abyss sees James Mitchell come from out of the tunnel with a woman. Abyss seems to know her as he is torn between helping Sting in the ring and going with Mitchell and the woman. He follows Mitchell and Sting is left alone in the ring. Sting gets a second wind and starts plowing through his opponents. He locks in the Scorpion Death Lock on AJ, but Cage distracts the referee long enough to allow Scott Steiner to enter the ring and smash a steel pipe on Sting's back. AJ covers Sting and gets a HUGE win. Cage, Styles, and Steiner stand in the middle of the ring with their arms raised as Impact closes. Who is the strange woman that James Mitchell was with? And with two more spots up for grabs on both Team Angle and Team Christian, who will each captain choose? Tune into iMPACT! next week to find out if more names are added.