iMPACT! Results - 9/6/07 (Lots announced for No Surrender and more)

Reported by Marcus Cygy of
On Thursday, September 6, 2007 at 11:35 PM EST

Thursday, September 6, 2007 – Orlando, FL
By Marcus Cygy of

Ron “The Truth” Killings and Pacman Jones both arrived on scene for “iMPACT!” on Spike TV tonight and Pacman Jones warned us that there was still one top dog that hasn’t received his autograph. Would that top dog in TNA get the letters “P-A-C” spray painted on his back tonight?

The opening contest tonight quickly got underway with Frankie Kazarian facing off against Tomko of The Christian Coalition. Kazarian was quick to jump on the offense when the bell rang. But an early distraction ensued Frankie’s sights, and that’s when Robert Roode stormed down to the ring with a firm grasp on Ms. Brookes, Frankie Kazarian’s former manager. Roode has not been treating the lovely Ms. Brookes with the best of respect as of late and that’s the reason Kazarian will be facing off against the former NWA World Tag Team Champion this Sunday at TNA No Surrender on Pay-Per-View. Robert Roode did try to get involved with this match, and while Kazarian did successfully bounce him off his back, the numbers game was too much to successfully win this match on “iMPACT!” when Tomko went for the double arm choke slam for the win.

After the match, Ms. Brooks came in to check up on Kazarian and that certainly didn’t sit well with Robert Roode. He began shoving her, but then out of nowhere it was Tomko coming to her aid by pushing Roode down to the ground. Apparently he has grown tired of watching Roode abuse Ms. Brookes too.

It was then announced that this Sunday there would be a major announcement that would change the state of TNA Wrestling’s future. Seems like No Surrender is becoming the Pay-Per-View where they have big announcements. 2005 saw the debut of “The Man Beast” Rhino, while 2006 saw the announcement of “iMPACT!” moving to primetime television, and the announcement of Kurt Angle signing with TNA. What will be the announcement this year for 2007?

Also announced for TNA No Surrender was a 10-Team Gauntlet Battle Royal where the winners would receive a TNA World Tag Team Title shot at Bound For Glory on October 14, 2007 in Atlanta, Georgia. The teams featured include The Voodoo Kin Mafia, LAX, Team 3D, The Motor City Machine Guns, Triple X, AJ Styles & Tomko, Sonjay Dutt & Petey Williams, Raven & Havok, Eric Young & Shark Boy, Lance Hoyt & the debut of former ROH star, Jimmy Rave.

Backstage we saw the new TNA World Tag Team Champions, Sting and Kurt Angle. Sting said that he made history last week by earning the TNA World Tag Team Titles; however, he said he couldn’t trust the Angle’s. Karen certainly took offense to that, but Kurt told her to calm down because Sting was his tag team championship partner. Ultimately, Kurt didn’t want to stir anything up more than it already is because they have to stay together as a unit. Come Sunday they will have to defend the titles against Team Pacman at No Surrender.

Moving along, we saw Chris Harris backstage proclaiming that at Hard Justice we didn’t see the real Dustin Rhodes. We saw a sick, twisted, and demented man now going by the name of Black Reign. It certainly was a hard sight to witness last month when Black Reign basically annihilated Harris, but come No Surrender, during their rematch Chris Harris guaranteed to bring out his twisted side as well to exact revenge in this No Disqualification Match.

Backstage segment after backstage segment it seemed. We went along with JB to meet up with “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal and “The Monster” Abyss, who will be facing the TNA World Tag Team Champions, Kurt Angle and Sting tonight. Lethal told us that he’ll be taking home the X-Division Title from Kurt’s possession this Sunday, while Abyss stated that it starts tonight with Kurt, and ends Sunday with Kurt when he becomes the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

Pacman Jones and The Truth were then walking down the hallways backstage as they saw Samoa Joe making his way to the ring. The Truth asked if he could be the next victim. Pacman put his left hand to his chin, almost in a smirking manner and replied with a simply “maybe”.

