Impact Results - 10/16/08 - Orlando, FL

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On Friday, October 17, 2008 at 1:03 AM EST

October 16, 2008
Orlando, Florida (iMPACT! Zone @ Universal Records)
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
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The show starts off with a recap of this past Sunday’s great Bound for Glory IV PPV. They show a post match interview with Jeff Jarrett from BFG where he says that in the ring is the last place he should be with all the great things going on in TNA, and that the match with Kurt Angle was “one and done.”

Mike Tenay & Don West say that Abyss was hospitalized after going through the flaming table at BFG and that he isn’t here tonight though he has been released. Also, they run down the card for tonight as Roxxi will face Raisha Saeed, Kevin Nash returns to the ring to face Consequences Creed, Booker T. faces L.A.X.’s Hernandez, and Mick Foley will give his “Farewell Address.”

Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley) vs. “Middle Eastern Nightmare” Sheik Abdul Bashir & “Guru” Sonjay Dutt w/So Cal Val

MCMG and Sonjay Dutt are fresh off their appearances in the amazing X-Division Asylum Match at BFG while Bashir successfully defended (cheated) his X-Division Championship against Consequences Creed later that night. Tenay announces that Bashir will be defending the X-Division Title against Jay Lethal next week on TNA’s debut live show in Las Vegas for Impact! Dutt and Sabin will start the match off. They lockup in the middle of the ring and Dutt gets the advantage with a knee to the gut and a full arm twist, but Sabin rolls through and hits an arm drag. Dutt charges off the ropes and goes for a head scissors, Sabin blocks it and attempts to hit a Facebuster on Dutt, but he lands on his feet. Dutt immediately backflips into a Sabin and does several revolutions around Sabin before hitting a head scissors takeover. That was a great sequence. Dutt struts around the ring and Sabin comes back with a kick attempt, but Dutt blocks it and Sabin hits a spinning leg sweep followed by back splash senton. Sabin then knocks Bashir off the apron and throws Dutt to the outside. Sabin hits a Summersault Plancha over the top rope onto Bashir and Dutt on the floor! Back in the ring Sabin jabs Dutt and then attempts to come off the ropes, but Bashir trips him allowing Dutt to hit a dropkick. Dutt then whips Sabin into a corner and charges, but Sabin gets his knees up and leapfrogs Dutt. Sabin quickly tags in Shelley who ducks a Dutt clothesline, punches Bashir, lifts Dutt up into the air slamming him to the mat on his face, and then hits a Superkick on Bashir on the apron knocking him to the floor! Shelley picks Dutt up and face slams Dutt and then Suicide Dives onto Bashir on the floor! Shelley attempts to springboard back into the ring but So Cal Val pulls him down. In the ring Sabin hits a springboard Clothesline on Dutt and then whips Dutt in the floor, but Dutt moves out of the way and hits his Seesaw Kick through the ropes. Dutt climbs to the top but Sabin nails him with a Stepup Enziguri. Sabin then hits a Superrana off the top followed by a Frog Splash from Shelley on Dutt for the pinfall! Great X-Division tag match.

Winners: MCMG via pinfall (Frog Splash)

After the match Kurt Angle’s music hits and he power walks to the ring. Angle goes straight into the ring and attacks MCMG with a kick and clothesline. Angle then throws both guys to the outside. He goes to the outside and clotheslines both Machine Gun’s and then gets back in the ring and Angle Slam’s Sonjay Dutt! Angle has gone nuts. He grabs a mic and says that nobody sneaks a win on him like Jarrett did and then just walks away from wrestling. He says that Jarrett won a battle but did not win the huge war that’s about to go on in TNA. Angle asks Jeff if he’s a champion like him or just a “candy ass hick from Nashville.” Kurt says that he is going to pick apart every member of the TNA roster until Jeff finally gives him a rematch. He says that all of the bloodshed will be on Jeff’s hands.

