Impact Results - 9/11/08 (Jeff Jarrett appears, & No Surrender hype)

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On Friday, September 12, 2008 at 12:40 AM EST

September 11, 2008
Orlando, Florida (iMPACT! Zone @ Universal Studios)
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
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The show starts with a recap of last week. In the parking lot Jerramy Borash approaches Sting and asks him what he has planned for tonight. Sting says, “2 words J.B.: Jeff Jarrett.” Don West & Mike Tenay run down tonight’s card as Samoa Joe’s music hits. The World Champion walks down to the ring through the crowd and immediately calls out Sting. Kevin Nash’s comes out instead and before he can really say anything Joe cuts him off. Joe says that after he’s done with Sting, Nash is next. Nash says he doesn’t blame Joe for wanting to “beat his ass.” Nash then says that he doesn’t believe Joe is ready and says that he’s set up 3 competitors for Joe to face tonight to prove him wrong. Joe accepts but says that after Nash’s 3 “pieces of trash” he’s coming for Sting.

In the back Laruen is with The Beautiful People and Kip James. Angelina Love says that beauty is everything and at No Surrender she’ll become TNA Knockout Champion, but tonight she’s going to humiliate Taylor Wilde. They walk off and Lauren says that Abyss’ challenge is next and Christian Cage walks by.

Abyss’ Open Challenge
“The Monster” Abyss vs. “Instant Classic” Christian Cage

Tenay officially announces that Abyss and Matt Morgan will face Team 3D at No Surrender in a special challenge Tag Team Match. Christian answers Abyss’ open challenge and this brings back memories of their great feud from a few years ago. They lockup and Abyss tosses Christian to the mat. Christian ducks a clothesline and hits rights and lefts, Christian with an Irish Whip attempt, but Abyss blocks it and whips Christian into the ropes. Abyss misses two clotheslines but catches Christian with a shoulder block. Abyss throws Christian into the corner and goes for the Corner Splash, but Christian moves and hits some chops. Abyss with a big right hand that lays Christian out. Abyss hit’s a big “butt splash” in the corner on a seated Christian for a two count. Christian fights back but a big knee from Abyss stops the attack. Abyss whips Cage into the ropes and goes for a back body drop, but Christian stops and kicks Abyss in the face. Abyss throws Christian straight up into the air to the mat. Abyss now drags Christian to the corner and goes for another splash, but Cage moves and hits two big clotheslines. Christian whips Abyss, but Abyss counters and whips Christian into the corner. Abyss charges but Christian hit’s a back elbow followed by the Corkscrew Back Elbow from the middle rope on Abyss for a two count. Christian with a dropkick to Abyss’ knees and then goes for Frog Splash, but Abyss catches him in midair by the throat. Abyss goes for a Chokeslam but Cage counters into a Unprettier attempt. Abyss reverses that into a back suplex, Christian lands on his feet, and Abyss hit’s the Chokeslam this time for a two count. Abyss goes for the Torture Rack Backbreaker, but Christian counters it into the Unprettier! Kurt Angle runs out and attacks Christian before he can make the pin attempt to cause a NO CONTEST.


Booker T. runs out to help Kurt Angle assault Christian. They beat him down and Kurt Angle runs and gets a chair. Angle gives the chair to Abyss, but Abyss drops it and nails both Booker & Angle. They get the better of Abyss though until Matt Morgan runs out to make the save. Booker and Angle bail out. Morgan grabs the mic and challenges Booker & Angle to a match against him and Abyss later tonight! Angle accepts it! Big Main Event right there.

JB is in the ring and its time for “The Beautiful People Beauty Contest.” The judges will be The Prince Justice Brotherhood (Curry Man, Shark Boy, & Super Eric).

Beautiful People Beauty Contest Part 1
Evening Gown Competition
Angelina Love w/Velvet Sky & Kip James vs. Taylor Wilde

Apparently the Evening Gown Contest is up first as Love and Wilde make their way to the ring in dresses. Both look great but this is pretty pointless. Wilde & Love take turns strutting in their dress before the judges make their decision. Curry Man picks Angelina Love, Shark Boy picks Taylor Wilde, and Super Eric picks Taylor so Taylor wins the first pointless contest.

Winner: Taylor Wilde (1-0)

In the back Laruen is with Sonjay Dutt. Dutt says that he finally gets his opportunity to win Val’s heart this Sunday at No Surrender. Sonjay cuts a pretty good psycho promo about winning her love by any means necessary and that at No Surrender they’ll be “No Mercy.”

