Impact Results - 9/18/08 - (Jarrett/Sting/Angle & Mick Foley debuts)

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On Friday, September 19, 2008 at 12:15 AM EST

September 18, 2008
Orlando, Florida (iMPACT! Zone @ Universal Studios)
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

The show opens with highlights of No Surrender. Mike Tenay & Don West run down the card for tonight.

Samoa Joe's music hits and the champ is on his way to the ring. Joe is sporting a pretty wicked black eye. Joe says Sunday he was taken to the limit by two of the greatest wrestlers in the world: Kurt Angle & Christian Cage. He gives them credit for showing up in the ring and giving everything they have to win the title. Joe says that while they are out their in that ring busting their ass Sting is back at his "estate" having tea parties with his kids. Big "Joe" chant starts. Joe says, "hate me or love me, win, lose, or draw, by God I will die in this ring and I will do it defending this belt. Look at my eye, Sting! When is the last time u bled for this company? When is the last time u sweat for this company? When is the last time you had to sacrifice anything for TNA?” Wow, Joe is getting into this. Joe says while ‘they’ travel the world entertaining the fans Sting sits at home. He says that while AJ Styles doesn’t see his sons, when was the last time Sting missed one his sons football games. Joe asks Sting when the last time he sacrificed anything to be apart of the greatest wrestling company in the world. Joe says that at Bound For Glory it will be Sting showing Joe respect and sticking his hand out for a handshake, but only Joe’s size 13 boot will be there to “kick Sting’s ass all over the ring.” Joe says that at Bound For Glory it’s “showtime” and that it will be Sting’s final bow, and when he takes it he can kiss Joe’s ass. That was a very passionate speech from Joe.

In the parking lot Jeff Jarrett pulls up and Jeramy Borash runs up. JB says it seems like JJ has something to say and he says he does have something to say and hopes Sting is listening.

Kurt Angle makes his way out to the ring as Mike Tenay & Don West hype up the rest of the show, but stops at the announce table. Angle says that he has a message for Jeff Jarrett and that they will cross paths tonight, and when they do he’ll let him have it. Angle says AJ Styles still has his gold medals and when he walks down that ramp hes going to rip them off his neck and kick his ass. The Motor City Machine guns music hits and they are on their way down for this very interesting tag match. As they come out Security is trying to remove Angle from ringside.

Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin) vs. “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles & “Instant Classic” Christian Cage

AJ and Sabin will start the match off. They lock up and brawl into the corner. Styles with a back suplex attempt but Sabin lands on his feet. AJ gets a hammerlock and throws Sabin into the corner. Styles whips Sabin into the opposite corner, Sabin leapfrogs AJ, AJ leapfrogs Sabin, Sabin with a cartwheel ducking AJ, Sabin springboards off the ropes into an arm drag, and AJ comes back with a big dropkick to finish off that exciting sequence. AJ now tags in Christian. They both whip Sabin into the corner and then AJ leaps off of Christian’s back into a Flying Forearm on Sabin in the corner. Christian then climbs the turnbuckles and hits the Corkscrew Back Elbow for a two count. Sabin then hits a spinning back kick to Christian’s gut out of nowhere and tags in Shelley. Shelley & Christian trade forearms until Christian gets the upper hand and hits several chops. Christian whips Shelley into the corner and charges at Shelley, but Shelley gets a big boot up. Shelley climbs up the ropes and this a bulldog followed by a springboard cross body for a two count. Shelley then hits leg kicks and charges at Christian, but Christian hits a Gut buster on Shelley for a two count. Shelley tags in Sabin but Christian immediately hits him with left hands and then whips him into the ropes. Sabin catches himself on the ropes and Shelley throws Christian into the corner. Sabin quickly hits a running kick to Christian’s face in the corner. Sabin starts punching Christian in the corner and then hangs him up in the corner upside down. Sabin tags in Shelley and he hits the baseball slide dropkick followed by the Hesitation Dropkick from Sabin to Christian’s face. Shelley then hits a slingshot Elbow Drop from the ring apron into the ring on Christian for another two count. Christian comes back with a body shot, but Shelley stops him with a head kick. Shelley tags in Sabin. Christian fights them both off and ducks a Sabin Enziguri attempt, and Sabin hits Shelley with it accidentally. Christian then hits the Reverse DDT on Sabin and then tags in AJ. Styles with the springboard double dropkick onto both Machine Guns. AJ then hits a Flying Forearm Splash onto Shelley in the corner followed by a spinning heel kick on Sabin. Sabin comes back with a jawbreaker, but then AJ catches Sabin out of nowhere with that new Armbar submission he used at No Surrender which is an awesome move. Shelley comes in and superkicks AJ breaking up the submission attempt. Shelley then clothesline AJ to the floor while Christian hits a Frog Splash on Sabin. Shelley goes for a Roaring Elbow but Christian blocks it and then hits a modified Fall Away Slam (landing his opponent on his face instead of on the back). Styles then comes in and hits the Springboard Flying Forearm on Shelley knocking him to the floor. Christian then hits a slingshot cross body onto Shelley on the outside. In the ring Sabin goes for the Cradle Shock but Styles revers it into the Styles Clash for the pin! What a great tag match.

