Impact Results - 9/25/08 - Orlando, FL

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On Friday, September 26, 2008 at 12:32 AM EST

September 25, 2008
Orlando, Florida (iMPACT! Zone & Universal Studios)
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
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The show starts off with a recap of last week’s show and then Mike Tenay and Don West run down the card for tonight. This week the TNA World Champion: Samoa Joe faces TNA X-Division Champion: Sheik Abdul Bashir in a non title match, L.A.X. & Hector Guerrero face Beer Money Inc. & Jacqueline with the loser losing their manager, and the Main Event will be Booker T. vs. AJ Styles!

Jeff Jarrett’s music hits and Planet Jarrett will start the show off this week. Jarrett grabs the mic and the fans chant “Jarrett” at him. Jeff officially announces the signing of Mick Foley! Jarrett calls it the biggest acquisition in TNA’s history, and next week he will be at Impact! Kurt Angle’s music hits and I’m sure Angle isn’t happy about this as he makes his way down to the ring. Angle says that since Jeff’s ‘head has been up his ass’ for the last 24 months he has been carrying TNA and made it what it is single handedly. Angle says that he turned the outhouse into the penthouse and that Mick Foley and Jarrett are yesterdays news. Jarrett says that he had all the intentions to apologize and let by gones be bye gones. He says that things around TNA haven’t been going on according to plan and he had to come back. Jeff says that he got Kurt Angle’s gold medals from AJ Styles and that he is going to give them back to him. Jeff says that no matter what he does Kurt is still an Olympic Gold Medalist and calls him a true American hero. Angle says that’s ‘swell’ of him and then tells him to “get the hell out of my ring” before then telling him not to leave. Jeff leaves the ring and Kurt says he knows he’s great and then calls Jeff a “scared little bitch” and tells him he’s just like his old man, a washed up failure. Kurt then tells Jeff to go home and tell his daughters that daddy is a quitter and Jeff comes back down to the ring. Jeff says that his whole life he’s been a fighter and that Kurt has no idea what he’s been through. He says that he never has and never will quit. Jeff then says that Kurt doesn’t any of his pain, but at Bound For Glory he’s going to get it! So it’s on: Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett for the first time ever at Bound For Glory! Well, now I’m confused on what Mick Foley will do since everyone assumed he’d be facing Angle.

Rock ‘n’ Rave Infection (Lance Rock & Jimmy Rave) w/Christy Hemme vs. “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan & “The Monster” Abyss

Abyss and Jimmy Rave start the match off. Rave chops Abyss in the chest several times before tagging out to Lance Rock when they had no effect. Rock kicks Abyss in the gut and hits several clubbing blows to Abyss’ back. Rock whips Abyss into the corner but Abyss reverses it and hits a Big Boot. Abyss with a Big Splash in the corner on Rock and then Rave comes in with a Cross Body Block on Abyss that has no effect. Abyss tags in Matt Morgan who climbs to the top and hits a Flying Cross Body Block on Rock! Morgan and Abyss then hit a double team move on Rave sending him into the air and crashes to the mat on his face. Morgan then hip tosses Rave to the floor and follows him out, but Christy Hemme rakes his back and Rock chop blocks Morgan. Rock then hits Morgan with several punches and rolls him back into the ring where Jimmy Rave hits a big Shinning Wizard for only a one count. Rave kicks and punches Morgan in the corner and then whip Morgan into the ropes. Rock ‘n’ Rave try a double clothesline but Morgan runs through it and hits a clothesline on Rock followed by a dropkick on Rave. Abyss then hits clotheslines on both of them followed by a Black Hole Slam on Rock and a Shock Treatment on Rave. Abyss then tags in Morgan and he hits the Hellevator for the pinfall victory! Short match but Morgan & Abyss looked very impressive.

