Impact Results - 12/18/08 - Orlando, FL

Reported by Josh Boutwell of
On Friday, December 19, 2008 at 12:41 AM EST

December 18, 2008
Orlando, Florida (iMPACT! Zone @ Universal Studios)
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Time to cross the line once again my friends!

The show opens with the Rock & Roll sounds of the Rock & Rave Infection!

Lance Rock vs. “War Machine” Rhino
I believe this is Rock’s first appearance on Impact since the beatdown he and Jimmy received from Kurt Angle in Vegas. During Rhino’s entrance Tenay says that Rhino gets a shot at Sting’s TNA Title next month at Genesis. Did I miss something last week?! I don’t believe that was announced last week on the show or on their website. Regardless, Rhino and Lance circle each other and Rock goes in for a lockup but Rhino isn’t haven’t that tonight and kicks him in the gut followed by a forearm. Rhino slams Lance’s head into the top turnbuckle and then whips him into the opposite corner, and nails him with a belly-to-belly suplex as Lance came stumbling out of the corner. Rhino crouches down in the corner and calls for the Gore! Rhino charges but he eats Lance Rock’s foot instead! Lance pounces on Rhino with big clubbing shots. Lance throws Rhino head first into the turnbuckle and then does his best Kevin Nash impersonation by choking Rhino in the corner with his boot. Lance with a big right hand and covers for a two count. Lance transitions into a side headlock and Rhino tries to get pumped up from the “Let’s Go Rhino” chants the fans are giving him. Rhino fights to his feet and hits several back elbows until Lance stops him with a blow to the back. Lance whips Rhino into the turnbuckle but Rhino explodes out of the corner with a clothesline followed by a back elbow. Rhino hits a big shoulder block in the corner followed by another belly-to-belly suplex. Rhino crouches down in the corner again stalking Lance and this time nails the Gore for the pin!

Winner: Rhino via pinfall (Gore)

Rhino grabs the microphone after the match and asks the Front Line to come down to the ring. All their members including the reluctant Motor City Machine Guns walk out to the ring minus Brother Ray and Brother Devon (who is attending to his brother says Tenay). Rhino says that when they decided to go against the Mafia they knew it would be bloody, but what they did to Brother Ray last week is something that they wont stand for. Then, Rhino says what they say every single week: if it’s that’s the fight they want, that that’s what they’ll get. Rhino turns his attention to Sting and says that a few weeks ago he beat Sting on Impact, but at Genesis he’s not just going to just beat him. He says he’s going to maul Sting and leave him lying in a pile of his own piss, blood, and shit. Rhino says that he’ll do it for Brother Ray and every member of the Front Line. Rhino says that last week the Mafia raised the bar but this week their going to raise it even higher. AJ grabs the microphone and says that because of their actions last week TNA has put Booker and Steiner in a tag match against Matt Morgan and Abyss, and he hopes that they rip Booker & Steiner’s heads off. AJ says that Sting and Nash have him and Joe inside Six Sides of Steel and if they want to act like animals tonight they’ll be animals inside a cage. Joe says that he’s sat back and tried to fight the good fight, but Joe doesn’t understand that. He says he understands violence and retribution and tonight the Mafia’s surrender will not be accepted. Joe says that when Nash and Sting stand inside the cage and look across the ring they will come to one realization: Joe is going to kill you! Joe looks psychotically at the camera with his lip quivering and then starts laughing.

Mike and Don go over the card for tonight that features the final two opening round matches of the X-Division Tournament, ODB and Christy Hemme facing Rhaka Khan and Raisha Saeed in a Knockouts Street Fight, they will update Brother Ray’s condition, Jeff Jarrett will speak, Abyss and Matt Morgan will face Booker T. & Scott Steiner, and in the Main Event AJ Styles & Samoa Joe will face TNA World Champion: Sting and Kevin Nash inside the menacing Six Sides of Steel!

