Impact Results - 12/4/08 - Orlando, FL

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On Thursday, December 4, 2008 at 11:54 PM EST

December 04, 2008
Orlando, Florida (iMPACT! Zone @ Universal Studios)
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
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The show starts off with the Front Line in their locker room with 3D pumping them up. Ray says this week they have to man up this week and stand up for themselves. He says that the Main Event Mafia represents everything that they don’t want to become, guys that hold the young wrestlers down. He says that they represent progress and that’s why the Mafia is afraid. Ray says that they have to do it for the fans and tonight the “New Revolution Begins!” as everyone is fired up (except for Samoa Joe who looks on rotating his wrists with a scowl on his face).

After the intro Mike and Don hype up Final Resolution and tonight's card that will feature Booker defending the Legends Title against Samoa Joe in a Street Fight and Sting facing Rhino in the Main Event.

The Mafia’s music hits and they all make their way out to the ring decked in suits, except for Booker who is rocking a kingly robe. Nash grabs the stick and says that 3D got over on them and applauds them for it. He says for some reason that 3D decided not to join the MEM. Nash says that he and Brother Ray have a lot in common: they’re both arrogant, they’re both pretty much assholes, and they both just worry about themselves. He says they both will lie their asses off to get where they want to be. He says they’re willing to take what 3D did last week and brush it off as a mistake. He gives 3D 60 seconds to rethink it and join MEM. He says after those 60 seconds they should consider their death certificate signed. The Front Line’s music hits and 3D makes their way to the stage immediately. Devon is wearing a t-shirt that says “Get Juiced” on it, I’m not even going there. Ray says, “Allow me to introduce you to AJ Styles & Samoa Joe’s tag team partners for Final Resolution…Team 3D!” Angle looks on and shakes his head. Ray says that Nash is right that they are arrogant and they are bad guys, but not when it comes to doing the right thing. He says that the young guys in the Front Line represent everything that is right in the wrestling business. He says that MEM represents everything that is wrong with the wrestling business. He says they raped every company that they ever worked for. He says that he and Devon hope to never turn into egomaniacs like them ever. He says that they broke the ‘code of the boys’, the code of the guys that go out in the ring every single night and bust their ass for the fans. He says that if guys like MEM stay in power then there will be no TNA and he says they’re going to take out MEM. He then says that if he don’t know the ‘boys’ he’s talking about then he’ll show them. The Front Line show up in the crowd. Angle says that its real cute but then Rhino cuts him off and tells Angle to shut his mouth. Rhino says he’s sick and tired of the crap that comes out of Angle’s mouth every week. He says at Final Resolution it will be the end of Kurt Angle in TNA forever and that he is one Gore away from the unemployment line. He then says that if he doesn’t think he’s serious then watch what he does to Sting tonight. Rhino says that he never had a problem with Sting until he decided to join the Main Event Mafia. Rhino says that Sting should be standing by his side on the Front Line and he’ll realize he made the wrong choice when he’s kicking the crap out of him tonight, but by then it’ll be too late. Ray then screams that tonight they kick the Main Event Mafia’s ass.

In the back JB and Lauren is with the Beautiful People and Kip James. JB announces that TNA Mobile is now free of charge. JB says that there will be a man in Kurt Angle’s corner showing up at Final Resolution and get TNA Mobile if you want to know who it is. Kip James interrupts JB and says that Sarah Palin is going to be arriving at the Impact Zone soon. Angelina Love says they are going to crown her the newest member of the Beautiful People. Velvet Sky says they have business to take care of before she gets there and they walk off.

Back from commercial they are doing something this week called Kurt Angle’s Top Five Moments in TNA because this week could be the last week of Angle’s TNA career. Honestly, it’s just promoting Angle’s new DVD but who am I to say so. #5 is Kurt Angle’s 2007 Hard Justice “Winner Takes All” match against Samoa Joe where he became the first man in TNA history to hold every single male TNA Championship at the same time.

In the back JB is in Booker T.’s lockerroom. JB asks Booker about their partnership with the Beautiful People and then asks Booker why he would agree to a Street Fight against Samoa Joe. Sharmell says that Booker hired the Beautiful People from now until the PPV to protect his most prized possession, her. She says Booker didn’t want her in the ring one-on-one against the “she-beast” ODB. Booker says that he can defend the title against anyone everywhere and he can beat everyone. Booker says that Joe wants to be a legend and he will beat him all over the arena. He says he’s taking it old school tonight and it do it like the old days. Booker then reverts to his ghetto accent and even drops the “Can you dig that…SUCKA?!” line.