In the parking lot JB approaches the arriving Kevin Nash. JB says that Kevin Nash came unexpected to BFG, but Nash says that someone paid for his airline ticket so somebody must’ve expected him. He then says to keep his friends closer and his enemies closer. Nash says that he’s been waiting for months. He says that Joe disrespecting him and Scott Hall cost him the World Title. Kevin Nash says that he’s true to his friends but now it’s all about him, and from now on it’s “Kevin Nash 4-Life.”

Back from commercial TNA highlights the awesome Samoa Joe vs. Sting match from BFG. Sting’s music immediately follows the video package and the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Sting is on his way to the ring. Sting says that he knows that its not him that’s supposed to be standing in the ring as Champion, and that he could look Joe in the eyes and tell him that he is the better wrestler. He says that he bit off a little more than he could chew and that Joe had taken Sting to places he had never been. Sting says that 10-minutes into the match that Joe had him beat, but Joe didn’t do that because he chose to try and embarrass him. Sting says that because of Joe’s disrespect that Sting is champion. Sting says that anytime he had Ric Flair in a place like Joe had him he took the 1-2-3 and walked away. He says that the TNA Title is his and not Joe’s, and that it’s going to stay that way. He says that when he walked into the locker room at BFG there was a group of guys that shook his hand and there was a group of guys that didn’t. AJ Styles was one of the ones that didn’t shake his hand. Sting says that he knows AJ is a good friend of Samoa Joe’s and before he can say anything /* AJ Style’s music hits and he is on his way to the ring. AJ Styles is coming off of an amazing match at BFG himself. AJ says that he is friends with Joe and that if Sting would just listen to people he would get no respect, and that the only reason he got no respect from Joe is because he showed no respect. AJ says that he keeps talking about respect and says that he’s on the road earning money for TNA while Sting sits at home spending it. He says that he’s on the road away from his family while Sting coaches his son’s football team. AJ says that in 2002 it was guys like Low-Ki (Senshi) and Christopher Daniels who laid the foundation for TNA and guys like AJ Styles and Samoa Joe who continue to put bricks on that foundation. AJ says that Sting thinks can hang some fancy chandelier that cost a lot of money and get some respect but it doesn’t work that way. AJ says that if he doesn’t like it and points at door and says there it is. Sting says that AJ once told him himself that AJ didn’t like the way that his father raised him, and that if keeps making the choices he does he’s going to turn into his dad. AJ then slaps Sting. Sting says because of their history he’s going to let that go and AJ then slaps him again and the brawl is on! Sting spears AJ to the outside but AJ fights back on the floor and they are scrapping! Security and referee’s finally come out and separate them. The camera cuts to the back where Kurt Angle is assaulting Curry Man. Shark Boy tries to help Curry Man but Angle then beats him down. Eric Young comes up to save Sharky but Angle beats him down too!

Back from commercial JB is Booker T.’s locker room with Booker and Sharmell. JB asks Booker about his match with Hernandez tonight. Booker says that he is a big game hunter and talks about taking down Elephants. Booker calls Hernandez, Gonzalez and that he is nothing more than a young punk. JB then asks Booker about the briefcase again and Sharmell says that next week in Las Vegas Booker will reveal the contents of the case.

“Super Mex” Hernandez w/”Notorious 1-8-7” Homicide vs. Booker T. w/Sharmell

Hernandez is coming off that incredible Monsters Ball match at BFG while Booker is coming off the stellar 3-way between he, AJ, and Christian. Hernandez and Booker circle each other and finally lock up in the middle of the ring where Hernandez easily throws Booker into the corner. Booker then gets a side headlock on Hernandez, but Hernandez pushes him off and hits a big shoulder block. They lock up again and Hernandez rushes Booker to the corner where Booker gets a kick to the gut followed by chops. Booker then goes for a Suplex, but Hernandez reverses it into a hanging Suplex for a two count. Hernandez then whips Booker into the corner and charges, but Booker hits a back elbow followed by a big spinning heel kick for a two count of his own. Booker then gets a full arm twist into a back heel kick, and then mounts Hernandez and punches away at his face. Booker argues with Homicide at ringside and then locks a chinlock onto Hernandez. Hernandez is able to fight his way to his feet but Booker counters him with big knee strikes followed by an Axe Kick attempt, but Hernannez moves and hit a big clothesline. He hits another clothesline and then whips Booker into the corner followed by a Big Splash! Hernandez then knocks Booker down and gets another nearfall. Hernandez scoop slams Booker and then goes out to the apron and hits a slingshot shoulder block as Booker stands up for a two count. Hernandez then gets Booker up for the Border Toss but Sharmell distracts the ref and Hernandez drops Booker. Hernandez tells the ref to turn around but Booker hits a low blow on Hernandez and then hits him with briefcase followed by an Axe Kick for the pinfall.