In the back Jeremy Borash is with Kurt Angle. Kurt says that tonight there will be bloodshed, but it will be the Front Line’s. Kurt says that if you ask for the gun then you’re going to get the bullets to and asks if they saw what the Mafia did to Ray. Kurt says that they’ll do what they have to do. He says that tonight he is going pay tribute to Jeff Jarrett because after Genesis Jeff Jarrett will be extinct. Kurt says that he has a special guest coming to and then does the Mick Foley, “Bang, Bang” gesture.

------------------------COMMERCIAL BREAK------------------------------

Back from commercials Lauren is in the back with the Motor City Machine Guns. She asks them about both being in the X-Division Championship tournament. Lauren says that Sabin has the chance to advance to the semi-finals tonight against Sonjay Dutt, and Sabin responds by saying that she has the chance at being the meat in a Moto City Sandwich. Chris says they know what’s at stake because he’s a 4-time X-Division Champion, but his “heterosexual life mate” (Shelley) hasn’t gotten the belt, yet. He says that emphasis is on yet. He tells Shelley to savor the moment when he finally gets the belt around his waist. Lauren then asks them what they’ll do if they both make it to the finals. Shelley says that there is no ‘if’ because they both will make it to the finals. He says that Mick Foley would love for nothing more than both of them to destroy each other because he’s jealous of them. Shelley says that its win-win if both make it to the finals, and at the end of the day Detroit wins and Mick Foley loses.

X-Division Championship Tournament Quarter Finals
“The Guru” Sonjay Dutt w/So Cal Val vs. Chris Sabin w/Alex Shelley

Sabin and Sonjay lockup in the center of the ring but Sonjay gets the advantage with a wristlock, but Sabin rolls through and hits a beautiful armdrag. Sonjay charges Sabin and forces him into the corner. Earl Hebner tries to break them up but Sonjay attempts a clothesline, and Sabin ducks followed by a superkick to Sonjay’s gut. Sabin attempts to whip Sonjay into the opposite corner but Sonjay reverses and charges, but Sabin springs off the middle rope up and over Sonjay. Sabin comes off the ropes, Sonjay ducks down, Sabin cartwheels over him, Sabin springboards to the middle rope, but Sonjay pulls him down by the feet. Sonjay stomps on Sabin’s head as we see Sheik Abdul Bashir setting up a chair on the stage and watching the match. Sonjay chokes Sabin on the middle rope and distracts the referee so Val can choke him somemore. Sonjay hits a snapmare on Sabin and then stomps on his head again. Sonjay hits a Scoop Slam on Sabin and then drags him halfway out of the ring and slams his head on the ring apron. Sonjay springboards back into the ring and simply kicks Sabin in the face as he lands for a two count. Sabin fights back with body shots and charges off the ropes, but Sonjay hits a jawbreaker followed by a gorgeous hurricanrana for a two count. Sonjay throws Sabin headfirst into the top turnbuckle as the fans are getting behind Sabin now with stomps and claps. Sonjay hits shoulderblocks on Sabin in the corner and then kicks him in the face. Sonjay draws some heat from the fans and then hits another snapmare on Sabin. Sonjay stomps on Sabin repeatedly and then chokes him with his boot. Sonjay charges off the ropes but Sabin catches him with an Atomic Drop followed by a shortarm clothesline. Sabin with a with a spinning back kick followed by an Enziguri that sends Sonjay stumbling to the corner. Sabin charges in with a Flying Back Elbow in the corner and then throws Sabin to the center of the ring. Sabin then hits a springboard Flying Clothesline for a two count. Sabin goes for the Cradle Shock but Sonjay blocks it by biting Sabin. Sonjay stalks Sabin like he’s Randy Orton and goes for the Sonjay Cutter but Sabin blocks it and puts Sonjay into a Tombstone setup, but instead flips and Sonjay lands on his feet. Sonjay rolls back with a head scissors attempt but Sabin blocks it and Sonjay reverses into a Tornado DDT followed by a standing Shooting Star Press for a two count! That was an excellent sequence and was all done in one fluid motion. Sonjay attempts to whip Sabin into the corner but Sabin reverses it charges in with a clothesline attempt, but Sonjay moves by slipping in between the top and middle rope and hits the Bombay Boom (619-like seesaw move)! Sabin falls down onto the middle rope and then Sonjay slingshots himself over the corner into a Guillotine Leg Drop! Sonjay slingshots himself into the ring but Sabin catches him on his shoulders and goes for the Cradle Shock again, but Sonjay blocks it again. Sabin hits a back elbow on Sonjay and then comes off the ropes and eats an Enziguri from Sonjay! Sonjay charges off the ropes and goes for a hurricanrana but Sabin blocks it and reverses it into a Cradle Shock for the pin! Great finish.

