iMPACT! Results - 9/20/07 (Christian Cage/Junior Fatu, Judas Mesias)

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On Thursday, September 20, 2007 at 10:37 PM EST

Thursday, September 20, 2007 – Orlando, FL
By Marcus Cygy of

TNA showed a recap video of last week’s events to open the show as we are just 2 weeks away from the big 2-hour debut of “iMPACT!” on Spike TV!

We were then brought to Kurt Angle’s locker room where he apologized to Kevin Nash for his behavior at No Surrender two weeks ago concerning his disrespectful manner. Kevin appreciated the apology, but once he found out what Kurt and Karen did last week to Sting he quickly warned them of past occurrences.

Nash told them that while he was with the nWo in WCW, they constantly harassed Sting with beat down after beat down. However, after a while Sting just disappeared and reappeared at a later date with a much darker side to him, Nash called it his demon side. Today though, Nash believes that Sting can unleash that side of him faster than before because of the experience factor. So he told them that they needed to apologize to Sting immediately, and after much debate it was concluded that Karen would apologize later tonight. The question remained as to if Sting would buy into it or not.

The opening match saw Judas Mesias in his TNA in-ring debut against “Showtime” Eric Young. Cutting to the chase, Judas Mesias absolutely annihilate Eric as the end result saw him bloodied. Shark Boy even tried coming to Eric’s save, but his attempt proved to be a failure. Finally though, someone that was able to match the size of Mesias came in to fend off the attacks, and that man was “The War Machine” Rhino. He came fully equipped with a steel chair, but by that time Judas was already in the midst of leaving.

Backstage was AJ Styles dressing up The Christian Coalition’s locker room in Samoan style in preparation for Christian Cage’s match tonight against Junior Fatu. Once Cage arrived to the locker room he seemed pretty impressed, but that’s not to say Tomko was. In fact, it was the exact opposite for him, he seems to hate the fact that AJ is becoming more and more of a lackey to Christian instead of focusing on what’s at hand – his match tonight against Ron Killings, and then at Bound For Glory with Tomko against Team Pacman for the TNA World Tag Team Titles. Together they left, but before Christian left he told Samoa Joe to watch closely tonight because he’ll still be undefeated upon never being pinned or submitted, and that record will not end at Bound For Glory, he said.

AJ Styles’ match against Ron Killings was next and it certainly would end in controversy. Among the many distractions that Pacman Jones would provide early in the match, none of them came about to be more damaging than his last act when he used a can of spray paint to spray the eyes of AJ Styles. This allocated Ron “The Truth” Killings the win as Team Pacman walked off celebrating with their titles. The entire match itself though was a great showcase of athleticism. Both guys can certainly work and it’s been a while since we’ve seen them both in a one-on-one match, possibly since the Asylum days. They’ll definitely be going full out at Bound For Glory!

Karen Angle then made her way down to the six-sided ring for her public apology to the former WCW World Heavyweight Champion, Sting. She said that she was deeply sorry, but because she is married to an 11-time World Heavyweight Champion, as she said, she got caught up in the moment. All she wants now though, is for Sting to forget about this and wrestle a good old fashioned match against her husband at Bound For Glory.

Apparently Sting has not forgotten about the scuffle at No Surrender, because he appeared and broke the news that Karen was now under a restraining order from now until Bound For Glory. Forget about slapping Sting anymore, she can’t even be within 50 feet of him. Police were on scene to arrest Karen, and this left TNA & IWGP World Heavyweight Champion, Kurt Angle in a fury.

The main event for “iMPACT!” this week was “The Instant Classic” Christian Cage facing off with the former Rikishi, now known as Junior Fatu.

The opening moments of the main event saw Junior Fatu pretty much dominate the match. Cage showed signs of fearing the stink face, but who wouldn’t? Fatu used his size and Cage’s fear to his advantage early on when he shoved him off the ring apron into the guardrail. Fatu would even go on to deliver a powerful super kick, an impressive move for his size. Never doubt Christian Cage though, he would come back and prevail with a victory in true Cage fashion with a roll up pin from behind. This came about during some distraction from AJ Styles, but they would both pay for their actions in the form of a stink face. Tomko would get in the act, as would Samoa Joe, who later stood tall with Junior Fatu as we then broke to breaking events in the back.

To close the show we saw a relentless attack perpetrated by Judas Mesias on “The Icon” Sting. He was choking the life out of Sting by wrapping his neck with a rope. Why was he doing this? Tune in next week on the final 1-hour edition of “iMPACT!” on Spike TV!

Quick Match Results:
• Judas Mesias defeated Eric Young.
• Ron Killings defeated AJ Styles.
• Christian Cage defeated Junior Fatu.