Impact Results - 7/31/08 (Knockouts main event show - Sting teases)

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On Friday, August 1, 2008 at 1:38 AM EST

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By Charles Rice

With Hard Justice quickly bearing down on the stars of Total Nonstop Action (TNA), it was another eventful night in the iMPACT! Zone. To start the night off it was TNA’s newest tag team, Beer Money taking on the “Instant Classic” Christian Cage and Rhino in a number one contenders match for the TNA Tag Team titles. In a match that went back and forth, it appeared as if neither team had the upper hand. That was of course until Team 3D and their running buddy Johnny Devine interfered in the match, thus helping Beer Money pick up the win and become the new number one contenders for LAX’s tag team titles. Obviously this did not sit well with Cage or Rhino and they issued the challenge to Team 3D for a New Jersey Street Fight at Hard Justice.

Next up it was Curry Man, Shark Boy, and “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal, who was accompanied to the ring by So Cal Val, taking on Johnny Devine and The Rock N’ Rave Infection who were accompanied by Christy Hemme. In the end it was Lethal who picked up the win on Devine. This was because when Devine went to hit his patented Devine Intervention, Lethal reversed it and hit the Lethal Combination gaining the 1…2…3.

After the match, Lethal invited So Cal Val into the ring and was about to ask her to marry him again when he noticed that her wedding ring was missing. Obviously upset, he demanded to know where it was and when she claimed she had lost it he stormed off in anger. On his way out Lethal made it clear that he felt Val had never intended to marry him. One can only imagine that somewhere Sonjay Dutt was watching this with a smile plastered on his face. But will he be smiling after he and Jay have their Tuxedo Brawl and Chain match at Hard Justice?

In the back Jeremy Borash is talking with CMT interviewer Lance Smith when Super Eric comes and says that he, Shark Boy, and Curry Man are going to find Val’s missing wedding ring and save the day.

After a commercial break JB is in the back interviewing the TNA World Heavyweight Champion who is obviously upset about all that has transpired as of late. He said that he wanted Booker and that he should bring Sting too because he was going to take them both out.

After a video airs showing the history between Joe and Booker we see Kevin Nash in the back trying to calm Joe down. He tells him that he has his back but that Joe need’s to have a plan.

Back in the ring Booker is standing the in middle of the Six Sides of Steel filled with Weapons and invites Joe out to the ring. After Joe tells Booker he is going to beat him down if he comes in there, he finally goes in the ring as Nash comes down and blocks the door. From there, Joe proceeds to produce a weapon and starts whaling on Booker. Having seen enough, Sharmell comes running down to try and save her husband but it is to no avail. That is because Nash will not let her in the ring. He finally carries her off and this gives Booker just the opening he needed. With Joe’s back turned, a black bat is sent down into the ring and Booker uses it to lay Joe out.

When iMPACT! returns from a commercial break, AJ Styles is standing in the ring demanding to know what is going on with “The Icon” Sting. He said he has always believed in Sting but know he thinks he is a coward. With that the lights go out while Sting’s music plays. When the lights come back on Kurt Angle is standing in the ring and proceeds to Olympic Slam AJ three consecutive times.

In the back JB is in the “Beautiful People’s “ locker room where they are being confronted by Shark Boy and Curry Man about stealing Val’s ring. After telling off the two masked stars of TNA, they tell JB that they are going to beat Gail Kim and Taylor Wilde tonight. They then talk to each other about a certain “she” who will be ready but refuse to say who it is.

In a non title bought, TNA X-Division Champion, Petey Williams, lost to TNA new comer, Consequences Creed. This of course did not go unnoticed by TNA management Jim Cornette. At Hard Justice it will now be Creed taking on Williams for the X-Division Title.

In the back we see LAX now being confronted by Shark Boy and Curry Man about stealing the ring only to be told off by Homicide.

After another commercial break, AJ is in the back talking with Lauren and says that when Sting does come out of hiding he is going to be the first to find him. He then goes on to challenge Kurt Angle to a Last Man standing match live on Pay-Per-View at Hard Justice.

In the second part of Karen Angle’s interview with former TNA employee, Kaz, he talks about why he quit TNA. TNA would just like to take this moment to wish Kaz the best of luck in all his future endeavors. After her interview was over and Kaz had walked off, out came Tomko who proceeded to destroy the set of Karen’s Angle. He promised that each and every week he would make her life a living hell in Kurt’s honor.

Back in the ring, “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan is taking on a local wrestler. Morgan makes quick work of him but is not finished in the ring. Grabbing a microphone, he calls Tomko out and the two go at it. Even after being separated by referees, the two get back in each other’s faces. In the end it was Matt Morgan who laid out Tomko.

With the main event of the night upon us, it was Angelina Love and Velvet Sky taking on TNA Knockout Champion, Taylor Wilde and Gail Kim. After a smash mouth style of match that showed the two opposing teams disdain for each other, it was Kim and Wilde that picked up the win. The fun had just begun however. Out came former Knockout Champion, Awesome Kong. Her and “The Beautiful People” began to beat down Kim and Wilde, only to be saved by ODB and Roxxi coming out. As all this was going on, Traci Brooks appeared on the entrance ramp with a smile on her face as she looked on.

As iMPACT! was going off the air cameras caught Joe in the rafters looking for Sting. However, all he was able to find was a black crow perched on a beam.

Is this another mind game from Booker T? Or is it Sting leaving another message for Joe? Find out the answers to these questions and more next week on iMPACT! If you missed the broadcast tonight, make sure to tune into Spike TV Saturday night. Check your local listings for replay times.