Impact Results - 12/27/07 (Booker & Cage vs. Angle & Roode - more)

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On Friday, December 28, 2007 at 5:24 AM EST

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- On Thursday’s broadcast, Abyss sat down with Mike Tenay for a rare interview to speak out about the claims by his former manager James Mitchell that Abyss is hiding another, more darker secret from the world. During the interview, Abyss confirmed that his name is indeed Chris Parks. He also told the world that he has known James Mitchell “too long” and when the topic of his parents were brought up, Abyss made it clear his mother raised him – not his father as Mitchell claims. When Tenay asked Abyss to reveal the “secret”, the TNA superstar said the secret lives with him – and it will die with him. In fact, Abyss stated, he will never tell the world. When Tenay gave Abyss one more opportunity to talk about the secret, Abyss stood up in a show of force – then walked off the interview set!

- Speaking of Mitchell, his current protégé the maniacal Judas Mesias made his TNA in-ring return, beating Senshi in singles action. It was also announced on “iMPACT!”’ that Abyss will battle Judas Mesias at “Final Resolution”.

- The other big story coming out of Thursday’s “iMPACT!” was that “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles is under pressure to pick a side in the war between TNA World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle and “The Instant Classic” Christian Cage. Early in the broadcast, both Cage and Angle called out Styles to make his decision, but Styles accidentally got knocked out during a melee between Cage and Angle. Later on, Styles and Tomko faced the Motor City Machineguns in a non-title bout, but when AJ kept asking advice on who he should join, Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley took the opportunity to beat Styles in the bout.

- Booker T was scheduled to face Robert Roode, but that match never took place as Sharmell and Karen Angle both got into a catfight. As a result, Booker made the challenge for a tag team bout for later on, promising to find a partner to take on Angle and Roode. Booker ended up getting Cage as his partner, who shares a common hatred for Angle and Roode. The Instant Classic got the win in the tag team bout, then demanded Styles come out to give his final decision. With Angle also wanting a final choice, Styles stood between Angle and Cage and couldn't answer! As a result, Styles still hasn’t made his decision as to who he will side with.

- In other news from the broadcast, Team 3D paid a visit to TNA Management Director Jim Cornette’s office to officially object to being forced to compete in an Ultimate X Match at the January 6 “Final Resolution” Pay-Per-View. When Cornette told them they had no choice but to fight in the dangerous bout, Team 3D promised that neither “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal nor The Motor City Machineguns would even make it to the match in one piece.

- Speaking of Cornette, the management director also had words with Samoa Joe on the broadcast over his recent bad attitude. In turn, Joe absolutely destroyed “Primetime” Elix Skipper in singles action and got disqualified in the process – telling Cornette the slaughter was his fault and that he would continue to raise hell until he gets what he wants. When Joe attempted to continue his rant, TNA management apparently ordered that his live microphone be cut off.

- The Knockouts of the Women’s Division were in action on “iMPACT!” as the team of TNA Women’s Champion Gail Kim along with Angelina Love and Velvet Sky defeated Jackie Moore, ODB and Roxxi Laveaux.

- Speaking of Gail Kim, it was announced on the broadcast that she will once again defend the TNA Women’s Championship against the juggernaut Awesome Kong at Final Resolution in a No Disqualification match!

- During a backstage interview with “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner and Petey Williams, Steiner reiterated that he still wanted Williams’ shot at the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Petey refused to give in and walked off, at which point Steiner claimed he would get it from him – one way or another.

- Also, Dustin Rhodes called out Kaz to “give him the opportunity” to apologize for attacking him in recent weeks, claiming he had no idea why Kaz would do that to him (despite the fact that Dustin’s alter-ego Black Reign put his pet rat Misty on his face). In turn, Kaz and Dustin got into another brawl that went all over the Impact Zone – and at one point, Kaz dove off the top of the bleachers taking out Dustin and TNA security in the process.