TNA Legends Championship
Street Fight
Booker T. (c) w/Sharmell vs. “Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe

Tenay says that this is Booker’s 2nd title defense, but that’s wrong as Booker defended against Eric Young last week. This is a PPV match being given away on free TV and hopefully it lives up to its potential. They lockup and Booker pushes Joe into a corner and lays knee strikes into Joe, but Joe blocks most of them. Joe fights back with body shots and huge chops. Booker rolls out to the floor and Joe follows, but Booker catches him with a back kick to the gut. Booker then lays in some hard chops and forearms. Joe fights back with a chop of his own and then slams Booker’s head on the ring apron. Joe throws Booker over the guard rail and Joe follows. Booker pokes Joe in the eyes and then chops away on Booker, but Joe fights back with vicious chops of his own. Joe throws Booker into some railing as we go to commercial break in horrible timing. Back from commercial Booker is in a seated position in the ring. Joe chops Booker in the back and then nails him with a vicious kick to the face. Joe hits a running Knee Drop for a two count. Booker rolls back out to the floor where Joe follows again. Joe with a headbutt on Booker but Booker hits another back kick. Booker throws Joe headfirst into the ring post and then throws him into the ring steps. Booker with repeated forearms and knee strikes on the floor that look vicious. Booker rolls Joe back into the ring and hits a full arm twist into a back heel kick for a two count. Booker picks Joe up and hits some chops again but Joe fights back with several stinging jabs. Joe charges off the ropes but Booker catches him with a beautiful spinning heel kick for another two count. Booker with another chop to Joe in the corner followed by more and then Joe fights back again with chops. Joe flings Booker into the corner and then hits a Snap Powerslam for a close two count. Joe attempts to whip Booker into the ropes, but Booker reverses it and hits a knee strike to Joe’s gut. Booker goes for the Axe Kick but Joe moves and locks in the Coquina Clutch, but the referee is distracted by Sharmell. Booker T. taps out but the ref doesn’t see it. The Beautiful People run out and spray hairspray in Joe’s eyes! Joe is blinded and Booker nails the Axe Kick as Joe stumbled around the ring to pick up the pinfall and retain his title as we know what the Beautiful People’s other business was.

Winner & STILL Legends Champion: Booker T. via pinfall (Axe Kick)

In Main Event Mafia’s lockerroom they are celebrating Booker’s win. Steiner says that Booker set the tone for the night and he promises to Sting that the will fight at Final Resolution like the TNA Title is their own. Steiner says that 3D hasn’t been to the places or done the things that they’ve done. He says that 3D is just a couple of fat asses and the only reason they joined the Front Line is because they have more Twinkies in their lockeroom then the Mafia. Steiner goes nuts and storms out of the lockerroom and tells Nash and Sting to follow him. Angle then says that he has something to say and he’s going to say it front of the world.

#4 of Kurt Angle’s Top 5 TNA Moments is his Match of the Year quality IWGP 3rd Belt Championship match against Yuji Nagata earlier this year in Japan.

Back from commercial Lauren is with Samoa Joe (who has a towel over his head) in the Front Line’s lockerroom. 3D approaches Joe and asks him what he’s going to do and if he is just going to sulk with a towel over his head. Ray snatches the towel off of Joe’s head and Joe jumps up and gets in Ray’s face, but Ray tells him not to bow up to them. Ray says that they’re on his side and tells Joe that its not about losing the battle its about winning the war. Ray says that Joe is the future of the business and that Joe might be one of the last old school tough son of bitches there is. Ray tells Joe to snap out of it and then leaves. Joe nods his head and follows them.

ODB’s Angle w/Roxxi and Taylor Wilde

Roxxi talks about everything she likes and where she grew up and then Taylor says the same. Nothing of interesting. Taylor asks ODB why she isnt being herself and not partying and ODB says that its that time of the month. Like we needed to know that. She says that they also have a problem: Charmin (Sharmell) and Booker D….Taylor says “Booker D?” and ODB replies with the obvious “Deeez Nuts.” She says that they hired the Beautiful People to protect Sharmell at Final Resolution so its going to be 3-on-1. She says usually she likes 3-on-1’s but not in this case. Taylor calls the Beautiful People the Slightly Above Average Blonde People and says that her and Roxxi have been around the block with them more than anybody. She says they got her back and then they both drop several cuss words that get bleeped out but you get the picture. Man, Taylor looked hot in that dress tonight though. Anyway, Tenay announces that Traci Brooks made it official that at Final Resolution it will be Sharmell & The Beautiful People against ODB, Taylor Wilde, & Roxxi in a 6-Knockout War!