Winners: Matt Morgan & Abyss via pinfall (Hellevator)

After the match Team 3D comes out the stage. D-Von says that at No Surrender it was a fluke that they beat 3D. He says that they are the baddest tag team walking the planet and runs down their accomplishments. Brother Ray then says that at Bound For Glory it’ll be Morgan and Abyss against Team 3D and any other tag team that wants to get involved in the first ever Tag Team Monsters Ball! Whoa, that’s going to be crazy, but after the Monsters Ball announcement Abyss starts going crazy.

Rough Cut Pt. 2 with Roxxi is now shown and she talks about being hardcore and they show several clips of the times she’s been busted up. Awesome Kong in action is up next.

In the back Lauren is with Beer Money and Jacqueline. James Storm says that when Jeff Jarrett started wrestling 20 years ago in Memphis, Tennessee Jacqueline was right there too which is very true. Storm says no disrespect to the Guerrero family but she has been in the game for a long, long time, and she’s not going anywhere. Storm says they could’ve went out and got a pretty face like Velvet Sky or Karen Angle but they wanted the baddest lady in Wrestling. He says L.A.X. is old news and Beer Money now, Jacky completes them. He says that she was born to wrestle and that L.A.X. is gone see just how tough she is tonight. Storm then tells Jacky to hand him his hat and Jacky gets mad about that and leaves. Roode tells Storm that anything could happen and Storm says they won’t lose on his watch.

Awesome Kong vs. Mercedes Steele

Kong kept looking back at the tunnel as she walks out alone. Mercedes is a new Knockout. She’s pretty but has very weird hair. Before the match the fans are chanting “Fresh Meat” at Mercedes which I’m sure she enjoyed. Mercedes goes right at Kong but she tosses her back and smiles as the “Kong’s Gonna Kill You” chant starts. Mercedes gets in several leg kicks and punches followed by a dropkick in the corner, but when she charged for a clothesline Kong leveled her with a chest bump. As Kong throws Mercedes to the outside Raisha Saeed finally makes her way down to the ring with steel chairs in hand. Kong throws Mercedes into the guard rail and then throws her into the ring. Kong whips Mercedes into the corner and hits a Big Splash. Kong hits a vicious Awesome Bomb and its mercifully over.

Winner: Awesome Kong via pinfall (Awesome Bomb)

After the match Kong goes to Awesome Bomb Mercedes on the chair but Raisha nails Kong with another chair! Raisha then takes off the mask and its Roxxi! Roxxi jumps on Kong and starts nailing her with shot after shot. At the tunnel Raisha is tied up and hopping to the ring.

Karen’s Angle w/ Christian Cage

Karen says that over the last few months the lockerroom has divided between the young guys and the veterans and she wants to know where he stands. Christian says he falls somewhere in between the two. He says that he kind of agrees with the young guys but before guys like Kurt Angle, Booker T., and himself came there was no national TV deal and TNA wasn’t a household name. Christian says he doesn’t know if this is really a respect thing or a money thing, but he can understand the young guys too because he’s been there too. He says that when that happened to him, though, he saw it as a chance to prove himself and step up and do something. Christian says you have to earn respect not just demand it. Karen then asks Christian about his outburst towards AJ last week. Christian says it was overblown but they talked afterward and everything’s fine. Karen then asks which side he’s going to choice and Christian says he’s kind of like a Free Agent. He dodges the question and Karen calls him out and Christian says he’ll be watching closely. Christian gets a call from his agent and leaves.

In the back Lauren is with L.A.X. and Hector Guerrero. Hector says that it’s not happening tonight and when L.A.X. accepted him into their gang he said he would never let them down. He says that in the street blood is thicker than water and tonight it will be the same in the ring.

Back from commercials Jeremy Borash is with Booker T. and he asks Booker about his match with AJ. Booker says that a lot of crazy things are going down in TNA with Jarrett last week and Mick Foley next week. Booker then says he’s from Africa and I’m really confused now he’s from Houston. He says that where he’s from in Africa the only thing doesn’t change in a kingdom is the King and the Queen, and when everything is over he will still be standing with his queen. Booker then asks what AJ stands for. Booker says that AJ was here for 6 years and did nothing while he was here for 6 minutes and did more than AJ. Booker says that AJ should go back to his hometown and then says that AJ thinks he has allies but AJ should keep his friends close but his enemies closer. JB attempts to find out whats in the briefcase again but Sharmell slaps his hand away.

