Impact Results - 11/6/08 - Orlando, FL

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On Friday, November 7, 2008 at 2:05 AM EST

November 6, 2008
Orlando, Florida (iMPACT! Zone @ Universal Studios)
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
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The show starts off with a recap of last week’s show. Don West announces that every member of the Main Event Mafia will be in action this week including Scott Steiner facing Samoa Joe!

The Main Event Mafia’s music hits and they are on their way to the ring minus Scott Steiner. Kurt Angle grabs the mic and immediately introduces their newest member, Scott Steiner, and calls him their “hitman.” Steiner is actually wearing a suit out to the ring (all the Mafia members are wearing suits except Booker T. who is dresses in his wrestling gear). Steiner shakes all of the MEM member’s hands and grabs a mic. Steiner says that while he’s been home rehabbing his knee he’s had to sit and watch all the “young punks” in TNA disrespect the guys who paved the way for them and it pissed him off. Steiner says that the MEM is the greatest group of World Champions ever assembled. He says that they came together because of respect and they earned respect because of the blood, sweat, and tears they shed for the business. He says they’ve loved the business and that they are the best. He says they wrestled at the Boston Garden on the same floor that the Celtics won all their Championships, in Madison Square Garden the same place that Muhammad Ali fought Joe Frazier, and in Tokyo at the Tokyo Dome in front of 75,000 people. Steiner says that the difference between them and the punks is that they finish their matches in the Impact Zone and then go to the back and play their little video games and look at their comic books. He says they go online to “wrestling mark” websites to see if they had a 4 star match, but instead they should ask them because they’ll tell them they suck. Steiner says he’s been in the business for 22 years but before he came to TNA he never heard of any of those punks. He says that AJ Styles can go back to his redneck hometown in Georgia and walk down the street with a billboard on his back and still no one would know who he is. Steiner says that Samoa Joe could fly back to Samoa and the only question that anyone would ask is “Who’s the fat ass? Who’s the half breed?” He says that’s the difference between them and the young guys. He says the fans turn on their TV’s to see them not the young guys. He said the closest they’ll ever get to greatness is when they step in the ring with the MEM and smell their greatness. Samoa Joe’s music hits and it looks like Joe didn’t exactly like Scotty’s comments. Joe says that none of the young guys deny what he’s done, but if they could understand half of what Steiner said then maybe they’d be offended. Wow, that was stiff. Joe says they’ve all be around the world too and then says that what they’ve done is the Ultimate X, Lethal Lockdown, and the high flying style that made TNA different than any company around. That’s what they’ve done. Joe says that the only reason he’s not stomping Nash’s head in right now is because at Turning Point he wants to savor every minute of the ass kicking. Joe says that after he chokes Steiner out tonight then he can tell Nash what kind of ass kicking he’s in for. Joe says they’ve been recruiting as well and Christian Cage’s music hits! Christian walks out with a mic and tells Joe “not so fast.” Christian says he doesn’t need to pick a side as Joe looks on surprised. Christian says that he will lend a helping hand against MEM. Christian says that if they talk any trash about him he’ll walk down to the ring and slap the rug right off of Booker’s head. Christian says that all the young guys are doing is trying to climb their way up the card and be stars like the MEM. Christian says that Booker didn’t just step into the ring a 6 time World Champion and that he himself busted his ass to become a 2 time World Champion which is all the young guys are trying to do. Christian says at Turning Point he’s going to take the Legends Title from Booker. Booker says that after Turning Point Christian will be standing with the Main Event Mafia. Booker then says that in his country they have a saying, “you will know the true meaning of master.” Booker then turns ghetto again and tells Christian he’s going to “own yo punk ass all over the place, now can you dig that?!”

In the back Jeremy Borash approaches Mick Foley and AJ Styles coming in the door. Mick says that he has something the whole locker room needs to hear and AJ asks JB where Joe is.

Back from commercial Tenay & West run down the card for tonight: a 4 Way Tag Team Ladder Match, Awesome Kong & Raisha Saeed will face Taylor Wilde & Roxxi, Mick Foley calls out AJ, Sting, Kurt Angle, and Kevin Nash face Eric Young, Jay Lethal, & Consequences Creed in 6 Man War, and in the Main Event Samoa Joe will face Scott Steiner!

