Impact Results - 11/20/08 - Orlando, FL

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On Friday, November 21, 2008 at 12:44 AM EST

November 20, 2008
Orlando, Florida (iMPACT! Zone @ Universal Studios)
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
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The show starts with a recap of last week and the beatings that the Main Event Mafia dished out. Earlier today Jeremy Borash runs up to the Main Event Mafia who are standing around a casket and a hearse. Kurt says that tonight they are going to give Christian a proper burial. We then go to the Impact opening.

The Mafia’s music hits as a casket is rolled down to ringside. The Mafia soon follow the casket out to the ring with big smiles on their faces. This time Sting is actually with them though he didn’t join in the beating of Christian last week. Along with the casket in the ring there’s actually a big picture of the Mafia beating on Christian. Kurt says that this is Christian Cage’s final and proper burial. Kurt says that Christian got his beating because he refused to give the commitment to TNA and the Main Event Mafia. Kurt says that the demise of Christian Cage is a warning to the rest of the locker room. Kurt asks if anyone wants to say any last words and Rhino’s music hits. Christian’s friend Rhino comes to the stage with a microphone in hand. Rhino says he has something to say and he says that if any of them had a problem with Christian’s decision then they should’ve taken it up with him one-on-one backstage. Rhino says he want stand for them beating on his friend. Nash says that none of them give a damn what Rhino won’t stand for. Rhino tells Nash that he’s a veteran and they should respect him. Nash says they only show respect to people that show respect back to them and to the company. He says that Christian did neither. Rhino says that he’s dealt with people like that in the past, a bunch of egomaniacs. Rhino says that this has nothing to do with disrespect or with TNA. He says that the Main Event Mafia are just scared of losing their spot and their fat contracts. Rhino says they’re just afraid to lose their jobs to a younger generation, a younger generation that’s better than them. Rhino then calls them pussies and he says that Booker is the biggest “bitch” of all. Booker is serious tonight, no accent. He says that he’s talking a bunch of crap up there and then calls Rhino a “poo-butt punk ass.” Booker says that Rhino has the balls the size of his Chihuahua’s and that if he had any he’d come down to the ring and say it to their faces. Rhino takes the bait and storms the ring but gets destroyed by the Mafia when he gets there. Booker levels Rhino with a vicious shot with the Legends Title belt. Rhino is busted open as Kurt destroys him with right hands and then Steiner chokes him with his boot. They show Mick Foley and Jeff Jarrett watching on a monitor in the back. The Mafia put the bloody Rhino inside the casket and close the lid on him. That was a great opening segment.

In the back JB is with Mick and Jarrett. Mick says that he was around with DX and Jeff was around with the nWo but they had never seen anything like what the MEM are doing. Jeff says he’s still not facing Kurt again and tells Mick to go out to the ring tonight and announce the main events for Final Resolution. Jeff says they’re taking back their house tonight.

Back from commercials AJ Styles and Samoa Joe are confronting the Motor City Machine Guns. AJ suggests that they go out to the ring and settle their problems the old fashioned way, but the MCMG just clown him. Alex Shelley asks AJ if he’s so far up Foley’s ass to the think he actually has stroke in TNA. Mick walks up and says that Alex is right and they don’t have the authority to make matches, but he does. Mick says that AJ and Joe are teaming up to face his favorite tag team: the Motor City Machine Guns in a huge match tonight! Alex asks Mick if that’s how he’s going to deal with him, but Mick says that he has yet to begin dealing with him. As Mick walks off Sabin says that at least they’re his favorite tag team. AJ tells them to get dressed as they roll their eyes at him.

X-Division Tag Team Match
Hiroshi Tanahashi & “The Guru” Sonjay Dutt w/So Cal Val vs. “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal & Consequences Creed