Losing Team’s Manager Must Leave
Six-Person Tag Team Match
L.A.X. (“Notorious 1-8-7” Homicide, “Super Mex” Hernandez, & Hector Guerrero) vs. Beer Money Inc. (Robert Roode, “Cowboy” James Storm, & “Pride of Tennessee” Jacqueline)

Homicide and Storm start the match off. Homicide with kicks and punches and then a shoulder block. Storm with a leapfrog and Storm goes for a monkey flip, but Homicide rolls through. Storm with a clothesline attempt but Homicide ducks and hits a belly-to-belly suplex for a one count. Storm rakes Homicide’s eyes and tags in Roode. Roode whips Storm into a Splash Attempt on Homicide in the corner, but Homicide moves and hits head scissors takeover on Roode. Homicide tags in Hector. Guerrero with punches and dropkicks to both Roode & Storm, and then hits several body punches on Roode in the corner. Hector throws Storm to the outside and then pays homage to his brother Eddie with the Three Amigos Suplexes. Jacqueline runs in and punches Hector. Jacky bails out of the ring and runs up the ramp with Hector giving chase as we go to commercial. Back from commercials Storm sets Homicide up in the corner while they show the highlights from the action during the break (a Tope con hilo by Homicide to the outside and a Spinebuster and backbreaker from Roode on Homicide). On the top Storm goes for a Superplex on Homicide, but he reverses it into a huge DDT off the top! Homicide tags in Hernandez who hits a slingshot Shoulder Block onto a charging Roode and then a Standing Spine Buster on Roode. Hernandez then wraps his t-shirt around Roode’s neck and throws him across the ring followed by a Big Splash in the corner on Storm. Hernandez with a Torture Rack slam for a two count before Storm broke it up. Storm attempts to whip Hernandez in the corner, but Hernandez reverses it. Hernandez goes for another Big Splash but Storm gets a boot up and Roode hits a Spinebuster on Hernandez followed by the Backstabber from Storm for a two count. Roode and Storm attempt a double Irish Whip but Hernandez reverses it into a double clothesline. Hernandez with a back suplex on Roode followed by Frog Splash off the top from Homicide for a two count. Roode rolls to the outside and Homicide follows with a baseball slide dropkick attempt but Beer Money move and then accidentally clothesline each other as Homicide ducks. Hernandez then goes to Border Toss Homicide onto Beer Money when Jack runs in and hits Hernandez causing him to drop Homicide. Now she’s cornered by L.A.X. and Hector. Roode and Storm take Homicide & Guerrero to the outside while Hernandez stalks Jacky. Then, Roode attacks Hernandez from behind and whips him into the ropes but Hernandez ducks. Hernandez goes for a Back Body Drop but Roode kicks him in the head. Roode charges at Hernandez but he hits a big Shoulder Block sending Roode to the outside. Hernandez then this the Super Mex Dive onto Beer Money on the outside. Back in the ring Homicide hits the Gringo Cutta on Roode but Jacky distracts the ref and now Homicide chases Jacky to the back. Roode then cracks Hernandez over the head with Storm’s football helmet beer dispenser! This allows Roode to get the pinfall on a bleeding Hernandez and now L.A.X lose their manager! Pretty good six-man that turned into a tag match pretty much.

Winners: Beer Money Inc. via pinfall

Back from commercials they air a package from earlier in the day with Lauren in a hotel room with So Cal Van and Sonjay Dutt. She says that Val and Sonjay have been in bed for 10 days straight. Lauren asks Val how she could screw over Jay and she says she doesn’t owe anyone anything. So Cal Val then starts talking about Sonjay’s rich dad and asking if he gets everything after he dies. That was very weird.