Six Man War
Booker T. & Beer Money Inc. w/Jacqueline vs. “Instant Classic” Christian Cage & Motor City Machine Guns

Robert Roode & Alex Shelley start the match off and lockup in the center of the ring. Roode powers Shelley into the corner and then goes to hit him with a right hand, but ducks and hits several chops. Shelley tags in Sabin and they whip Roode into the corner. Sabin with a running Forearm on Roode in the corner, and then Shelley jumps off of Sabin’s back and hits one of his own. Both guns kick Roode in the gut, then in the knee, and then finally sandwich him with kicks to the chest and back at the same time. Sabin covers Roode and gets an early near fall. Sabin attempts to whip Roode in the corner but he reverses it and charges, but Shelley gets a boot up. James Storm then hits an Enziguri from the apron to the back of Sabin’s head in the corner. Roode then hits a Spinebuster for a two count. Roode picks Sabin up and tags in Booker T. who hits a back heel kick. Booker then tags Roode back in and holds Sabin as Roode hits several body shots. Storm puts his boot up on the top rope and Roode throws Sabin into face first. Roode tags Storm in and they hit a Double Vertical Suplex. Sabin fights back with body shots and then comes off the ropes but Storm kicks him in the gut and hits a weird move that I’m just going to call the Head Breaker (he put his knee on the back of Sabin’s head and then dropped down on his back like Jericho’s Code Breaker) for a two count. Storm locks in a sleeper and Sabin is able to fight to his feet but Storm slams him back down to the mat by the hair. Storm tags Sabin in the corner and slaps him and then whips him into the opposite corner, but Sabin nips up over Storm and hits a spinning Enziguri. Sabin quickly rolls over to his corner to tag in Christian. Christian takes out Beer Money with rights and lefts, but then Beer Money comes back with kicks. Beer Money attempt a Back Suplex but Christian lands on his feet and hits a Double Reverse DDT! Christian then goes after Booker but he jumps down off the apron. Christian clotheslines Roode to the floor and Storm attempts the Last Call, but Christian catches his foot and hits an Impaler (Jumping Spike DDT)! Christian covers Storm but only gets a two count and knocks Booker down from the ring apron. Christian climbs to the top but Roode pushes Christian off the top. Storm tags in Booker and Booker attempts a back heel kick but Christian ducks. Christian attempts to throw Booker over the top but Booker reverses it and Christian lands on the ring apron on his feet. Christian then slams Booker down by the hair and climbs to the top and hits a Frog Splash. Christian covers Booker but Beer Money break up the pinfall after two. Beer Money then attack Christian until the Machine Guns come in to join the fight. The Guns throw Beer Money to the floor. Shelley goes for a slingshot cross body but Beer Money catch him and then Sabin comes in with the Suicide Dive through the ropes into his partner which slams Beer Money to the floor! Back in the ring Booker goes for the Axe Kick on Christian, but Christian ducks and hits a Reverse X-Factor. Christian goes for the pin but Jacqueline is up on the apron distracting the ref. Christian starts arguing with the ref and Jacky as Sharmell tosses the Legends Title into Booker. Christian turns around and Booker nails him with it for the pinfall win.

Winners: Beer Money & Booker T. via pinfall

In the back JB is with Jeff Jarrett in his office. JB says that Kurt Angle is coming to Jeff’s office. Jeff says that he doesn’t care and Kurt is always welcome to come to his office, but Jeff isn’t facing Kurt.

Back from commercials Kurt Angle storms in Jeff’s office and asks Jeff how long he’s going to hide behind his desk. Kurt says once he’s done with Jeff that Mick Foley is next retired or not. Jeff then says that it’s over between them, but Kurt says that it’s not over. Kurt then asks Jeff what’s going to happen when “daddy” goes on a business trip and Uncle Kurt pays his daughters a visit.

In the back Awesome Kong & Raisha Saeed are destroying Roxxi. Kong throws Roxxi into a bunch of trash cans and then security run up to stop Kong.

Back from commercials Lauren is in the back where Roxxi was beaten up. Lauren says she doesn’t know what Roxxi’s condition is. Roxxi had a pretty nasty cut on her back.