We found out earlier this week that this will be Tanahashi’s final match in TNA, at least for the time being. Dutt charges right at Lethal as the bell rings, but Lethal moves and Sonjay eats the corner. Lethal hits him with a big right hand until Tanahashi storms in and hits him from behind. He then hits Creed on the apron as Dutt holds Jay Lethal to allow Tanahashi to kick him. Tanahashi charges off the ropes but Creed trips up and pulls him to the floor. Back in the ring Lethal attempts a whip on Dutt but Dutt reverses it. Lethal back handsprings off the ropes into a beck elbow. So Cal Val gets on the apron and taunts Lethal allowing Dutt to hit him from behind. Dutt with a snapmare takeover and then hits a snap leg drop. Dutt tags in Tanahashi and they whip him into the ropes. Dutt dropkicks Lethal’s knees and then Tanahashi hits summersault leg drop followed by a standing Frog Splash for a two count. Tanahashi taunts Creed and then goes for a Back Suplex, but Lethal lands on his feet and hits a back heel kick. Both men are down now. They both tag out at the same time and Creed hits jabs and boty shots on Dutt followed by a big Swinging Fisherman Suplex. Tanahashi comes in and goes for a clothesline but Creed ducks and hits several jabs followed by his split into a big right hand to Dutt who came running in. Creed then hits a superkick on Tanahashi. Dutt hits a jawbreaker on Creed as he turned around and then attempts to whip Creed into the corner, but Creed reverses it. Creed charges at Dutt but he avoids by going in between the top and middle ropes and hit a see-saw like kick to Creed in the corner. Dutt with an Asai Moonsault attempt, but Creed catches him in midair and hits a TKO for the pin!

Winners: Consequences Creed & Jay Lethal via pinfall (TKO)

In the back the Beautiful People and Kip James are with Laruen. Velvet Sky asks Lauren what the hell a Sojournor Bolt (Christy Hemme’s partner this week) is. Velvet asks what her parents were smoking when they named her that. Kip actually does the “down where? Down there!” DX joke from like 1998. Angelina tells Christy that the wrestling ring is not a strip club so there’s no need for her to be there. Angelina says the only thing going in Christy’s g-string tonight is her boot up Christy’s bony ass.

We get yet another Suicide video package. I wish they would just debut this character already.

Tenay announces that Final Resolution will be the return of the Feast or Fired Match, which sucks and then they show a video package highlighting last years match.

In the back Sheik Abdul Bashir is screaming and Jim Cornette yells at Shane Sewell for getting involved physically in the match last week. Cornette reverses the decision from last week and gives the title back to Bashir. Cornette says that Shane Sewell is on probation and if he touches another wrestler ever again he’s fire. Cornette says that tonight he’s giving Young a shot at Booker’s Legends Title! That was pretty crappy in my opinion, we get to see Bashir with the X-Division Title again. Great.

Knockouts Tag Team Match
The Beautiful People w/Kip James vs. Christy Hemme & Sojournor Bolt

This is Bolt’s second match on Impact as she faced Awesome Kong a few months ago. Christy is rocking some new ring gear tonight. Bolt and Angelina start the match off and lock up. Bolt gets in a headlock but Angelina breaks it up with elbows and then pushes her into the ropes, but Bolt comes back with a big shoulder block. Bolt then comes off the ropes but Angelina hits a huge Bicycle Kick and then starts laying into with big rights and lefts. Angelina tags in Velvet Sky and they hit the double team Elbow Drop for a two count. Velvet slams Bolt headfirst into the mat and then throws her into the corner. Velvet taunts Christy as Angelina chokes Bolt in the corner. Velvet whips Bolt into the ropes and goes for a clothesline, but Bolt ducks and hits a cross body block for a two count. Velvet comes back with some kicks and stomps. Velvet puts her foot on Bolt’s throat, grabs her arms, and slams her down to the mat in a kind of Reverse Curb Stomp. Velvet puts a sleeper on Bolt but she fights to her feet and hits a jawbreaker. Bolt and Velvet are able to tag out at the same time. Christy ducks a clothesline and hits one of her own followed by a double sledge to Velvet and a Facebuster on Angelina. Velvet goes for another clothesline but Christy channels Elix Skipper and does the Matrix move to avoid it. Christy with kicks to Velvet and then slaps Kip James who was on the apron. Angelina then hits the Lights Out as she turns around for the pinfall.

Winners: The Beautiful People via pinfall (Lights Out)

Rough Cut w/ L.A.X.

This week’s Rough Cut is with Homicide in New York City. Homicide talks about being altar boy and how his parents are his heroes. Homicide says he saw as a kid a wrestling show and he fell in love. They travel to the place where the wrestling school he went to was located. Homicide talks about how he got hit by a stray bullet in a driveby and he actually duct taped a tampon inside of the hole and wrestled the match he was scheduled to have that night. That is just insane. Homicide talks about having his son at 20 changed his life and wanted a better life for his son. That was an awesome segment.