Winners: AJ Styles & Christian Cage via pinfall (Styles Clash)

After the match AJ shakes hands with the Machine Guns, but they flick Christian off. Christian is upset and tries to brawl with them while AJ and the referee get in between them. Shelley draws an imaginary line in the ring and dares Christian to cross. Wow, interesting way to finish it. Looks like they are continuing the Machine Guns heel turn and furthering this veterans vs. new generation angle.

After another Abyss highlight video JB is in the back with Booker T. and Sharmell as well as a briefcase Booker is holding. JB asks Booker how he feels about this ‘respect’ issue that’s going around in TNA. Booker says that the disrespect is all over the locker room. Booker says that we all just saw how the Machine Guns disrespected Christian while his own tag team partner, AJ Styles, watched the whole thing. Booker says that’s exactly what Sting is talking about. Booker says that Jay Lethal goes out each and every week and disrespects a legend: “Macho Man” Randy Savage. Booker says that he knows Randy and that he would not take this lying down. JB says that Jay is doing it to honor Savage, but Booker says that’s not honor. Booker says that he will show him honor tonight. JB asks Booker what he thinks about Jeff Jarrett tonight. Sharmell interrupts and says that Booker will watch, listen, and then react. JB then asks Booker whats in the briefcase but Booker tells him not to touch it and kicks him out.

Mike Tenay announces that at Bound For Glory The Steel Asylum (formerly known as The Terror Dome) will return! A video package then highlights it. This should be really good.

In the back Lauren is with the new TNA X-Division Champion: Sheik Abdul Bashir. Lauren congratulates Bashir on his X-Title win and then Bashir says something in Arabic. Bashir said the American people cried when the Stock Market fell 500 points and they lost all their money, but they should try losing their life. Bashir then speaks on John McCain and Barack Obama and how they talk about what they can do for America, but wants to know what they can do for him. Bashir says that the X-Title belt is step 1 in his plan to get his life back. Bashir says that he was once a peaceful man, but now there is a deep hatred for America. He says that the X-Division Title is now his hostage and he dares anyone to take it from him. Bashir then asks if anyone is willing to lose everything to come get it from him and says that he knows he is because he has nothing /* to lose. Bashir is steadily becoming one of the best promo guys in wrestling.

6-Man X-Division Tag Team Match
“Maple Leaf Muscle” Petey Williams, Johnny Devine & Jimmy Rave w/Lance Rock, Christy Hemme, & Rhaka Khan vs. The Prince Justice Brotherhood (Super Eric, Shark Boy, & Curry Man)

Petey and Shark Boy will start the match off. Petey whips Shark Boy into the corner and hits a big running clothesline. Shark Boy then comes back with the Thesz Press followed by right hands. Shark Boy then hits the forearm and Curry Man tags in. Curry Man hits an Elbow Drop for a two count. Curry Man with jabs and then whips Petey into the ropes, but Petey reverses it and ducks for a backdrop but Curry Man stops and kicks Petey in the head. Curry Man charges Petey but Petey backdrops Curry Man over the top rope. Curry Man lands on the ring arpon and hits a shoulder block on Petey followed by a punch for Devine. Raven then comes over and hits the Rock Bottom on Curry Man onto the ring apron. Petey Williams then hits the slingshot hurricanrana onto Curry Man on the floor. Christy then slaps Curry Man and rolls him back into the ring where Devine is waiting. Devine hits a Snap Suplex and rolls through and whips Curry Man into the corner. Devine then hits a running knee into the corner followed by a flying knee for a two count. Curry Man fights back with elbows and goes for a tag but throws him into the other corner. Petey holds onto Curry Man while Devin runs in for clothesline, but Curry Man moves and Devine nails Petey. Curry Man then hits the Spice Rack but cant capitalize. Curry Man & Devine are finally able to tag out. Super Eric is in now and cleans house. Eric with a powerslam on Petey for a two count before Rave breaks it up. Super Eric & Shark Boy then brawl with Devine & Rave on the outside. In the ring Curry Man and Petey brawl. Petey hits the Tilt-A-Whirl Russian Legsweep on Curry Man and calls for the Canadian Destroyer, but Curry Man blocks it. Devine & Rave then accidentally hit Williams with a double clothesline. Eric then hits a Flying Cross Body off the top onto Petey for the pinfall.