Winner: Booker T. via pinfall (Axe Kick)

Back from commercials Kurt Angle is assaulting the Rock ‘n’ Rave Infection in the back! He thinks about hitting Christy Hemme but walks away before he does. They cut to Lauren who is with Roxxi. Lauren tells Roxxi that Kong is sure to be close tonight during her match with Raisha. Roxxi says that she doesn’t give a F--- (you know word that is) about Awesome Kong and when Lauren tells her that Spike wont allow her to use that word she says the same about Spike. Roxxi says that she’s barely won any of her matches she’s been in but she’s still standing. She says that Kong can “kiss her ass” and then calls her a “big bitch” and tells her to bring it on. She then sarcastically apologizes to Spike TV.

Back from commercials Christy Hemme runs into The Beautiful People and Kip James. Angelina asks Christy why she’s taking up their TV time. Christy keeps saying that he has to go but they wont let her go and Angelina asks her whatever happened to please. Christy them flicks them off and says “Please this!” They then throw her into a stairwell and beat her down and Kip James paper bags her.

Kurt Angle is on his way back to the ring as the camera cuts back to inside the arena. Kurt does mini-miny-mo between Tenay, West, and ring announcer Dave Penzer. Panzer loses and gets the hell beat out of him! Angle throws Penzer into the ring and clotheslines him and then beats him with his own shoe! Angle then locks him in the Ankle Lock as security runs out, but Angle lays out the referees and security! Jeff Jarrett’s music finally hits and he tells Kurt that it’s enough and Kurt demands a rematch. Jeff says that it’s over and he’s not going there again. Kurt says he’s not letting it go and its not over until he says it over. Kurt asks Jeff if he remembers when Kurt came to his house for lunch with each others families. He says that he knows where Jeff lives and then asks him what he’d do if “Uncle Kurt pays your kids a little visit.” Wow, dude just continues to say some crazy personal stuff. Jarrett charges at Kurt but security hold him back as Kurt laughs at his apparent successful ploy to get Jeff to give him a rematch.

Mick Foley’s Farewell Speech

The “Hardcore Legend” Mick Foley’s music hits and he makes what TNA is saying will be his final trip to TNA’s ring. Mick is wearing the old Cactus Jack t-shirt tonight. The fans chant “Foley” at Mick before he can begin to speak. Mick says that he wants to share a secret that he’s been holding for 23 years and says that for 23 years he’s been a junkie, a roller coaster junkie. Mick says that when you wrestle the style he does he had to look at the entire world as his own personal theme park. Mick gets a cheap pop from the Orlando fans and then says that he has been on an incredible 23 year thrill ride. Mick says that over the last summer he had lost his love for wrestling and that he had to just take a step back. Mick says that the lost few weeks in TNA has been one of the best thrill rides of his entire life. He says that there’s only a certain of amounts of time that someone can be a special attraction guest enforcer and that’s once. Mick thanks the fans and says he just wishes it could’ve been a little bit longer. Mick begins to go back up the ramp and several referees and wrestlers thank Mick and hug him, and Jeff Jarrett is standing at the top of the ramp. Jeff asks Mick Foley for one meeting in his office and they walk to the back together.

Back from commercial Jim Cornette calls in from Las Vegas. Cornette says that Angle is out of control and that tonight Kurt Angle will face Matt Morgan one-on-one!

