Impact Results - 12/13/07 (Daniels fired, 2-on-1 main event, & more)

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On Friday, December 14, 2007 at 12:55 AM EST

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There are several news items to report from Thursday's "iMPACT!" broadcast on SpikeTV as TNA Wrestling heads towards the Sunday, January 6 "Final Resolution" Pay-Per-View event.

- Going into Thursday's broadcast, Christian Cage promised he would get revenge on The Angle Alliance for what they did to him. A bout was signed featuring Cage and a partner of his choice vs. Kurt Angle and Robert Roode, but "The Instant Classic" couldn't get anyone to agree to be his partner (Kaz, Kevin Nash, Samoa Joe and Booker T all turned Cage down). In the end, Cage went it alone in the bout - but the odds were against him. Cage lost the match and suffered another beating afterwards at the hands of Angle and Roode. AJ Styles came down to ringside and looked as though he was going to help his former mentor, but he backed off and never entered the ring.

- By winning the "Feast Or Fired" four-way bout on the broadcast, Scott Steiner was offered a unique opportunity: A $50,000 check or the chance to switch cases with either BG James, Christopher Daniels or Petey Williams. Steiner chose to switch his case and took Petey's case, which he believed had the shot at the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

- The "Feast Or Fired" cases were opened later in the broadcast, and here are the results: Petey Williams earned the TNA World Heavyweight Championship shot, BG James earned the TNA Tag Team Title shot (although he was non-committal if Kip James would be his partner for the contest), Scott Steiner got the X Championship shot (much to his anger) - but the big news is that Christopher Daniels found out his case (which he won from Senshi) contained the slip revealing he had been fired! TNA security escorted Daniels from the ring as "The Fallen Angel" said his final goodbyes to the fans. Daniels is no longer a part of the TNA roster.

- During an in-ring confrontation, manager James Mitchell threatened Abyss that he would reveal yet another secret he knows about his former protege. However, Abyss eventually snapped and mauled Mitchell - leading to the return of Judas Mesias! Mesias wrapped a piece of barbed wire around Abyss' neck and bloodied his nemesis while Mitchell watched on.

- Kaz defeated the maniacal newcomer Rellik, but Black Reign hit the ring after the bout join in on an assault on Kaz. Later in the broadcast, Black Reign's alter-ego Dustin Rhodes was interviewed by Crystal. He claimed he couldn't be held responsible for Reign's actions, but Kaz disagreed as he attacked Rhodes during the interview for what happened earlier.

- Velvet Sky and Angelina Love defeated Ms. Brooks and an intoxicated Jackie Moore in women's tag team action. After the bout, Robert Roode berated Brooks, leading to Sharmell hitting the ring to confront Roode about his treatment of women. Roode had some choice words for Sharmell, which brought out Booker T. Before Booker could hit the ring, Roode bailed out and talked trash with his nemesis from the entrance ramp. Speaking of Booker T, he beat "Wildcat" Chris Harris in singles action on the broadcast.

- In a Lumberjack Strap Match, X Division Champion "Black Machismo" Jay Lethal defeated Johnny Devine, getting his revenge on the X turncoat. After the bout, members of the X Division hit the ring and poured on the punishment on Devine. After the beating, Team 3D came out and talked trash with the Motor City Machineguns.