iMPACT! Results - 8/30/07 (Big 'Fatal Four Way' Main Event and more)

Reported by Marcus Cygy of
On Friday, August 31, 2007 at 3:26 AM EST

Thursday, August 30, 2007 – Orlando, FL
By Marcus Cygy of

“iMPACT!” on Spike TV opened with Ron “The Truth” Killings and Adam “Pacman” Jones both walking together backstage. I just got back from Italy and haven’t seen “iMPACT!” for a while but I think it’s interesting to note that Pacman Jones is already in the opening video package for the show.

We then moved on to Kurt Angle’s locker room where he had his wife, Karen and friend, Kevin Nash with him. Angle told Nash that he couldn’t trust either one of the four tonight that will be completing in a four-way bout to earn a share of Kurt’s TNA World Tag Team Championship. The competitors later in the night would include Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Christian Cage, and Sting.

Our opening bout for the evening was scheduled to see Team 3D vs. The Motor City Machine Guns. However, Scott Steiner made an impromptu appearance before the match could even start. He came down to brawl with Team 3D after what went on last week in the ring where Team 3D slammed his brother Rick through a table, ultimately putting him out of commission for the time being. In turn, Scott Steiner brought out a table tonight with the thought of gaining revenge; however, the numbers game was too much for the former WCW World Heavyweight Champion. Upon being humiliated over the microphone by Brother Ray, referees tried to stop the madness in the ring but they were fended off by steal chairs. That’s when Brother Ray and Devon targeted Scott’s neck by wrenching one chair across his neck and then slamming it with full force with another chair. They followed that up by executing a double-slam through the table. We then went to a commercial break to conclude this relentless attack on Scott Steiner.

When we returned from the commercial break, they reviewed the events that just happened against Scott Steiner by Team 3D. Alex Shelley then got on the microphone saying that TNA needs heroes and so does Detroit, so he issued an open challenge to any team in TNA and that’s when The Voodoo Kin Mafia came out. I’ve got to say, that’s some weird looking gear Kip James is sporting now. The match itself though was not too bad, it had its fast moments with Shelley and Sabin attacking BG James shot after shot with their series of moves. The Voodoo Kin Mafia would win in the end though when Kip elevated Sabin up with his cross arm slam, using his brute strength.

In what apparently became open challenge night, Kip James then challenged any tag team in TNA for a real challenge and that’s when The Latin American Xchange came along. Soon after though we would see Triple X appear, along with Eric Young & Shark Boy. All teams entered the ring, giving it a Battle Royal feel. We then cut to the back where Karen Angle was approaching Samoa Joe’s locker room. She entered Joe’s locker room with an attempt to end the war kindly between Joe and Angle. Joe didn’t take to kindly to that though as he unleashed a war of words when describing how he wanted to dismantle Kurt and he wanted her to be up front on the scene to witness it.

Backstage we then saw Karen Angle make another attempt to make good on Kurt’s behalf by trying to lure in Christian Cage. She wanted Christian to come in and become TNA World Tag Team Champion with Kurt Angle and keep things safe and then later he would receive a shot at the TNA World Heavyweight Title. Well, Christian told her that the biggest liar in TNA besides her was himself, so he didn’t dare to bite. AJ Styles however did show some interest, but later turned it down and followed Christian to the ring.

For the main event, Samoa Joe’s entrance was in full effect with the Samoan dancers. Next to Joe in the main event saw Christian Cage, AJ Styles, and Sting all competing to earn one half of the TNA World Tag Team Titles and end Kurt’s reign as a single Tag Team Champion upon starting a new reign with him, which will in effect make Kurt Angle a 2-time TNA World Tag Team Champion. Just before Sting made his entrance though Karen made one last stretch in gaining Kurt a compatible partner that would be competing on an equal playing field, but he didn’t buy it either. Karen and Kurt Angle both made their way to the ring nonetheless to watch the main event and in Kurt’s hands were both TNA World Tag Team Titles.

The opening bell immediately prompted a brawl between all four men that would later see Christian and AJ branch off together and work the offense in their favor. After weakening Joe and sending him out of the ring, they then began working on Sting. However, Sting was thinking quickly when he delivered a double clothesline to both Christian and AJ upon gaining leverage for himself. Samoa Joe would later get back in the ring once AJ brought Sting to the outside. Joe tried to end it right away when he locked in the Rear Naked Choke on Christian Cage. His side kick, AJ Styles was on scene immediately to break it up. Joe would treat AJ like a rag doll though by just kicking and tossing him all over the place. He began manhandling him and Christian together with some near falls of his own. Out of nowhere, Sting would reappear and clean house.

Later on in the match we would witness the alliance between Christian Cage and AJ Styles crumble over miscommunication. This four-way bout was then stepped up to a whole new notch with fast paced action all over the place included with a series of offensive moves lead on by AJ Styles that concluded with an awesome looking pele on Sting. Moments later, Joe took everyone out with a wild Samoan dive outside of the ring. Kurt Angle looked on with amazement as the match was truly filled with nonstop action. This match reminded me of the old NWA-TNA days in Nashville, it was really good. The end result saw Sting come out victorious with the Scorpion Death Lock on AJ Styles to win his second championship in TNA, and first Tag Team Championship since June 15, 1998 when he won the WCW World Tag Team Titles with Kevin Nash. But today Sting, along with Kurt Angle, are the new TNA World Tag Team Champions.

After the bout, Team Pacman intruded and attacked Sting during his victory celebration. They spray painted his back with the word “PAC,” as Kurt Angle came back to fend them off after the damage was done. Kurt Angle & Sting defend the TNA World Tag Team Titles against Ron Killings & Pacman Jones at TNA No Surrender on September 9, 2007 on Pay-Per-View!

Quick Match Results:
• Team 3D (Brother Ray & Brother Devon) vs. The Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley), never started.
• The Voodoo Kin Mafia (BG James & Kip James) defeated The Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley).
• Four-Way Match: Sting defeated Christian Cage, AJ Styles, and Samoa Joe, to win the TNA World Tag Team Titles, with Kurt Angle.