Winner: Chris Sabin via pinfall (Cradle Shock)

After the match Bashir leaves the stage in disgust while Sabin and Shelley celebrate in the ring.

In the back Lauren is with “Palin” and the Beautiful People. Palin tells them they have to look more governatorial if they want to go to the white house with her. She tells them they have to look more like Barbra Bush, but they say she looks like a tranny. Kip James interrupts her and says they don’t need any of her people because he is their fashion consultant. They interrupt Kip and tell him that they love him but she is the Governor. Kip looks at them like their crazy and leaves.

------------------------COMMERCIAL BREAK------------------------------

ODB’s Angle w/ Chirsty Hemme

ODB calls Christy “fire crotch” and Christy lifts her leg which gets a “you go commando” response from ODB. ODB talks about Christy’s stint on the Man Show as a trampoline girl and Christy even hopped up and down. They talk about her past in WWE and Playboy. ODB asks Christy if she ever saw Hugh Heffner’s “old balls” and she said hell no. ODB says that all the “Playboy Divas” now think they can strap on a pair of black wrestling boots and jump into her world. Christy says that she understands that and she says that it took her training every second to get in the ring in TNA. Raisha Saeed walks up and slaps Christy and hits her with a garbage can. Rhaka Khan and Saeed continue to put a beatdown Christy and ODB until security makes the save. That is the incident that happened “earlier today” that is the cause of the Knockouts Street Fight for later.

In the back Mick Foley is in the Main Event Mafia’s locker room where Kevin Nash is giving Foley a shoulder massage that is just disturbing. They are cracking jokes with Mick and Mick says he’s a little concerned with what happened last week. Mick says that they crossed a line last week when they beat down on Brother Ray last week because Ray challenged Kurt Angle to a wrestling match not a gang rape. Booker tells Mick to lighten up and then Kurt says that Mick is being to harsh. Kurt says that it was a wrestling match that turned into a street fight and asks Mick what he would’ve done. Mick says that he would’ve done it one-on-one. Kurt says that the Mafia is a family and if you fight one of them you fight them all. Mick says that he needs Kurt’s word, no more beat downs and they agree. They all do a toast with some wine afterward.

------------------------COMMERCIAL BREAK------------------------------

TNA Rough Cut w/ Beer Money Inc.

This week’s Beer Money is covering Robert Roode. Roode talks about his upbringing and his close family. Roode says that his focus growing up was hockey and how he got into wrestling after he graduated. He started training in 1998 and had his first match only a few months after he started training. He says that it just felt like he was meant to be in the ring. He says that it was a long road to get to TNA but he never wanted to quit.

“Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner & Booker T. w/Sharmell vs. “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan & “The Monster” Abyss

This is a pretty historic match since it is the first time to my knowledge that the most successful half of Harlem Heat teams with the most successful half of the Steiner Brothers in a tag team match. Two of the greatest tag teams in wrestling history coming together. Booker and Abyss will start the match off. They lock up and brawl to the corner where the referee breaks them up. Abyss tries a clothesline on Booker but he ducks and then hits a couple of hard slaps in the corner. Booker attempts to whip Abyss into the ropes but Abyss reverses it and hits a shoulder block. Abyss tries to lockup with Booker again but he ducks under it and hits a kick to the gut followed by some knife edge chops. Booker attempts to whip Abyss into the corner but he reverses it and then hits a big corner clothesline on Booker! Booker is able to roll away and tag in Steiner and Abyss tags in Morgan. They lockup and Morgan forces Steiner into the corner, but Scott pokes him in the eyes. Steiner then hits some big, hard chops on Morgan and attempts to whip Matt, but he holds onto the ropes and then hits some big knees. Morgan whips Steiner into the ropes and then hits a back elbow followed by a Sidewalk Slam. Morgan then hits an Elevated Leg Drop for a two count until Booker came in and broke it up. Abyss runs in and throws Booker out of the ring. Abyss hits a running splash on Steiner in the corner as we go to a commercial break.

