Impact Results - 6/5/08 (Final push for 'Slammiversary' PPV, & more)

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On Friday, June 6, 2008 at 1:31 AM EST

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There are several news items to report from Thursday's broadcast as TNA counts down the hours until this Sunday's "Slammiversary" event live on Pay-Per-View.

NEW matches have been announced for Sunday's Slammiversary Pay-Per-View event:

- The Beautiful People and their new muscle backup will face Gail Kim, ODB and Roxx in a six-lady Knockouts match
- Also, TNA Women's Champion Awesome Kong will have another open challenge

Check out the main page of the website for the complete Pay-Per-View lineup!

- In a preview of the King of the Mountain match, Christian Cage and Rhino faced Booker T and Robert Roode. Booker and Roode were disqualified when Team 3D interfered, leading to AJ Styles coming out to help Cage and Rhino.

- Following the bout, TNA Management Director Jim Cornette named Kevin Nash the special enforcer for the main event bout later on with AJ Styles vs. Tomko. Booker T attempted to get involved, but Nash stopped him, allowing AJ to get the win. During a melee that erupted after the match, Nash accidentally hit Samoa Joe. Nash tried to help Joe up, but the champion pushed him away. Nash and Joe have been at odds in recent weeks over their trust, including Thursday's broadcast when the two had words again.

- During the third part of Mike Tenay's interview with Sting, the icon talked about Ric Flair and Brett Favre's retirement. Sting also spoke about the possibility of being the third and hanging up the boots soon.

- ODB won a street fight against Velvet Sky. After the bout, a brawl broke out, featuring the debut of Velvet and Angelina's new muscle backup, who came out to help them. The Beautiful People later paper bagged Gail Kim.

- Jay Lethal's bachelor party also took place on the broadcast, as Lethal and Val will get married this Sunday on Pay-Per-View.

- Kaz won the first-ever X Division King Of The Mountain match, earning him a shot at the TNA World Heavyweight Championship next Thursday night.

- TNA Women's Champion Awesome Kong once again held her open challenge. This time it was answered by Daphney, who put up a good fight, but was ultimately beaten by Kong.

- Another disturbing video aired of Abyss, who claims his is coming "home" to TNA this Sunday night!

- In six-man action, TNA Tag Team Champions The Latin American Xchange and Matt Morgan beat Kip James, James Storm and Lance Hoyt

- During a face to face interview with Kurt and Karen Angle, Kurt once again accused Karen of ruining their marriage by cheating on him with AJ Styles. Karen - and later AJ - once again disputed the claims.