Sting’s music hits and The Icon is on his way to the ring. Sting says that out of respect for Jeff Jarrett’s dad he listened to everything he had to say last week, but tonight he’s going to listen to Sting. Sting says that Jeff may have everyone /* swerved but he knows the real Jeff Jarrett. Sting says that it was Jeff Jarrett that called him and begged him to come out of retirement and join TNA. Sting even brings up the whole Spike TV deal where they agreed to pick TNA up if Sting was apart of the company. Sting then says at the same time he got another call from Vince McMahon but he chose TNA even though he would’ve made millions of more dollars in WWE. Sting tells Jeff not to ever say that he is all about the money because if that were true he’d be in WWE. Sting says that he chose to work for TNA because he liked seeing some of those young wrestlers until he got to know some of them personally. Sting says he wants everyone to know the details about everything. Sting asks Jeff if he doesn’t need him anymore, but right now he’s got bigger things to worry about like Samoa Joe and Bound for Glory. He says he’s going to try a different approach, a visual effect. Sting shows a picture of Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard on the big video screen and they taught him about trust because when you fought one you fought the other no matter what. He then shows a picture of Dusty Rhodes and he says that he taught him how to involve the fans and to never judge a book by the cover. Now, he shows a picture of Hulk Hogan as many of the fans boo. Sting says that Hogan transcended wrestling and because of him wrestling became mainstream. Sting says that the difference between him and most of those young guys is he will admit that as the fans chant ‘overrated’ at Hogan. Now, he shows a picture of the Nature Boy. Sting says that it was 20 years ago that Flair took a young jabroni named Sting and put him on the map. He says that he gave him that chance because he knew Sting had that respect and Flair taught him what its like to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders. Sting says that Flair taught him how to travel around the world and keep on going, and taught him how to bleed and keep going! Sting gets emotional about talking about his relationship with Ric. Sting then shows a picture of Samoa Joe and says that guy doesn’t know how to be a World Champion and doesn’t have respect. Sting then shows a picture of himself and says that’s the guy that’s going to get the job done. Sting says that Bound for Glory ’08 is his. Mike Tenay calls it like it is, that was raw emotion from Sting.

In the back Abyss is going psycho while Matt Morgan is trying to calm him down. Abyss is yelling “No Weapons!” while Morgan tries to talk him into Monsters Ball. Morgan says that at BFG he has to face his fears. I actually start laughing like crazy when Matt Morgan says that he used to be scared of Bears and he faced his fear by going into the woods and beating the hell out of one. Abyss then says that Bears are cute and furry. Abyss asks Matt if he’s going to be okay and Morgan says yes.

A video package featuring X-Division wrestlers talking about The Steel Asylum.

In the back JB is with Samoa Joe. Joe says that he’s never been better. Joe says, “the lion is cool, calm, and collected right before he makes his kill. That’s how he catches his prey unsuspecting.” Joe says that this thing has nothing to do with respect but everything to do with Sting’s fear of losing his spot. Joe says he’s done talking, done screaming, etc. and he’s going to do all his talking in the ring. Consequences Creed and Jay Lethal come up and thank Joe for everything he’s doing and tell him that if he ever needs anybody they’ll be there. Joe tells JB things are getting interesting and walks away.

Another video package of Ka…I mean Suicide plays as we come back commercial.

Non-Title Match
TNA World Heavyweight Champion vs. TNA X-Division Champion
“Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe vs. Sheik Abdul Bashir