Tenay runs down the rest of the Final Resolution card: Feast or Fired, Bashir defends the X-Title against Eric Young, Kong defending the Knockouts Title against Christy Hemme, Beer Money putting the Tag belts on the line against Abyss and Matt Morgan, Rhino vs. Angle, and MEM vs. Front Line.

In the back Lauren is with Beer Money who are following Abyss. Storm is once again driving his cooler on wheels. When Abyss turns around he snatches Storm off the cooler and throws him against the wall. Storm says he’s sorry but Abyss says the only reason he isn't going to tear them apart now is because he and Matt Morgan want to take the tag titles from them at Final Resolution. Roode says that they come in peace and apologize. Storm asks Abyss where Matt Morgan is and he replies with “at the gym like he always is.” Storm calls him Mr. Monster Abyss and says that when he hit him with the bottle it wasn’t his fault. He says he jumped up on the ring apron with the bottle because Abyss looked thirst but the mat was so slippery and it slipped out of his hand. They say they’ll make it up to him and offer him a drink, but Abyss says that he promised his therapist that he wouldn’t drink. Abyss then talks about wanting to go to the Drunken Clam from Family Guy and Beer Money say they go there all the time. Abyss gets happy and says that he’ll have a drink with them. Storm pours Abyss a shot of something and then tells him to chase it with the beer. Abyss chugs the whole beer down and Storm pours Abyss some more shots.

#3 of Kurt Angle’s Top 5 TNA Moments is the announcement of his acquisition at TNA No Surrender 2006 when Tenay and West marked out like a bunch of fans.

Lauren is in the parking lot with the Beautiful People in front of a limo. A dumb looking brunette steps out and she even has her dumb accent. Velvet drags ‘Sarah Palin’ around to show her around while Kip James tries to tell Angelina something.

They show a video package hyping up Christy Hemme’s match against Awesome Kong. They show footage of Christy training with AJ Styles and AJ talks about how much shes improved.

Mixed Tag Team Match
“Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner & Awesome Kong w/Raisha Saeed & Rhaka Khan vs. “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles & Christy Hemme

Steiner & AJ lockup and Steiner hits a weak knee to AJ’s gut. Steiner with a scoop slam on AJ and then throws AJ head first into the top turnbuckle. Steiner hits chops on AJ in the corner and then throws AJ across the ring. Steiner goes for another scoop slam, but AJ escapes it and hits a jawbreaker and then chops. AJ whips Steiner into the ropes and goes for a leapfrog but Steiner catches himself on the ropes and then hits a big Steinerline on AJ. Steiner with a big right hand as AJ stands up and then charges AJ, but AJ drops down and then hits a beautiful dropkick. AJ is fired up but Kong comes in and hits a big chop to AJ. Kong pushes AJ as Tenay reminds us that this a Mixed Tag Match and the men are not allowed to wrestle the men. AJ goes to hit Kong but the referee grabs his hand allowing Steiner to hit him from behind. Steiner with a big chop and then attempts to whip AJ in the ropes, but AJ reverses it and throws Steiner over the top rope to the floor. In the ring Kong and Christy start going at it with Kong throwing Christy into AJ. Kong then charges AJ and Christy and they pull the top rope down causing Kong to fly over the top rope to the floor. AJ springs over the top rope and sets up for what looks like an Asai Moonsault, but Raisha Saeed grabs his foot. Christy then hits a dropkick through the middle and bottom rope onto Saeed. Kong then sweeps AJ’s legs and AJ takes a hard bump facefirst on the ring apron. Back in the ring Steiner whips AJ and hits another big Steinerline followed by an Elbow Drop and then taunts AJ with pushups as we go to commercials. Back from commercials Steiner throws AJ over the top rope but AJ grabs it and skins the cat back into the ring. Steiner then charges at AJ but AJ ducks and hits a big Knife Edge Chop. AJ hits a Backbreaker for a close two count. Steiner pokes AJ in the eyes and goes for another Steiner Line, but AJ ducks and hits the Pele out of nowhere! Steiner tags out to Kong. Kong charges at AJ in the corner but he moves and Kong eats the top turnbuckle. AJ tags in Christy Hemme who goes for a Flying Cross Body off the top, but Kong catches her in midair. Kong sets up for the Awesome Bomb, but Christy gets her back and locks in a sleeper! Kong backs up into the corner making Christy let go and charges but Christy gets her boots up. Steiner grabs Christy by the air and AJ comes flying with a double slege knocking Steiner to the floor. AJ hits a Slingshot Cross Body over the top onto Steiner on the floor! In the ring Kong hits a vicious Shortarm Clothesline on Christy followed by another one. Kong sets Chirsty up for the Awesome Bomb as AJ climbs in the ring. Kong drops Christy and hits a big Awesome Splash on AJ in the corner! Kong picks Christy back up and goes for the Awesome Bomb, but Christy flips over Kong’s back with a Sunset Flip attempt! Christy cant get Kong over and Kong goes for a Seated Splash, but Christy moves! Christy goes for a clothesline, Kong ducks, AJ picks Christy up wrapping her around his body and then throws her feet first into Kong! AJ puts Christy on his shoulders and she grabs Kong by the head. AJ flings Christy by her legs into a crazy Swinging DDT that gave it tons more acceleration. Christy covers Kong and gets the pinfall victory!