Winners: Super Eric, Shark Boy, & Curry Man via pinfall (Flying Cross Body)

After the match Rave & Devine argue with Petey. Petey pushes Rave and Devine nails him. Devine & the Rock & Rave Infection beat down on Petey, pushing referee Shane Sewell (the one who beat on Bashir). Sewell runs over and attacks them! Rock goes to Chokelsam Sewell but he low blows him. Petey tries to help and they clean house! That’s one bad referee. Earl Hebner is out to yell at Sewell.

In the back JB is with Sting. Sting says for Jeff Jarrett to speak now or forever hold his peace.

TNA shows something from earlier in the week where TNA recognizes that Matt Morgan is sending his DNA into space. What the hell?! Someone e-mail me and tell me what this is about.

In the back Lauren is with Abyss & Matt Morgan. Morgan apologizes to Abyss about blaming him for hitting him at No Surrender. Abyss starts laughing and says its okay and then starts pulling his hair out. Abyss then offers it as a gift to Matt. Abyss laughs again and Morgan says that when they work as a tag team they are unbeatable. Morgan says there is going to be a Tag Team Invitational Tournament at Bound For Glory and he signed their names. Abyss agrees to it. Team 3D runs out with security trying to hold them back. Brother Ray says that they’re better then they will ever be, and says that No Surrender was a fluke. Brother Ray then says that D-Von was shacked up with a 300-lb white girl and he pulled his groin in the gym (and says “no, not the way you pulled on it last week” to Lauren, stiff). Ray says that hes tired of the disrespect in the locker room and then calls Abyss a mental midget. Ray says that any match their in at Bound For Glory then 3D will be in it. Jacqueline is walking towards the LAX entrance as we go to commercial.

Back from commercial Jacqueline is yelling at Hector Guerrero and slaps him twice. Beer Money then runs up from behind and attacks him. They beat down on Hector on the outside and then throw him into the ring. L.A.X. run out and make the save. Beer Money bails out. Traci Brooks has the mic on the ramp and says that shes the “Knockout Law” so shes responsible for her. Traci then says that she wants Jacqueline and Hector Guerrero in Cornette’s office now.

TNA’s new edition of Rough Cut is on Roxxi. Another very interesting Rough Cut segment. Am I the only one that thinks Roxxi is the female version of Raven? She even brings the shopping cart out to the ring.

In the back Traci and Jim Cornette are with Hector Guerrero and Jacqueline. Traci suggests that next week it will be a 6-Person tag between Beer Money Inc. & Jacqueline against L.A.X. and Hector Guerrero, and the losing team loses their manager for good.

A video package plays highlighting this whole saga between Sting, Joe, etc. and then Stings music hits and the challenger for Samoa Joe’s TNA Title at Bound For Glory makes his way to the ring. Sting says that Joe’s words cut right to the bone while some fans are actually chanting “You Suck!” at Sting. Looks like some fans may be finally turning on Sting. Sting says that Joe is immature and that hes not smart enough to realize whats going on around him. Sting then says while Joe was sucking his thumb he was running up and down the roads 340 days a year wrestling in front of a few hundred people in gyms for $20, 50 on a good day. Sting says that hes done it for 20 years and hasn’t forgotten where he came from. Sting says that he learned his respect along time ago from the very best, He asks Joe what hes going to do 15 years from now, if he has the longevity to go that long, when disrespect gets all in his face. He says that he learned from Magnum TA, Nakita Koloff, Dusty Rhodes, Tully Blanchard, and “Nature Boy” Ric Flair. He says that the disrespect coming in his face make come sooner than later. Sting says that Joe is bigger, faster, stronger, and younger, but he has a few tricks up his sleeve. Sting says ’06 and ’07 Bound For Glory’s were phenomenal, but ’08 “ITS SHOWTIME!” Another great promo from Sting.

