Impact Results - 7/10/08 (A New Knockouts Champion, Victory Road)

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On Friday, July 11, 2008 at 12:52 AM EST

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By Charles Rice

With Victory Road live on Pay-Per-View this Sunday, the stars of TNA pulled out all the stops this week on iMPACT! in hopes having one last swing of momentum go their ways. It was not only an exciting night in the iMPACT! Zone, but a historic one as well.

The night kicked off with Robert Roode of Beer Money inc. taking on one half of the TNA Tag Team Champions LAX’s, Homocide in a street fight. In the end there was interference from both “Cowboy” James Storm and Hernandez after Homicide had been handcuffed and whipped with a belt. This Sunday, in the Fan’s Revenge match the gold is on the line. But for LAX it will be all about revenge.

At the end of that match Sting was seen staring on from the rafters and TNA fans were promised he would make his return later on in the evening.

In a very exciting and hard hitting match, it was Kip James, Tomko, and X Division Champion, Petey Williams taking on B.G. James, Matt Morgan, and Eric Young. This match was too big to be contained in the six sided ring and spilled out not only around the ring but in the crowd as well. In the end it was Tomko, Kip, and Pettey that had their hands raised in victory. That was not enough for Tomko and Pettey though. After the match they were about to attack Eric Young with a lead pipe when Abyss’s music began to play he came out and began attacking Tomko. It looked as if he was about to use the lead pipe when he began to second guess himself. What is going on in the mind of Abyss? That is the question that has been on everyone’s mind since he made his return at Slammiversary.

With the World X Cup tournament still going on it was Team International picking up a win over Team Japan and Team TNA picking up the win over Team Mexico. All teams will be vying for the World X Cup this Sunday in Houston.

In a very historic match it was TNA newcomer Taylor who made history. Not only did she finally topple the mighty Awesome Kong to win the open challenge and the $25,000, but she also became the new TNA Knockouts Champion. Only time will tell if she is the real deal or not, because Kong will get a rematch this Sunday in Houston.

Before the main event of the night, Booker T called Joe out to the ring where he apologized in advance for what he was going to do to him in Houston. Joe went on to tell Booker that he was going to be sorry for ever calling him out. He went on to say he was going to make him sorry in front of all his friends in family in Houston. Before the two could finish their battle of words, they were interrupted by “The Icon” Sting. He told them both he would be at Victory Road to watch their match but refused to say why.

Through out the night Kurt Angle had been becoming more and more frustrated with his tag team partners for the main event of the night, The Beautiful People. This is because both Angelina Love and Velvet Sky were more concerned with looking pretty and tanning than getting ready for their match against AJ Styles, ODB, and Gail Kim. In the end it would cost them because it was Kim who picked up the win pinning Velvet Sky.

However, as the three were having their hands raised in victory, Angle and the Beautiful People attacked and it looked like Kurt was going to get the ankle lock on AJ, only to have it interrupted with a low blow from Karen Angle of all people. In the end Frank Trigg came to Kurt’s aid and he was able to lock on the ankle lock as iMPACT! went off the air.