Winners: AJ Styles & Christy Hemme via pinfall (Assisted Swinging DDT)

In the back JB is with Kurt Angle who is approaching Mick Foley. Kurt says that he’s in the position that he’s in because Mick screwed him at Bound for Glory, and the only reason that Mick isn't crippled right now is because he gave him a pass. Kurt says that if Mick screws him again then he promises that Mick will never walk again. Mick says that he will not allow Kurt to attempt to intimidate him. Mick says that it was Kurt that fired the first shot and all he will do at Final Resolution is make sure that the match is one-on-one. Kurt says that’s right, Kurt vs. Rhino not Kurt vs. Rhino & Mick and that’s why he’s going to have someone there to watch his back. He says that its not anyone from the Main Event Mafia either.

#2 of Kurt Angle’s Top 5 TNA Moments is his King of the Mountain Match at Slammiversary 2007.

In the back Beer Money has gotten Abyss sloppy drunk. Abyss asks if he is supposed to be feeling like this. Abyss asks Storm if hes still a top guy in TNA and they say of course. Storm says that if Abyss hangs around with them he can have anything he wants. Storm even offers Jacqueline to Abyss and Abyss starts getting extremely happy looking Jacky up and down. Roode makes Jacky go over to Abyss. She sits on Abyss’ lap and Storm says that she wants to sit on Mr. Monster. Storm tells Jacqueline to show ‘Mr. Monster’ how much she likes him and then she gives him a quick kiss and walks away. Abyss and Beer Money celebrate some more. Abyss says that he never sat that close to a real women before and asks if that means his not a virgin anymore. Storm then says that it means ‘he’s in love with a strippaaaa.’ Abyss tells Lauren that the kiss didn’t mean anything and hopes that it doesn’t change anything between them. They celebrate some more, wow.

6-Man X-Division Tag Team Match
Jimmy Rave, “The Guru” Sonjay Dutt, & “Middle Eastern Nightmare” Sheik Abdul Bashir w/So Cal Val vs. The Front Line (Consequences Creed, “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal, & “Showtime” Eric Young)