The next match of the night saw former NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Raven going one-on-one with “The Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe, who made his entrance with the Samoans just as last week. Raven was sporting a new short hair cut, he’s looking better and better each week these days, health wise.

To kick off the match, Raven went for a few punches but Joe answered back with swift chops and then a charging boot to the face on the outside against the guardrail. Joe didn’t stop there, he threw Raven back into the ring and charged him with another boot in the corner against the turnbuckle; however, this time Raven was prepared as he grabbed his kendo stick that was nearby. Joe caught a glimpse of it and quickly put on the brakes, but out of nowhere it was AJ Styles with a kendo stick of his own. He climbed the ring apron and hit Samoa Joe across the back of his head. Later on though, Joe was able to regain his bearings with a senton splash. Ultimately in the end, Joe would win with the Rear Naked Choke.

After the match, Joe got his piece of AJ Styles in the ring. Tomko and Christian Cage were quick to deliver their aid though. After a steel chair shot, they decided to handcuff him to the ring ropes and inflict further pain to the former 3-time X-Division Champion. The Samoans that take part in Joe’s entrance then tried to help him out but The Christian Coalition chased them off with a chair, even going as far as to hitting the one man conchairto to one of them. Samoa Joe was livid, but he couldn’t do anything but watch as he was handcuffed.

It was announced that “The War Machine” Rhino will be at No Surrender with the “I want to kill you,” look on his face for when he wrestles against “Cowboy” James Storm.

Main event time then called for Abyss and Jay Lethal to face off against TNA World Tag Team Champions, Kurt Angle and Sting, in a non-title match. Kurt Angle made his entrance with all titles in hand, his TNA World Heavyweight Title, TNA World Tag Team Title, TNA X-Division Title, and his IWGP World Heavyweight Title from Japan. The main question going into this match was whether the “dream team” could work together?

Judging from the early going, it certainly did like yes Kurt Angle and Sting were going to work well as a collaborated unit. However, midway during the match problems started to self-inflict between the two over some miscommunication during tags. Abyss wanted Kurt in the ring, but Kurt didn’t want any of Abyss. Sting decided to make the tag anyway instead of fighting a man he calls a friend in Abyss. The unprepared factor for Kurt in this situation definitely caught him off guard as Kurt was completely being dominated by “The Monster” Abyss. A worried Karen Angle then shot down to the ring and abruptly in Sting’s face, yelled at him for putting her husband Kurt in this situation.

The tables would later change and go in Angle’s favor once he got Lethal in the ring. Kurt would cap off his offense with a German suplex before tagging Sting back into the ring. Soon after though, Lethal made the tag to Abyss and that’s when Sting quickly tagged his partner Kurt back into the match, almost like he didn’t want to fight Sting. Abyss was fast to give Sting a big boot shortly thereafter though proving that friendship must be put aside during this competitive match. Later though, his conscious would speak as he released Sting while also grasping Angle by the neck and instead delivering a single choke slam to the TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Abyss would then get the pin on the champion via Black Hole Slam. Could we be seeing the end of Kurt Angle’s reign as champion this Sunday?

After the match, we saw James Mitchell point and laugh at Abyss as Sting looked on as well. Team Pacman then made a sneak attack on the TNA World Tag Team Champions and ultimately autograph Kurt Angle’s back with the letters “P-A-C” spray painted on his back.

It sure didn’t seem like a good way to end “iMPACT!” for Kurt Angle going into No Surrender, where he will be defending his TNA X-Division Title, his TNA World Tag Team Titles with Sting, and his TNA World Heavyweight Title.

TNA No Surrender is this Sunday live and exclusively on Pay-Per-View, don’t miss it!

Quick Match Results:
• Tomko defeated Frankie Kazarian.
• Samoa Joe defeated Raven.
• Abyss & Jay Lethal defeated TNA World Tag Team Champions, TNA World Heavyweight, TNA X-Division Champion, & IWGP World Heavyweight Champion, Kurt Angle & Sting, in a Non-Title Match.