-------------------------COMMERCIAL BREAK------------------------------

Back from commercial Booker is hitting some hard body shots on Abyss and then clubs him in the back followed by a big Superkick. Booker drags Abyss to the center of the ring and gets a two count. Booker tags in Steiner as they show where Abyss got hit with an Enziguri from the apron by Booker and a Steinerline from Steiner in the ring during the commercial break. Back to “live” action Abyss hits a double clothesline on Booker and Steiner! The fans try to get behind Abyss and he tags in Morgan. Morgan with rights to Booker and Steiner and then hits a Scoop Slam on Booker. Steiner hits him from behind and then attempts to whip Morgan into the ropes but he reverses it and hits the Carbon Footprint for a two count until Booker made the save. Abyss clotheslines Booker to the arena floor and follows while Morgan hits vicious back elbows on Steiner in the corner. Abyss throws Booker into the ring steps on the outside. Abyss throws Booker into the guard rail as Morgan chokes Steiner in the corner. Sharmell attempted to attack Abyss but he turned around quickly and Sharmell fell backwards like Abyss hit her. Abyss tries to tell everyone that he didn’t hit her while Scott and Morgan fight in the ring. Morgan had Steiner up on his shoulders when Booker came in with a lead pipe and hits Morgan in the knee. Booker then hits the Axe Kick on Morgan for the pin. On the outside Sharmell pops up and starts hopping in celebration and Abyss looks shocked.

Winners: Booker T. & Scott Steiner via pinfall (Axe Kick)

After the match Abyss comes in and the Mafia bail out. Morgan asks Abyss what happened and holds his head and then we cut to the back where Jeff Jarrett is pacing in his office.

We get another Brutus Magnus vignette as we come from commercial and lets just hope this guy doesn’t take as long to debut as Mr. Suicide.

Kurt Angle’s Tribute to Jeff Jarrett

Kurt plugs his new DVD before he starts with Jeff’s tribute. Kurt says that he is there to talk about a man that is twice the man he is: Jeff Jarrett and the fans are now doing that stupid “What” chant. Kurt shows pictures of Jeff’s early days and talks about him winning rookie of the year. He talks about Jeff’s first run in the WWF and talks about Jeff’s 7 Intercontinental Title reigns and his tag title reign with Owen Hart that starts an “Owen” chant which Kurt kind of laid out for and let happen. Kurt then talks about Jeff’s run in WCW and his 4 WCW Titles and the guys he defeated for those belts (Kevin Nash, Ric Flair, Diamond Dallas Page, & Scott Steiner) in WCW. He says that when Jeff had nothing /* to prove in the ring he created his own company: TNA which gets “TNA” chants. Kurt talks about TNA’s primetime and 2 hour debuts and its expansion in other countries. Kurt then says that when he thought Jeff couldn’t do anything /* in this business he comes out of retirement and screws him. Kurt shows a picture of Jeff hitting him with a guitar at BFG. Kurt then says that the fairytale comes to an end at Genesis and promises that Jeff Jarrett will drown in a pool of his own blood. Kurt says that the wrestling business can live without Jeff but can these 3…and then shows actual pictures of Jeff’s daughters. Kurt says that after Genesis those little girls will become orphans, but says not to worry because Uncle Kurt might find it in his heart to adopt them. This gets tons of heat from the fans and then Kurt walks out and says that Kurt is a worthless son of a bitch. Jeff says that he’s heard “that s***” for the last time and tries to storm the ring, but security and TNA staff (Terry Taylor, BG James, Scott D’Amore, etc.) try and hold him back. Kurt laughs and hops around in the ring as Jeff is turning beat-red and screaming at Kurt. Kurt finally gets pissed and jumps out of the ring to approach Jarrett. Security tries to hold them back and I have to say that both look like they truly want to tear each other apart. That was an awesome segment.