Karen’s Angle w/ Sting

Sting says he isn’t trying to get respect for just the veterans, but for the entire business. Karen asks Sting about his contemplation of retirement a few months ago. Sting says that he was ready to retire but he had a flashback of when he was young and how all the young guys respected Ric Flair, and that when he walked into the room all the young guys would off him their chair. He says now when a veteran walks up its like, “who are you?” He says before he leaves he wants to bring respect back to the business. He says no matter how you feel about Kurt Angle, no legend should be treated the way AJ treated him. He says the same about the Booker and Joe situation. He says that he would’ve never treated Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, or anyone /* that way. He says that if respect doesn’t come back to the business it will die. Karen says that the younger wrestlers feel like the veterans wont step aside, and Sting replies by saying that he knows what its like to be the young guy in the locker room, the peon, and the guy with no say. He says the difference is that he had respect. Sting is getting emotional and loud now. He says they need to learn respect. Karen then asks Sting about Jeff Jarrett. Sting says he doesn’t know where Jarrett stands, but he cant wait to find out. Man, great segment and promo from Sting. This thing is really bordering on reality as we all hear the rumors on the internet about young wrestlers thinking the veterans stick around too long to hold their spot and not move aside, and then the veterans saying the young guys have no respect. This is really great.

Tenay & West run down the No Surrender card and its official: Petey Williams vs. Consequences Creed vs. Sheik Abdul Bashir in a three way as Jim Cornette felt that the referee’s involvement in the Creed/Bashir match led to the outcome. I been calling for it and we’ll see it. Also, just announced will be L.A.X. getting their Tag Team Titles rematch against Beer Money!

AJ Styles makes his way to the ring and calls out Frank Trigg as we go to commercial. Back from commercial and Trigg makes his way out to the ring. They show Trigg’s kendo stick attack on AJ last week. Frank calls AJ a “hillbilly” and says that he didn’t have his “hick meter” on so he couldn’t understand half of what AJ said. Trigg reminds AJ that he is an MMA fighter and he gets paid to hurt people intentionally. Trigg says that if AJ wants to fight then they’ll do it his way at No Surrender: 3 fight minute rounds only way to win is knockout or tapout. So it’ll be an MMA fight. AJ agrees to it and they shake hands, but Trigg calls AJ a “little bitch.” AJ then slaps the taste out of Trigg and the fight is on! Security runs to break them up.

Lauren is in the back with Christian Cage. Christian cuts a great promo and puts over the fact that No Surrender will take place only an hour from his home where he grew up and fell in love with wrestling. Christian says that he’s going to win back the TNA Title at No Surrender, 1 hour away from his hometown.

Beautiful People Beauty Contest Part 2
Bikini Contest
Taylor Wilde vs. Angelina Love w/Velvet Sky & Kip James

Taylor shows her bikini off and, wow, the American Flag has never looked so good! Next up is Angelina Love and she goes to the judges and calls Curry Man and Shark Boy over. Angelina then reveals her camo bikini and bends over in front of them, talk about lucky. Don West says the great line: “even J-Lo is jealous of that butt.” Classic. Super Eric picks Taylor, Curry Man picks Angelina, and Shark Boy picks Angelina. That was yet again pretty pointless, but boy was it great to see.

Winner: Angelina Love (1-1)

Bimbo Brawl
Awesome Kong w/Raisha Saeed vs. Roxxi

Tenay announces that at No Surrender Kong will face ODB in a Falls Count Anywhere Match. Kong comes out and nails Roxxi before she gets to the ring. Kong tosses Roxxi into the guardrail and throws her into the crowd. Kong picks Roxxi up by the throat and throws her into a wall! Back at ringside Kong whips Roxxi into the steps but Roxxi jumps onto them and punches away at Kong. Roxxi slams Kong’s head into the steps as we go to commercial. Back from commercials Kong is swinging a staff around like freaking Ninja! Roxxi with a big kick sends Kong to the corner and punches at Kong, but she throws Roxxi back. Roxxi comes back with forearms but Kong again throws her back. Roxxi then hits Kong in the gut with a trash can and then hits her in the face and the back of the head with the trash can lid before hitting another big kick that finally takers her down for a two count. Roxxi gets a chair and sets it up and hit’s a drop toe hold onto it, and then a Bulldog for another two count. Kong out of nowhere hit’s a vicious clothesline. Kong then hit’s a scoop slam on Roxxi onto a chair and goes up the ropes for a middle rope Splash, but Roxxi moves and Kong eats chair! Roxxi gets another two count. Roxxi argues with the referee and this allows Kong time to recover and throws a chair at Roxxi hitting her in the face! Roxxi is busted open big time. Kong follows it up with an Awesome Bomb for the pinfall.

Winner: Awesome Kong via pinfall (Awesome Bomb)

After the match Kong wipes Roxxi’s blood on her hands and licks it! Raisha sets up two chairs and Kong goes for the Awesome Bomb again, but ODB makes the save! Kong bails out and ODB hit’s referee, Slick Johnson, with a chair. This was a nice way to set up their match at No Surrender.