Four Way Ladder Match
Winner Earns TNA Tag Team Title Shot
Hiroshi Tanahashi & Volador Jr. vs. L.A.X. vs. “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan & “The Monster” Abyss vs. Team 3D

Everybody pairs off as the match starts. Abyss and Matt Morgan throw 3D to the floor as LAX beat on Tanahashi & Volador in the ring. Hernandez then throws Volador to the ring apron. In the ring Hernandez whips Tanahashi into the ropes and leapfrogs him and Homicide nails him with a neckbreaker. Volador springboards off the top rope but Hernandez catches him in midair and hits an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Devon climbs into the ring and goes at it with LAX. Devon throws Homicide to the floor and 3D double team Hernandez. Brother Ray hits a Scoop Slam on Hernandez as Devon climbs to the top and hits the Wassup Headbutt on Hernandez. Morgan and Abyss come back in the ring and go at with 3D. Morgan hits a Big Splash on Devon and then a Sidewalk Slam as we go to commercial. Back from commercials Matt Morgan is climbing a ladder but Hernandez pushes him off sending him all the way to the floor! They then cut to highlights from the break where Devon nailed Abyss with a ladder and then Morgan hit the Carbon Footprint onto the ladder sending in into 3D. Back to the live shot Hernandez hits the Super Mex dive but 3D move and Hernandez eats a ladder! That was a nasty shot. Back in the ring Devon is attempting to climb a ladder but Homicide follows him up and pokes him in the eye and then hits a Bulldog off the ladder! Homicide sets the ladder up and starts to climb but Abyss comes in and nails Homicide with the Shock Treatment! Brother Ray runs in and nails a Rock Bottom on Abyss! Brother Ray charges Tanahashi but he ducks and Ray nails the referee. Tanahashi hits several knees and forearms and then a jawbreaker. Tanahashi with a clothesline on Ray and then hits another one but he never takes him down. Brother Ray then goes for a clothesline but Tanahashi ducks and comes off the ropes with a knee tie takedown. Tanahashi then kicks Devon and hits a necktie takedown on Devon. Tanahashi climbs to the top rope and goes for a Frog Splash, but Devon moves and they hit the 3D on Tanahashi. 3D sets up the ladder but Beer Money runs in out of nowhere and lowblow 3D. Abyss runs in the ring and climbs up the ladder and takes down the contract! That was kind of bizarre.

Winners: Matt Morgan & Abyss

After the match Beer Money doesn’t look happy but Roode tells Storm that it’s okay.

We get another Who Is Suicide promo but still no word on when he’ll debut.

Mick Foley’s music hits and the TNA Executive Shareholder is on his way to the ring. Foley introduces AJ Styles and AJ makes his way to the ring. Mick says that it was a gutsy move by Jeff Jarrett to build a company around a guy that at the time was little known in the wrestling business (AJ). Mick says that he had heard little tales about AJ but he finally saw video of AJ doing these moves that looked amazing. He then says that he asked AJ’s old buddy Raven to tell him about AJ Styles. He says that Raven told him that AJ was simply phenomenal. Mick then goes onto run down AJ’s accolades like him being the first triple crown champion in TNA. Mick says that AJ has to keep his cool this Sunday and that he has to find a way to beat one of the greatest Champions in wrestling history. Mick says the thing between AJ and Sting has gotten ugly and he needs to end it. Mick says when it comes to TNA’s new younger generation AJ is TNA’s “President Elect.” Mick says that maybe after Turning Point Sting will come to his senses. Sting’s music hits and the TNA World Champion walks out. Sting says he never lost his senses and he has spoken nothing but the truth. Sting says that you have to tell the young guys exactly what they want to hear or they have a fit. He says they want everything to be given to them with a silver spoon. Sting says that Mick just hasn’t been here long enough. Sting then says that he respects Mick as a person, what he’s done for Pro Wrestling, and for what Mick is trying to do in TNA. Sting says that the young guys will disrespect Mick the same way they disrespect him. AJ tells Sting that he’s that got every single thing he wanted in his contract from first class flights to limousines. AJ tells Sting he’s just calling the kettle black. Sting starts walking to the ring looked pissed off and Sting says that they got to this point the minute that AJ opened his mouth, the minute that AJ disrespected him, the minute that AJ spit in his face. The fans are for the first time starting to kind of boo Sting at this point. Sting says that AJ thinks he’s always right and that when AJ was having his argument with “him” he was alright. Sting then says that the “him” was AJ’s dad and he had every right to kick him out of the house at 15. The fans are really booing Sting now as AJ is going nuts. Sting then says that AJ is undisciplined and asks AJ what “Little AJ” is going to do when he sees his dad on TV throwing a tantrum. AJ screams at Sting to never talk about his son. Sting says that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and AJ tries to get at Sting but Mick Foley holds him down. That segment was really good.