------------------------COMMERCIAL BREAK------------------------------

in the back BG James is trying to calm Jeff Jarrett down and JB is still trying to get an interview with Jeff which causes BG to tell JB to shut the hell up. Mick runs in and asks Mick what he’s doing there and that Kurt is Mick’s buddy. Jeff leaves and BG tells Mick that it’s half Mick’s fault that this is happening.

TNA X-Division Championship Tournament Quarter Finals
Kiyoshi vs. Consequences Creed

Kiyoshi is formally known as the All Japan wrestler Akira Raijin. He is now wearing Great Muta like face paint and tights and Tenay points out the fact that Great Muta was Kiyoshi’s tag team partner and mentor in All Japan. Kiyoshi truly looks like a young Great Muta in there. We see how over Creed is as the fans start a big “Creed” chant before the bell. They lock up and Muta gets the advantage with a side headlock, but Creed pushes him off into the ropes and Kiyoshi hits a shoulder block. Kiyoshi comes off the ropes, Creed drops down, Kiyoshi leaps over him, Creed rolls backwards and Kiyoshi rolls over him, and then Creed hits a big basement dropkick to the face of Kiyoshi. Creed then stands on Kiyoshi’s back and drops down with an Elbow Drop for a two count. Creed with a forearm and then attempts to whip Kiyoshi into the ropes but he reverses it and Creed holds onto the ropes. Kiyoshi charges Creed but Creed backdrops Kiyoshi over the top rope and Kiyoshi lands on the ring apron. Kiyoshi with a right hand and then a shoulder block to Creed followed by a slingshot flip into the ring and when Creed turns around he eats a belly-to-belly overhead suplex for a two count. Kiyoshi with chops to the head and then a Muta-like thrust and then chokes Creed over the middle rope. Kiyoshi then hits a big Lariat to a seated Creed and then puts a nerve hold on Creed just like his mentor used to do. Creed fights to his feet with back elbows and then goes for a clothesline, but Kiyoshi ducked and hit a reverse jawbreaker to the back of Creed’s head that looked nice. Kiyoshi then hits some vicious leg kicks and follows up with a basement dropkick to Creed’s face for a two count. Kiyoshi hits a scoop slam and climbs to the top rope. Kiyoshi goes for a Diving Headbutt but Creed moves and the fans are really getting behind him. Kiyoshi goes for a clothesline but Creed ducks and hits some nice body shots followed by a running double forearm and then a clothesline. Creed attempts to whip Kiyoshi into the ropes but he reverses it and goes for a backdrop, but Creed backflips over him and then hits a jab followed by a spinning enziguri! Creed then hits a Rolling Clothesline for a two count. Creed goes for the CreeDDT but Kiyoshi kicks him in the head and then hits what can only be described as a reverse F-U (Fireman’s Carry into a slam but he slams him over his head onto Creed’s back on the mat) for a two count. Creed hits a jawbreaker on Kiyoshi and then attempts to whip Kiyoshi into the corner, but Kiyoshi reverses it and Creed jumps to the middle rope but Kiyoshi dropkicks Creed’s legs out from under him! Kiyoshi climbs to the top and hits the Moonsault for the pin!

Winner: Kiyoshi via pinfall (Moonsault)

In the back Lauren is with the Beautiful People and Palin again. Kip is pissed about how Velvet and Angelina look and neither are wearing any makeup. Velvet says they are ugly as Angelina is freaking out. Palin asks them if they want to be wrestlers or role models and they say role models. Palin says they can be bigger than Brittney Spears, Angelina Jolie, and Barack Obama. Palin tells them to trust her and they so okay.

