Impact Results - 11/27/08 - Orlando, FL

Reported by Josh Boutwell of
On Friday, November 28, 2008 at 8:56 AM EST

November 27, 2008
Orlando, Florida (iMPACT! Zone @ Universal Studios)
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Sorry for the late recap this week guys, but like most everyone /* I was celebrating Thanksgiving with my family during Impact. I did, however, DVR it so here is the late report. Happy late Turkey Day!

The show starts off with an ESPN-like video package hyping up this year’s Turkey Bowl. This year’s Turkey Bowl winner gets $25,000 while the loser must wear a Turkey suit (AJ Styles honor from last year I believe).

The Front Line Is Born!

The TNA Originals new music hits with a big graphic reading “Front Line” hits and they come to the ring. The music is an army drum like beat that actually sounds okay. Not so sure about that name, though, it sounds like a Flea collar. Rhino grabs the stick and he says that he hopes they don’t mind but he took the liberty of naming the group. He says they are the TNA Front Line because when you’re a soldier you want to be on the Front Line. He says when you are a warrior you will be bleed and you will sweat and do anything to win. He says that when you don’t think you can go any further you pick yourself and go somewhere. He says a decade ago he helped build a great company and a company that they believed in. He says he’s willing to go to war for them and to fight for a company that he believes in. He says he will die in the ring for TNA because he believes in it just like the fans do. He asks the fans if they believe them and of course they cheer and then he goes into the crowd to ask again and gets a bigger pop. Rhino says at Final Resolution he will rid TNA of Kurt Angle and then tells AJ and Joe that it’s up to them to take out the rest of the Main Event Mafia. He says they need partners for the match but he doesn’t think any of the Front Line has enough experience. He says tonight they are going to grow and gain new members to become an Army not just a force. The Main Event Mafia’s music hits and the greatest collection of World Champions ever assembled stroll out to the stage. Kurt Angle asks Rhino if he’s really that delusional and says he will destroy Rhino just so he can get his hands on Jarrett again. He asks Rhino who he’s trying to recruit and then he says that he heard the Front Line likes it in the backdoor. He says that everyone loves MEM and that the fans love them so much they live their lives through the MEM. Kurt tells Rhino not to let the last 15 years of his live be destroyed over the Front Line. He says he will give Rhino 3 seconds to rethink this thing and if he doesn’t he’ll end up in a bodybag with his buddies. He does the countdown but Rhino cuts him off and tells him to kiss his ass. Angle is pissed and starts to walk to the ring until Steiner holds him back. Rhino tells Angle that if a war is what he wants then that’s what he’ll get because at Final Resolution he is going to rip Angle apart with a GORE! GORE! GORE! GORE!

In the back Jeremy Borash is with Kurt Angle. JB says that Jeff Jarrett appointed Mick Foley as the special enforcer for the Rhino vs. Kurt Angle match. Angle goes nuts and punches a picture of the wall and asks where Jarrett is.

Before the first Turkey Bowl match I will run down the rules to those that don’t know. There will be three Triple Threat Matches with the winner of each match moving onto the Finals. There will be representitives of each male division (X-Division, Tag Team, Heavyweight) of TNA in each match. The winner of that Turkey Bowl match will be the 2008 Turkey Bowl Champion while the man that is pinned is the deemed the loser. The winner gets the cash while the loser must put on a Turkey suit.