In the back Lauren is with Taylor Wilde. Lauren asks Taylor what she’s going to do about her match tonight. Taylor says all she can do is go out there and fight but Rhaka Khan walks up and tells Taylor that she’ll be her partner.

Knockouts Tag Team Match
Awesome Kong & Raisha Saeed vs. Taylor Wilde & Rhaka Khan

Rhaka Khan’s ring gear is, well, interesting. Kong and Taylor will start the match off. Taylor comes right at Kong with a Flying Cross Body but Kong catches her in midair, but Taylor rolls her up out of nowhere for a two count. Taylor then hits several leg kicks and Kong goes for a clothesline, but Taylor ducks and hits a back heel kick. Taylor then comes off the ropes again but Kong levels her with a big clothesline and then tags in Raisha. Saeed stomps on Taylor and then chops her. Saeed hits a shoulder block in the corner and whips Taylor to the opposite corner, but Taylor runs up the turnbuckles and hits a Flying Lucha Armdrag off the top. Taylor hits a spinning arm drag and then a head scissors takeover for a two count. Taylor hits a forearm and whips Raisha into a corner and charges, but Raisha ducks and Kong nails her. Saeed picks Taylor up and hits a scoop slam followed by an Elbow Drop for another two count. Saeed tags in Kong and she throws Taylor across the ring by her hair. Kong taunts Rhaka Khan and then slaps Taylor. Taylor fights back with body shots and then ducks a clothesline. Taylor jumps on Kong’s back but Kong snapmares her over. Kong attempts a Big Splash but Taylor moves and tags in Rhaka. Rhaka Khan literally climbs over the ropes and gets nose-to-nose with Kong. Rhaka then looks back at Taylor and pickers her up by the throat and hits a Chokeslam. Rhaka Khan then throws Taylor to Kong who hits the Implant Buster for the pinfall. Wow, that tandem could probably hang with most men. I think we just saw the female equivalent of Matt Morgan and Abyss.

Winners: Awesome Kong & Raisha Saeed via pinfall (Implant Buster)

In the back JB is with Kevin Nash. Nash says that he couldn’t be more ready for this match than he is and that all Joe has been doing is talking. He says that a year ago he ran down his best friend and right then he knew Joe was a piece of s***. Nash says for about 8 weeks while he was gone from TNA he trained harder than he ever has. Nash says that his question is Joe ready? He says Joe’s never faced anyone like him.

In an earlier interview Mike Tenay sits down with Sheik Abdul Bashir. Bashir says that he grew up as normal as any kid but after 9/11 things changed for him and it wasn’t because of anything he did but it was because of the way he looked. Tenay says that every interview Bashir has made in TNA has been anti-American. Bashir says he loves America but he hates the American people and the American wrestling fans. Bashir says that he doesn’t have to be liked to be on top and everywhere /* he wrestles in the world he is loved. Tenay says that he was the one that lobbied to get Bashir into to TNA as part of Team International in this year’s World X-Cup. Bashir says that he finds it funny that Tenay would fight to bring him in TNA but as soon as he speaks his mind Tenay buries him on the mic. Bashir then tells Tenay to never take credit for the success that Bashir has had in TNA. Tenay says that everyone in America lost something in 9/11 but Bashir asks Tenay what exactly it was that he lost. He says that he still has the same cushy job and people still welcome him with open arms, but do you think Akbar shows up to his job at McDonalds to open arms. Bashir then says that he’s lost something, he’s been told by promoters that they can’t put him on their show because of his skin color and he lost his wife and kids because they don’t want to be known as terrorists. Tenay gets pissed and says that’s what makes TNA different from other promoters because they give Bashir that opportunity. Bashir gets in Tenay’s face and Tenay screams back. Bashir screams at Tenay in Arabic and Tenay tells him to “speak English damn it” as security takes him off.

Mike Tenay & Don West announce that the final two matches for Turning Point have been added: Awesome Kong & Raisha Saeed will face Taylor Wilde & Roxxi and 10 X-Division wrestlers from around the world will compete in a match to decide the X-Division rankings. Also, the Kurt Angle vs. Abyss match has now been made a Falls Count Anywhere Match! It’s Six Man War time.