------------------------COMMERCIAL BREAK------------------------------

Back from commercial they show a replay of the beating the Mafia gave Kurt Angle last week. They show footage of the EMT’s helping Brother Ray taking him into an ambulance. Tenay says that Ray suffered broken ribs, a concussion, and a busted eardrum.

Tenay says that earlier today he had a chance to sit down with suspended referee Shane Sewell. They talk about how Sewell transitioned from referee to wrestler and he says that he always had dreams to of being a wrestler in the big leagues, but he suffered an injury to his neck that the doctors said he may be paralyzed if it worsens. Shane’s forehead looks like hamburger meat. Shane says that if Bashir or anyone /* threatens him he will fight back, and that if Bashir causes him to lose his job he won’t leave TNA peacefully. Tenay tells Shane good luck for when he comes back next week.

------------------------COMMERCIAL BREAK------------------------------

Knockouts Street Fight
Rhaka Khan & Raisha Saeed vs. ODB & Christy Hemme

Tenay announces that at Genesis Hemme gets a rematch with Kong for the Knockouts Title in a Lumberjill Match. Christy and ODB charge the ring which sends Rhaka and Saeed out of the ring, but ODB and Christy immediately follow! Rhaka Khan dives off the ring steps at ODB, but she moves and ODB eats the floor while Christy and Raisha trade forearms. ODB hits a dive off the ringsteps on Khan herself. Rhaka hits a big chop and then rolls her back into the ring as Christy sends Raisha flying into and over the guard rail. Christy follows into the crowd and flap jacks Raisha onto the guard rail as ODB misses an Elbow Drop on Khan in the ring. Khan chokes ODB in the ring and then chokes her in the corner Kevin Nash-style, but when she turns around Christy hits a Spear and then beats down on her. ODB chops Rhaka but she comes back with a kick to ODB and a back elbow to Christy. Rhaka comes off the ropes but Christy and ODB hit a big double shoulder block. Christy climbs to the top rope and Raisha tries to stop her but eats a nasty kick to the face. ODB hits a scoop slam on Rhaka and then Christy hits the FFG for the pin.

Winners: ODB and Christy Hemme via pinfall (FFG)

After the match Awesome Kong takes both Christy and ODB out with a double clothesline. Kong drops Christy with the Implant Buster and then one for ODB. The lights go out and Suicide makes his entrance. Suicide charges at her and Kong bails out of the ring. She gave a weird look at Suicide before he charged. The lights go out again and when they come back on Suicide is gone. Kong is freaking out trying to figure out where he went.

In the back JB is with Sting and Kevin Nash. JB asks Sting if this whole war has gotten out of hand and Sting says that he cant find the words to answer that and asks Nash if he does. Nash says that he has known Sting for 20 years and doesn’t know anyone with more integrity than Sting and says how dare JB question Sting. Nash says that he has always respected Sting and he never spit in his face, but AJ did and they asked 3D to join their family but not only did they spit in their face but they brought weapons. Nash says that they started the war and all is fair in love and war. Nash says that he has a foot jacked up with cortisone and he cant do it alone. He says he needs Sting and asks him if he’s with him and Sting says that he is.

------------------------COMMERCIAL BREAK------------------------------

Back from commercials JB is with Mick Foley in the back. Foley says that he understands why Jeff is upset but Kurt sometimes says stuff he doesn’t mean and that’s why he didn’t take what Kurt said at Final Resolution to heart. JB asks whose side Mick is on and Mick says that he isn’t on a side but he has been more disrespected by Alex Shelley in the last few weeks than he has in an entire 20 year career. Mick says he is weighing his options. JB asks Mick if he is okay with what happened to Brother Ray last week and Mick says that he is not and that he already made that clear. Mick gets pissed at JB and says that he has to go do what he was brought here to do: make decisions that are right for business.