Back from commercial an eerie video package highlighting a new superstar called Suicide plays.

In the back JB is with Christian and AJ Styles. JB asks AJ why he didn’t help Christian out after the match. AJ tells JB to stop trying to stir the pot. AJ says that he speaks for the both of them and they are both on the same side. Christian then asks AJ what side that would be. Christian then says it seems kind of backwards because Christian is the champ, he calls the shots. Christian then tells AJ to remember who got him in the spotlight and walks off.

In the back Lauren is with Jay Lethal. Jay tells Lauren that he doesn’t need hers or anyone /*s pity. Lethal says that at No Surrender he was screwed by his ex-tramp. He says that he wants to kill Sonjay & Val and he will if he sees them. Lethal says that Booker T. knows nothing about him and he takes great pride in honoring Randy Savage, and that it pisses him off for what he said. Lethal says that tonight there's going to be a whole lot of disrespecting when he disrespects Booker’s ass all over the arena.

Booker T. w/Sharmell vs. “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal

Jay gets in Booker’s face before the match. The match starts with Booker pushing Jay and Jay hitting a couple big punches. Booker fights back with big knees and chops. Booker whips Jay into the corner but Jay leapfrogs him and hits a big back elbow. Booker then hits a charging Jay Lethal with a back elbow of his own. Lethal with an arm drag and then clotheslines Booker to the floor! Jay then goes for the Suicide Dive but Booker moves and Jay is able to change into a slide to the outside instead. Booker then hits a backick followed by a slap to Jay. Booker then attempts to whip Booker into the ring but Lethal reverses it! Lethal with chops and then throws Booker into the guard rail. Lethal throws Booker back into the ring and hits a springboard Missile Dropkick. Lethal climbs to the top and Sharmell distracts him. Lethal goes for a flying Axe Handle but Booker counters in midair with a back heel kick. Booker with chops in the corner on Lethal now. Lethal fights back with body shots but Booker comes back with more knee attacks. Booker goes for a superkick but Lethal ducks and hits jabs. Booker comes back with an eye rake and then punches away at Lethal’s head. Booker gets a two count. Booker locks in a elbow lock but Lethal fights back, but Booker hits him with another back heel kick. Booker goes for the Axe Kick but Lethal moves and hits several chops. Booker with another knee and goes for a back suplex, but Lethal lands on his feet and hits a big flying forearm and another one. Lethal then goes for a big clothesline, but Booker blocks it and hits a spinning elbow to the gut. Booker whips Lethal into the ropes and goes for a hiptoss but Lethal counters it into one of his own and follows up with a handspring into a basement dropkick for a two count! Lethal runs the ropes but Sharmell trips Lethal up allowing Booker to hit the Axe Kick for the pinfall. Great match but crappy finish.

Winner: Booker T. via pinfall (Axe Kick)

In the back The Beautiful People and Kip James are with Lauren. Kip says that Rhino has stuck his ‘horn’ in their business one too many times. Angelina is crying and Lauren asks her whats wrong. Angelina says that she woke up with a blemish (pimple) today. Velvet says that the Beautiful People don’t get pimples. Angelina says that she is going to see her Dermatologist.

Mixed Tag Team Match
“War Machine” Rhino & Taylor Wilde vs. Kip James & Velvet Sky

I refuse to call Kip “cute,” I just wont do it. Kip James is actually wearing a TNA Knockout t-shirt. Tenay finally gives us a reason as to why Rhino has been bailing Taylor out. He says that when Taylor was an independent wrestler she wrestled a lot in the Detroit, Michigan (Rhino’s hometown) area and became friends with Rhino. Better than nothing I guess. Taylor & Velvet start the match off. Taylor goes for a clothesline but Velvet ducks and then yanks her down by the hair and quickly starts unloading punches on her. Velvet then rubs Taylor’s face into the mat. Taylor hits an arm drag followed by another one and Velvet tags in Kip while Taylor tags in Rhino. They lock up and Rhino gets in a headlock. Kip pushes Rhino into the ropes but Rhino hits a shoulder block. Kip then goes for a hiptoss, but Rhino blocks it and goes for a clothesline. Kip ducks and Rhino hits chops to Kip’s chest. Rhino whips Kips into the corner and into referee Slick Johns. Rhino then hits a hiptoss on Kip and goes for The Gore but Kip moves. Velvet then sprays hairspray into Rhino and Kip hits a big elbow, and he gets a two count. Velvet is tagged in and she chokes Rhino. Kip hits a big punch from the outside and Velvet kicks Rhino. Kip tagged back in and Kip chokes him in the corner. Kip throws Rhino into the corner and then goes for a big splash, but Rhino moves and tags in Taylor. Kip tags in Velvet too. Taylor with a big clotheslines and two dropkicks. Taylor then hits the Bridging Northern Lights Suplex, but only gets a two count. Rhino then hits the Gore on Kip! Velvet knocks Taylor down and Angelina Love runs out and hands a steel pipe to Velvet. Velvet misses with the pipe and Taylor hits a big leg kick followed by a modified cradle for the pinfall!