Turkey Bowl Semi Finals
“Guru” Sonjay Dutt w/So Cal Val vs. “Super Mex” Hernandez vs. “War Machine” Rhino

Val is looking extra good tonight! Sonjay kicks the match off with a slap to Hernandez and then a dropkick to Rhino. Sonjay beats on Rhino and then Hernandez goes for a clothesline, but Sonjay moves and hits a big kick to the gut. Sonjay attempts to whip Hernandez into the ropes but he reverses it. Hernandez goes for a backbody drop but Sonjay kicks him in the face. Sonjay goes for a hurricanrana but Hernandez catches him and hits a Backcracker. Rhino then kicks on Sonjay and Hernandez pushes him out of the way. Hernandez puts his t-shirt around Sonjay’s neck and hits a Biel Throw! Hernandez hits a big splash in the corner and then Rhino runs in and hits a huge shoulder block. Sonjay bails out to the floor while Hernandez and Rhino face off in the ring. Rhino comes off the ropes with a shoulder block attempt, but Hernandez doesn’t budge. Hernandez does the same shoulder block attempt and Rhino doesn’t budge either. Rhino comes off the ropes again and Hernandez goes for a clothesline, but Rhino ducks and hits a shoulder block that takes Super Mex down. Hernandez rolls out to the floor while Sonjay comes back in and hits Rhino in the gut and then hits several right hands to the head. Sonjay wraps his wrist tape around Rhino’s throat and chokes him. Sonjay then hits a snapmare and locks in a crossface. Rhino reverses it and goes for a Back Suplex but Sonjay lands on his feet and pushes Rhino into a Slingshot Shoulder Block from Hernandez! Hernandez then lays into Sonjay and whips into the corner. Hernandez charges at Sonjay but he gets a boot up and then climbs to the top rope. Sonjay goes for a Flying Cross Body but Hernandez catches him and goes for a Powerbomb, but Sonjay reverses it into a Hurricanrana for a close two count until Hernandez pushed Sonjay back to the floor as he kicked out. Hernandez retreats to a corner and Rhino approaches him but Hernandez gets a boot to Rhino’s gut. Hernandez then skins the cat and pulls himself onto the top rope. Hernandez hits a beautiful Missile Dropkick. Sonjay springboards off the top rope and Hernandez charges him, but Sonjay leaps over him. Sonjay then dropkicks Hernandez in the knee and follows it up with an Enziguri. Sonjay attempts to whip Rhino but he reverses it into a Belly-to-Belly Suplex! Rhino then splits Sonjay in half with the Gore and it is definitely over.

Winner: Rhino via pinfall (Gore)

In the back JB is in Jeff Jarrett’s office where Angle is confronting Jarrett. Jarrett says the decision for Foley to be the Special Enforcer for Angle and Rhino’s match is final. Angle asks Jeff if he is the much of a pussy that he is going to keep hiding behind Mick Foley. He asks Jeff where his balls are and says that he’s just putting Foley in there to make sure that he doesn’t have to face him again. Jarrett says that has nothing to do with it and everything to do with the Main Event Mafia interfering. Jarrett says if the MEM tries to get involved he will personally come out there and rip Angle’s contract up. Angle says after he destroys Rhino he’s going to whip Jarrett’s ass in front of everyone.

Back from commercial Rhino, AJ, & Samoa Joe are arguing about whether they can trust “them.” Rhino says that if he can trust them then they can. They then walk into Team 3D’s locker room where they are talking about a 280-pound white woman. Ray says that he figured they’d come see him and AJ says “screw them” and starts to walk away when Rhino stops them. Devon asks AJ where they’re going to go. Devon says that this war is like the New York Giants (Main Event Mafia) going against the Detroit Lions (Front Line). Devon tells them that if they want to leave then go and AJ and Joe start to walk out again, but Rhino stops them again. AJ and Ray then start to argue and Rhino says that they are in the same place that Rhino and 3D where 13 years ago. Rhino tells Ray to stop with the tough guy act and he says that they helped fight for a company (ECW). He says that he knows them and asks them if they have another fight left in them. Ray claps and sarcastically says that speech was great and asks Rhino if he’s been watching Ray’s old ECW promos. Ray asks Rhino what’s in it for them if they join and Joe says there is nothing in it for them. Joe says that for once in their lives they can do something right for a change and they expect their answer by the end of the night. Devon gets pissed at Joe demanding an answer and they get in each others faces. Ray tells Devon that this is exactly what the Mafia has been talking about: no respect.