Main Event
Six Sides of Steel Tornado Tag Team Match
“The Icon” Sting & “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash vs. “Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe & “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles

The rules to this Six Sides of Steel are a little different than usual as you can win by pinfall, submission, and escaping the cage by climbing over the top. Joe throws his towel at Kevin Nash as he comes into the cage. Joe and AJ attack Sting and Nash as the bell rings. AJ attempts to throw Sting into the cage but Sting blocks it and throws AJ head first into it. AJ fights back with a right hand and Nash is actually trying to climb out of the cage until Joe stops him with shots to his knees. AJ hits shoulder blocks on Sting in the corner and Joe with an uppercut on Nash in another corner. Joe chokes Nash as AJ hits a spinning heel kick on Sting. AJ throws Sting into the cage and then Joe slams Nash’s head into it. Joe and AJ then throw Sting into the cage again together and AJ starts kicking Nash in the knee and Joe drops elbows down on Sting’s head. AJ gets a two count on Nash. Joe chokes Sting on the top rope and we see that Sting is busted open. Joe hits jabs on Sting and then a discuss punch as AJ is standing on Nash’s throat. Joe gets a two count on Sting. Joe and AJ whip Sting into the ropes and hit a double back elbow for a two count.

-------------------------COMMERCIAL BREAK------------------------------

Back from commercials Sting is raining down punches on AJ in the corner and AJ tries to powerbomb him off the top rope, but Sting grabs him by the throat and starts choking him. Nash whips Joe into the ropes and hits a Big Boot as Sting hits a big right hand on AJ. Nash throws Joe head first into the cage and then Sting does the same to AJ. Joe whips Joe into the ropes an goes for a clothesline, but Joe ducks and hits a big front dropkick followed by a Senton Back Splash and then a Knee Drop for a two count until Sting made the save. Sting with a big right hand and then goes for the Stinger Splash but AJ nails Sting with a dropkick for a two count. In the corner Joe has Nash mounted and lays in big punches and then an Enziguri! Joe attempts to climb the cage but Nash follows him and slams Joe’s head into the cage repeatedly causing Joe to fall to the mat. AJ charges and Joe throws AJ up and over his shoulder onto Kevin Nash’s back! AJ stands on Nash’s back and climbs over the top for the win!
Winners: AJ Styles and Samoa Joe

After the match Sting and Nash beat down on Joe as has been left alone in the cage with them. AJ tries to get into the cage but Nash pushes the door into AJ and then AJ runs towards and eats a VISCOUS shot from the cage door (it looked eerily similar to the one that Abyss did to AJ at Lockdown in 2005). AJ got destroyed by that shot. Joe fights back with shots to Sting and then throws Nash into the cage. Joe hits a forearm on Sting sending him through the cage door and then puts Nash in the Coquina Clutch. Kurt Angle comes in with a chair and swings it at Joe but he ducks and hits a Superkick on Angle sending the chair into Angle’s face! Booker runs in and Joe throws him into the cage and Steiner follows but Nash low blows him. Joe picks up the chair and starts slapping Angle. Joe places the chair on the ground and sets Kurt up for the Muscle Buster but Nash nails him from behind with a sick chair shot. Steiner locks the cage door so none of the Front Line can get in. Sting and AJ start going at it on the outside as Steiner hits Joe with the lead pipe. The referees run out to try and get the cage open and Scott Steiner has the key. Angle nails Joe with the chair repeatedly as AJ tries to climb the cage but Nash swings the pipe at him. Angle puts Joe’s arm inside the chair as the Front Line is trying to run down and eats clotheslines from Sting. Steiner hits the chair, which has Joe’s arm inside, with the lead pipe as Eric Young and Rhino make it down and beat on Sting. They hit Joe’s arm again as the Front Line members try to get in the cage and Nash and Steiner swings chairs and pipes at them. The Main Event Mafia stands tall as the show ends.

Final Thoughts

First off, I want to say that I really enjoyed tonight’s show, but my only beef is the beef I always have with Impact and that’s that the matches were too short and there was just way too many backstage segments and other things going on. It’s like they try to fit in every possible thing they can into the 2 hours of show they have and it just really comes off as too fast. You can’t catch your breath because there is always 3 or 4 segments before each commercial break. It’s just too much, they just need to slow down. Its crazy how short the matches on Impact are since TNA always lets the PPV matches go long and let the guys do what they want in the ring. I actually timed the matches this week just to show what I’m talking about. Now, I didn’t use a stop watch so each match was probably several seconds over what I’m saying but its close.