Raisha Saeed w/Awesome Kong vs. Roxxi

With Penzer injured from his beat down by the hands of Kurt Angle, Jeramy Borash is giving us flashbacks from the Asylum days in Nashville as he is the ringside announcer now. He just is not a very good ring announcer to me and I hate when he always gets to do the main events of PPV’s instead of Roxxi. I digress as Raisha attempts a clothesline on Roxxi, but she ducks and hits one of her own. Raisha then pokes Roxxi in the eyes and hits body shots in the corner followed by several kicks and then chokes her down. Raisha then hits a forearm and then hits an even bigger one followed by yet another one. Raisha then whips Roxxi into the ropes and hits a big clothesline for a two count. Raisha hits a snap suplex and then hits the Curb Stomp on Roxxi twice and gets another two count. Raisha chokes Roxxi with her knee and slaps at Roxxi, but Roxxi fights back with punches and kicks. Raisha stops her with a kick and then a scoop slam. Raisha climbs to the top and attempts a Missile Dropkick but Roxxi moves out of the way and then hits forearms of her own followed by a Roaring Elbow. Roxxi then hits a Yakuza Kick followed by a Fall Away Slam. Roxxi then slides to the outside with a baseball slide dropkick attempt but Kong moves and clotheslines her! Roxxi then comes back as she ducks a spinning back kick and hits chops and then kicks Kong into the ringsteps. Back in the ring Roxxi ducks a clothesline and then hits the Cajun Drop!

Winner: Roxxi via pinfall (Cajun Drop)

After the match Kong attacks Roxx and hits the Implant Buster on her. TNA cuts to the back where Lauren is with Matt Morgan. Morgan says that he’s a main event waiting to happen and tonight is his golden opportunity. Morgan says that his mind is far away with his best friend Abyss. Morgan blames himself for Abyss getting injured at BFG because he talked him into it. That really was an insane spot at Monsters Ball. Morgan says that Kurt Angle is at the wrong place at the wrong time tonight.

In the back Lauren is with Christy Hemme. She says that if he she didn’t have to go to the hospital to take care of Rock ‘n’ Rave she would take care of them. Christy says next week in Las Vegas she will make sure neither of them walk out of Vegas and that if they think she’s pissed now she’ll be PMSing next week. Tenay & West then run down the big card for next week: Christy Hemme faces one of the Beautiful People, Sheik Abdul Bashir defends his X-Division Title against Jay Lethal, Taylor Wilde defends the Knockouts Title against Awesome Kong, Booker T. reveals the contents of the briefcase, Team 3D faces Matt Morgan & Abyss, L.A.X. , and Beer Money in a Hardcore Gauntlet match where the fans will decide the order of the gauntlet by text messaging, and in the huge main event Sting and Kevin Nash will team up to face Samoa Joe and AJ Styles!

In the back JB is with Consequences Creed. Creed is exciting about his chance to face Nash tonight and tells Nash to bring his ‘A’ game tonight. Creed says he’s coming! He said a lot more of that but I lost him, he was obviously very excited.

“Big Sexy” Kevin Nash vs. Consequences Creed

Creed is coming off getting screwed out of the X-Division Title at BFG while Kevin Nash is coming off of screwing Joe at BFG. Ironic isn’t it? Lauren is the ring announcer for this match. Nash hits a knee to Creed’s gut to the start the match off and then repeatedly pounds on Creed’s back. Nash throws Creed into the corner and hits several Knee Strikes and then attempts Snake Eyes, but Creed gets out of it and hits a dropkick to Nash’s knees. Creed then hits several jabs and mocks Nash’s measuring a guy up he usually does in the corner and hits his splits into a big right hand. Creed then attempts to whip Nash into the ropes but Nash reverses it and attempts a clothesline but Creed ducks. Nash then goes for a back elbow but Creed ducks again and then slides through Nash’s legs and hits several jabs followed by the split into a big right hand again. Creed then goes for a Superkick but Nash catches his foot and then spins him around hits a brutal clothesline. Nash picks Creed up and hits a modified Cobra Clutch and actually picks Creed up off his feet while doing it. Nash then puts Creed away with the Jackknife Powerbomb for the pinfall.