Turkey Bowl Semi Finals
Consequences Creed vs. Kip James vs. Alex Shelley

All three circle each other but then Kip and Shelley both chop Consequences and send him into the corner. They stomp Creed down and then Kip beats on Creed while Shelley relaxes in the corner. Kip whips Creed into the ropes and goes for a backdrop, but Creed backflips over his back. Creed then hits a huge right hand followed by an Enziguri. Shelley and Creed begin chopping the hell out of each other until Shelley hits several forearms. Shelley goes for a Roaring Elbow but Creed catches him with a big right hand. Creed then hits several body shots followed by a Swinging Neckbreaker. Creed then hits a hiptoss on Kip and another chop to Shelley. Creed with an arm drag to Kip and then a drop toe hold on Shelley. Creed steps on Shelley’s back to get leverage as he leaps off of it into an elbow drop to Shelley’s back! Both Kip and Shelley roll out to the floor and Creed hits a beautiful Somersault Plancha over the top onto Shelley on the floor! Kip then hits a running forearm on Creed. Kip then throws Creed into the ring steps and gets back into the ring where Shelley meets him with a spinning back kick, a front kick, and then a spinning heel kick for a two count. Kip bails out to the floor but Shelley follows him with a Running Knee Strike off the ring apron onto the floor! Shelley gets back in the ring with Creed and hits a big palm thrust. Shelley whips Creed into the corner and hits a Running Back Elbow. Shelley then goes to the opposite corner again to hit it, but Creed comes out of nowhere with a running Clothesline! Creed whips Shelley into the corner and hits a Rolling Lariat. Creed goes to the ring apron and hits a Springboard Bulldog followed by a kick to the gut, but Kip slides into the ring. Creed drops Shelley and starts hitting Kip with jabs and then the MontiFisto, but Kip hits with a right hand of his own to stop him. Shelley charges at Kip but he throws Shelley to the floor. Kip goes for the Fameasser, but Shelley trips him and then Creed hits a huge right hand that sends Kip to the floor. Shelley gets on the ring apron and Creed goes for a right hand but Shelley blocks it and hits a Stunner over onto the top rope. Shelley slingshots onto Creed but he catches him on his shoulders, but Shelley escapes and hits a crazy La Magistral Cradle like pin that gets the 3 count!

Winner: Alex Shelley via pinfall

In the back Lauren is with the Beautiful People. Velvet tells Lauren her breath stinks while Angelina sprays perfume at her. Velvet says Kip just got screwed and she asks why they aren’t booked for Final Resolution. A TNA staff member approaches them with a paper when Love gets excited. She reads the letter and say it’s from Sarah Palin where she accepts their offer but she can’t make the PPV, which she supposedly referred to as “Final Restitution,” because she has a moose hunt scheduled for that day. Okay, I actually chuckled at that. She then says that she will come to “Impaz” next week. Sharmell then walks up and says that Booker T. wants to see them.

Back from commercial Jarrett is talking to Rhino. Jarrett tells Rhino he has to focus on Kurt for the sake of TNA. Rhino says that he knows what’s at stake and he won’t let him down.

TNA Rough Cut w/L.A.X.

Homicide speaks on his partner Hernandez. He says the first time they teamed they clicked right away. Hernandez says that Homicide is like his brother. Homicide says Hernandez is like a protector and says they are 50/50 in the tag team. Their friends talk about how they blend so well. Homicide says they’re going to become one of the greatest tag teams in the business. Hernandez talks about their great styles. Homicide says that if anyone has beef with Hernandez then they have beef with him.

In the back Lauren is with Team 3D. Ray says that no one gives them an ultimatum and he says that they know where AJ and Joe are coming from. He says that 15 years ago they did it in ECW and helped build that company from the ground up. He says that this is a business and you don’t become as successful as they have without knowing business. Scott Steiner walks up and says that they have an offer that they cant refuse. Ray says that they listened to Joe and AJ so they’re going to listen to the Mafia.