Bashir and Lethal will start the match off as the fans chant ‘U-S-A’ at Bashir. Bashir rolls out of the ring and tells Tenan and West to give him a headset. In the ring Lethal and Dutt circle each other and then Dutt slides out of the ring. On the headset Bashir says that he refuses to be in a match with Shane Sewell as the referee and Eric Young in it because neither are in his league. Lethal then hits a Suicide Dive onto Dutt on the floor! Bashir refuses to wrestle. Lethal slides Dutt in the ring and gets a 2 count. Lethal with a full arm twist and then tags in Eric Young. Young with a full arm twist but Dutt fights back with a kick and then Young hits a back elbow and then a clothesline. Young taunts Bashir and tells him to get in the ring as Dutt tags in Rave. Rave attacks Young from behind and stomps him down in the corner. Rave and Dutt double team Young and then Rave locks in a side headlock on him. They whip Young into the corner and take turns with running forearms on Young in the corner. Rave then hits an STO on Young followed by a Running Somersault Senton for a two count. Rave puts Young in a side headlock and then tags in Dutt who hits a body shot and then a snapmare on Young. Dutt takes his wrist tape off and chokes Young with it. Dutt slingshots into the ring like he is going to hit a big high spot but just lands on the mat and kicks Young in the head and then laughs at the fans. Dutt tags Rave back in. Dutt with a knee strike and then a Shining Wizard from Rave on Young for a two count. Dutt pushes Lethal causing Creed to try and get in the ring distracting the ref. Dutt then charges at Young in the corner but Young moves. Rave goes for a splash on Young but he moves and Rave nails Dutt. Young tags in Creed who hits a Flying Cross Body off the top onto both Rave and Dutt. Creed then hits big right hands to both. Dutt goes for a clothesline on Creed but he ducks by going into a split and then hits a big right hand on him. Creed then hits a Rolling Lariat on Rave for a two count before Dutt made the save. Lethal gets back in and knocks Dutt to the floor and follows. In the ring Creed charges at Rave in the corner but he gets a boot up. Lethal throws Dutt into the guardrail on the outside while Creed hits the TKO on Rave in the ring for the pin.

Winners: Creed, Lethal, & Young via pinfall (TKO)

After the match Bashir attacks Young on the floor but Young fights back and lays Bashir out with a hiptoss onto the ramp. Young then tries to hit Bashir with the X-Division belt but Bashir retreats and Young celebrates with the title belt in the ring.

We get a video package hyping up the Feast or Fired Match. Chris Sabin says that its “the time of the year where grown men in tights fight over 4 briefcases hanging on poles. I can’t think of anytime of the year I look forward to more.” Jay Lethal, Consequences Creed, L.A.X., Jimmy Rave, and Alex Shelley talk about the match. Shelley says that if he gets fired then he might have to start dressing like Mick Foley. They showed several shots of Christopher Daniels after getting fired last year.

In the Main Event Mafia’s lockerroom JB is with TNA World Champ: Sting. Sting says that at Final Resolution you are going to see how a family function and that he is going to be in the ring with guys that hes known some of for 20 years. He says that he’s never had a problem with Rhino and that he’s still trying to figure out how he got involved. Sting says nothing is going to stop him from finishing what he knows needs to be finished. Sting then grabs his title and walks off.

#1 of Kurt Angle’s Top 5 TNA Moments is the formation of the Main Event Mafia.

In the back Lauren is with the Beautiful People and the fake Sarah Palin. She asks if they can see Russia from their lockerroom because she can see it from her backyard. Booker T. and Sharmell walk up with Booker in a towel. Palin says they grow such big wrestlers around there and says that she has few moose smaller than him. Booker laughs and then tells Kip to get those “yaks” out of his room.

Rough Cut w/ L.A.X.

Hernandez talks about being a role model for Latins and Homicide talks about when they wrestled in California recently and dozens of Mexican fans came up to them and said thank you. Hernandez talks about how a little old Hispanic lady came up to him and said thank you for representing them on TV. Homicide says that it doesn’t matter if people are white, black, Hispanic they like L.A.X. and talks about how people in London were dressing like them. Homicide’s friend says L.A.X. is ‘real’ and that’s what people expect. Homicide says that they’re message is that if they can make it then anyone can. Homicide says to never forget where you came from and Hernandez says that their goal is to become the best Hispanic tag team ever.

In the back Beer Money is still partying with Abyss. Jacqueline is dancing with Abyss when his phone rings. Abyss says that it was Matt and he’s coming back to the arena. Abyss tells Beer Money that he wants Matt to join the party, but Storm says that he doesn’t know about that because they don’t have anymore alcohol. Abyss then points at a bottle in Storm’s hand and says that one’s full. Roode says that it was full and Storm smashes it over Abyss’ head. They then beat down Abyss and tell him to make sure to tell Matt that they aren’t taking their titles.