Winner: Kevin Nash via pinfall (Jackknife Powerbomb)

After the match Kevin Nash grabs the mic and says the new generation, like “Unconscious” Creed, AJ, Samoa Joe, are either the most arrogant or stupidest sons-of-bitches he’s ever met. Nash says that if Joe couldn’t see what was coming at BFG then he didn’t remember running his mouth about Scott Hall 10 months ago. He says that the only person stupider than them is the fans sitting in the Impact Zone. Nash says that there’s still some cheering for him and laughs. Nash says he’s sure that all the fans have wondered what it would be like Kevin Nash. Nash then talks about Jack & The Beanstalk and David and Goliath and how the giants where big idiots, and that the only reason that people have had disdain for him is because they know he’s not an idiot and he’s a genius. Nash says that all the guy’s wives are wondering what it would be like to spend a night with him. Nash says that he’s the greatest that’s ever been in TNA’s ring and that everyone in that arena couldn’t pull all their money together couldn’t come up with as much as he spends in a strip joint in a month. Nash then says you better learn to love him because he’s the best thing going.

In the back JB is at Jeff Jarrett’s office door. Mick walks out and says that he’s about to “take a Kurt and wipe my Angle” and that he’ll meet Jeff at the car, but he needs to know if Jeff is serious. Jeff says that he has never been more serious about anything in his life. JB then asks Mick what it was about and Mick says he can’t talk about it but calls Jeff a Maverick.

In the back Lauren is with Team 3D. She says that what 3D did to Abyss was more than assault then a match. 3D asks her what she expected with 3D getting placed in a Monsters Ball match. Ray says that they did what they do best and that Abyss got what he deserved and that Abyss probably liked it. they say that at the rematch in Vegas they’re bring sex, blood, rock & roll, and tables!

Main Event
“Olympic Hero” Kurt Angle vs. “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan

Angle and Morgan lockup and Morgan forces Kurt to the corner and they break clean. They lockup again and Morgan throws Kurt to the mat and taunts him. Kurt quickly gets a waistlock and then a side headlock, but Morgan shoves him off and follows it up with a big shoulder block sending Kurt to the floor. Kurt gets back in the ring and Kurt kicks Morgan in the gut following it up with an elbow and 2 uppercuts. Kurt then comes off the ropes and Morgan goes for a clothesline, but Angle ducks and goes for a cross body but Morgan catches him and hits a Fall Away Slam. Morgan then drapes Kurt over the top rope and hits a Guillotine type move onto Angle. Morgan then puts Angle’s head on the ring apron and hits a big Leg Drop that nearly takes Kurt’s head off as we go to commercials. Back from commercial Morgan hits his beautiful Flying Cross Body off the top rope for a two count! Morgan sets Kurt up for the Hellevator but Kurt quickly bails out to the outside. Morgan follows Kurt to the outside after Kurt spit on him. Kurt then rolls into the ring and Morgan follows but Angle starts kicking and stomping on Morgan’s leg. Angle places Morgan’s leg on the bottom rope and then Cannonball’s onto it. Angle then stomps on Morgan’s leg more and puts Morgan in a Kneelock. Angle then elbow drops it and puts him in a Knee Lock again. Kurt then puts Morgan in a modified heel hook, but Morgan kicks him off and Angle hits a chop block followed by another one. Morgan fights back with a big clothesline but his knee is still hurting him. Kurt and Matt then start trading punches and Morgan gets the better of it and hits a back elbow followed by 2 clotheslines and then a Big Splash in the corner. Morgan with a sidewalk slam for another two count! Morgan then goes for another Big Splash in the corner but Kurt moves and goes for the Angle Slam, but Morgan moves and goes for a clothesline but Angle ducks. Morgan then hits the Carbon Footprint (Bicycle Kick) for a two count! Morgan walks over to Angle and he grabs Morgan by the leg, takes him down, and locks in the Ankle Lock! Morgan is able to kick Angle off. Angle goes for the Cross Body again but Morgan catches him again and this time hits the Catatonic (Chris Harris’ finisher) for another nearfall! Morgan is limping and sets Angle up for the Elevator again but Angle blocks it and hits the Angle Slam for the pin! That was a really good main event.