ODB’s Angle

ODB is with her guest Sharmell. Sharmell says she thinks she might catch something sitting in ODB’s nasty chair, but ODB says it’ll be fine and just spray some lime juice on it. Great stuff. ODB says that Sharmell sounds like a toilet paper name. ODB asks Sharmell if she wears boxers or briefs and says that she goes commando herself. She actually says “a little free balling action, know what I’m saying?!” Classic. ODB asks Sharmell what the spinarooni feels like and Sharmell is offended. ODB asks Sharmell why the MEM doesn’t just let the young guys get some shine. Sharmell says that maybe if they started to show the MEM some respect they could get somewhere in TNA. Sharmell says that ODB needs to start showing her some respect too. ODB asks Sharmell why she should respect her and starts insulting her. Sharmell channels her husband and goes ghetto saying that she’ll cut ODB. ODB then challenges Sharmell to a match at Final Resolution and she accepts. ODB then tells Sharmell to tell Booker to stop by her house. Sharmell asks why and ODB says that he left his shoes by her bed. Sharmell gets pissed and goes after ODB until security break them up. I’m sorry, some people may not like that but I found it hilarious.

In the back JB is with the Main Event Mafia. Kurt tells Matt Morgan and Abyss that they’re in the wrong place and the wrong time. Kurt Angle makes Mick Foley an offer for a double main event for Final Resolution. Kurt says that the first one is obvious, Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett II. The second one is the winning team of Samoa Joe & AJ Styles vs. MCMG teaming up with 2 more partners of their choosing to face Scott Steiner, Sting, Booker T., & Kevin Nash in a huge 8-man tag match! Kurt says that they may even ‘make’ them.

Mike Tenay says that due to the beating he took last week Petey Williams will be sidelined indefinitely and next week they’ll have more information.

Motor City Machine Guns vs. “Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe & “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles

My only thought as the wrestlers come down to the ring is that if this match is given time it could be awesome. They all 4 go at it right as the bell rings with Joe and AJ getting the upper hand. Joe throws Shelley to the floor and then goes for the Suicide Dive, but Shelley quickly rolls in the ring and Joe lands on his feet. Shelley then slingshots over the top rope and lands on the apron as Joe moved out of the way of what he thought was going to be a slingshot cross body. As Joe turns around Shelley nails him with a big back kick. Shelley stands on the middle rope as Sabin goes in between Shelley’s legs with a Suicide Dive onto Joe on the floor! Styles then knocks Shelley on the ropes and hits a gorgeous Summersault Plancha over the top onto the MCMG on the floor! Joe rolls Shelley into the ring as we cut to commercials. Back from commercial Joe comes off the ropes and Shelley catches him in a Rock Bottom attempt, but Joe hits back elbows until Sabin flies off the top rope with a Missile Dropkick to the back of Joe’s head! Shelley pins Joe but AJ distracts the referee. Shelley then hits a big slap on Joe and tags in Sabin. They hit big kicks to Joe’s knees followed by big double head kicks to Joe. Sabin drops a knee on Joe and then Joe comes back with huge chops in the corner. Joe whips Sabin into the corner and charges, but Sabin gets a boot up followed a springboard Tornado DDT attempt but Joe throws him off. Joe then hits a big Snap Powerslam! Joe and Sabin tag out at the same time. Shelley ducks a Styles clothesline attempt and hits a big knife edge chop. Shelley comes off the ropes, Styles leapfrogs him, Styles drops down and Shelley jumps over Styles, and finally Styles hits a beautiful dropkick. Styles then charges at Shelley but he throws Styles over the rope, but Styles lands on the apron. Styles with the Springboard Flying Forearm for a two count. Styles sets Shelly up for the Styles Clash but Sabin comes out of nowhere with an Enziguri climbing up his partners back! Shelley goes for Sliced Bread but Styles throws him into the turnbuckle. Joe then hits a running back elbow followed by the Olay Kick! Sabin then springboards off the top with a Flying Clothesline, but as he turns around he eats a huge chop from AJ. AJ attempts to whip Sabin into the corner but Sabin reverses it and hits a spinning back kick to AJ’s groin that looked like it hurt pretty bad. Sabin and Shelley both hit vicious Mafia Kicks in the corner on AJ. Shelley puts Styles on his shoulder but AJ escapes and pushes Sabin into the ropes causing Shelley (who had just climbed to the top) to be crotched on the top rope! Styles hits the Pele on Sabin followed by a vicious Clothesline from Joe! AJ hits the Styles Clash on Shelley for the pinfall. That was an awesome match.