Back from commercial JB is in Traci Brooks’ office with her and Christy Hemme. Hemme is requesting a match with Awesome Kong and Traci refuses to give it to her. Christy says that she has trained as hard as she can and wants to face her. Traci says that Kong isn’t an athlete she’s an animal. Christy begs to face Kong and Traci tells her to be ready in 15 minutes. Traci tells Christy that if she can beat Raisha Saeed she can face Kong for the Knockout Title at Final Resolution.

Turkey Bowl Semi Finals
Jimmy Rave vs. “Middle Eastern Nightmare” Sheik Abdul Bashir vs. “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan

The bell rings and Bashir and Rave do rock, paper, scissors to see who faces Morgan first. Bashir loses and locks up with Morgan but gets thrown back easily. Rave locks up with Morgan next and faces the same fate. Rave and Bashir then both lockup with Morgan and force him to the corner but he pushes them both back. Morgan whips Rave into Bashir in the corner and then hits a huge Double Splash. Morgan goes for a Fall Away Slam on Rave, but Bashir chop blocks him allowing Rave to get a two count and then Bashir gets one. Bashir and Rave hit Double Dropkicks on Morgan and then treat Morgan like a wishbone. They then take turn elbow dropping Morgan’s knees. They both beat on Morgan on the mat and Bashir throws Morgan head first into the turnbuckle and then they both stomp and choke him in the corner. They then take turn with right hands on Morgan and Bashir charges at Morgan, but he overhead slams Bashir from his knees! Morgan then grabs Rave by the throat and hits a back elbow to a charging Bashir followed by a right hand for Rave. He does the same thing over and then a headbutt for Rave and slams their heads into each other. Morgan then goes a double clothesline on Rave and Bashir, but they duck and he comes back with a Cross Body Block onto both of them for a two count. Rave then pokes Morgan in the eyes and Bashir puts Rave in a sleeper. Morgan then picks up both men with a Double Fall Away Slam. Morgan whips Rave into the ropes and hits the Carbon Footprint and goes for one on Bashir, but he ducks and Morgan crashes to the floor. Bashir then hits the WMD on Rave in the ring for the pin.

Winner: Sheik Abdul Bashir via pinfall (WMD)

Lauren is in Booker T.’s locker room with him, Sharmell, Beautiful People, and Kip James. Booker wants the Beautiful People to provide backup for Sharmell at Final Resolution. Angelina says that if they help Sharmell then they get Booker’s locker room, but Booker spits his wine everywhere. Booker finally caves in and agrees.

Back from commercials JB is with the Main Event Mafia and Team 3D in the back. Angle offers Team 3D a spot in the Main Event Mafia. Ray says that in this business its every man for himself, but Angle says not in the Main Event Mafia. Devon asks Angle where Kurt was when they established their Front Line. Ray says they’re just blowing smoke up their asses. Steiner hands them a couple of suits and says they’re tailored husky.

Raisha Saeed w/Awesome Kong & Rhaka Khan vs. Christy Hemme

Raisha now has some generic Indian music to come to the ring. If Christy wins this match then she earns a Title shot against Kong at Final Resolution. They lockup in the middle of the ring and Raisha gets a waistlock on Christy, but she reverses it and then gets a school boy for a two count. Raisha goes for a clothesline but Christy gets her in a Crucifix and then rolls her up for another two count. Christy with forearms in the corner and then a big Bulldog for another two count. Raisha bails to the floor and comes back in where Christy attempts a dropkick, but Raisha moves and Hemme crashes and burns. Tenay announces that Petey Williams will be returning from injury at Final Resolution to compete in the Feast or Fired Match. Raisha hits a Scoop Slam for a two count. Raisha stomps on Chirsty’s head and then throws Christy to the floor. On the floor Kong hits a double chop to Christy and then whips her into the guard rail as Raisha distracts the ref. Kong then rolls Christy back into the ring where Raisha slaps her and then hits the Curb Stomp for another two count. Raisha pounds on Christy and then climbs to the top rope. Raisha goes for a Missile Dropkick but Christy moves and then hits a flying double sledge followed by a Facebuster. Christy climbs to the top and goes for the FFG (Flying Firecrotch Guillotine), but Raisha moves. Raisha goes for a Powerbomb but Christy reveres it into a rollup for the surprise victory! Christy earns a Knockouts Title shot at Final Resolution.