Winner: Kurt Angle via pinfall (Angle Slam)

After the match Angle continues to work on Morgan’s knees with elbow drops and a knee lock. Abyss’ music hits and he comes down to the ring! Abyss is in street clothes for the first time ever I believe. Abyss backs Angle down but when he turns around Angle attacks him from behind. Angle beats Abyss down in the corner and tears Abyss’ shirt off revealing bandages. Abyss is busted open again and Angle kicks him in the ribs. Angle then locks Abyss in the Ankle Lock as a close up shows a bad bruise on Abyss’ back.

We cut to the back where JB follows Jeff Jarrett and Mick Foley to a car. Mick says they’re headed to Vegas and next week “he has a major announcement to make” that will “shake the foundation of the wrestling world!” Mick then says “what happens in Vegas…will be shared with the rest of the world!”

Final Thoughts

Another really good show from TNA coming off of their biggest and best PPV of the year. I don't think it was quite as good as the last few weeks but it was another really strong week for TNA. The matches were pretty decent but other than the Main Event nothing was given over 5 minutes the whole show. I understand that they were setting things up with Kurt Angle, but I hate when one guy goes around killing a ton of people. It does show how crazy he's gotten and how bad he wants Jarrett, but I dont know.

The opening X-Division tag match was good, but short match. Like usual the X-Divison guys are able to fit a ton of great action into a short time, and the Machine Guns are a top 5 Tag Team in the world in my opinion, they need a Tag Titles feud soon or at least a feud with LAX. Next week's X-Title match should be very interesting.

The Sting and AJ Styles promo was good and it looks like they are setting up for a feud between them and it's about time that AJ gets another Title shot. I still dont like that Joe dropped the title but I will be able to get over it easier if Sting is able to hold on to the title for more than a month this go around.

Booker vs. Hernandez was good while it lasted but again it was very short. Hernandez looked really good. I'm not sure about this Booker briefcase stuff, I've heard the rumors, but whatever it is Booker needs to drop the stupid accents.

The Kurt Angle/Jarrett promo was okay with Kurt taking another really personal shot.

Mick's speech was good but he has yet to give one of those classic Mick Foley promo's that he's known for. Hopefully he'll get there as it seems like he's not done with TNA after all.

Raisha Saeed vs. Roxxi was another short match but it was very good. Raisha looked the best she's looked in a ring so far. The Curb Stomp move is great but should be used as a finisher in my honest opinion.

Consequences Creed got a little offense in, in his match with Nash, but it was nothing more than a glorified squash. Creed is much too good to be getting squashed by Nash. Putting Creed over like he did in his matches with Chris Sabin and AJ Styles in the past would've done better, but at least we're finally getting the pay off between he and Joe soon.

Nash's promo after the match was better than the match itself. It was a classic heel promo that had everybody there booing him by the end.

The Main Event was by far the best match on the card as Matt Morgan definitely stepped up tonight and had a great match with arguably the best wrestler in the world at this point, and he wasn't carried the whole way.

Overall, another nice week from TNA, but next week should be an epic show and I'll be covering it like always.

- Match of the Night: Kurt Angle vs. Matt Morgan
- Best Segment/Promo: Kevin Nash's promo
- Overall Grade: B

Scheduled for Next Week:
- Christy Hemme vs. one of the Beautiful People
- TNA Knockouts Title: Taylor Wilde (c) vs. Awesome Kong
- TNA X-Division Title: Sheik Abdul Bashir (c) vs. Jay Lethal
- Hardrock Hardcore Gauntlet: Beer Money Inc. vs. Team 3D vs. Matt Morgan & Abyss vs. L.A.X.
- Main Event: AJ Styles & Samoa Joe vs. Sting & Kevin Nash
- Plus, Mick Foley's big announcement and Booker T. reveals the contents of his briefcase!