Special Challenge Match #1
“Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe vs. Johnny Devine

Joe looks pissed as he comes to the ring. Devine attacks Joe from behind as the bell rings and hits an uppercut in the corner. Devine with an Irish Whip attempt, but Joe counters and Devine jumps in the corner. Joe catches him in midair and hit’s a Death Valley Driver (DVD) for the quick pinfall.

Winner: Samoa Joe via pinfall (DVD)

Special Challenge Match #2
Samoa Joe vs. Lance Rock w/Jimmy Rave & Christy Hemme

Rave throws a towel at Joe to distract him allowing Rock to attack him from behind. Rock pummels Joe in the corner, but Joe fights back with jabs and big body punches in the corner. Joe whips Rock into the corner and charges, but Rock this and elbow and climbs the ropes. Rock with a Cross Body attempt but Joe calmly moves out of the way. Rave attempts to distract Joe again but Joe knocks him down. Hemme then distracts Joe and Rock charges him, but Joe moves and Rock is able to catch himself before he hits Hemme. When Rock turns around he eats Joe’s boot from a dropkick and then locks in the Clutch. Rock taps out quickly.

Winner: Samoa Joe via submission (Clutch)

Special Challenge Match #3
Samoa Joe vs. Tomko

Joe’s third challenger is the returning Tomko! This should be interesting. Joe and Tomko come face to face and start trading hard punches and forearms in the center of the ring. Joe pushes Tomko into the corner and they trade chops there. Joe comes off the ropes and hit’s a running forearm. Tomko then comes back with a vicious clothesline out of nowhere and then locks in a sleeper. Joe fights to his feet with elbows and punches. Joe comes off the ropes and Tomko grabs him by the throat, but Joe counters with a Superkick! Joe positions Tomko up top for the Muscle Buster, but Tomko counters with punches and a boot. Tomko then flies off the top but Joe catches him with an Atomic Drop in midair. Joe hit’s a big dropkick and then the Senton Backsplash for a two count. Tomko fights back with forearms and comes off the ropes, but Joe catches him with the Snap Powerslam for another two count. Tomko hit’s the Double Barrel Chokeslam out of nowhere for a two count. Tomko sets Joe up for a Powerbomb and points at Kevin Nash at ringside, but Joe counters with a back body drop. Joe then goes for a Corner Splash but Tomko moves. Tomko goes for a Splash of his own but Joe catches him in midair with the ST-Joe! Joe then sets Tomko up on the top rope and hit’s the Muscle Buster for the pin! Pretty good match.

Winner: Samoa Joe via pinfall (Muscle Buster)

After the match Nash congratulates Joe and says that he proved him wrong, and that he “feels sorry for them sons of bitches in Toronto.” Nash says he’s taught Joe all he knows and now he’s on his own. Nash then offers a hand shake and Joe accepts. They hug and Joe holds up his title as we go to commercial.

Beautiful People Beauty Contest Part 3
Talent Competition
Angelina Love w/Velvet Sky & Kip James vs. Taylor Wilde

Love’s talent will be an “Oral Presentation” with Velvet & Kip. They do a stupid ‘Knock, Knock’ joke and then Angelina does a poem taking shots at Taylor. Velvet & Angelina then sing “Row, Row Your Boat”, badly. Taylor’s talent will be playing the drums and she’s actually pretty good. Curry Man picks Angelina, Shark Boy picks Taylor, and Super Eric picks Taylor so Taylor Wild wins this very pointless competition.

Winner & TNA’s 1st Ever Most Beautiful Person: Taylor Wilde

Afterward the Beautiful People attack Taylor after she slaps Kip. Kip then attacks Curry Man. Rhino runs out and makes the save for Taylor again, for no reason again.

Main Event
“Olympic Hero” Kurt Angle & Booker T. w/Sharmell vs. “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan & “The Monster” Abyss

Morgan and Angle start the match off and Angle locks Morgan up but Morgan hits him with a back elbow. Morgan whips Angle into the corner and hit’s a Big Splash. Morgan with a Sidewalk Slam for a two count. Abyss tags in and punches Angle down in the corner. Angle pokes Abyss in the eyes and hits repeated European Uppercuts. Angle comes off the ropes but Abyss hit’s a Big Boot for a two count. Booker makes the save for Angle but Morgan runs in and clotheslines Booker to the outside as we go to commercial. Back from commercial and Angle hits forearms on Morgan to no phase and Morgan hit’s a big Scoop Slam. Angle then drop toe holds Morgan and hits an Elbow Drop. Angle distracts the referee as Booker chokes Morgan on the ropes. Angle tags in Booker. Booker pounds on Morgan and then hit’s a Back Heel Kick and tags Angle back in. Booker holds Morgan as Kurt pummels him. Kurt goes for a Vertical Suplex, but Morgan counters it into one of his own. Morgan makes the hot tag to Abyss who cleans house. Abyss goes for a Double Chokeslam on Angle & Booker, but they both kick him in the gut. Abyss then comes back with a double clothesline. Abyss goes for the Chokeslam on Booker but Angle hits him from behind. Morgan then comes out of nowhere with the Bicycle Kick on Angle. Morgan goes to the outside to fight with Angle as in the ring Booker goes for the Axe Kick on Abyss, but he counters into the Black Hole Slam! Both men are down now. Abyss tries to pull Angle into the ring but Team 3D runs down and hits him in the head with the chair. Angle quickly covers Abyss to get the win. Another good match.