Joe goes for a clothesline but Bashir ducks and hits kicks and punches to Joe but Joe comes back with a flapjack and chops. Joe whips Bashir into the corner and then hits a running back elbow followed by the Ole Kick. Joe whips Bashir back into the corner and goes for a Running Knee but Bashir ducks and hits a dropkick to Joe’s knee. Bashir then begins working on Joe’s knee with an elbow drop and then a knee lock. Joe fights it off with cross faces and then hit a chop to Bashir’s back followed by a kick to the face. Joe goes for a Knee Drop but Bashir moves and works on Joe’s knee again and gets a two count. Bashir continues to work on Joe’s knee. Joe kicks Bashir in the face and hits several chops, but again Bashir cuts him off with chops of his own. Bashir attempts to whip Joe into the corner but Joe reverses it and charges at Bashir, but he gets a boot up. Bashir then climbs to the top and goes for a Flying Cross Body but Joe just calmly moves out of the way. Joe with clotheslines to Bashir and then an Atomic Drop and a big boot followed by a Senton Back Splash for a two count. Bashir fights back with a jawbreaker and then a Dragon-screw legwhip. Bashir then locks Joe into a Half Boston Crab. Joe gets to the rope but Bashir continues to work on Joe’s knee. Joe fights back with a Side Slam out of nowhere as Bashir came charging, and then sets Bashir up in the corner and hits the Muscle Buster for the pinfall!

After the match Joe says that Sting comes out here whining about respect and here’s some respect, and then locks in the Coquina Clutch on Bashir. Joe’s eyes start rolling back into the back of his head as he chokes out Bashir. Now the referee reverses his decision because of the after-match attack. I hate endings like that.

Winner: Sheik Abdul Bashir via DQ

In the back JB is with AJ Styles. AJ asks JB if hes sure he wants to talk to this ‘small town guy.’ AJ says hes proud to be a small town guy and that its time to get past all this stuff like “this ridiculous accent you’ve acquired over the last month.” AJ says that Booker isn’t going to drive a wedge between him and Christian like Kurt did and that in fact the only wedge that’s getting driven is his foot up Booker’s ass.

Main Event
Booker T. w/Sharmell vs. “Phenomenal” AJ Styles

After Booker and AJ make their way to the ring Christian’s music hits and he walks out to ringside. Booker and AJ lock up as the match starts and the referee pulls them apart. They lock up again and Booker hit s a big knee and then hits chops and a Back Heel Kick. AJ fights back with punches and chops, and then whips Booker into the corner followed by a Flying Forearm. AJ then hits a snapmare and a big kick to Booker’s back for a one count. Booker pokes AJ in the eye and then hits several Knee Strikes and goes for the Axe Kick, but AJ moves and hits right hands. AJ attempts to whip Booker into the ropes but Booker reverses it and goes for a clothesline, but AJ ducks and hits a big Enziguri for a two count as we go to commercial. Back from commercial Booker is once again hitting those vicious Knee Strikes on AJ and then hits a huge Superkick. Booker with a forearm shot and then hits a Sidewalk Slam. During the commercial hit the Phenomenal Dropkick and Booker flapjacked AJ on the ropes. Back live Booker hits a knee drop on AJ. In the corner Booker chops AJ and slaps him and gets a two count. Booker then locks in an armlock on AJ. AJ fights back with punches and Booker stops him with a Spinebuster for another two count. Booker locks in a Sleeper on AJ. The referee holds up AJ’s arm but he’s able to keep it up and fights back with elbows and Booker comes off the ropes with a Bicycle Kick attempt, but AJ moves and hits a big clothesline. AJ with another clothesline and then whips Booker to the corner and charges, but Booker throws AJ over the top rope. AJ lands on the ring apron and then hits the Springboard Flying Forearm for a two count. Booker comes with a clothesline attempt but AJ ducks it and nails the Pele for another two count. AJ goes to whip Booker into the corner again, but Booker counters with a big knee to AJ’s gut. Booker whips AJ into the ropes and hits a big forearm and then tosses him into the corner. Booker charges at AJ but AJ jumps over him and then they collide into each other, and also knock over the referee. Sharmell brings the briefcase into the ring and goes to hit AJ with it, but Christian takes it away. AJ sees Christian with it and thinks he was going to hit him with it. Booker pushes AJ into Christian and then hit AJ with the briefcase! Booker pins AJ and gets the win.

Winner: Booker T. via pinfall

After the match Booker and Sharmell celebrate while Christian looks on. AJ and Christian argue as the show comes to an end.