Winners: AJ Styles & Samoa Joe via pinfall (Styles Clash)

The Main Event Mafia storms the ring as Joe and AJ celebrate! Angle hits the Angle Slam on Joe followed by the Jackknife Powerbomb from Nash on AJ. Booker hits the Axe Kick on Joe as Sting looks on smiling. Lethal and Creed come out to help but the numbers game gets the best of them. Booker hits a back heel kick on Creed followed by a nasty Jackknife Powerbomb on Lethal. Angle hits the Angle Slam on Creed as Sting claps at what he sees. Angle locks the Ankle Lock in on Lethal as he screams in pain.

In the back Awesome Kong, Raisha Saeed, and Rhaka Khan are in Traci’s office again. Raisha asks Traci if she has a new victim for Kong, but Traci says no. Raisha says that Kong will feed on innocent victims and they leave.

Back from commercial Lauren is in the TNA Originals locker room when the MCMG come flying in as Rhino chunked them in. Rhino has his head bandaged and tells everyone to shut up. He’s a bit pissed. Rhino calls everyone a bitch and tells them to look at his scars. He talks about the wars he went through to help build ECW and now he’s concerned with building TNA. Rhino screams at them to fight and he is really getting emotional. Rhino says that if they are willing to fight and bleed beside him he will and he will fight to he has no blood left in his body. Rhino says they have to make the choice of whether to fight with him or not. That was an awesome speech from Rhino, seriously.

TNA Legend’s Championship
Booker T. (c) w/Sharmell vs. “Showtime” Eric Young

Booker and Eric circle each other and then lock up until Booker rushes him into the ropes. Booker actually does a clean break and taunts Eric. They lock up again but this time Booker gets a wristlock and turns it into a hammerlock controlling EY’s arm, but EY reverses it and Booker gets to the ropes. They lock up once again but Booker hits a big knee strike and a chop. Booker throws EY headfirst into the turnbuckle and then whips EY into the corner, but EY nips up and over a charging Booker and hits an armdrag into an armlock. Booker breaks it up with another knee and then another knife edge chop. Booker attempts to whip EY into the ropes but he reverses it and goes for a hiptoss, but Booker blocks it and goes for a clothesline. EY ducks the clothesline and hits another arm drag and locks in the armlock again. Booker fights to his feet again and he hits another knee strike followed by a back heel kick attempt, but EY ducks and hits some hard right hands. EY attempts to whip Booker into the ropes but Booker reverses it and then slams EY throat first over the top rope. Booker picks EY up and hits the big back heel kick followed by a Superkick for a two count. Booker locks in a Keylock but EY fights to his feet with back elbows. EY comes off the ropes and Booker goes for another Back Heel Kick, but EY ducks and hits a big right and left. Booker cuts EY off with a poke to the eyes and then hits a snapmare into a sleeper. EY fights to his feet and hits elbows and then pushes Booker into the ropes and hits a double sledge followed by a clothesline. EY with a Scoop Slam for a two count. EY picks Booker up on his shoulders for the DVD, but Booker escapes and goes for the Axe Kick but EY moves and hits the DVD this time! 1…2…NO Booker kicks out right before the 3! EY comes off the ropes but Sharmell grabs his foot and allows Booker to hit him from behind. Booker with a knee strike followed by the Axe Kick and he gets the pinfall to retain his title.

Winner & STILL Legends Champ: Booker T. via pinfall (Axe Kick)

After the match ODB slides into the ring and checks on EY and then stares at Sharmell. They argue as we go to the back.

In the back Mick Foley and Jeff Jarrett are talking about the Final Resolution situation. Mick says that Kurt isn’t going to like it and Jeff says he doesn’t give a damn.

Back from commercial JB is in the back with Team 3D. Devon says that Beer Money doesn’t know who they’re messing with. Devon says that they’ll give Beer Money their 15 minutes of fame. Brother Ray says, “Obama wins and you’ve been doing more talking than ever” in which Devon responds with another “Oh my brother!” Ray asks the MEM how they can call themselves the greatest collection of World Champions when you don’t have the best tag team ever by their side. Ray says they are 20-time World Tag Team Champions and that’s more times than all of them combined. Ray says that Beer Money has been sticking their noses in 3D’s business for about 2 months, and that they have more shower time than Beer Money has ring time. 3D says they won’t stop them from their quest for 21, and then says they should take The Mafia’s advice and get some respect.