Rhino vs. Lance Rock: 3 minutes
Sabin vs. Dutt: 7 minutes
Morgan & Abyss vs. Booker & Steiner: 10 minutes
Creed vs. Kiyoshi: 5 minutes
ODB & Christy vs. Rhaka & Raisha: 2 minutes
Six Sides of Steel: 9 minutes

The opening match with Rhino and Lance Rock was just to put Rhino over. The promo afterward was just Rhino saying the same thing he has said over and over. Just stop. AJ and Joe, on the other hand, actually said something and I really loved Joe’s promo saying that he was going to kill Joe and Sting.

Sabin vs. Dutt was really good and you can only imagine how great it would’ve been had it been on PPV. It was actually given decent time and they did the most with it. We got a clean finish too and I just don’t know what was up with Bashir watching on. Maybe they’re going to stick him in a tag team with Dutt, the Middle Easter Nightmares maybe?

All the Sarah Palin crap has gotten really old and are stupid wastes of time. Just cut that crap out and give some of the matches extra time.

ODB’s Angle was again a waste of time.

Steiner & Booker vs. Morgan & Abyss was given decent time and was a nice tag match. I loved the historical reference with the Harlem Heat teaming with Steiners. It looks like maybe Abyss could be headed to a snap and maybe a feud with Morgan when it happens.

I absolutely loved Kurt Angle’s tribute to Kurt Angle. That promo was done exceptionally well and Kurt Angle just comes off as a damn psychopath. Jeff Jarrett’s emotions and facial expression were awesome and really made it seem like he wanted to rip Angle’s head off. That was great.

Kiyoshi vs. Creed was decent but a little too short. Kiyoshi looked solid and I like all the Muta references since he really was legitimately mentored by Muta and now he’s coming to the states looking for more success like Muta did. Creed doesn’t need the push in the X-Division right now because he and Lethal will be challenging Beer Money for the tag titles soon and he is super over right now. I want to see where they go with Kiyoshi.

The Knockouts Street Fight was way too short and was just there to put Christy over. The Suicide involvement was pretty dumb. It looks like he is just going to come out and save everyone who is in trouble or attack people that are doing something he doesn’t like. That character should be dark in my opinion.

Six Sides of Steel was solid but too short for a big main event match. The finish was excellent though and very well done and creative. It was cool to see Nash climbing a cage too. The after match beat down was very nice too and AJ ate all of that cage door. The stuff with Sting was good afterward too. Sting was trying to get in the cage to stop what they were doing to Joe when AJ attacked him and then he got pissed and started clotheslining Front Line members as they ran out. Eventually the Front Line is going to have to put a beat down on the Mafia like they’re doing to them.

- Match of the Night: TIE-Sabin vs. Dutt, Nash & Sting vs. Joe & AJ (***)
- Segment/Promo of the Night: Kurt Angle’s Tribute to Jeff Jarrett
- Final Grade: B+

Schedule for Next Week’s Christmas Episode:
- X-Title Tournament Semi Finals: Chris Sabin vs. Kiyoshi
- Santa’s Workshop Knockouts Street Fight: Roxxi vs. Taylor Wilde vs. ODB vs. Christy Hemme vs. Sojourner Bolt vs. Rhaka Khan vs. Raisha Saeed vs. Awesome Kong
- AJ Styles & Brother Devon vs. Booker T. & Scott Steiner
- Mike Tenay Sits Down w/Kurt Angle
- Main Event Final Resolution Rematch: Kurt Angle vs. Rhino

Scheduled for Genesis So Far:
- Grudge Rematch: Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett
- TNA World Title: Sting (c) vs. Rhino
- TNA X-Division Title Tournament Finals: TBA vs. TBA
- TNA Knockouts Title Lumberjill Match: Awesome Kong (c) vs. Christy Hemme