Six Man War
Main Event Mafia (Sting, Kevin Nash, & Kurt Angle) vs. Consequences Creed, “Showtime” Eric Young, & “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal

As the MEM make their way to the ring Tenay makes note that no other group, including the Four Horsemen and the nWo, have ever been formed of all former World Champions. Jay Lethal has new Randy Orton like pyro as we go to commercials. Back from commercials Jay Lethal and Kurt Angle start the match off. Angle kicks Lethal and then hits a big European Uppercut. Angle whips Lethal into the ropes and goes for a clothesline, but Lethal ducks and hits his handspring off the ropes into a backflip over a attempted clothesline from Angle and finally hits a hiptoss into a rolling dropkick to Angle’s face for an early nearfall! Lethal attempts to whip Angle into the corner but Angle reverses it and Nash hits Lethal from behind allowing Angle to turn Lethal inside-out with a big clothesline. Angle tags in big Nash who immediately takes Nash down with a big clothesline. Nash throws Lethal into a corner and then throws him halfway across the ring. Nash picks Lethal up and hits a gutwrench into a faceplant. Nash then picks Lethal up and throws him into the corner and hits him with forearms and then chokes him with his boot. Nash tags in Sting who kicks Lethal and stomps on his hand. Sting with a wrist lock and then tags Angle back in. Angle hits a snap suplex on Lethal for a two count. Angle quickly tags Sting back in and he goes for a back suplex, but Lethal lands on his feet and dives between Sting’s legs and tags in Young. Young ducks a clothesline from Sting and nails Nash on the apron and then hits Sting with a clothesline. Young hits a clothesline on Angle and then hits a Running Powerslam on Sting for a two count. Nash attempts to get back in the ring but Young dropkicks him to the floor. Young whips Sting into the ropes and Angle gets in a blind tag, and Young ducks a clothesline from Sting and then picks Sting up for a DVD, but Angle chop blocks Young’s knee. Angle then attempted to put Young in the Ankle Lock but Young pushed him into the ropes and rolled up for a quick two count. Young then picked Angle up for the DVD but Angle escaped it and quickly locked Young in the Ankle Lock. Young again fought out of it by using his legs to throw Angle off. Young tags in Creed who quickly climbs to the ropes and hits a Flying Cross Body on Angle and a big Superkick on Nash. Creed then hits a rolling Clothesline on Angle for a two count. Lethal hits a slingshot cross body onto Sting on the floor. Young goes at it with Nash in the corner as Creed attempts a superkick on Angle, but Angle blocks it and hits the Angle Slam for the pinfall. That was a really great match.

Winners: Main Event Mafia via pinfall (Angle Slam)

Back from commercials Lauren is in the back with Rhino. Rhino asks how many times America will allow foreign people to come to American and abuse their rights. Rhino tells Bashir to “love it or get the hell out” but Lauren corrects him and says its actually “love it or leave it.” Rhino then snatches the mic from her and tells her to leave before he Gore’s her. Rhino says he’s tired of people who abuse the privilege that USA gives them. Rhino says at Turning Point he will deport Bashir via Gore!

Main Event
“Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner vs. “Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe

This is a very interesting match as these two had a really good feud a few years back in TNA. Joe slides in the ring and Steiner goes right at him with clubbing blows, but Joe fights back with a couple of body shots. Joe with a chop but Steiner hits a knee and whips Joe into the corner. Steiner then charges at Joe but Joe catches him with a forearm. Joe whips Steiner into the opposite corner and then hits the Olay Kick! Joe with jabs and body shots on Steiner in the corner and then hits a snapmare followed by a chop to the back and kick to the chest. Joe with a big Knee Drop for a two count. Joe with a waist lock but Steiner fights out with elbows, but Joe hits a chop on Steiner’s back and then goes for the Coquina Clutch! Steiner grabs the ref and then lowblows Joe to get out of it. Steiner chops Joe in the corner and then hits a big T-Bone overhead Suplex for a two count. Steiner locks in a sleeper on Joe but he fights to his feet and hits elbows. Steiner cuts Joe off with a poke to the eyes and then a big chop. Steiner whips Joe into the corner and hits the Steinerline followed by the big elbow. Steiner covers Joe but after a one count he gets off and starts doing pushups to taunt Joe as we go to commercial. Back from commercials Steiner is chopping Joe in the corner. Steiner whips Joe into the ropes but Joe hits a sunset flip but Steiner is blocking it. Steiner attempts to punch Joe in the face but Joe just moves and then hits a big boot followed by a Back Splash Senton for a two count. Joe hits a headbutt but Steiner fights back with a knee strike and a chop. Steiner whips Joe into the ropes and goes for a Steinerline again but Joe catches him and hits a T-Bone Suplex of his own. Nash walks down to the ring as Joe sets Steiner up for the Muscle Buster. Nash climbs up on the ring apron and Joe runs at him, but Nash jumps back down to the floor. The distraction allows Steiner to hit him from behind. Steiner then whips Joe into the ropes and goes for another Steinerline, but Joe ducks and then Suicide Dive’s onto Nash on the floor! Joe pummels Nash on the floor as Steiner puts on some brass knuckles. Joe rolls back in the ring and Steiner nails him with the brass knucks allowing him to get the pinfall victory avenging his loss to Joe several years ago.

Winner: Scott Steiner via pinfall

After the match Nash and Steiner beat on Joe as AJ Styles runs out with a chair to make the save. Nash and Steiner bail out before AJ can hit them with the chair. The rest of the MEM walk out and congratulate Steiner on his win and Sting points his bat at AJ as the show ends.

Final Thoughts

Tonight's show was another strong show leading into Turning Point. There was great wrestling along with some nice promos. Of course once again the young lions vs. Main Event Mafia angle was the main part of the show and it was furthered nicely.

The Opening segment between the Main Event Mafia and the Young Lions was nice. It was a lot like last weeks but Steiner's promo was decent as well.

The opening Six Man Match between Beer Money & Booker against Christian & MCMG was very good. It was a very competitive and old school in the sense that it combined 2 storylines (MCMG vs. Beer Money & Christian vs. Booker) in one match like they used to do all the time back in the day. It was a good match.

The Four Way Ladder Match was way too short for a Ladder Match in my opinion but it was still pretty decent. A ton of action going on in it and it sets up a match between the Beer Money & MCMG winner to face Abyss & Morgan.

The promo between Mick Foley, AJ Styles, & Sting was done very nicely and it got really good when Sting came out. Finally, Sting got some heel heat and I believe that's going to help them in their match this Sunday. I liked how Sting brought up AJ's dad which seems to be a sore spot for him.

The Knockouts Tag Match was okay and it surprised me with the Rhaka Khan turn. That tag team of Kong & Khan could be really good.

The sitdown interview between Tenay and Bashir was really god but I still dont like the Bashir/Rhino thing.

I absolutely loved the Six Man War between the MEM and the Young Lions. It was a really great match and they really put Lethal, Creed, and Young over in it. That match really put to rest all of the people that have been wondering if the MEM would just dominate the young guys instead of putting them over. Great match.

The Main Event was good and I've always wanted Joe and Steiner to fight again. They're one-and-one in matches against each other so there should be a 3rd match down the line hopefully on PPV.

Turning Point is shaping up to be a really great PPV with really only one gimmick match on the whole card that being the Falls Count Anywhere match between Angle and Abyss. Remember as always Adam Martin will have the best live PPV coverage on the internet right here at

- Match of the Night: Main Event Mafia vs. Consequences Creed, Jay Lethal, & Eric Young

- Segment/Promo of the Night: Sting/AJ/Foley Promo

- Overall Grade: A

Turning Point Lineup:

- TNA World Title: Sting (c) vs. AJ Styles

- Kevin Nash vs. Samoa Joe

- TNA Legends Title: Booker T. (c) vs. Christian Cage

- TNA World Tag Titles: Beer Money (c) vs. Motor City Machine Guns

- Falls Count Anywhere: Abyss vs. Kurt Angle

- Grudge Match: Rhino vs. Sheik Abdul Bashir

- Awesome Kong & Raisha Saeed vs. Taylor Wilde & Roxxi

- X-Division Seeding Match: Sonjay Dutt vs. Eric Young vs. Consequences Creed vs. Jay Lethal vs. Petey Williams vs. Jimmy Rave vs. Homicide vs. Doug Williams vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Volador Jr.