Winner: Christy Hemme via pinfall (rollup)

After the match Kong attacks Christy and just tosses around the ring like a rag doll. Kong and Khan go for Double Clotheslines but Christy ducks them twice and slides out of the ring to get away.

Back from commercial Mike Tenay conducted an interview with AJ Styles earlier today. Tenay asks AJ if Rhino can bring the Originals together and AJ says that he thinks so. Tenay asks about the friction inside the group with each other. AJ says they are young so they make mistakes. Tenay asks about the comments Sting made about AJ’s father. AJ says that he wasn’t thrown out of his house. He says that AJ’s father came home drunk one night, like always, wanting to fight. He says his father threw his mother against the wall and knocked her out so he turned around and knocked her father slam out. He says that he knew his father loved him but he got his respect that night and he left not kicked out. He says they were dysfunctional but his brothers saw him end his father’s abuse.

In the back Lauren is with Sting and Kevin Nash. Lauren asks Sting about AJ’s comments he just made but Sting pretty much says that he thinks AJ is lying. Nash says that AJ is full of “sh*t” and says that AJ had it coming most likely. Nash says that they don’t have any appreciation for anything in life, but Sting asks Kevin “what if he’s right?” Kevin says they’re code is honor while the Front Line’s is “bullsh*t.” He says they have more important things to worry about anyway and he tells Sting to come on. Sting didn’t look to certain.

Back from commercials Lauren is with the Motor City Machine Guns. Alex says if he wins he might buy AJ Styles a personality or maybe Samoa Joe a singlet but says $25,000 might not buy that much material. Shelley then says that he could buy Mick Foley a new wardrobe and asks if it would kill Foley to dress like a grown ass man for once. He says that Foley looks like the CEO of Bum Fights instead of a shareholder with TNA. Shelley says that after tonight he’s going to be $25,000 richer and that’s good enough for a poke.

Main Event
Turkey Bowl Finals
Alex Shelley vs. “War Machine” Rhino vs. “Middle Eastern Nightmare” Sheik Abdul Bashir

Jeramy Borash does the Championship intros for this match. As the bell rings Bashir and Shelley attack Rhino. They kick and stomp him in the corner and then chop him on the ropes. They whip Rhino into the ropes and go for a double clothesline, but he runs through it and hits a double clothesline of his own! Rhino with a shot to Bashir and then throws Shelley to the outside. Rhino pummels Bashir in a corner and then whips to the opposite corner and follows with a running shoulder block. Rhino then hits a Belly-to-Belly suplex for a two count before Shelley breaks it up. Shelley with a vicious kick to Rhino’s head and then hits a palm thrust. Shelley attempts to whip Rhino but he reverses it into a Spinebuster for a two count before Bashir breaks it up leading to a commercial break. Back from commercials Bashir slams Rhino into the ring apron and then Shelley hits a vicious kick to Rhino’s chest. Rhino fights back until Shelley puts a Sleeper on Rhino and climbs his back. Rhino then slams Shelley into the guard rail when Bashir attacks him again. Back in the ring Bashir covers Rhino and gets a two count and then locks Rhino in a sleeper. Rhino fights to his feet and breaks loose. Rhino comes off the ropes but as he hit the ropes Shelley nailed him with an Enziguri from the ring apron. Shelley then hits a Knee Drop on Rhino followed by a Leg Drop from Bashir. Shelley covers Rhino and gets a two count before Bashir dragged Shelley off. Bashir hits a Neckbreaker on Rhino and goes for a pin but Shelley pulls him off after two. Shelley pins Rhino and Bashir pulls him off again. Rhino fights back until Shelley hits a spinning back kick to Rhino’s knee. Shelley and Bashir hit a Double Suplex on Rhino and then shake hands but Shelley quickly covers Rhino only to have Bashir pull him off again. Bashir threatens to hit Shelley but they go back to Rhino. They whip Rhino into the corner and then Bashir whips Shelley into the same corner allowing Shelley to hit his running forearm with more force. Bashir then follows with a Running Knee Strike. Shelley kicks Rhino’s leg and then chokes him in the corner. They go to do another double team move but Bashir double crosses Shelley and whips him into the opposite corner and follows up with a clothesline for a two count. Bashir puts Shelley on the top rope but Shelley blocks him and hits an Atomic Drop from the top rope! Shelley then goes for the Sliced Bread #2 but Bashir pushes him into the top turnbuckle. Bashir and Shelley trade punches until Rhino hits a clothesline on Bashir out of nowhere as Shelley ducked and then hits a huge Gore on Shelley for the pin!