Another really great Impact coming from TNA. They are really stepping things up heading into Bound for Glory, which is what you should do going into the biggest PPV of the year in my opinion. There was more wrestling on tonight's show, but almost all of the promos yet again were really great. There was one squash match, a semi-squash match, and 3 good matches.

They continue to further this Young Lions vs. Veterans feud nicely. The rift between Christian and AJ only grew and Christian all but saying whoever made the best offer would be who he aligns himself with. Then, there was Consequences Creed and Jay Lethal letting their loyalties be known by backing Joe. Kevin Nash's absence is kind of weird. I know hes having contract negotiations but they really need him in this feud as his slow build with Samoa Joe has been a major factor thus far. The greatest thing with this whole feud is how everybody seems to be really getting into. Everyone from Sting, Kurt Angle, Jeff Jarrett, and Christian down to AJ, Samoa Joe, Creed, Lethal, and Booker. My only problem right now is Booker's stupid accent. If he would just drop that and get serious like everyone /* it would make it that much better. I still dont understand why he all of a sudden started using that accent. Onto the show breakdown.

Jeff Jarrett's opening promo was just about as good as his one last week and once again he got very emotional. I was under the impression, as were alot of people, that after last week it would be Kurt Angle vs. Mick Foley at Bound for Glory. Anytime we get to see a first time ever match, though, is great and i think Angle vs. Jarrett will be very good. I'm very interested to see whats in store for Foley now though.

The opening tag match wasn't quite a squash match but it was there to just put over Abyss & Matt Morgan as a monstrous tag team. Tag Team Monsters Ball should be really great. It will be interesting to see what other tag teams will be involved since The Steel Asylum is coming back and you would assume that Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, Jimmy Rave, etc. would be involved in that.

We didn't really get to see what Mercedes Steele has to offer as she was just destroyed by Kong. I figured after Taylor and Kong's brawl last week they would be feuding again but now Roxxi has gone after Kong. Maybe it will be a 3-way feud but who knows. Either way the Knockouts should be well represented at BFG.

The LAX vs. Beer Money 6-person was a pretty good match that all but turned into a tag match. LAX vs. Beer Money has been a great feud, it's going to be interesting to see where they go now with Hector out of the picture. There has been rumors for awhile now that LAX would be breaking up soon and this might be the start. Anyway it was a really good match.

Sting once again cut a great, emotional promo and I usually hate when wrestlers use pictures on the video screen tactic but this really worked for him. Thing should pick up even more in the coming weeks between Sting and Joe.

The Samoa Joe vs. Bashir match was very good and was a bit surprising as I actually thought Joe might squash him. Bashir had great ring psychology working on Joe's knees after the initial dropkick to it. I hate that reverse decision thing they keep doing with Joe after he goes psycho after the match. Do a angle were he gets fined for those things but reversing a decision after something goes done after the match? Stupid.

The main event match between Booker and AJ was great, even better than their match from awhile back. I dont like screwy finishes but this worked out perfectly to further the rift between AJ and Christian. Another great show from TNA.

- Match of the Night: Tie-Booker T. vs. AJ Styles/Samoa Joe vs. Sheik Bashir (***)
- Segment/Promo of the Week: Sting's Promo
- Overall Grade: A -

Scheduled For Next Week:
- Mick Foley Officially Joins TNA!
- Jeff Jarrett Confronts Contriversial Statements Made by Kurt Angle in UK
- 6-Man War: AJ Styles, Christian Cage, & Jay Lethal vs. Booker T. & Team 3D
- Monsters Ball Qualifying: L.A.X. vs. Motor City Machine Guns
- TNA X-Division Title 3 Way: Sheik Abdul Bashir (c) vs. Jimmy Rave vs. Eric Young
- ODB vs. Angelina Love

Bound For Glory IV Lineup So Far:
- TNA World Title: Samoa Joe (c) vs. Sting
- 1st Time Ever: Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett
- X-Division Steel Asylum Match
- Tag Team Monsters Ball: Team 3D, Matt Morgan & Abyss, LAX or MCMG, & more!