Winners: Rhino & Taylor Wilde via pinfall

After the match The Beautiful People and Kip James attack Rhino & Taylor. Kip hits the Fameasser on Rhino and they celebrate. Taylor then hits a double clothesline on the Beautiful People. Kip gets back in the ring and gets in Taylor’s face as Awesome Kong’s music hits. Taylor dares her to get in the ring but Taylor comes off the top rope with a Flying Cross Body onto Kong on the floor before she can!

Back from commercials and The Beautiful People are paper bagging Rhino & Taylor. They show how Kong made the comeback during commercials throwing her into the guard rail. Looks like the Awesome Kong/Taylor Wilde feud is back on.

A video package highlight Jeff Jarrett now plays.

Double J’s Return Promo

Jeff Jarrett’s music hits and he makes his way back to the ring for the first time in a long time on Impact. Jarrett grabs the mic as the fans chant “Welcome Back” to him. Jeff looks to be getting emotional already. He says that after watching whats been going on the last few weeks he felt like he had to address things. He says that 6 years ago when you watched TNA you weren't just watching Jeff Jarrett the wrestler you were watching Jeff Jarrett the founder of TNA Wrestling. He says that when WCW went out of business he had a vision of a wrestling origination that gave young hopefuls a big break. He says he started in this business when he was 16 and knows better than anyone how tough it is to get break. Hes says that he wanted TNA to be a place for young guys that deserved a big break. Jeff says that a big thank goes to the big lord, his wife Jill, a great financial partner, and the millions of fans around the world, and here we are 6 years later. Jeff thanks the fans now. The fans chant “Thank You, Jeff.” He then calls Sting out. Sting’s music hits and “The Icon” doesn’t make Jeff wait long. Jarrett says that they have been in this game a long time and that his father is the one that gave Sting is big break and hes proud of it. He says that his father extended a helping hand to Sting like Jeff is trying to do with the young guys today. Jeff says that he has been listening to Sting the last few months and says that he is “full of crap.” Sting says that all this is a smoke screen with the disrespect issue. Jarrett says that his dream has become a reality because of those young guys like Samoa Joe and AJ Styles. He says that there have been times during this company that guys like Joe & AJ carried this company and every step of the way they showed him respect. Jeff says that WCW went out of business because the veterans wouldn’t pass the torch because they wanted to hold their spot. He says this isn't about disrespect, its about them nipping at Sting’s heel. Jeff says its about guys like Sting, Kurt Angle, & Booker T. wanting to take, take, take and not give anything. Jeff says that this isn't WCW and hes not going to stand for it. Kurt Angle’s music now hits and he makes his way to the ring. Kurt asks Jeff to explain why he’ll talk to Sting face to face but about him behind his back. Jeff talks about how he had to step away a few years ago and how he hand picked Kurt Angle to replace him, but it was the worst decission he ever made. He says hes ashamed that Kurt has lost his family, his title, and the only thing he has left is his dignity. Kurt says that the only reason that Jeff left 2 years ago was because he was over the hill and Sting kicked his ass then. Kurt questions Jeff’s heart and says that Kurt is a younger, better version of him. Kurt says for 2 years he carried the company not AJ or Joe or anyone /*, and not once did Jeff ever thank him. Kurt then calls Jeff and all the fans assholes. Kurt then challenges Jeff to a match at Bound For Glory. Jeff says that he came out here has the founder of TNA not a wrestler and he doesn’t have anything /* to prove. Kurt stops him and says since hes not a wrestler then to get out of his ring, the ring is for wrestlers not washed up hasbeens. Jeff tells Kurt not to push him and points at the big video screen where a Smiley Face with barbed wire wrapped around it is shown and “BANG, BANG” is screamed over the speakers! Mick Foley is in the back waving at Kurt! Mick asks Kurt if he remembers him and says, “What Jeff is trying to say is it’s real, its damn real! BANG BANG!”. Wow talk about a crazy ending.