Kurt Angle’s music hits and the Olympic gold medalist walks down to the ring. Kurt calls Jeff Jarrett out to the ring and the King of the Mountain’s music hits. Kurt says that he just wanted to tell Jeff to enjoy himself tonight. He says that he wants everyone to celebrate that this may be his last Impact ever because the more they celebrate the more focused he becomes. He says that its not a normal kind of focus its more of a sick, demented type of focus. He says that when he was training for the Olympics he was an animal and that he ate, slept, and shit wrestling. He says that this focus he has now is much worse and its solely about Jeff Jarrett and wanting to destroy him. He says ever since he signed with TNA they have butted heads constantly and they have never gotten along. He says that Jeff was just jealous of Kurt’s success and that he dodged Kurt constantly and when he finally got Jeff in the ring Mick screwed him. Kurt says that it wont happen again and he will destroy Rhino and he’ll taste his blood. He says when he’s done with Rhino he’s going to make sure that Mick Foley is sucking air through a respirator, and then it will just be Kurt and Jeff at Genesis. Kurt says that he knows that Jeff’s kids miss their mother and Jeff misses his wife, but he has no remorse for him. He says that he feels nothing. He says that when he’s through with Jeff that he’s going to own his company and his family because its not just about wrestling anymore. He says that he has never been this out of control and that he doesn’t even know what he’ll do when he finally gets back in the ring with Jeff. Jeff says that if Kurt tries to take down his family and his company there is only one way he’ll do it and that’s over his dead body. That was one intense segment.

In the back Lauren is with Rhino. Rhino says that he heard everything Kurt Angle just said and as every word spilled out of Kurt’s mouth the only thing he thought about was his family. Rhino says that everyone in the back knows what those three little girls mean to Jeff and when you drag them into it you’ve crossed a line. Rhino says that Kurt has broken every code in the book between the boys and tells Sting he doesn’t know what he’s capable of doing to him.

We get yet another Suicide video package and he says it’s time. Will he finally debut at Final Resolution?

In the back JB is with Team 3D, Samoa Joe, & AJ Styles. Ray says that over the past two weeks the people have heard enough of him and Devon. AJ says that since he met Joe they have been brothers through it all. He says that from the beginning it was always him, Joe, and Christopher Daniels. He says that there was nothing that he wouldn’t do for them and nothing they wouldn’t do for him. He says that never in a million years did he think they would be on the same side as 3D. He tells Sting that its fine if Sting doesn’t want to pass the torch cause they’re going to take it. Joe says that’s all there is to say and pushes JB out of his way and walks off. Main Event time.

Main Event
“The Icon” Sting vs. “War Machine” Rhino

I believe this is the first time these two have ever wrestled one-on-one. They lockup and and Rhino gets a side headlock on Sting as the fans are hot for this match. Sting pushes Rhino off and Rhino hits a shoulder block. Sting goes for a hiptoss but Rhino blocks it and goes for a clothesline, but Sting ducks and Rhino hits right hands. Rhino throws Sting headfirst into the top turnbuckle and then beats Sting down to the mat. Rhino whips Sting into the opposite corner and follows up with a hiptoss. Rhino sets up for The Gore but Sting quickly climbs out of the ring. Rhino follows him out and hits big right hands and throws Sting into the guard rail. Rhino whips Sting into the opposite guard rail and then attempts to Gore Sting on the floor, but Sting moves and Rhino nails the guard rail head first. The replay shows that Sting actually grabbed Rhino by the head as he moved out of the way and sent Rhino into the guard rail with even more force. Sting throws Rhino into the ring steps as they show Rhino is busted open and we go to commercial at another horrible time. Back from commercials Sting is beating Rhino down in a corner and then mounts Rhino in the corner and rains down punches. Sting stomps on Rhino and then slams him head first into the mat. Rhino is pouring blood as Sting punches him more in the face. Rhino fights back with right hands of his own until Sting pokes him in the eyes. Sting kicks him in the ribs and then punches him in the forehead again. Rhino fights back again with right hands and attempts to whip Sting into the ropes, but Sting reverses it and Rhino hits a big Flying Clothesline! Both men are down now! Rhino’s face is the proverbial crimson mask as Kurt Angle runs down to ringside and he beats on the mat. AJ Styles walks down to the ring and now as Sting and Rhino trade shots in the ring. Sting rakes Rhino’s eyes again. Sting attempts to whip Rhino in the corner but Rhino reverses it and hits a big shoulder block in the corner. The fans are really into this match. Kurt Angle gets on the ring apron but Rhino knocks him down. Sting hits a big clothesline on Rhino and then locks in the Scorpion Death Lock but Kurt Angle is pissed off and is trying to get in the ring to attack Rhino which distracts the referee. AJ then pulls Angle off the ring apron and they start going at it on the floor. Sting is pissed at the referee and starts arguing with him but when he turns around he eats a huge Gore! 1…2…3 and Rhino pins the World Champ!