Winners: Kurt Angle & Booker T. via pinfall

Jeff Jarrett's Return!

Sting is in the ring as we come back from commercial and he calls out Jeff Jarrett. Sting says he doesn’t have a problem with Jarrett, and then calls out Joe. Joe is up in the rafters and he asks Sting if he thinks he’s really disrespecting him or if he’s just insecure. Joe then says that Sting calls him a punk, but he’s really just threatened by Joe. Joe says that he invites Sting to come to No Surrender, but be aware that he want be alone. Jeff Jarrett’s music then hits and Jarrett appears on the top of the big TNA sign with his guitar as pyro goes off and he stares down Sting. Pretty good ending.


Tonight’s show was again more promos and segments really then matches, but most of the promos and segments were actually pretty good. And yet again all the actual matches were very good.

The only problem I had with tonight was the Beauty Pageant. We all (men) love seeing beautiful women and they looked awesome in those bikinis, but he really served no purpose for the match at No Surrender. If they would’ve just simply had a Taylor Wilde vs. Velvet Sky match and then had a beat down on Taylor after the match and paper bagged her it would’ve had a better effect.

Other than that everything /* was very solid. Joe’s opening promo was very good and set things up nicely for the rest of the show, and I like how he’s coming out of the crowd now. Abyss vs. Christian was really good, I hate the No Contest finish but the match itself was nice and set up another great match for later.

Sting’s promo with Karen Angle was really great and his emotion during it was wonderful. It really put over how he’s genuinely pissed about the disrespect from the young guys, and the clips of stuff like Chris Sabin slapping BG James while he was talking was great too.

The AJ/Trigg segment was short, sweet, and to the point and the slap from AJ was pretty stiff.

Bimbo Brawl was another great Knockout Match and really put over again how much of a monster Kong is and made ODB the hero again.

The Gauntlet Series with Joe buried Johnny Devine and Lance Rock a little too much for my taste, but it did put over Joe as a pissed off guy who’s focused on Sunday. The match with Tomko was great, though, and I hope he’s back to stay.

The Main Event was a really good tag team match and the team of Abyss & Matt Morgan has great potential. The Blueprint and The Monster.

The final segment was short but it was still good. I loved how Joe showed up in the rafters. If you’re going to make a return then why not have one with big explosions? Guess that’s what Jarrett thought. I’m not the biggest fan in the world of Jeff Jarrett, but if he’s coming back to have good matches and feuds and not just hold the World Title for years at a time and hog all the TV time then I’m fine with it. Now onto No Surrender. The card is truly stacked, there really isn’t a potentially bad match on the card. The only one I’m really worried about is AJ Styles vs. Frank Trigg. The MMA-style match at Lockdown worked for Kurt Angle & Samoa Joe but I’m not so sure if having actual 3 rounds is going to work. I guess this is a easier way for Frank to transition into pro wrestling, but I’d rather them just have a straight up wrestling match or a at least a Tag Match. We’ll see though, I’m really looking forward to Sunday, and remember Adam Martin always has the best Play-by-Play live coverage of TNA PPV’s here at! All four titles are on the line!

- Match of the Night: Samoa Joe vs. Tomko (***)
- Segment/Promo of the Night: Karen’s Angle w/ Sting
- Overall Grade: B

No Surrender Lineup:
- TNA Title 4 Ways to Glory Match: Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle vs. Booker T. vs. Christian Cage
- TNA X-Division Title 3-Way: Petey Williams vs. Consequences Creed vs. Sheik Abdul Bashir
- TNA World Tag Team Titles: Beer Money Inc. vs. L.A.X.
- TNA Knockout Title: Taylor Wilde vs. Angelina Love
- Ladder Match: Sonjay Dutt vs. Jay Lethal
- Falls Count Anywhere: ODB vs. Awesome Kong
- Abyss & Matt Morgan vs. Team 3D
- The Rock N' Rave Infection (Lance Rock, Jimmy Rave & Christy Hemme) vs. The Prince Justice Brotherhood (Curry Man, Shark Boy & Super Eric).