Winner & 2008 Turkey Bowl Champion: Rhino via pinfall (Gore)

After the match Alex Shelley refuses to wear the turkey suit and gets out of the ring. Mick Foley starts walking to the ring with a check as we go to commercial.

Back from commercials Foley presented Rhino with the $25,000 check during the commercials. Mick says that Shelley knew the stipulations so he must put the turkey suit on. Shelley says that if he puts the turkey suit on then none of the ladies in attendance will be happy. Mick says that Alex is one of the most talented young wrestlers he’s ever seen. Mick says that if Shelley wants to leave the ring without putting that turkey suit then that’s fine, but if he doesn’t then he’s fired. Mick gives Alex to the count of 10 to put the suit on and he finally puts it on at 6. Jeramby Borash introduces Alex as the Turkey of the Year. Shelley says there goes his shot with Mrs. Palin. He says the only good thing coming out of this is he might get a great myspace picture. He asks if this makes Mick happy and then he flips off Mick. Mick starts laying in the right hands on Shelley and hits the Double Arm DDT! Shelley is left laying in the ring in his turkey suit. Mick says that Alex should be thankful for the fact that he still has a job.

We get another bizarre Suicide vide package with TNA Impact The Video Game shots blended in. Just debut the guy already.

Team 3D Makes Their Decision

The Front Line members, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, and Rhino, make their way to the ring. AJ says that time is up and its time for 3D to chose a side. The Main Event Mafia’s music hits and they stroll out to the ring. They get in the ring with the Front Line and Kurt calls AJ a punk and says that he is once again demanding something from a veteran. Kurt Angle then introduces the newest members of the Main Event Mafia: Team 3D! Ray and Devon walk out to the ring decked in the Mafia suits and shades as they look weird as hell in suits. The Front Line looks in shock as they walk to the ring. 3D hugs the members of MEM as they get in the ring. Ray says that they gave this decision a lot of thought but he came to the conclusion that the Main Event Mafia are right. He says he also came to the conclusion that the Front Line are right and says that both sides have a lot of merit. He says that Kurt told them to think about their future and the Mafia may grant them their future. He says that their legacy is very important to them as the fans continue to boo them. Ray says they want to be remembered like one of the greatest Tag Teams ever like the Road Warriors, the Steiner Brothers, and Harlem Heat. He asks whether they should be remembered as guys that helped build the legendary ECW or being a part of the greatest collection of World Champions in history. Ray says that the Main Event Mafia are now complete and calls them the Magnificent Seven. He says that the Front Line doesn’t understand that the Mafia offer money and power and they have brains. He says that the Front Line just wants to fight and that they are all balls and guts as Joe looks ready to fight. He says guts and balls are good. He then pulls his coat open and says that if being part of the Front Line is wrong, he doesn’t want to be right. AJ then pulls a baton out of Ray’s jacket pocket and hits Sting with it! They are attacking the Mafia! Big swerve from 3D! Ray calls for a table as 3D beats on Angle in the ring. AJ and Joe put a table in the ring and 3D go to hit Angle with the 3D until Sting saves him. The Front Line stares MEM down as the show ends!