Winner: Rhino via pinfall (Gore)

After the match The Front Line storm the ring and celebrate with Rhino as Sting looks at Angle is disbelief. We get a Final Resolution hype package as Impact goes off the air.

Final Thoughts

Tonight's show was another solid effort from TNA. There was a little too much pointless stuff for my taste. All the Sarah Palin stuff was just corny and uncalled for though Booker was funny. ODB's Angle was pretty pointless as well. I did, however, love the Beer Money and Abyss segments. They were hilarious and Beer Money being the ultimate heels they are by actually getting one of their opponents for a PPV match drunk and then hitting him over the head with a whiskey bottle. Most of the matches were pretty short but none were bad and everything set up this Sunday nicely. Everyone involved in a match was involved with one of their opponents on Sunday. Perfect go home show as they hyped up Final Resolution nicely.

The opening segment with the Front Line and Main Event Mafia was pretty good, everybody was good on the stick and they are progressing everything nicely.

Booker's pre-match interview was gold. He said he was going old school for his Street Fight and even went to the old ghetto accent which is always great. The match itself was good but like most of TNA's matches had a badly timed commercial break. It was a Street Fight but they kept the 'garbage' out of it with just pretty much brawling on the outside. Very solid match by both guys. They were both stiff as hell in it and it put Joe over while still keeping the belt on Booker.

The Mixed Tag Match was a solid tag match but it had a great finish. I loved the double team stuff that AJ and Christy did for the finish and that assisted Swinging DDT was nasty. Christy really has improved tons since her WWE days. It was again furthering all the stories for FR and it wasn't like they were two teams thrown together. Kong's friend Rhaka Khan has a lot of history with Steiner and Christy said last week that it was AJ that was helping her train so both teams made sense.

The 6-Man X-Divison Match was good, kind of short but good. Dutt and Rave came out looking really good as they hung with 3 guys by themselves as Bashir bailed on them. Young looks very strong going into his match with Bashir this Sunday too.

All of these video packages hyping up Feast or Fired showing Christopher Daniels over and over and even AJ name dropping Daniels during his promo really makes me think we will see the return of the Fallen Angel very soon. I have said it over and over Daniels is the biggest piece of the Front Line missing right now. Feast or Fired is the perfect way to bring him back. I won't go into it here but I told what I thought would be perfect on the forums so go there and see it.

Kurt Angle's promo on Jarrett was intense as ever and everytime he starts talking about Angle's dead wife and his kids it makes me go, damn. Kurt really looks insane right now which is great. I have a feeling that Rhino and Angle's match is going to be very physical.

The main event was good between Sting and Rhino. They worked well together and beat on each other pretty big. I was surprised that Rhino got the rub in this one though and it makes him look very strong going into Sunday, but doesn't make Sting look weak as he had Rhino beat when Angle accidentally cost Sting the match. Nice end to the show.

- Match of the Night: Samoa Joe vs. Booker T. (***)

- Segment/Promo of the Night: Jeff Jarrett and Kurt Angle's promo

- Overall Grade: A

Final Resolution Lineup:

- Taylor Wilde, ODB, & Roxxi vs. Angelina Love, Velvet Sky, & Sharmell

- Feast or Fired: Hernandez vs. Homicide vs. Alex Shelley vs. Chris Sabin vs. Curry Man vs. Shark Boy vs. Jimmy Rave vs. Lance Rock vs. Jay Lethal vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. Petey Williams vs. BG James vs. Consequences Creed vs. Kip James

- TNA Knockout Title: Awesome Kong (c) vs. Christy Hemme

- TNA X-Division Title: Sheik Abdul Bashir (c) vs. Eric Young

- TNA World Tag Titles: Beer Money (c) vs. Matt Morgan & Abyss

- Kurt Angle vs. Rhino w/Special Enforcer: Mick Foley (if Angle wins he gets rematch with Jarrett, if Rhino wins Angle is fired)

- 8 Man War: Main Event Mafia (Kevin Nash, Sting (c), Scott Steiner, & Booker T.) vs. The Front Line (AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, & Team 3D) (if MEM wins then Sting retains the TNA World Title, if Front Line wins then AJ wins the World Title)