Man, this was a really crazy Impact this week. So much went on and a lot of really good stuff.

First off, I want to talk about TNA's furthering of this young guys vs. veterans angle. I've heard a lot of people saying this is just Vince Russo ripping of the Millionaires Club vs. New Blood angle from the dying days of WCW, but it's different in a lot of ways. Mostly being that it doesn't flat out suck. The promos these guys are cutting really seem to be very passionate, verging on shoots, and everyone seems to be really getting into it.

They furthered it with The Motor City Machine Guns shaking AJ Styles' hand and then flicking off Christian. Then, later Christian got upset about AJ speaking for him and pretty much starting what seems like another heel turn for Christian (who is a better heel in my opinion). Then, of course there is the continuing of the Samoa Joe and Sting saga where both men cut great promos. Joe's promo was one of the best of his career in my opinion. Then, Booker T. and Jay Lethal furthered it even more with them both talking about respect and then Jay Lethal giving Booker everything he could handle and more before Sharmell had to cheat for Booker to give him the win. This angle is really getting good.

Also, the 2nd thing I want to talk about is the great promos TNA's wrestlers are cutting now a days. Samoa Joe, Bashir, Sting, Jeff Jarrett, and Kurt Angle all cut awesome promos. Now onto the breakdown of the show.

Joe's opening promo was really great, and him sporting the black eye just made it that much better. Kind of like saying see what I do, I go out here and put my body on the line, what do you do? Just a great promo.

The opening match between the Machine Guns vs. Christian & AJ was really great. Both teams worked well together and it could have went longer, and put the Machine Guns over while not making AJ and Christian look bad. And, of course there was the altercation after the match that I've already spoken on.

Bashir's promo was great again this week and the announcement of the return of the Steel Asylum or Terror Dome is very interesting. I figured this would be a match they use once a year like King of the Mountain and Monsters Ball. It'll be interesting if they just throw a bunch of guys in there or they force Bashir to defend the title in it. I think having the X-Division Title be on the line would just make the match that more important.

The X-Division 6-man was pretty good but kind of short. I guess they're going to turn Petey Williams face now and I guess that could lead to a feud with Scott Steiner when he returns from injury. The stuff with the referee is really bizarre, I dont know if this guy is really a wrestler that they want to introduce like this or what.

Abyss is really weird and his promos are even weirder.

Sting's promo was awesome and again it seemed like it was verging on a shoot.

The Booker T. vs. Jay Lethal match was really great and made Lethal look really great. I hate all the screwy finishes TNA feels they have to do, but what can you do? Great match regardless.

The Mixed Tag was okay but considering Kip James was in it I guess it was as good as could be expected. The best thing was that it seemed to build toward a return feud between Kong and Taylor which is great.

The final promo from Jeff Jarrett was really great and he seemed really emotional, but it leaves me a little confused. Does this mean that Jeff is officially retiring? So, Kurt is facing Mick Foley at BFG? Whatever it is Mick Foley's going to have some great promos you already know, though I feel like he would be a great addition to TNA's announce team. I doubt that will happen. If he wrestlers hopefully we get to see him and Abyss tear each other apart at least once. Great show.

- Match of the Night: Christian Cage & AJ Styles vs. Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin (***)
- Segment/Promo of the Week: Jeff Jarrett's Return/Mick Foley Debut
- Overall Grade: A -

Scheduled For Next Week:
- Jeff Jarrett address Mick Foley's appearance
- Loser Loses Manager: Beer Money Inc. & Jacqueline vs. L.A.X. & Hector Guerrero
- TNA World Champ: Samoa Joe vs. TNA X-Division Champ: Sheik Abdul Bashir (non title)
- AJ Styles vs. Booker T.
- Abyss & Matt Morgan vs. Rock 'n' Rave Infection
- Awesome Kong vs. new Knockout signing

Bound For Glory IV Lineup So Far:
- TNA World Title: Samoa Joe (c) vs. Sting
- Steel Asylum Match featuring the stars of the X-Division
- Tag Team Invitational Tournament featuring Matt Morgan & Abyss, Team 3D, and more!