They announce that NASCAR analyst is going to have a new show on called “Hermie’s Hotseat” starting in 2009 when Awesome Kong walks up. Kong slams Hermie into the wall and then throw him through a door. Thank you, I’ve been waiting for someone to do that for years.

Main Event
“Big Sexy” Kevin Nash & “Olympic Hero” Kurt Angle vs. “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan & “The Monster” Abyss

There is almost 30 minutes left in the show at this point so I’m guessing this match may get a decent amount of time. Kurt and Abyss will start the match off as the two guys that absolutely tore the house down at Turning Point are going to lock up again. They lock up in the center of the ring and Kurt gets a waistlock and turns it into a side headlock, but Abyss picks him up and then throws him into the ropes. Abyss hits a big shoulder block on Kurt and he rolls out to the ring to get away from the Monster. Kurt gets back in the ring and Kurt hits a kick followed by right hands but it has no affect on the Monster. Angle comes off the ropes again but gets leveled by a clothesline from Abyss. Abyss then pounds on Kurt in the corner. Kurt comes back with a poke to the eyes and comes off the ropes, but Abyss nails him with a Big Boot followed by the Shock Treatment for a two count! Abyss tags in Morgan but Kurt immediately kicks Morgan’s knees. Angle then comes off the ropes and Morgan goes for a clothesline, but Angle ducks and Morgan hits the Carbon Footprint for a close two count as we cut to a commercial break. Back from commercials Morgan hits a big Scoop Slam on Angle and then hits an Elbow Drop for another two count. angle quickly tags in big Kevin Nash as the two 7 foot monsters are about to face off. Nash and Morgan stand eye-to-eye in the center of the ring and Nash nails him with a right hand but Morgan comes back with one of his own and they begin trading back and forth until Morgan blocks one and punches Nash into the corner. Angle runs in and hits a chop block on Morgan’s knee allowing Nash to hit a big clothesline for a two count. Angle puts Morgan into the corner and tells him to “suck on this” as he repeatedly drives his knees into Morgan. Nash then hits back elbows and measures him up for a final shot, and then chokes him in the corner. Nash tags Kurt back in and he kicks Morgan in the ribs, but Morgan comes back with right hands. Angle with kicks to the knee stops Morgan and then repeatedly elbow drops Morgan’s knee. Angle locks in a Knee Lock as Morgan kicks Angle but he keeps the hold on him. Morgan is finally able to free himself but Kurt follows up with European Uppercuts. Angle then goes for the Angle Slam but Morgan lands on his feet and hits a big clothesline. Both men are down now as Beer Money walk down to the ring. Angle and Morgan are able to finally tag out. Nash goes for a clothesline on Abyss, but he ducks and hits a clothesline of his own followed by one for Angle. Abyss hits a Big Splash on Nash in the corner and then one for Angle in the opposite corner. Abyss picks Nash up with a Sidewalk Slam for a two count as Kurt Angle broke up the pin attempt. Abyss then throws Kurt over the top rope to the floor. Nash pokes Morgan in the eye and attempts to whip him into the corner but Morgan reverses it. Morgan charges at Nash but he hits a back elbow. On the outside Abyss lays out Beer Money as Matt Morgan misses the Carbon Footprint on Nash hanging himself up in the top rope. Abyss throws Angle back into the ring and climbs to the top, but James Storm nails Abyss with a beer bottle on the back of the head. Nash then hits a big boot on a staggering Abyss for the pinfall.

Winners: Kurt Angle & Kevin Nash via pinfall (Big Boot)