Final Thoughts

I actually wasn't expecting much from this weeks episode as last years was pretty bad, but it was very entertaining. There was alot of backstage stuff and segments but most of it furthered the Main Event Mafia/Front Line angle and all of them furthered other storylines. I'm not too sure about this Front Line name but maybe I'll get used to it. Final Resolution is coming together nicely as well.

The opening segment with Rhino and the Front Line was okay, but Rhino's rant was kind of lame. I do like his passion that he brings but he's pretty much saying the same stuff over and over.

The opening Turkey Bowl match was great. It was given decent time and was back-and-forth between all 3 guys and looked like all 3 had a chance to win. Nice finish too.

The second Turkey Bowl match was even better than the first and even with Kip in the match Shelley and Creed were able to put on an awesome match. I loved he finish with the crazy cradle pin from Shelley.

Once again I loved the Rough Cut segment and I'm really not sure where they're going with this. Maybe just to put more shine on LAX for an eventual push again. They're perfect for the Front Line in my opinion.

I liked how Team 3D did the whole we'll listen to both sides stuff with The Front Line and MEM.

The third Turkey Bowl match was okay but it was pretty just a showcase of Morgan's insane strength until the end. That dude is crazy strong.

Saeed and Christy put on a decent match and Christy has grown so much in the ring since being in the WWE its crazy. Saeed's Curb Stomp is still the best move in the Knockouts division. I loved AJ's interview with Tenay but I dont know if that is a real story or just part of the angle. If its real it just makes it that more crazy. The Turkey Bowl Finals was the best match of the bunch in my opinion. Shelley was easily the highlight but they all worked well together. You knew they had to push Rhino to the win in this going into his match with Angle. I dont like the whole making a guy wear a turkey suit but it didnt hurt AJ in anyway last year and maybe this thing could lead to an actual match between Foley and Shelley.

I loved the last segment. That was awesometo have 3D come out with the suits and everything doing the whole rant about why they were joining the Mafia and then all of a sudden turn on them, and having AJ pull the baton out of Ray's jacket was perfect. It was kind of like saying that they finally got one up on the MEM and made them look good in doing so. I'm not sold on 3D in Front Line, though, I still believe they'll turn on The Front Line and either join MEM or be on their own.

Again, it was a very solid show and for it to be a holiday show it was awesome.

- Match of the Night: Turkey Bowl Finals (***1/2)
- Segment/Promo of the Night: Team 3D's Decision
-Final Grade: A

Scheduled for next week's show:

- Consequences Creed, Jay Lethal, & Eric Young vs. Sonjay Dutt, Jimmy Rave, & Sheik Abdul Bashir

- Scott Steiner & Awesome Kong vs. AJ Styles & Christy Hemme- TNA Legends Title: Booker T. (c) vs. Samoa Joe- Main Event: Rhino vs. Sting

Final Resolution Lineup:

- 8 Man War: The Front Line (AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, & Team 3D) vs. Main Event Mafia (Sting, Booker T., Kevin Nash, & Scott Steiner) (if Front Line wins then AJ gets the TNA Title, if MEM wins then Sting retains)

- Kurt Angle vs. Rhino w/Special Enforcer: Mick Foley (if Rhino wins Kurt is fired, if Kurt wins he gets rematch with Jarrett)

- Feast or Fired Match: Alex Shelley vs. Chris Sabin vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. Homicide vs. Hernandez vs. Jimmy Rave vs. Lance Rock vs. Jay Lethal vs. Petey Williams vs. BG James vs. Consequences Creed vs. Curry Man vs. Kip James vs. Shark Boy

- TNA Knockout Title: Awesome Kong (c) vs. Chirsty Hemme

- ODB vs. Sharmell