Impact Results - 12/6/07 (The Angle Alliance, "Feast or Fired", more)

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On Friday, December 7, 2007 at 12:08 AM EST

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There are several items to report from Thursday's "iMPACT!" broadcast - including some huge news regarding The Angle Alliance and "The Instant Classic" Christian Cage...

- The big news from "iMPACT!" involves Christian Cage and the Angle Alliance. Earlier in the night, Cage told the Alliance that he would join them, but only if he would serve as Captain of the team. Kurt Angle agreed, but all hell broke loose in the main event when Angle and Robert Roode double-crossed Cage and beat him unmercifully. AJ Styles tried to stop Roode and Angle, but they continued their assault. Tomko, on the other hand, just left the ring. Will the Angle Alliance have hell to pay next Thursday night from The Instant Classic?

- The "Feast Or Fired" cases were scheduled to be opened on the broadcast - revealing who got TNA Title shots and who was fired - but Matt Morgan failed to keep them secure. TNA management Director Jim Cornette charged Morgan with overseeing the cases, but Morgan lost track of them throughout the event! As a result, Cornette has promised that they cases will finally be opened on next Thursday's broadcast - and if Morgan fails again, the big man will face severe consequences!

- The Latin American Xchange continued their tag team dominance by beating the team of Black Reign and Rellik. After the match Christy Hemme's team of Lance Hoyt and Jimmy Rave attacked the LAX. However, the hooded LAX member once against assaulted Hemme!

- In an attempt to reclaim the X Division Championship, reigning titleholder "Black Machismo" Jay Lethal teamed with The Motor City Machineguns to face Team 3D and Johnny Devine in a Ladder Match, with the gold hanging above the ladder. Machismo had the match won, but with the referee distracted Team 3D once again cheated and annihilated Lethal, placing the X Title on Devine as the referee awarded the bout to Team 3D and Devine.

- Less than a week after being brutalized by Awesome Kong at "Turning Point", TNA Women's Champion Gail Kim lost to ODB in a non-title match on Thursday's broadcast. Following the bout, Awesome Kong once again tried to annihilate Gail, but the Women's Champion battled back before security hit the ring to restore order.

- In a bout to determine who would take possession of one of the "Feast Or Fired" cases, "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels defeated fellow XXX member Senshi (with Elix Skipper as referee).

- Also during the broadcast, manager James Mitchell took part in a sitdown interview with Mike Tenay regarding his former protege Abyss. Mitchell promised there is another story yet to be told about Abyss, but he declined to comment further. Next week on "iMPACT!", there will be a in-ring showdown between Mitchell and Abyss!