Mick Foley’s Final Resolution Announcement

Mick says that he has always acknowledged that people like Steiner, Nash, Booker, Sting, and Angle were a huge part of wrestling’s past. He says he even accepts they are the biggest current stars here in TNA, but he does not agree with their points of view. He says he does agree that the Main Event Mafia could be the greatest group of World Champions ever. He says that for the first time he actually sees that maybe the MEM aren’t just the present of TNA but possibly the future as well. He says it was never his intentions to play favorites but to make a level playing field. He says that he has come to accept that Final Resolution could be the Originals final chance for Final Resolution. He says that he has booked two huge Double Main Events for Final Resolution. The first main event will see Booker T., Kevin Nash, Scott Steiner, and Sting face Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, and 2 mystery partners. He says if the MEM win the match Sting remains the Champion, but if the Originals win then AJ Styles wins the title! He says the other Main Event will see Kurt Angle face Rhino! This immediately brings out a pissed off Kurt Angle. Kurt says that its “bullsh*t” and asks why Jeff is being such a “bitch” and won’t face him. Kurt says he has done it all and the only thing he hasn’t done is beat Jeff Jarrett which is Mick’s fault because Mick interfered at BFG. He says that he wants Jeff Jarrett and if he can’t have him, he wants the next big thing: Mick Foley. Angle then slaps the taste out of Mick’s mouth and Jeff’s music hits. Jeff walks down to the ring and tells Kurt he’s had it with Kurt. He says they’ll play by his rules not Kurt’s. He says he’ll be damned if he sits back and watched Kurt tear down something he built from the ground up. Jeff says that as bad as Kurt wants him in the ring he wants Kurt out of his company. He says that he can’t fire Kurt because of a clause in his contract, but he can make Kurt an offer he can’t refuse. He says that at Final Resolution he will face Rhino but if he beats Rhino he gets a rematch with Jeff. If Rhino beats Kurt then his contract is voided and he’s gone from TNA. Jeff offers the hand shake to seal the deal but Kurt slaps him. Rhino storms the ring and Gore’s the hell out of Kurt as the show ends!

Final Thoughts

I enjoyed this week’s show once again. The promos were very strong and the matches were nice. No matter what you want to say about TNA they have really drawn me in and have me interested. I really feel like this angle they’re doing is the best storyline TNA has ever done and hopefully it continues to get better. I’m still not sure where they’re going with Sting though. He wasn’t there last week when they put the beat down on Christian but he was there for the beating Rhino got and even threw a couple of punches and kicks. Then, as they beat down the Originals he just stood on the outside and clapped in smile. Again, I’m not sure where they’re going with it but it’s got me interested.

The opening burial segment of Christian Cage was decent and the beat down on Rhino was pretty nice.

The X-Division tag match was okay, kind of short but it was decent. Lethal and Creed are a great tag team.

I hate that they gave the X-Division Title back to Bashir, but hopefully they’ll take it off of him for good at Final Resolution.

The Knockout Tag Match was short but okay. Bolt is pretty and seems to be decent in the ring but we haven’t seen enough of her yet. I have seen enough of Kip James though. Get rid of that guy.

The Rough Cut and ODB’s Angle segments were great. The story about Homicide and the gun shot was awesome and ODB’s segment was hilarious.

The Joe/AJ vs. MCMG tag match was great and got decent time. Both teams worked very well together and had a great, competitive match. It looks like the tension between MCMG and the Originals will continue. We’ll see where that goes.

Rhino’s speech in the back was incredible in my opinion. Say what you will about Rhino, and trust me I have said some bad things about him myself, but he put all his passion and emotion into that. It just felt genuine.

The Legends Title match was decent and put EY over once again while still keeping the title with the MEM.

Another solid Main Event and it surprised me with so many big guys in the match. Very good and the involvement of Beer Money was interesting as it looks like they’re about to start feuding with 3D but Morgan & Abyss may join that.

The final segment was good and set up Final Resolution nicely. The 8-man tag match will probably be very good and the outcome is interesting because it could honestly go either way. I’m not so sure about the Rhino vs. Angle match, but hopefully Angle can carry him to a great match. We’ll see though.

- Match of the Night: AJ Styles & Samoa Joe vs. Motor City Machine Guns (***)

- Segment/Promo of the Week: Rhino’s speech to the TNA Originals

- Final Grade: B+

Scheduled for Next Week’s Turkey Bowl Thanksgiving Impact:
- Hernandez vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. Rhino
- Alex Shelley vs. Consequences Creed vs. Kip James
- Sheik Abdul Bashir vs. Matt Morgan vs. Jimmy Rave
- Main Event Mafia, TNA Originals, and more to appear!

Final Resolution Lineup So Far:
- TNA World Title 8-Man War: Sting (c), Kevin Nash, Booker T., & Scott Steiner vs. AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, & 2 Mystery Partners (If Sting’s team wins he retains, if AJ’s wins he wins the title)
- Kurt Angle vs. Rhino (if Angle wins he gets rematch with Jarrett, if Rhino wins Kurt is fired)
- Feast or Fired Match: Alex Shelley vs. Chris Sabin vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. Homicide vs. Hernandez vs. Jimmy Rave vs. Lance Rock vs. Jay Lethal vs. Petey Williams vs. BG James vs. Consequences Creed vs. Curry Man vs. Kip James vs. Shark Boy
- ODB vs. Sharmell
- TNA Knockouts Title: Awesome Kong (c) vs. Mystery Opponent